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                 EDIT DESCRIPTIONS FOR APLSF-10-V2                              
                             EDIT 553    FOR APLSF
     The )SAVE command occationally prints a timestamp where
the number of seconds is 60.
     The PRNTTIME routine (which  converts  the  millisecond
time  to  hours,  minutes  and  seconds)  is rounding up the
number of seconds if the millisecond portion of the time  is
greater  than  or equal to 500.  If the number of seconds is
59 with greater than or equal to 500 milliseconds, a seconds
value of 60 is printed.
     Round the millisecond time to seconds before  computing
the number of second and hours in it.
                             EDIT 554    FOR APLSF
     Assigning a -1 to an empty array may produce  a  SYSTEM
     In LSUB in SBSCR, the left  argument  for  the  indexed
assignment is converted to the type of the right argument if
they differ, eg, A _ .IO3 followed by A[1] _ 2.5 - A  starts
off  as  integer and then gets converted to D-floating.  The
routine CNVTO which does such conversions does nothing to an
empty argument.  LSUB assumes that a new data entry has been
made and tries to fix up the symbol table entry  pointed  to
by  CYL,  destroying some pointer in the symbol table, which
ultimately leads to a SYSTEM ERROR.
     Do not call CNVTO and do not try to  fixup  the  symbol
table  if  the left argument to indexed assignment is empty.
An INDEX ERROR will be signalled later if the right argument
shape does not fit properly into the shape of the empty left
                             EDIT 006    FOR APLTAP
     The APL character .LE (.BXAV [48] for .BXIO  ==  0)  is
converted by APLTAP to the APL character $ (.BXAV [36]).
     Edit 5 to APLTAP translated APL $ to ASCII $, which  is
what  APL .LE translates to.  An ASCII $ on the tape read by
APLTAP will be converted to an APL $, since $ is  less  than
.LE  in .BXAV.  APL $ should be translated to ASCII ~ (octal
176) so .LE can be read correctly.
     Fix the translate table for APL $ to be ASCII ~.