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+x0,GJ,`COPYRIGHT (C) DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORPORATION 1974,1984a| 	`g!<0 gB	`@@e gB*2	r
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PeCRFmH[x]x0c\*xK LPT:CREF:a| +`
 E0N+c6,d9+`ZLPTH(H9@00N,d+%CRFRLL Restart listing at line:  gQ+d-?`'d$?+af%CRFIDC Improper input data at line gX, continuingg\a 
  J^+aV<0$D &H"H:$D 
 J^+bmJ4iS(aJ||P[CRFXKC gfK core]
dd?CRFOUESOUTPUTwerror,cGJ,`Hw0.0n+g+dNINI\Z(:g^NHt%CRFSIH "/H" or "/R" switch illegal in SWITCH.INI defaulting%CRFSII Syntax error in SWITCH.INI defaults@Aat+ey+eLSTTMPhh?CRFCFI Cannot find input file, GJ5Lz?CRFCFF Cannot find file, %CRFPUE Please use "=" rather than ""
h?CRFCFE Command file INPUT error, %CRFSIO I/O error while reading SWITCH.INI?CRFINE INPUT error, <?CRFDNA Device not available, ?CRFCEF Cannot ENTER file, ?CRFIMA Insufficient memory available?CRFCME Command error - type /H for help?CRFCLC Can't LOOKUP command file ?CRFCDN Can't get command file device ?CRFIBP Input buffer size phase error - HQ4xK&[@?{x9xwxL<xw?{xKxKExw"[?{xLSYSSAVLSTCRF p,>,>,>,>( QDx@,>,>,>,>7i	!&>9Z(
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"+ho-"h{IOE I/O error reading help file-"h{NHF No .HLP file on SYS:
&i\$	d $ad`l$``dl$@`d 
&i /i,^ZB([	b+ ,^,^,^,~Q3hbhchchx:"".Bx+ho%HLR; I'm sorry, I can't help you