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?p@`?x+1e	)xe	+xI'XzCOPYRIGHT (C) DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORPORATION 1970,1984g " B0	`@`0 x*"^ y	b
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l "7 i Bi h`d m+ Bk`dl7@mad+Oh$_id_+O6`b+	b	&"t 	!&}&
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7 h@@h "7 g Bg7 _ B_6`b B]6`b6 d7 Bd"b/c/e/e0D+6 j+ Bb@@c+@@b Bc7`^+@@b@@c7@e6@e+@@b@@c7 b6 c7 Bb6 b6 c7@@c7 b7 c7@@b6`c+" "Ba@+  &	f++  ? $	b' "B7@j Bj7 j@@ja@+( "6`]."6`c+.6`e."6`e."
+. "`@ " 6`]."6`\."6`c+.6`e."6`e."
.Bk6dj/6@6`^$ D	7`i6`hl   B ( Bk,D "
d@,V$@@V7`b+A	f
f@+N	h
h@+V&(+n?nBF&B,&Z5#I@@k C*"Z@@N@@p 26`jmdl 7`a+P U$  D."
,^Fn,^4$V3Bn+^ nX"6@fe"l"6@`e"l"l" Bn "q Bo k B(
n+F`@6`h+n6 7+n7`h6`\+n7`]6 [+n6`[+n,> ;7`H	6`H	+m7`H
+m7`H6^H+m.2,>s 7`	6`	+t7`
+t7`6 +t,+\+G sBr+Hd`,7`^+{B7q+{ @@@r B
:N,^7@s Bs5B " B; J	b$+ "; Bs,/>N+P,^x*x R4B,
,~ ";NsN++,~{;*(BhKiyD.".!"Lu7@y By 6@z+, BzO@zU"i {`d D{,bh@,15,j 
d`,~&?s.&cB`d+4,<91,<e` +:,,~ $"&"@2B[+@/\+D
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q+ BK,+ K $ab|5BBab|ab7+O5bc d!(|2F$*h4(d!(|2F$*h4(+OVOLUVLEOVUTLHDRUHLEOFm>`kZ`K?0kR`Qk"`K>0,)^ 
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g	j6,~l ,~7@[,~,)^d @,% <g,',% <k,' <[,' 8,6"m4B5 <m,',!"o4B7 <o,',!,% <q,' Z, <s,'(u,p <u,'(w,p,% <x,' Y,! <z,' Y,!,% <{,'"} 
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r+Z9Y``,2 *+z,
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r79v``,2 * (+|[d@0FX+ ,' ,! <6@,'Z6@, <7`]+,',_ <6Hu,',L,%+,
r+9``,2<,'`,!<7`]+ <6`d,',85-x4B+,
q++ <6`d,'+( " $,aB+,'x+, <#m <% r,' $`@ $0Hl  * 0j * $  "`@ " &`@+&)F0f+) 8/,6.& 1&0+, 8,6/& ,6=b%,
d 8,6,%a`+e`+6 " $(,,'xe`+ d!(|2F$*h94(Ad!(|2F$*h;4(@ "] $+,,'x + <.m <0 +@@3 2*&O,Q+I,
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q7+\``,2 <T,'``,X,%,%7`d+ Q." BW [*"Z ",&v,> "[,(. o,' "^,(.+ ",&v,>a`+ "_,(. & $ ?	b67+ "9w $d,aB+ ,(+B "g,(.
20B"1B2+m0B!1B11+,^,&vd`+)d+E ",&v,> "p,(. W,( "t,(. Q,(,'xd`+0+ ",&v,> "w,(. "W,(. "{,(. "S,(.,'xe`+,^5&v@@r,
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 x,-,%,^6@x+,~``,2,2 <6Hj,'6@,L6 P7Bi+e,) Bv Dv6Bw "$d7 P Bm <,' v, <,' v,p,%``,2,2 <6Dl,'6@,* <6Bl,'6@,!"4By <,' 
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N:H7`ha@+?6`a+?7 [+p u6@w7`\+B w(7`^ Bu ."?(B|7`ha@1+G.BI.DI6`a+y3b[l7`ba@+L7`h+p@@	6Bu6`^+N+p B	[t1B^+]0B	t1B:+[0B8;1BK{+T0B=R+p,
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?7Bs Mab 6H}3H+
D <,'4(
D ,-7D~+
F <,',-7D~+
I < ,',),~7B+
L <$,',7B+
N <',',7B+
Q <*,',7B+
S <-,',7B+
V <0,',),~7B
Y <3,',7B+
\ <6,',),~7B+
` <9,'3B<+>,),~7B+
c <?,' <,' *Q*}7@(r+
i <A,' "(, <",' (r,*j
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rl @,~6`d0B+'@@r,d1+6l ,+7@@r,d+70B+6l ,f+E,d+70B+G@@r,d+70B+6 BP+ B4l @l ,~,d+A6`]d@+)d*K(".K*K*J(".J*J*G(".G*G+)d@@4,~7dr+
r,>,> q6 +H6 P7S`d+Y7 P+\  q2D+\,]@@r,dl  B+R,^,^,~7`g,~,)e "8Y $J,aB+c q ,!,'x,)i,~? r+fq+)d;@^,!B+d,)e
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O+ HQ!"iPBRfQ+
O+,HQ!"lPBRhQ+t wildcard illegald2 l "| $A,aB+ ,'+d2 m "| $D,aB+ ,'+`@ 7@L,~5%,* a@ +),6a@
",~*x Bx x@@xd@O@x,x+.:6@xl,^x,~ ",K n,K7Bs+4ab+8,K ",K,K,K,K,K+; $Q$}7B<,K*d9 s,K,S 	(B7@	[t7 	@Pt,KD",S u,K"N$"j0$M(NhM,),K "$O,),K u,K@,K,b5K? X+MBW,~f+K
FQ. "Kr $G,aB+ ,(+? Y+UBY,~h+S
HQ. "r $J,aB+ ,(+? [+^Z:\,~:[J+[
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,)i+j1|@0I'Xz|yJ9&z}TAAo4hUI'Xz@`@4!4|,[,#,+}TAAo4hUI'XzI'Xz,-@l+0[7  "+@M:$H:  BmO@m+OHm
P,Directorylisting,onfile 	xPC2`INX?{/ACCESS ignored in conjunction with /FIND "h $,,'xO@[,~/ACCOUNT ignored in conjunction with /FIND "I $,,'xO@[,~/ALLOCATE ignored in conjunction with /FIND "I $!,,'xO@\,~/AUTHOR ignored in conjunction with /FIND "J $(,,'xO@\,~Not all /DETAIL file information available with /FIND "J $0,,'x,~/UNIT ignored in conjunction with /FIND "K $8,,'xO@i,~IK&K4Too many source files|@

BA$@4Du(D+r  Read Density:???20055680016006250(6)(7)  Parity:OddEven  7-Track  9-Track  Read only  Write enabled  REELID:Tape starts with tape mark     and another tape markhW  Labeled tape file information:    File Name:"$H], Generation:H], Version:    Protection:, Creation Date:$HZ, Expiration Date:HZ    Block size:, Record size:    Record Format:HX, Form control:$HX:xXDefaultFixedVariableSpannedUndefined????NoneANSIEmbedded  Save format:    length =   HRI format:     length =   .EXE format:    length = , start = , checksum = , version =   Unknown format: length =<Tape mark>
<Second tape mark in succession>
Aborting directory listing due to device error(s) 	 SIXBIT Label "	 Label ")F.&+,Incorrect length for labelMissing tape mark after label Grouped SIXBIT label " Grouped label "03Junk during BACKUP/FRS save setTape mark during BACKUP/FRS save set(QVii{imB71C  BACKUP label   FRS label  reel= destroy on hiv    Comment: ``,2 <N,'@@i <b,',%+  BACKUP end of volume reading file  <V,',
E,	PRt5-*8W"End of volume reached on :
"Asking MDA for automatic volume-switch . . .
Couldn't get next volume $Mount next volume, type "C" to continue, "E" to exit: ,^,&v@@od`,~+$Wrong volume mounted, expecting tape # ; mounted tape is # $Wrong volume mounted, expecting save set ; mounted tape is save set   BACKUP comment: endTape mark missing after end of save setstartcontinue  BACKUP   FRS reel number ;  save set:  <S,'+\``,2 <N,'@@z <x,',%+^ by version w
 at  on  written on  on S/N 
m9-track 7-tracksunderksTOPS-10 I.T.S.oTENEXSsystem:(s oBsvRBtunBs+`l+(Fileeattributes maysbeewrong,proceeding..+.:@p,~ "; $(,,'x,~6$t.tH File starts in middle: 
HNot enough core--need Q*`+xZ1$
$(/(+(H,0f++ &/++
(kk   <*** <\,'+	>   

Access date: 
Creation time, date: 
Access protection: 
Words written: 
RIB version: 
Computed checksum: 
Spooled name in ENTER: 
Estimated length: 
Blocks allocated: 
Position of last allocation: 
Written on: $ xUnit(s) 
x on controller <x on CPU 
Nonprivileged customer arg: 
Backup tape: @ 
Status bits: 
Error logical block: p
Monitor Version: 
Error Bits: 
Error unit: 
Number of bad blocks: 
Logged in quota: 
Logged out quota: 
Reserved quota: 
Blocks used: 
Next structure: 
"BACKUP" incremental date, time: 
Privileged customer arg: 
Data block in directory: 
Relative block in file: 
Pointer to next RIB: 
Internal creation date,time: 
RIB block number: 
Last accounting date,time: 
Directory expiration date,time: ? Eternity <=,'+
Unknown arg # 4+9,^x,~l ,+7+-1B+5+6	b6 +\+SSkipping for BACKUP/FRS repeater record Error reading : file ,' "P5(.I/O status =  (Improper modeHard device errorHard data errorBlock too large,  (no apparent error) ((00) - Unknown error status) (IOPLE% (01) - Page limit exceeded) (IOVFE% (02) - VFU format error) (IOLTE% (03) - Label type error) (IOHLE% (04) - Header label error) (IOTLE% (05) - Trailer label error) (IOVLE% (06) - Volume label error) (IODER% (07) - Hard device error) (IOPAR% (10) - Data parity error) (IOWLE% (11) - Device is write-locked) (IOIPO% (12) - Illegal positioning operation (IOBOT% (13) - Begining of tape) (IOIOP% (14) - Illegal operation) (IOFNF% (15) - Labelled file not found) (IOCAN% (16) - Operator cancelled volume switch) (IOTMV% (17) - Too many volumes in volume set) (IONND% (20) - Network communications broken) (IOUNC% (21) - Undefined character interrupt) (IORPE% (22) - RAM parity error) (IOLRA% (23) - Labeler request aborted by RESET) (IOVPF% (24) - Volume protection failure) (IOFPF% (25) - File protection failure) (IOUEF% (26) - Unexpired file) $6@N $	XDt+
,"r $ &H5.
file,7@e,~6Dn,*,~7@e,~+Parity error, status Data missed, status , in directory block on Data error reading DECtape directory source device not a directory device source device of unknown type No such device x$jMore than 200 files in TMPCORTMPCOR directory
Free: Directory emptyDirectory has no such files  Grand total of   Total of 7@(F+*+4 block word in  file Checksum =  and  LOOKUP error?	Directory listing		Page Name Extension Len  Prot  Checksum  Creation   Access      ---Creation---   Mode	   Version			Account String	Author	Device	DirectoryU8 Xj7`h,%+; 5-R,>+@  &6`h,.7`h,-+E0$$B
-Jan--Feb--Mar--Apr--May--Jun--Jul--Aug--Sep--Oct--Nov--Dec-(undated)ka1@B d,~>jl @d@+O+<7@l6@L+=0X1Xl0X1Xl+=Listing device output error H_ "mt-$/FNDDAT wildcards illegalFind File input OPEN failure for device   Find input file PlHQOutput OPEN failed on device Output ENTER failed on file Find Data File output error Find Pointer File output error Find Data File input error Find Pointer File input error @@^ #w*( ^@@,)^[,)G F_,)GZFh`F[`F 
,)G[FkZ`,>,)G7@ & Fi4FqSX([0f	 &	*(,)G[FlZFk,)G Fl^0O@	b
+  B^0J+x:O@O@zO@z "7@1J BW,^,&vO@m	b
,QBh Q( Bh\",	b7+
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6@,#-^"7`7@7 Bn,'x,'x n7@i@@q 7 +7D+#V Dx "7@+R D}X$)a Dx+<,#d	`7@,~@@,> n6@T+#]
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fChdMiMXn2B+=+8No option ]>t$$?
?SCNPDL PDL phase error
Indirect file illegal in this contextEqual sign missingDouble equal sign illegalFile switches illegal in output fileOutput switch illegal in input fileExcess arguments starting with "Kb
$Illegal character "S2$" following word "Junk after indirect commandToo many indirect files@@qO@5#dRun linkage failure e24$&Wildcard illegal in /RUN specificationLHe Ng Bh+K(g/BEFORE and /SINCE don't overlap/ABEFORE and /ASINCE don't overlapLaJxXh.k`+C,^5bD+CP([ .8+|]>tP!.+C2` .+T
 4"O@+~,p5b)d4*4J +LHs 0`f+!,g5%+!N0dMinsize:maxsize6@i+-+JExit programNam:"ASCII string"Can't write tmpfileIncorrect tmpfile argument format,_+^% I can't help you, please read the manualSwitches are:Standard ones:
	Flags are: - :	Stand-aloneYes/noProcessor type (Max=<@,^+ Decimal numberOctal numberCore value"ASCII string""SIXBIT string"Multi-word SIXBIT stringSIXBIT wordDate/time pastDate/time futureDate-timeFile specificationVersion expressionBlock size wordSwitch does not constitute a commandSwitch is globalOr bit values from switchSwitch value requiredZanen1B+94B90"	+N "(B?X+9`j+<,g5i+<0[0BaB8+GZ`nh`B8+G+J,!I0P,"+RDouble file name illegalDevice wildcard illegalNull device illegalDouble device illegalDouble extension illegalComma required in directoryDouble directory illegalRight bracket required in directoryImproper project numberImproper programmer numberImproper programmer nameSFD depth greater thanNull SFD illegalUnknown switchAmbiguous switchNo switch specifiedUnknown switch valueAmbiguous switch valueUnknown default for switchDouble switch illegalNo modifier allowed on switchSwitch value too largeSwitch value negativeSwitch value required onLength values inconsistent; specify min:maxParenthesis nesting too deepUnmatched open parenthesisLxZP 8RX.+R+Mnemonic date/time switch not implemented%x:D(afQ+M3"+ 2b_XDate/time out of rangeNegative number in date/timeNot known whether past or future in date/timeField too large in date/timeField zero in date/timeUnrecognized month in date/timeIllegal year format in date/timeUnrecognized name in date/timeMissing day in date/timeValue missing in date/timeHH0P+ .,!C000p/+ .+ )0
$ "d&,!C+ <0P+ R,!C+ LB
Illegal character or field too large in /VERSIONB n5JH Multiple characters illegal in switchHInput string exceeds the size of input bufferH0P,~+!6Unknown guide wordAmbiguous guide wordIncorrectly formatted guide word m@@m1P 0+!| m@@m1P^0+!~^0+7@U,~Z"+"@@n+"+,,"D,k
(,^,~6@O@,~xHIndirect file LOOKUP errorCan't OPEN indirect deviceJ8TWildcard illegal in indirect specification,!]+#]

. &,>,>,>[A"?1B6@+&`
8+ O@,$,(C,&m ,^abS``H,',^`FaH@+&i ",(CZ,( ",(C,(CZx`H,(.,^A(X,~\"	b "ab`l"`f&u(B}D[`Gd"`Bl7@l,~c*,~,)U 
7B(+&z,''"/,(C(,'",(C7B(,~,'R((B}l"`,'7@(,~"(5'Z8,',(@ [,1DYR5b(F,'(",(CR,,''"65'7B++'(A  ,'+',^x+'~!`)"w,>!`,'&,(A,^iB5(?  & ")B5B'+=f'( ")B."`d ",(C=f'*,~,)."z3b(M+'1.$/(M,> ,'5,(@,^5'<	b,)U&"  " $,'B&( ",(M,(. "  &"2"5(	b	&(S  $,'B,(@ &"j0 ,'B,(@ &"t $4"(0b5(*,(C "5(C0"+'O!${P'X2B'X*d'G5$'M ",(CR'X,' ",(C,~." ,> "/+'V1"+'T/",>
']?",(C,^,'}"5(C1"05(C/",> ",(C,^5(CK>7K>gC3 E`iYmPMGHKN
TXz'"(T6@,("(T4B'h>&"(CZ,( ",(C$(U4D(F ",(C 5(`B?5'v (U+'u4B'v (VU$*D't (VbB+'v&" 7!(+,([5(C,> ",(C ",(C,^,~,> "-,(C,^4"(W,( ".5(C 4D(F ")B.",(C+(,>[,(,(A,^Z7(X &5"(	  ",(C &#`QDx6@,(	[x."0b."5(C7(X (5"(/&l(#&" QDx/&0B,(5B(4f( "`h?"(Y,(C=f(`h,(<[x."0b."5(C7(X (Q(5( &  ")B.",(C=f(,~,>,>!$A`+($,>,>!$B,((!4B(',(C+(%,^,^,~,>*!C&(*`fl"*!C&(,ZD!*,^,~Q"A`aB,~,>x4B'z,(C+(0 B @@  " 5(.,'5(@,>,(=,^ &,(5(>,> 4d(;,(C=(9,^,~ "5(C "5(C "5(C "5(C "5(C "5(C "5(C "aB,~6@5
",~,'{+'[1D7@ ,~+','+'  ,'#+'L\-Jan-Feb-Mar-Apr-May-Jun-Jul-Aug-Sep-Oct-Nov-Decmn@0$$B
?X,'+'~$,)[7N!.Lu N 
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&.5")S,)X,> ,)L  
,^O@: `f+)B(FFdA4F)d+)EF4F)dA5F)E :*b)=Z4L)d ,~<$)H7 &:,~>  F:,~ "!$pbFG(D}5D)M,~	b
"`	b+)T`b;xO@,~O@,~ ",~*
xQ*x,>,>,>,)e>~,^,^,^,^:x,~-j(,>,>,>*~,> ~,~,^,^,^,^*x,~ J$[,)G`FX!X ahQ[Hd(,>,)G[FZF6@7@+)u,)GZF[ F,)GZFZ
 FRd(x(HRH,)GZF,^5J/M "	b /O B@@ /P*" /PO@	b$@@	b
+  B7@ B7
ZK3j+*	O*
$,~@@" /Q*" J; J;,->"/Q1B "0B1B+*0B+* (.
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;5"*O7 7>7!">9	b`BO@9+*C!"1B>9,/=+*P 
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[N6@,+*n1D9R5H*{7  3+*^1DYR4H*(H.(( &6@D7@3+/V5F*^:1 F(SF(cF(`h +*v++I.
+-\7@,++!6` K++: "2 B K++6@@@  @@@ @1h++'!$9R (? & F@7@A @++)!$YR 7@  B' D' H& $ D&@&+-^,+D@@@6HD B @[A"~Q" 7D@  (	h  ( $S5H-_ D: K0b /Y $@++F
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; D6B 3+/Z?(D+*C@@ @>  K+++*^ ' ("(S,~ +*^ ([(:1:/ B"SD#   &,)J7@A7@ &?5F+P!(bH(  ,)J ",)JR#,)J &,)J ,)J &,)J5d+V K*
$L,6@, $ +/I6@,6@,7+/I  &/\(F6@,g"/\$"j0A$.,) B<  A$ ",) B< ;,+o++j"/]+
/a,,++n++j,,+/I++f>/:0,~ RF !"bB d$ F cB `d,~7B+,ab 3B3+,6@3,~7@ +, `b+, $ Q"} F7@7@bF,~7@+,.$*b+|+,F 6@ 7@ bB ,~  <6` 	3b 	3" 	,~0d
6@,+/I <6` 
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;+*[,)G  H[`  H,)G[FZF,)G[FZF,)G[FZF,)[ 
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OPEN failure on g|0$Null name in output wild-card]|0Null directory in output wild-card]:|0Too many wild-cards in input for outputi^0Insufficient wild-cards in input for outputS^0+  ".$ 8af +-:.8`fg +-: 8[8+0#+0%Pdirectory on ,-m++::0,~Open failure for I|0.,^5'x$ in use by job >/:/,~>/,~,^,^5'x]c,/p,^,^,~Lookup/enter failure  failureNon-existent UFDProtectionFile being modifiedAlready existingRIB or directory read errorNo roomWrite lockedCan't supersede directoryNon-existent SFDSearch list emptySFD too deepNo createError S>,0T,^,^,^,~ while reading MFD.UFD.SFD file  directory irectory  B%O@%+.e[#0BYR+.g " B% # D%+.g on 
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-"1IOE I/O error reading help file-"1NHF No .HLP file on SYS:
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%HLR; I'm sorry, I can't help you