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 REP 2/1	;07C1
 REP 37/1	;07C2
 INS 1355/5	;07C3
	;1526	PY	28-Sep-82
	;	Rewrite the TOPS-20 feature test files. Add edit history,
	;	remove debug switch from production version, add extended
	;	addressing and new rel block switches to debug version, and
	;	remove overlay feature test since it's the default.
	;	Modules: LNKT20, LNKD20

 INS 1427/5	;07C4
	;1542	PAH	25-Jan-83
	;	Don't add NONZER into a 30-bit address.
	;	Module: LNKCOR

	;1543	PAH	25-Jan-83
	;	LS.IN and LS.OUT should not use EXTFLG, it causes
	;	?LNKMEF and attempts to create section 0 when programs
	;	are loaded into nonzero sections and the LS area overflows.
	;	Module: LNKCOR

	;1544	HD	28-Jan-83
	;	When sending overlay plots to LPT: correct calculations for 
	;	end of a buffer. Change SETZ DIGITS to SETZM DIGITS
	;	at DECPLT 
	;	Module: PLTIO

	;1545	PY	1-Feb-83
	;	Add couple missing continuation bits to errors which reference
	;	.ETIMF so the module name will be typed out on those errors.
	;	Routine: LNKLOD

	;1546	HD	3-Feb-83
	;	Change the macro for user defined libraries at SETUSE+17 so that 
	;	it use a compiler type bit and not a compiler type code.
	;	Routine: LNKINI

	;1547	PAH	14-Mar-83	SPR #20-18906
	;	Replaces edit 1500.  Fixes two cases edit 1500 did not handle
	;	right: zero bytesize and bytesizes that don't divide into
	;	36 neatly.

 REP 1845/5	;07C5
	;2030	PAH	20-Jan-83


	;2030	PAH	20-Jan-83
 REP 1850/5	;07C6


	;2031	PY	27-Jan-83
	;	Don't set the writable overlay bit when processing type 1045
	;	blocks (FORTRAN SAVE statement) unless actually doing an
	;	overlay load. Prevents undesirable searching of OVRLAY.REL
	;	Routine: LNKNEW

	;2032	PY	3-Feb-83
	;	Allocate space in the LC overflow file before reading the
	;	root node back in under TOPS-20.
	;	Routine: LNKXIT

	;2033	PY	14-Feb-83
	;	Allow a page, rather than a disk block of overlap when
	;	Copying the LS overflow area into the overlay temporary
	;	file under TOPS-20, since the core manager no longer
	;	allows LW.LS to be on a disk block boundary.
	;	Routine: LNKOV1

	;2034	PY	17-Feb-83
	;	Fix bug in TOPS-20 code which tests for .IODMP instead
	;	of .IODPR, and remove edit 1531 which attempted to fix
	;	the symptoms of this problem.
	;	Routines: LNKFIO, LNKXIT

	;2035	PY	17-Feb-83
	;	Don't map in non-existant pages at JBGMV0 copy-on-write,
	;	because then they cannot be created as private pages.
	;	Fixes Illegal memory READ at JBGMV1.
	;	Routine: LNKXIT

	;2036	PY	28-Feb-83
	;	Fix up support for JOVIAL compiler type, add ADA compiler
	;	type.
	;	Routine: LNKPAR

	;2037	PY	12-Apr-83	SPR 10-33725
	;	Fix an ILL-MEM-REF when there is no additive fixup, and
	;	there is an extended symbol which is the last thing in
	;	the GS area.
	;	Routine: LNKLOD

	;2040	PY	13-Apr-83
	;	If LSYM is on a page boundary, and the LS area is
	;	paging, SYMINI can get confused because LSYM is
	;	pointing to a page which has never been written.
	;	It will try to LS.OUT out the wrong pages, and will
	;	PMAP away everything from the top of the LS area to
	;	the end of section zero (and part of section one).
	;	Routine: LNKXIT

	;2041	PY	22-Apr-83
	;	Increase LN.FL, which is the size of an ASCIZ
	;	filespec. Prevents clobbering the stack when an
	;	explicit PPN is given which translates to a very
	;	long directory specification.
	;	Routine: LNKPAR

	;2042	PY	2-Jun-83	SPR 10-33916
	;	Protect pointers to the LC and GS areas when
	;	calling TR.WLK, since that routine calls DY.GET
	;	which may move those areas.
	;	Routine: LNKOV2

	;2043	HD	12-Jul-83	SPR 20-19327
	;	Prevent JBEXE1 form calling BLTJDA if JOBPTR is zero. BLTJDA tries
	;	to return DY area that it doesn't have causing LINK to die with a
	;	LNKRUM error.
	;	Routine: LNKXIT

	;2044	PY	13-Jul-83	SPR 20-19374
	;	Always map out the window in CNA.LS under TOPS-20.
	;	It is always mapped when expanding the LS area
	;	during the LNKCOR call. Also, map the page after
	;	top of the area, not the top page of the area.
	;	Routine: LNKCOR

	;2045	PY	24-Jul-83	SPR 20-19403
	;	Fix typechecking code to not destroy the first
	;	secondary triplet if it is not an argchecking
	;	triplet.
	;	Routine: LNKLOD

	;2046	PY	24-Jul-83
	;	Occasionally garbage collect the DY area if
	;	many typechecking blocks have been returned.

	;2047	PY	29-Aug-83
	;	Remove some code which tries to force common block
	;	data into the high segment when loading /SEG:HIGH.
	;	It will go there if it is supposed to because the
	;	address of the common block will be in the high seg.
	;	Routine: LNKOLD

	;2050	JBS	6-Oct-83
	;	Make ?LNKSUP message appear in column 1 for batch jobs.
	;	Fix to edit 1744.
	;	Routine: LNKINI

	;2051	JBS	31-Oct-83
	;	Fix bug where if user didn't have access to first directory in
	;	DSK:, LINK would say "send an SPR".
	;	Routine: LNKCOR

	;2052	JBS	1-Nov-83
	;	Don't die when making the .EXE file if LINK doesn't have write
	;	access to the directory.
	;	Routine: LNKXIT

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