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                 EDIT DESCRIPTIONS FOR GALAXY-10-V702                           
                             EDIT 452    FOR PULSAR
	PULSAR and a user program can loop (an IPCF war) if IBM label
protection prohibits the user from accessinf the tape.
	PULSAR is not complaining to the operator, but it is instead
leaving the tape within the volume labels and returning to the user,
without setting its "volume labels valid" flag. The user program reads
the rest of the label records and hits the tape mark after the labels.
PULSAR is called again, and since the volume labels are known to be
valid, rewinds the tape, and reads the VOL1 record again.  Since it
hasn't changed, it again returns to the user in the rest of them again.
This continues until the user (or operator) gives up in disgust.
	Handle IBM and ANSI access failures, identically.  Report the
eror to OPR and allow the standard ABORT/PROCEED error recovery.
                             EDIT 1237   FOR QUASAR
	QUEUE. UUO fails if account string length defined in monitor
as zero.
	QUASAR doesn't handle the block which [SYSTEM]GOPHER sends which
contains only a header.
	Teach QUASAR about zero length account strings.
                             EDIT 1240   FOR QUASAR
	If AVR is disabled for a tape drive and we're at reel switch
and the operator hangs a tape on that drive, AVR happens.
	There is an explicit check for the drive already being owned
which bypasses the AVR check.  This can confuse the operator.
	Remove check for the drive ownership.