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                 EDIT DESCRIPTIONS FOR FORTRAN-10-V10                           
                             EDIT 342    FOR FORDDT
Auopatch-built FORDDT does not reflect true version number.
Autopatch won't update the version number of a reserved edit number if
it is the only edit for a particular freeze period.
Force a dummy update.
                             EDIT 4223   FOR FOROTS
     When a default width is used for a format descriptor, it  is  not
flagged by the VAX compatibility flagger.
     At run time there is no check whether the  default  width  for  a
format descriptor is used.
     Check for use of default width and issue a warning when  the  VAX
flagger is being used.  This is accomplished by edit 4223.
                             EDIT 4225   FOR FOROTS
     Unable to build FOROTS when FTDSK is set non-zero.
     If FTDSK is set non-zero, DEVTAB is not defined.  DEVTAB needs to
be defined in order to build FOROTS correctly.  DEVTAB is also used to
define the negative units, i.e., REREAD, TYPE, ACCEPT, etc.
     Add a check for a non-zero FTDSK and define the necessary  units.
This is accomplished by edit 4225 to FOROPN.
                             EDIT 4227   FOR FOROTS
SORT doesn't word with character strings that are a multiple
of  5  in  length  or  if the string doesn't begin on a word
Only quoted command strings to SORT are  allowed.   This  is
because  they must be null terminated.  Since sort only gets
the address of the string it (the string) must  begin  on  a
word boundary.
If we get passed a character string, make a copy of  it  and
make  sure its null terminated and begins on a word boundary
before giving it to SORT.
                             EDIT 4231   FOR FOROTS
     Edit 4223 causes FORMAT statements to be processed incorrectly.
     The CALL in edit 4223 does not generate a PUSHJ P,.
     Change the CALL to a PUSHJ P,.  This is accomplished by edit 4231
                             EDIT 4233   FOR FOROTS
     Some illegal format specifications will cause an "illegal  memory
reference" error at runtime.
     In COMSET, the address  of  the  format  statement  is  obtained.
However, it is not being checked for an acceptable address.
     Check that the address of the format statement is not below .JBDA
and  not  above  page 777 of section 37.  This is accomplished by edit
                             EDIT 4234   FOR FOROTS
SORT with edit 4227 doesn't compute the number of arguments
Edit 4227 has a bug in it (for tops-10 only).
Have FORSRT count the number of args' correctly.
                             EDIT 4235   FOR FOROTS
        Incorrect results may be given for exponentiation  of  GFLOATING
numbers  (for  example:   .5000000001**.25  gives  .805...   instead  of
        The GFLOATING exponentiation routine uses an incorrect method of
getting  the exponent of the magnitude of certain intermediate GFLOATING
numbers.  A MOVM on the first word of the  double  word  value  is  used
followed  by  stripping  out the exponent field.  This does not work for
all negative GFLOATING numbers where the mantissa part in the first word
is  all  zero  (the  first non-zero bit of the mantissa is in the second
word).  Due to the fact that  these  errors  occur  in  an  intermediate
calculation,  it  is  impossible  to  specify the class of input numbers
which will result in this problem.
        Get  the  exponent  field  correctly  for   these   intermediate
GFLOATING numbers.
                             EDIT 2550   FOR FORTRA
     Incorrect optimizations, such as  constant  propagation,  carried
over  statement  functions which have a function call with a parameter
other than a formal of the statement function.  For  example,  in  the
below  program  IB is modified in the function call to YFUN within the
statement function.  The compiler decides that the only variables that
could  be  changed  in  a  statement  function  are  its  formals, and
therefore  it  thinks  IB  could  not  be  changed.   During  constant
propagation, the compiler substitutes 1 for IB in the IF statement and
then deletes the test IF(1.NE.2) because it will always be false.
     DATA ONE/1/,TWO/2/
     c  statement function
     SFUN(I,K) = I*YFUN(IB)+K*2
     100        DCHAR(3:3) = ACHAR(SFUN(TWO,ONE):6)
     IF (IB .NE.  2)
     1  TYPE *,'?  wrong value of IB = ',IB,
     1  ' ,it should be 2'
     The compiler must  look  at  both  the  parameters  to  statement
functions  as well as the body of statement functions when calculating
definition points.
     When calculating definition points at a statement function  call,
look  at  both the parameters to the statement function as well as the
body of the statement function.
                             EDIT 2551   FOR FORTRA
     Long common subexpressions with negative operands which  are  the
same  over  several  statements  may have the wrong code generated for
them when the program containing them is compiled /OPT.
     A neg flag  is  being  lost  during  the  calculation  of  common
     When combining the Y and Z together in the expression  -(-X+Y)+Z,
as  well  as remembering the flags immediately on the Y and Z, we also
must look at the flags that are one level  above  the  flag.   So  the
flags  on  the  expression (-X+Y) must be XORed with the flags on Y to
get the new flags on Y when it  is  combined  together  with  Z.   The
resulting  expression should now be X+(-Y+Z) instead of X+(Y+Z) as the
compiler was incorrectly generating.
                             EDIT 2552   FOR FORTRA
     RECTYPE is an accepted abbreviation for RECORDTYPE.
     RECTYPE shouldn't be an accepted abbreviation for RECORDTYPE.
     Remove RECTYPE.
                             EDIT 2554   FOR FORTRA
     Compiler ICEs when computing definition points of some  statement
     Whenever computing definition  points  of  a  statement  function
call, routine DEFWORK is called on the body of the statement function.
This should only be done if we have a user function call in  the  body
of the statement function.
     If the USRFNFLG is set in the statement function  statement  node
then  call  routine  FCNLOK  on  the right hand side of the assignment
statement in the statement function body.  There is no  need  to  call
DEFWORK  (to  call  FCNLOK  on  left  and  right side of assignment in
statement function).
                             EDIT 2557   FOR FORTRA
     An error message is issued when a generic function name  is  used
in an INTRINSIC statement.
     The compiler is checking for specific function names in INTRINSIC
statements  and issuing an error when a generic function name is used.
However, this is not consistent with the FORTRAN-77 standard.
     A check should be made for the use of  generic  names  as  actual
arguments in routine calls.  This is accomplished by edit 2557.
                             EDIT 2560   FOR FORTRA
     In some rare cases continuation lines are ignored.
     When going onto the next continuation line, CHARPOS  (pointer  to
the  present  position  in  the  line)  is  not  changed.   Therefore,
everything to the left of CHARPOS' present position is ignored.
     When going onto the next continuation line, always set CHARPOS to
the beginning of the line.
                             EDIT 2561   FOR FORTRA
     PROAR.  and PROSB.  get warnings from IMPLICIT NONE.   This  only
happens when compiling /DEBUG:BOUNDS or /DEBUG:ALL.
     PROAR.  and PROSB.  are FORTRAN-supplied functions used for array
bounds  checking  and  substring  bounds checking.  Since they are not
user symbols, they should not get warnings.  IMPLICIT NONE  processing
does not know that they are not user functions.
     Mark symbol table  entries  for  PROAR.   and  PROSB.   as  being
library functions.
                             EDIT 2562   FOR FORTRA
     When using IMPLICIT NONE, a symbol in an EXTERNAL statement  gets
a warning that it must be explicitly declared.
     If the symbol isn't used as a function name in the  same  program
it shouldn't get the warning because it could be a subroutine name.
     Add a check for the symbol being used as a function name  in  the
same program.
                             EDIT 2563   FOR FORTRA
     Programs  with  subprograms  as  formal   parameters   to   entry
statements, die with an illegal instruction.
     The indirect bit is set in the MOVEM storing the address  of  the
subprogram  into  the dummy argument.  Therefore, the address actually
gets stored into AC0, leaving 0 in the dummy argument.  The  PUSHJ  to
this  subprogram  causes  a  jump  to  AC0  and  results in an illegal
     When moving the address of a formal into a dummy argument, ignore
any indirect bit that may be set in the STE.