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&@	6F F'.|+,~%LNKLNS	Low segment data base not same size
+@6@^+e0RxB6@A,@!X@xa@+@$7@P6@1+Id6@Q+U>+@$ PEIr,~Xx`@+@,IM"<L[ B1b+L,1b1"+@)+YZ0b+@.0"`+L,0"+e#0B+b+b0"0bWW1+s !}Iv`=y*Z
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` *`,o_+@P/`g.`,~,eIz+@O3.h,@T2ll,@U/h,~,> 8+@W,> 8+@bS`gX`l,eI{ D"*`g/`l# /"0d $.`g`d+I} D`l4"@`.`,s	S`gX`l,eI5A FcBJ+@f `/`1"+@g3l`p+@W,q-.`l/`g//`g/3l+@y `l/`g.$(DD$0d $.2l+@v,>Z`g."Q`g,eJ,^.B`g.`/",s	+@b D"2B`g,eJ2l`l+@y+A,>,> *`/
`l,o_,p,^,^ `/`.`g*`l2"`p+AS"X`l,eJ5A3.h,A2lm,A/h,~,> 8+@W,> 8+@b,> 8+A,> 8,A
,^,~,}/A*`c7@(,~@@eZ(.Z/`a1X/I[(.Z/`a1X/I3d`l3&`g,~2$`g2f`l+A(Be@@(+A,[4BDi.Z/`a1X/I3d`l3$`g+AZ4FJQ.R`/!Be.[4BJ.Z/`a1X/I2$`g+A# /QZXDe.Z`YFPB,>>`eZe4BJ.,> ZXDe $,r,^[ZQXe,
5eJ4DDi,DH,AoZ.XB,~4DDi,DH,Ao[.QB,~4DDi,DH,Ao.B,~6B3B5CK,> ,{`Bl8 ,^5CK6B3B5CQ,> ,{`Bl8 ,^5CQ6B3B5CZ,> ,{(BoG ,^5CZ }J
4DDi,DH,AoXV,~4DDi,DH,AoQV,~4DDi,DH,Ao V,~,B7A,B QXB}arZ`}`R7Du $@@u $/"4"Ax B$ .DQ.b  R~ T V,~,}2,> * 
$,o_,p,^,~,B7A,B QXB}arZ`} $/"4"B B$.DQ  .d .
Q*",~ Q1Bar,~ B:S,>,>,>!2@@,Ay,^,^,^@@},~,B $aR6@,~5Ax6Aw+B&:P>y`r+B$ $,qG R T V/Q Cw`rSB},~ . +B! }J? P,B1`@+B2`@+B2GR(!2`Br( ( V(,CK $`r+J,Axar,~+B9 }J7Iz "X *	,>,>,>bZ`b,B*,^b,^,_	,~Zw.
R(abgfJ B.* (4"Di`b+B@ab+B<,~ /,> 
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!2!"7`/~m2GB/~ "( $,r6 (+J!BR(,~ar+BUG+Bt`r+Bg (`B,{Z,DH+Bh`r +B_`r+Bc`rl8,Bn+ {Z.(XB,~`rl8,Bn+ {[.(QB,~`rl8,Bn+ { .( B,~  (5CK  (`r@Q$`r Q$`rQ$`rQ$5Cb7@,~,>!*GJ@
Z,,^Z,DH+Bs,~,>,>,>,>[4BC`r+J". af+Baf,BKQ V~ $,r+Bv`f,BK."7f,BKaf+B~  (,D !& `r h&``rl&`[~. A2F+C,C'`f`+C? P,B1  
ar,D (,D+C 
  `f `h X(`f@`h@P(3D(+C ( ( ,D7J# (,> 
  ~ ~,C,^,^,^,^,^Z4DDi2$jGH,~Z4DDi3$j+CA./j!& `r h&``rl&`,C'   (5D Bf!(af`BH!(`rGH,~ (.Q(D@.(7`0"
+J#0"+C.4BC-1B9C.SX2D+C./&` "B!B!`B>@'+C.,>,>,>/ H (.SX"' B,T
,^,^,^,~,>Z (`r@Q$`r Q$`rQ$ar+CH!.$! 8/
,^,~6@6@W,~6@,{,DH+J%QXV[`5DCM,~6@6@W,~6@,{,DH+J&PQV[`5DCS,~ !PEJ'`J),~6@W,~4DDi6@,{,DH+J,Q V[`+C[4DDi,DH,Ao V,~Z0b,Cj,> $,qC,^ D V/Z:`e6@`c+CmQ B`c,~,^Z` !}J-@[`c.@+CqSX[ 4FCs.P2$+Cv+CoQB XB`c/.ZH,~aH+C{XBQB .//XHQF,~XBQB`c./SF,~,Dl25Ax (mb:Q B( ( !PEJ2` =y* H J6` J8@@@},~`f+D." 4&Daf+D,D `r`+D? P,B1!&BF( ,D*(  ( (,CKar,~5B: af,D $,>,r,^ ~4&D!&GF~,~!&BF~,~S$X$."*$7d,BKad+D,~`d@+D$`d +D& . F,~Z.&XXF,~[.&XQF,~,>,D?*x.x,qGZw.
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 x af+D8 .&7(+D8`h+D5ah+D1+D8!( H / H."/$,r!"GB( /XCw,^ .!&6 ~BF~,~7"(`b+DA $,~Z5"DC.$7",BK.$ab+DC/$(,~,D?Z@Aw5r,>X86@b3$b=DM/b3$`+DN xX8/I7@`l+DP2$`g2d`l+J:*x,^/`gX.`+Di $,qGl2 R T V l2  R T V /,>,B,^,^/J;+Zw.ZV,~ $,qC R T V /,~Z}4BDe./j[}6@.4BJ<2V+Dj }:x,~@@},~7@6+Dp X&&6@:.&X af,{!2,KF+Dr+E+E6@C,~:P $,qGl2 R T@@,Dy /,B,~!$ X&&6@:.&X Z``fQ6X D T V,~ (ab+E $(.$ `b+Eab+E6@C,~ ",D(/"+Dy 2 X&&6@: .&X[H af+E4DEXVQVH,~,> 
(:],r5JE+EZ[:],r ]1",~@@]5r'  (.*`.,` ("$ab@/$ZQ 0"$ab@/$ZQ@@*RE, H`B+J>*VE0 X`D+J@52E0.0,EH+E*[[ (`p3B7,Ed ( 0`b@ad@+E<52E8"J>.*rE756E:"J>.*vE9 H X@,EH (ab ,~F0ab@,~ (ab@7JB " &5EeD>
x0x<x|,>,>@@FF0v+EPcH]EF9EK"]ED&]EBQF,Ee9EKcHJB+ES"JC&JCQ&,Ee,^,^A"A$4BE4DE.2.6/"/$,>,>$JD"JD/(JEF&@+@%E`,Ee,^,^+EU..,~76@6N6`7`7$++MG&@,>8,Eh,^,~,>\4XEr7.JE[`3B+Em*xEj@+Err`2Bx+ElZ`81B+Er1B+E~,^1X,~,>eEu+EwE}FFFFE{FFaB+F+FaB+F+F,^x0B,~GHab,~,>,>,>,>.8Z(.$?G(an@.$.JF6@C+F,>,@:,>Z8"bJF,^x,@:Z8*x,@:,^XB8,^,^,^,^,~b!@JG=F!@JJ=F!@JN=F !@JQ=F !@JT=F !@JV=F !@JZ UJ]=F" J]` J^` H Ja` Jc@,~ Jd=F+ ,F=,FA,F:+ + + + ,FT+ + + + + ,FF,FJ+ + ,F,FS,FX+ + @ @ @ @ 7@,~@@ T|SB,~6@6+F@aD`d+FV,~ !}Jf=y*4DDi`d+FN`d+FP`d,~ !}Jj=y*4DDi`d+FN`d+FQad+FE,~4DDi`d+FP`d+FQad+FE,~ !}Jn=y* !}Js=y* !}Jx=y*`d+F[+FU`D+F[ad+FX !}J}=y* <BDi7@`@x,~l,~6@U+FUO@U !PEK=y*:+FU !}K=y* $,q9 K
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 | B(!">6 B(,n h  $,r Y!$0 D7@:7N,~ ,86@l,@Q.ZY  D8  D8R D87D+H`d+H7F  F8!&X&8*&8,~ D8@@8,~!$X$8*$8,~,^*x,>6@66 <+HnJE[5PH D(bH ,IB1l $,q9!&>9 K# F H!&)6O@TF,HQ7`~+H'fJE,> 
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(5JH3,^nJE,HF7@P+HBnJE,HV,HF7`~6@~+H6@+H:!2 K@,KF1+HD@@Z`,^,~ ,N+HB,^+e0   F HO@ TF!( H6F H FO@Q$} 7F+HQ F O@ .(*dHN7@\+HT ] B B],~ B\ B],~ BB6A+HY 
K#,HaOA[4BH] ,Hx+H]7B\+Hd3J,~ 5BHb $,q9!$>9 D JO@!$)6TD5HQ7B~+HB ZD~ $,r+HiDiII(I+I1DiDiDiIDiDiDiDiI7I)I*DiDiDiII8DiDiDiII(I.I1DiDiDiI!DiDiI4DiI5I)I*DiDiDiI!IADiDi@6 +I,IB+I 
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K-5Ha,IB+I0!2 K.@,Na6@|+I0 PEK. 
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K85Ha,IB7K8+K9!2O,N!2 K:@,KF+I?+IA+IA7@+IA PEK;+IA 
KB+Ha EI/"P2b_+IF7@`nKB,~6B<BDi /"7@4BDi6@`,~ EI/"7@ B+Di,IM ? N+IOM,~7@M+G,I[+IM
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b,~+IQ7@+I`7+ItM2KClR+Ia2KCR+Ia:B,~+Did@,Ie,^x6@Q,In+@ !PEKD=y* 8 	 `2b` B` 87Y	+Di `2b` B`@@@@,~ZQ $@@@Q5rLDSLOAD segmentNSM/NODE switch missing after /LINK switchIRBIllegal REL block type ?LNKIMM @QAscsl/$/`g"D`g $+@^t
ANMAddress not in memorySIFSymbol insert failure, non-zero hole found.$/
,B+B/DUZDecreasing undefined symbol count below zerow,C+,^.
+BGISPIncorrect symbol pointer/*+BQ +C 1b}+C.,~Q$+CbQ$+CbFTHFullword value  being truncated to halfwordQ$+CbIVCIndex validation check failed at address MDSMultiply-defined global symbol Defined value = , this value = ,^,~4DDj2V+Dj+Dh$H"J>.+E*$X$J@.+E,x$x$HXB
Xx.xWNAWrong number of argumentsNVRNo value returned by routine URVUnexpected return valueLMMLength mismatch for TMMType mismatch for PMCPossible modification of AMMArgument mismatch in 7@argument  in call to routine called from module  at location returned valueFOVCannot overlay F40 compiled codeCMFCOBOL module must be loaded firstCMCCannot mix COBOL-68 and COBOL-74 compiled codeCM6Cannot mix COBOL-68 and COBOL compiled codeCM7Cannot mix COBOL-74 and COBOL compiled codeMSR/MIXFOR switch required to mix F40 and FORTRAN codeCMXCannot mix GFloating FORTRAN compiled code with FORTRAN compiled codeSNSSITGO not supported@@+GUSAUndefined start address UUAUndefined /UPTO: address ?=`l*  "Iy,h6+G4,j
.8*	/8 U	+GC@@+GMPOVPsects  and  overlap from address  to Q$,Cb+Gh_[H<U>H:S7DY&DFSIFORTRAN requires FOROTS, /FORSE switch ignoredM?}M?J1Y&{F]%J1G>J1NDRAMPALGOL main program not loadedC2=J1:-IwY&i6EJ1SMPSIMULA main program not loadedg&mJ1a}l l+I;aMPCDPASCAL program not compiled with debug switch, PASDDT not loadedaJ1$HH(BNEBNo end block seen7 y+Ka4TL,KY+KJ.
x!w1N+KR4BKM=pKI7 :+{,~Q
 (ab`:x:x,~7 y+KL[.2T+KL ad+KN `dad+KN }L ar+K\ }L[
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1*@,~/*@+K,>:@@:,>,>,>,>"xS,>xKx(B/".Bx,zVP/4BKmx!B+L }LZ,KH,^Q Cw*|Kq,^Z,^.$&$$$,r,^,^,^,^,^: x$y&"2/P/T By+KF !}L`=y*ESNExtended symbol not expected9
+0"`+L20" +L6+e#0"+@0^$~5$L57L,[L+1B +Vv+@01B+PR1B+Qo1B+U80B+L=,Q1Xx+L=Z4B@$1b	9LA&"	$"	4DLA."2"N=LD.BM".BN+@$/N,IO+LA4VWd,WF+@$+LFZ6O,WF+@$d852LK ",M6 .O,LN+LE+M!+M,^,>,>,> S3bWx2rWx,M4 
4XL{ `0b+M`@+M2l_ L_2l^ L^2r` R` S3b`2r`,M+3.I+M6@,{6@l+Lv/
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I/I,@Q,^+Ld 8`@3,bg+M`@+M 	2r` R`2l_ L_2l] L] 8 +LY  S3b`2r`,M+`@@+M/
b/b2l` L`2l^ L^6@m+M.
 *,o_+M/h.2r` R`+M 
b,A+M:<1.0+M !}Wz` W}`=y*+M>< !Q}Wz =M:x:x,^,^,^+6@7
X,WF+@$+@<VWd9M,WF+@$Z*Q$ 8,Cb*<VWd9M! S2rWx,M4,> 	 	2r`,M+,^,~,>,> `lb+M3 B` ` ` !Q}X` X`=y*O@W,^,^,~ !}X=y* $X0D+@0,Mx!2,KF+MF+MB (34I+M>,WF+ .=Wd (:< !}X` W}`=y*+LE 1B+[O,MO !}yX 1B+[O,MO $,qG!2  R V!2a@v R T /Zw.
5B "X&"	$"	6@." $,qC /Q"I!2R,^Q2R (RR,IMR=dMX,~,WC+@$ !2*X,Mx 6@l2`@@,-Ml,-M`+MZMhNN(N+MhN:N8N9MhNN(MhNaN:N7N9 !C}X
`X`=y*,~WdMtMtWdWdMtMtMtWdMtMtWdMtMtMtMtar,~,>Z,Wq1:,^,~d4@ @&"6DN)D}1b+N&"6DN)D}1b+N&"6DN)D}1b+N&"6DN)D}1b+N&"6DN)D}6D

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 R T`r`g ( D!2 R T V/SB} (ab`,~:P!2 l6,Na.!"RFBX,~l2,KF+O+O3 G(aR+NfZd246Nh (+CKarg!2 Rd6avm2@l2 dv+Nndv@h2D+BUl2 ,Mx ,Dc,~!& `r h&``r!&`4BNvBF6HGH4DNxBF6HGH4BN},>,>   X(,D ,^,^4DWd,>  Z(ar+O `bab+X }LZ,KF++  ,^aR5D	,> ",D(!$ D T Vl2Gr( /QBQB}:P,^ 5D	:Pd256B,>,O+O,O+X,>W,D_!2,DS,~!2d6dvm2 l2@dv+Xdv@h2D,~*,Mx*,Dc,~4DWd!"@`r0GB aB+Wd,>,>,>,>,>,>,>   ,KF+O-7+O- ",D(!$ D T Vl2Gr( /,^,^,^,^,^,^,^QBQB}:P+Wd4VWd46O;ZZ( V(4BWd2b+O:Z,DH+O:Z5FO7XB,~Zl6@ (`r+OG,>,O+O?,O+OF ",D(/,>!"GB(,D_!2,^. R T V,^,~ "(."7r+OOar+OG 
XV(,~!}yX7X,VpT`Xa@7 <+OU !}X=y*Z,IM,IM<TOY ,IM*ar+Ojl`@+Oq,P  8 	S`O[3$j+Oe/j.6&af@+Ohaf+Oh:@RT:@RV+@$YQ$ 8,Cb+@$,^ B
 C	 	S` S`+O^[/"H6@M4BPZRa $,q9`@+P,P<QXb C	SX*$ b.D.D [/$H.D 	 `/bS 8 	S`+O^ 8 C	S
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,8,?	,>X C	 C  R` X D`.2 R` R` " B`@@` " B` "h B` "m B`!" B`+PE? 
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XV(+St7Vv,T &  F,6X .02|+Tx02+T12+T'0R0r+T%*vT,T RX MT5 F+T $ Dw,q9 Bv 6Q6b Vv,~,>,>,> w.$,q9"Q&*w 6.6Q6b:vQv*"_Zv!Fv,r,^,^,^,~ !}X`=y*  4BT*Q!@<&T/*vT,,T DXQ"*vT.,T BX+T7@+T1,V,V,V+@T> 7fX _ T5 F7`X/&+T+ ./$&AG(BFL",TJ,TL#,TN,TO,TQ,TS,TX,T],Td,Tv(dTK & ,~& ,~3" ,~2b ,~2BgO,~,>^454TU7Y Y#` 4W6B+@,^,~,> ,Mx!2,KF+Y7X(O,^,~gB,~4$Ta+T``=$T_,~#`D`.$(D/4,~ gB,~,IM[0B+Ti"<L,^x+LE0b+Ts "H4BTf1b	9Tn&"	$"	4DTn."2"N=Tq.BM".BN+Tf/N,IO+Tn1b1"+Tu+Wu "H+Tn,DH+Tv ,~ _0D
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+P.P8"LzHSLAttempt toXsethighsegmentorigintoolowA"+Wu@+Px!$GD~+Q/a@+QA+QL34` `2t` T`@@`2tb Tb2t T+QK32` `2r` R`2rc Rc@@` /b2b` B`+QPBIProgram break  invalid "+WuLMNLoading module  from file <x$0xCCDCPU conflictCPUModule incompatible with specified CPUE2
,CAICAttempt to increase size of blank common from  to  "+WuM?IC2=xUH|[M` "+WuNSONo store operator in polish block (type 11),^4DSK,S?JPBJunk at end of polish blockIPXInvalid psect indexISMIncomplete symbol in store operator in polish block (type 11)NAPNo store address in polish block (type 11)`@@,Wq+S[,T{+@$,^,T{+@$1"|+S]+Sl
IPOInvalid polish operator [Z@+T\ICBInvalid chain REL block (type 12) link number T13LVAR REL block (type 13) not implementedLIILibrary index inconsistent, continuing "+Wu~common SNCSymbol  already defined, but not as commond@@d+@$,M!+V> "+WuZ
+VS "	+Wu2~s@MPTMixed psect and twoseg code in same module  for psect UARUndefined assign for symbol l+WY&u0UNSUniversal file REL block (type 777) not supportedfrom file  	+WP.`+WU 	+W].`+WcSRP/SET: switch required for psect a@@:x,~RBSREL block type  too short[5YcXYhXY}XZ!X[(X@0X@0X@0[J[UX[W[Vm[YX[[X[]X@0X@0X@0\-[_\e[a\
U[e\@0X@0X@0X[gX[iX[kX[mX[oX@0X@0X@0\X@0X@0X@0X@00b+e#0"0+@0`@+Y^$}h5$Y^7YZ[YB+1B+Yh1B+Y}1B+Z!+YcZ4B@$2"N=Yg.BM".BN+@$/N,IO+Yd $H 4D@$7@+Ys]/,q9SX]#.6*&"Q*Z#,r+Yu"QB,q9XBZQ6Ia@+Y{<|@$,IM @T,KF+Ywe+Yw<<@$,IMR+Y{ <H1|+Yh $7@+Z	]/,q9SX]#.6*&"Q*Z#,rZ+Z"QB,q9XBZ $w)"7 .$$$.$SDX`Dp.$,q9XBX`Dp+aZQ6I!2R,IMR @R<|Z!2BR!2R,IMR<|Z,IMR+Za@+@$ dv.6!2 X,KF+@$d+@$Q<@`@6@1+Yc,` ,ZG`r+ZT h"@d"5BZGl@,Ie`@,ZH Q B T{@@:S@@7@6@1+Z2 $,q9Q"r." B Tmr+ZL,Ax!*|@
O,` ,ZG`R,ZG j-Z`d"ab+Z;*jZ7,ZG(nZ;00(+Z>(NaL,EZh+Z;aL+ZA "cB-Z`,ZG+ZB,-ZdG
`r+ZL,Ax "elcB-Z`1+Z5*jZ5 "+@0,>@7@
,P  8 
 C	,^,~aLd2,Ax`L+ZR(nZO00+ZR(N,EZh+ZO,R^,`0+@$,ZG h"H5BZGZ."/j4"Z\. Q\DXD,Ax!*| ,O+Z5ZQ$,>\Q 8,Cb,^ Q+ZY	@ Zl`3[`3`3`3`3`3Z}[`3[`3`3`3`37B,~*BZq T4Va*BZq V B,~].$Z/" $@@,ra@,~>S /Q.BQ.B$.b Q."@@*#dl\2t",^x+Yc7@+[,>]."Z/4 BP1B P`@+[,R4+[
d,^ !B5X9`p a ,~,R'1+[,^l+Zq,>,>,>,RR,^,^,^,~`l,~"aA"5B[ "ZB 4D[oB+R
,>a+@,`l,~$a"aba "a $"j0,},>,>,>!2B @,Ax,^,^,^,~Z|4R@$,>,WC+@$atp+[.,>,M8d2,^>x,^/<&a! "&" "a!&"4Ba"1B8@.&"86@.",>,>,>ZnPS.2PS@,LN+[R+[RXNx7`N,I[,^,^,^3|N+[D /N,> N$"8*/" ,>7N,>a ZMPd$p Maf@.$.a#.\M".FN@fF=b[J,^4H@$,^,>,>,>+[< !PEa$=y*,^ /<,^,^,^ +Yc 
a) ,	 a*+\ 
a* , a*+\ 
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a, , a*+\ 
a, , a-+\ 
a- , a-+\ 
a. , a-+\ 
a. , a-+\ 
a) ,	 a/+\ 
a* , a/+\ 
a+ , a/+\ 
a+ , a/+\ 
 	7 `+Wo,~4X`3X,\.X,~4X`3$a/,\.ba/,~4X\Y,\.QB,[u+[{ `2Ba03Ba0+a1 `,~,>,>"Q<,[q+a3+   
,[q+a3+ ,[u X2,[~ \"t"/,0, ,.l,LN+ + ,[q+a3+a5,[u,6@7a6 a7+@9\7
a7 *~Q<@,` +\' $,q9 R TRVZ
4L\%,`0+\' R<l\% Q$},`0+\' R<l\%*d\#,Uu,` +@$+\ !PEa8=y.+@$6@5YcQ<@,`0+@$7`#+\0 S:>#:+\+ *7@+\3 ,,o_,p+\-,qi:>#:+\-,a,>  " 6@6GB67@C+a;  ab+\<S"GBC*H\H  !2
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(,\M $d+\D,^["Z,r+@$ !PEa>`aA+\<&"	.CQ"@$$.$daB,~,`0+@$ 
OeR+\U,`0+@$ :aC,`5+@$l24aC5taD,>,`0+@$ ,^@
)J,>l2,KF+\y+]4VaQG(arg!2 R,^,^1B+aR0B5BU 5Np+\x+\a+\al2@l2 +\al2l2,^,~,^,^:P1D+B4FBl2,>!2+@\t0D+]l2,O+aTaR+OZ
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[Z B0"0b7+]x,>d~0" 0b(+]H,^+]U,^,>d~0"`0b+]L,^+],^`B{+_9`B+aW(B{ RP84B]@ ,`0+^
[Z<f]U RP8<f]@+]Q D0$0d7+]y,>d~0$ 0d(+][,^+]g,^,>d~0$`0d+]_,^+^,^`D{+_9 RP8`D+aY(D{4DaZ ,`0+^
[Z<f]g+]Q RP9]@(B{4Ba],>,>,`0+^
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[Z ,We BP8:x,~,]{+]U*,>]{*+]gZ"
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XV(+_ }J7Vv,_6 &  F,6at . R,>d~02`0r+_+,^+_J,^020r7+_',>d~02 0r(+_1,^+_4,^aR{`R+_9+_:,6 MT F+_' $,q9 Bv 6Q6b Vv,~ +T%  (B{4B_@Q!<b_@`+_>@<&_C,6Q",6+_'7@+_E,V,V,V+@T  7fX _ T F7`X/&+_@ _0D
+_Y _d~+@M]]Z.[,r@@@@,~+^c+^c+^c+^c,U,U,U,U+^c+^c+^c+^c,CZ,CZ,CQ,CK !}X@Q,> $,qG 
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a) ,	 a/,`L+@$@@\,>b 
a* , a/,`L+@$@@\,>b 
a+ , a/,`L+@$@@\,>b 
a+ , a/,`L+@$@@\,>b 
a, , a/,`L+@$6@ R[,~@@\,>b 
a) ,	 a/,`L,a
a* , a/,`L,a
a+ , a/,`L,a
a+ , a/,`L,a
a, , a/,`L,a
+@$O@\7~+a $8,q9SDn{QV"6"Q"/bO@,RX.b,~+P0h (9blb@@<(a4Ba/"B+a0C
,C0<d2pl2@9[4HUSBUndefined symbol in byte array (type 1004) blockH[{H
<6$[~x"Lz2~s@ ` a.`/`+`3,^,^+@$ 
x+\	-" R8~IRRIllegal request/require block $G,>,q9,^ BC+\:UCBUnknown COMMON // referenced <
$,]+\[+ l2l+\a+\a+\a+\a+\a+ l2l+\a+\i+\i+\i+\aNN\aN:N8\h\h\h,^x,^x,~  (+CK>P,^,~GR(+O4 ,]h+]UX+]g,]r+]U+]g,`0+^
[Z+]U,> ,WePx,^x:x,~,`0+^
[Z,>,We,^Q,~(B{5B^9^,^,^,M+@$ISOInvalid store operator pS@+^|S+^|
PSFPolish symbol fixups not yet implementedIRCIllegal relocation counterPEFPremature end of file from file `@`D`=`G`J`?`B`>`F`Ixx|,^,^,^,~6Z\+`X 
"Q+`T`laHPH``md`@+du e@@2*"R,b B3,b B3,bQ"@  B4." B4 $n D5 8`@.8 	 X2 ` B`+b $@5q9,IM[1T+b& 4,bP+b?`7+b,IM 4,bP+b#3Re+bX4e T7A2p4Rb01R+b$1R+b01R+b81R+b=1Rp+bB !}e`=y*73 31t?+b7/4?6@+b6,>,b,^ B+b1 +b1. ` V,IM *e,Mx!2 `,-M` 2+b,c!a7@6+b@XW6XV6+b V6 V6+b,IM=tbB+b 
a2l+bH R0,~/
g.bG,bC? 5,bST4:`,~,b $m D5Q"@  %4/$? B." B4,~,IM4Rb\.``@+b\@,Rx { BS,ILZT7 `/` V9.`4Rbc R7!2 e,Ma 2.7,c *7.7 R8!2 e,Ma 2 e	2V8,Ma 2,IM4Rbl R7,c V<,IM4Rbn,c V:,IM4Rbp,c V:,IM4Rbr,c V;,IM.r` R<,IM4Rc,c V; /" B7,>;:; ;:;!;dV,d&,Mx!V=X<,V
+b =.B<.B`Zw.
 W;:;>7>`7+bx,^;+c,IL*,c*,bC:`,~,IM,c>`7+c,~dr,d&`R+e	 R7,c>7>`7+c,~:7dd,d&,q9 77,IM R>`79c,~dr,d&`R+e
 R7 $H,q9  D,IL T R.">7>`7+c,~ 4."3B4+cp B4 "o/5 B56A4 "n B5 ` `/aQ6 V8,c* 844Tc(6A`,c,,c3+c$+cp,cD+c$+cp@@ ` h,~ ` `1bX1$X+c//6,~ `Z
@@=dR:=4e9!}e7c7cOcbcOc7cAc7cac`c7ch.9=cB .`.=XU:86@,c*>`5,~ #4 7@@@4XD4Q$@ .$ D4 $@,r7A475 "n B57@4:x,~7: :(4./4[aR+cB,cU .+cCA2(R.;,~(4.; T9>9ZA4(4.:/4[aR+c,cU 9^.+cCZ9+cB.8=cC.7=cC.< h4@ 8 ` a.$Z/`Ra,cm+cD73 31t?+cl/4? +ci.Z+cC*e,Mx!2,-M` 2,~@@> "UB5 64VdO V6.6 V8 8.e.38*8:8.8 R? e S8:8!2 *8 R@:8 38.R? 8[A"~1BX+d1B`+Md1B+e1Bp+d
:8+c|+d;>?>7e72d+XS8:8+dY2d/XS8:8O@>,c3+c| @.? 4H[6 %6.04+dXU8+ctZ64Bd XB6 #6."XC8XB8+ct "dKXC8@@>@@4 #6+ !}e=y* !}e=y* !PEe=y*,~+d(,^8,?8:8,>8+8+d+x.B^x/$x4"dI,^x+x+d0 x:x [B5Z.$P,DH+d< `Z,d>2n`,d: R8>T59d5/`.`g2n`] N`],~/`.`g5@G/`a ,@G+d56@4+dD ? R7 ?[R4ZR5ar+d#,RHPS?:?O@4 ?:?>@5,~?@4+dH 7 V?@@4,~,^,^+cN+dK 2 6 #[X,r`R+dL6B;,do6B:,dZ6B:,dZ6B;,do7@<+dh < B7/".B<?`7+dg <h4@@,cm><+dVa@+do,> /$ D7 B6:6 6av+db[,cUd6.1.`:6 6,cm>7>`7+d^,^+do6B<,do6R3,dq6R3,dq@r@,Q1,r' ` `/Pa2vP] VP]@t+Pz # 5r # $@ ,r5Rdq,~Z,IM=tdt,IMh2`r+du1R+d}4e dp1T+dt0T1T+dt,IM+du 4 ",IM=4d~4"e!=be4Bd~,IM +d~(30I4SIllegal F40 sub-block @@QAG>v=R-\in@,d&9c,d&9c@QA1I4TIllegal F40 table entry  4 T?:8+dI4DIllegal F40 data code d(DSOData statement overflowFCDF40 confused about data statementsB4RBad F40 produced REL file,Q1+@$X@0X@0X@00"0"7+e.0"0"7+e+0"0"+@0^${5$e*7e#[e#+^$~~5$e-7e#[e"+^${5$e/7e"[e"+@@d6J^+el ^6@^+f
\6@^+`7@d+eA,f+ +e0 ( e7@( D( f7@(af1 D( ( gaf+eKabPaBX B(+eR (`f+eR lD (ad7D(+eQ	b$@`F+eRQ$gX$(*$(	!$Lu7@( D( (`d7Dd+eZ lD	b$@ d (`baF D( $2Db@@c Db (*=3D=+e_@@{,ma,mh7@c,ma6@(+ef c`d+e@:{@&".$)D}5Bed F(,n	,n,oM@@@@ cab +fO@O@+f[  $,r 
\ 0 ( (`d+erdh B06@0+eu ( ( B0 D0 ( (`d+exdh B0ah+lE ( 0adPB0aDXB0 H0 7@+e +e} ( B[(4BfZ4Df +fR0PDR(PB0Z(4Bf
Z4Df +fZ0XDZ(XB0 "( $,r@@^ +e06J\6@(+`Z`5B`!`(O@d+e: ( D\Z $,r6 `+f \ZB` @a@@\@@][
b4Lf#Z0QBb 0,0Z[0,r+fZ
b4Lf$Z0XBb 0,0Z[0,r+f:x ~1B5{,~:x,~ 0 0[
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UGS,jNo undefined global symbols undefined global symbol undefined global symbols@VALSymbol ,jA	defined	common, length .unknown	undefined D},~IMAIncremental maps not yet availableLFILog file initializationLFCLog file continuationCLFClosing log file, continuing on file BACKSPACEREWINDSKIPUNLOADMTAPEZERO	`DNSDevice not specified for switch /QB+kcXB+kc l B~,~BB~,~,xh (ad+l<@@g mF+l-.r (ad+l<@@q mI+l;MSNMap sorting not yet implementedSSNSymbol table sorting not yet implementedZSVZero switch value illegalUSIUndefined symbol  illegal in switch / b6BS,~ }oO,m^ 	d Dc4DoG $7 ,~(EAc5Do,>b }oS,m^ $Q$PG+@+oEZ$	d +4Dmv b0F+mp[1&Q$3D+n*4Dmz,mw+mz,mv bZS@@S $5r,m^ 4do[Z$$ 5r,m^ ch$ id +n [Z$$,q9  b S D+n,m^  D([Pddm$jQ$hG+@  D(,~@@@@,~ 
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sTsWMSS/MAXCOR: set too small, expanding to scslOLCError outputting area LCOHCError outputting area HCOLSError outputting area LSOASError outputting area AS+ILCError inputting area LCIHCError inputting area HCILSError inputting area LSIASError inputting area ASPLCArea LC overflowing to diskPHCArea HC overflowing to diskPLSArea LS overflowing to diskPASArea AS overflowing to diskELCError creating area LC overflow fileEHCError creating area HC overflow fileELSError creating area LS overflow fileEASError creating area AS overflow file &d+u= "d+uCSFUSymbol table fouled upw?wFwgwnxxxx	x
x@x@xxx-x/x2x3x" J! 
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&+{	,{@@+{	[	Please retype the incorrect parts of the file specification]
[ Please retype the incorrect parts of the file specification ]
 ~1B,{ "w=6@,|S&",>!*xZ	b4Bw0 (SZB\[0BK8+w0Z,o+ *jw+,^ "$xqcB
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@@@@ Z1B,	` 
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&	b+{	[End of log file]
O@"xr5BwC,^bxr1B "bxr,x4+w{Z,x_,|S+w{,^ `jp+wP  S^0d $[y`h6`1[yfxs&xr`h0F
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(SZ,x_,xt+w{,x_,|h+w{.D,x_,|+w{Z1 D/"XB1l*+w{.XB1$xs 
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,{*x+A,^:x5{6@,~6`+xU,>+xa7@7@+xU,>+A,^+xU,{`,|h,|h"xr$,{g,|h,|h"xr`$,{g "yM5|S8.$.$(`@,|$,|e (,|$RP =`d4Bxzl("},|$e"CT`d5{8i.yM5{8[eC,|$,|emr,|$Rtl("},|$ " 5{8FEEENTER errorFLELOOKUP errorFRERENAME errorGSEGETSEG errorNEDNon-existent device OFDOPEN failure for device EIFError for input file CNWCode not yet written at }yN}yPq}yRq}yUq}yZq}y\q}y}yc}yf}yi}yk}yn}yq}ysq}ywq}y{}y}B
@ for file 
  + " B+xHO@+xT@@+xTLNK   (2) directory full (0) Illegal file name (0) file was not found (1) no directory for project-programmer number (2) protection failure (3) file was being modified (4) rename file name already exists (5) illegal sequence of UUOs (6) bad UFD or bad RIB (7) not a saved file (10) not enough memory (11) device not available (12) no such device (13) not two reloc reg. capability (14) no room or quota exceeded (15) write lock error (16) not enough monitor table space (17) partial allocation only (20) block not free on allocation (21) can't supersede (enter) an existing directory (22) can't delete (rename) a non-empty directory (23) SFD not found (24) search list empty (25) SFD nested too deeply (26) no-create on for specified SFD path (27) segment not on swap space (30) can't update file (31) low segment overlaps high segment (32) RUN not allowed when not logged in (33) file still has outstanding ENQ/DEQ locks (34) bad EXE file directory format (35) EXE format files must have .EXE extension (36) EXE file directory is too big (37) network capability exceeded for TSK: (40) task is not available (41) undefined network node for TSK: ) Unknown cause a@Detected in module  from file Error detected in module  link number 7@. name `z z."z]4Bz\6@x2"x3"x+zV Bx,~ }zjx}h~_X{h}_h~Xu_8zh{_HyX#|_H'w+~]x/|83~^x7{X;z_?~HC|_8G}	8K{	_XO~
HTLSymbol hash table too largeab+zqZ,>[,zt,^5zy,> $,|h=dzr,^(bzu $/$	&$4D|+ ,|h=dzw 5|+(bzz $/$	&$4D|+  ",|h=dz| 5|+,> ",|h,^,|+ "5|h,> ",|h,^,|+ "5|h & @)B.",|h=f{,~ {
+Y:^8w {
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: Z1B,+{ {*"& J {+ 1d"+0"Y:\\Y }{,~OMB/OVERLAY switch must be first,~,~*v,~,}/ 
7B(+{,|$"/,|h(,|$",|h7B(,~,|$R((B}l"`,|$7@(,~"(5{8Z8HN,|$,|e  [ 1DYR5b|k,|$ ",|hR ,|$ " 5{8 7B +{2,|$,|e  ,|$R !$bD bD 4F{7 ",|h ,|$ " l" 7B +|l`h+{<`b5|  ([/",>Q(} "-,|h  2B|o4"|o6 x+|p,|(*H{G6 x:7@ +{G,|f  ,|$+{B,^x+|#!`)"w,>!`,{K,|f,^iB5|d  & ")B5B{P=f{M ")B."`d ",|h=f{O,~,|~."z3b|r+{V.$/|r,> ,{Z,|e,^5{a	b,}/&"  " $,{g&( "-|r,|S "  &"2"5|+	b	&|x  $,{g,|e &"j0 ,{g,|e &"t $4"|+0b5|+*,|h "5|h0"+{t!${P{}2B{}*d{l5${r ",|hR{},|$ ",|h,~." ,> "/+{{1"+{y/",>
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",~,| +{,[1D7@ ,~+{<,|$+{B  ,{H+{BL\-Jan-Feb-Mar-Apr-May-Jun-Jul-Aug-Sep-Oct-Nov-Decmn@0$$B
?X,|$+|#$,>4"}[."~L&":X(D&$:XG&&&Z(H(B.$"2."n `D+}	&$27@aDg &/"V$":5F}
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