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&@	6F F'.|+,~%LNKLNS	Low segment data base not same size
}pD+@`B7@b+@ 8  c2b` B` 0B6@@@" " Bb,R@@S [ |7@ D }7@ D ",[H@@:Z99/.$Z9,ZOZ:,ZO"<Q"!B+Z?"(B	(D.70$+DM 7(D|X" B+ Z`.Q"86@C B,!"D@ Bz ;."$"2&"- Bx,e! @@XBw.x B!G"3b+@@/#
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$,X),XQ+@W7@$+DO>$:Q: @@@Z.7B+A	PZB<X:hO@;Z.  ,E9+@t+  (lb+@wd"`X< B(ZV(:;P!B(.:*z@k <3"<+@g+A	mb B(,A.$,ZZw.
/$SXZ.(*&' /XGw!&Gf'~d&X< F  T ZV :;P!F ,Z\+@t  $ ab,~.$.&+A @@ B SX$*%G" B " B$O@<:=(D.$ D9,ZQ"D@ B9:
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,O `/`"SX8 BL(.$(D|.D8X`X"@h+C,E*6B3B+C "/ $@"SX8 BM((D|.D8XX"@h+C,E*[8( @ @7FF+C"Q&DX9X"*&h+C,E*7@L+AZJ H/I(&|.8`(Fq "G"?""QXX"@Ho,E( L D(`@h+A,E*7@B+C% !}Dp@B Dw B) } B* 6@`Bl$`B l$ D,(7C,H)@h1,E*"7SX8X"@h1,E* +(#,Z/"P+,>!?  Z[H F4DC;*bC:*bC7+,^@h1,E*#Z",ZO7B,+CF(@XC/"h1,E*ZC $G,ZO6@Z+CM $,Z BZS[X*$
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,X),XQ  D_L# BQ BG"/3D+Ca ",[R Q/j. B /#B$ /"PL@H+M,E( ",[H+M,D
ZJ H/I(&|.8`(Fq "G"?Q8""QXX"@H1,E(.SX"-*"3_1_1$Dj$DO.Z15DCyZ14DD
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/,?3b+D/b *,X),XQ[/"8"QX."?@H;x,E(,~(* 86 !(*QB8 @ @H,~,E(  B7@K,~ I H/&$	 .K$$@ D@_K.5"Dx#.DS/.4dD 
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(,ZO4JD+[(3B<+D# JD(` /"Q"@@h,~,E*ZJ/I,>("|.&4XD81X+D<(` /"Q"@@h1,E*Z` /"Q"@@H1,E(,^A"?.,~ZJ/I,>("|.&1X+D<4ZDC1Z+DH h ."?Q"@@H1,E(,^A"?.."@,~OS2Overlay segment phase 2+,^Q+@H * ,,X),XQ+@e,D+B5 
.,E+USCUndefined subroutine  called fromSNPSubroutine  in link number  not on path for call from&$QFx6@,Ad[x.$D,~ARLAmbiguous request in for symbol , defined in links ~TMAToo many ambiguous requests in, use /ARSIZE:8/ABTLoad aborted due to %LNKTMA errors, max. /ARSIZE: needed was +D =.$,Z,>,>"Q 
,,E- >P.E.!1J+E`d+E*BE6@+D,L4BE+D *DE6@,, +D~@
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E,^,^5ZO /I&"	6@."/@.3b+E,E#+E /I&"	/@GE. B,~HD@<840,($ 
,r * ,,X),XQQ"@@PB "$ B$,~,>E. }E/,>E. }E2 !}E6`E8IOVInput error for overlay fileOOVOutput error for overlay fileLNMLink number  not in memory7 y+ET4TEx,EL+E=.
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 (ab`:x:x,~7 y+E?[.2T+E? ad+EA `dad+EA }Ez ar+EO }Ez[
Z2JFjx&*@4JE}1*@,~/*@+ER,>:@@:,>,>,>,>"xS,>xx(B/".Bx,e! P/4BE`x!B Cw*|Ed,^Z,^.$&$$$,Z\,^,^,^,^,^: x$y&"2/P/T By+E9 !}F`=cuESNExtended symbol not expected9
EDRGSRehashingOglobalsymboltable from Dto}d2+ElISNIllegalsymbol name,+FBad1+F,D,`%Z
 T6@ "Iq,ot B2 " B3 "J B8,I} "J,q- !"F6 7/ ,p` "Kv,q-,p3 "Kw,q-,p:,Iy,Iy@:A7$<+G(D.$,Iw,ZQ" B>,Iw@@<+F,@@3 "J B8,Iy " B4 
<,Iw,Ci+ ,Iw NXB_ "Kw,q- <,q7@F+F5 "Ky,q- F,p~,Iy "Kz,q- 6`R,F|aR,F}`R ,F,Iy@,q@ "eJ!,q- "J",q-Z`O,e> "J$,q-Z`N6@/",e> "J%,q-Z`NZ`O/,>,e> "K{,q-,^.D 0D+K|(B{,J "(,qB,Iy5XFNZNZO/6@9F; "K~,q-ZH,e> "L,q-_14BL$L.1/He" ",>,e> "L,q-,^,q "L,q-,Iy]
4lF^,Iw *,X),XQ,Iw "2B~7@<+Fl "L,q- G[
Q*D@ /"Q"@@H1,L	,q4BFl "L
,q-",q+Fh,Iy J /"PJ@dP4"Fs,>Q"H7,L	,^.LH7<,L	(" 3 DA4"LQE> .Q@@S$X$*%G" B+G" "L
,q-,~ "L,q-,~ "L,q-,~,q@ "eJ!,q- "J",q- `a,e> "J$,q-6B`_/".`a,e> "J%,q- `_,>,e> "K{,q-,^.D 0D+L(B{,q "(,qB,Iy7@7@`+G"9G7 <+G,Iw@j<,D
 J /"Q"@@H70,E( B75Iw6@l7@h+L,Iw $0,Z/"Q"P@
J+L,Iw,>L }_,q@ _.D/_,q "L,q-7@`+G+ "L
,q- `.D/`,q "L,q-,Iy,q@ P.T,q "L,q- P.T$"2&"-.",q,Iy7@R+G9 "L#,q-ZR,e>7@S+G= "L%,q- S,p~,Iy+G=6 <7@<1+G= "L(,q-,Iy6 7@+Kq,I.7DS+GD D:(D,Iw,Z B9Q"I B9,Iw@z+GL7B? Q/4/j(B&".,Iw,ZQ B@,IwS$IX ,I<+J@+H,Gw+GL5ZGq,q@ R6  V6,p~!",IU+GV ,p~6B,p~+GR,q@ 6,e8,q@ 6`r+Ge`r+Gk`r`+Gi`r+Gf`r+Gh`r+L, "L-ar "L.,q- "L0ar "Ky,q-Lb?5BGd,Iy4ZGL,~ "L1,q-+G] "L2,q-+G] "L3,q-+G] "L4,q-+G] "L6,q-!",IU+Ga ,J ,q ",qB+Ga+eGqGwGsGw!4)T(Vat@l4TV+GL+7"~+I^ fL7ed+Hab,~(dG|;x+Gz,~HH
ab,~+G{d$`ab~,~+G{Z@/4h(TX@,JxZ@7Bh+H(Bx.",GO+HZ@[@,ZO6@?,L84.",~`r@+GL`r+GL6@?,L8`r+I&V?@@8,Iy,J,J,IyL:L:,IU+HQL"L;,q-J,p~,q>,>L<eL<,IU+HE,p~",qB6B,p~,^4VHQ"-,qBe,qqL=!(x,IU+HP,q?L,p~4VHP,q?,p~IL=!(x,IU+HP+HJ".,qB!"D!(x,IU+Hl,>4TH\q"L=,q-e,p~!"D!(x,IU+HZJ,p~6B+HU,^d",J6+Hb,^4VHlJ"L=,q-q2"L?0b@ `42LIar+I,Iy ~7 7`b+GD "LJ,q-,Iy,I<+J@+H+I# PELL+GL!2,Gw+GL,Iy,q@ R6 ZV6,p~ "LO,q- 6,q,Iy+GL7Bn,~!jXQG"?,\?@@j,>@@,Yw0b/" * 
4LLQ,Iw,X),XQ,Iw,^ / Bn5\m 4.."2b+IC62~+I=  / B4:x`r:x,~7@n,~ n."2bQ,~Q"~[/j.Dj.Dn".D4# nD&3fQ=IS Q/jG$ QG& Fn . F@@Q&.&*'/$.",\m+I<7475..$2d,I_ &~ F57&~,~Fd&f5FLT ~   D5:x,~7@n+Ip n."2bQ+Ip/ 4D"/,> $AD4.Bj.bn2"Q,IjSjXn,\m,^.,~/QD"".Bn. $@@Q.$*% B,~,^,~? O+IsBO,~d+Iq,Iw,>LU PELV+K^ 2,ot B2,~>`35pv " B3,pv ",qB 8,q- 4,p~ ,J67@7+J "L\,q- 7,p`6 <7`<+J "L],q- <,q "L]1 "L^,q-:3,q,Iy 31B,~6B8,p~5Iy "3b3+I^@@35Iy "J&,q-5Iy!$}3"J*dJ "Z4DI^,qB=dJ,~P't20b15q $*,qB*5pA		LINK symbol map of		Produced by LINK version Low High segment starts at	 ends at	 length			*************	[End of LINK map of	L_L`LaLaLbLcLdLeLfLfLgLhLiLiLjLkLlLmLnLoLpLrLsLt1B,~,>,> 
4JJ= 5J>`J,q-(J9
J:,^,^,~LuLuLvLv@@86@?,L8,Iy,J,Iy7@P+JZ 31"@@3,Iy 
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x7Ow+JY. 8`bab`+JY 8,p~aR+JV,>..6B8,p~6B8,p~ 8ar+JR,^,q@ 8,q,Iy<jJY=,JL,Iy,J7@Q+Jp,J
Q,q0b " 
x7Ow+Ji. 8`bab+Ji 8,p~,q@ 8,q,Iy<jJi=,Jb,Iy,J+JpLwLyL|M	Index to LINK symbol map of	 S<bK 3/A4bK@@3 "Jm B8,Iy <(" 34"MQE>,K+K  H H2bH+J~2"H+M H H.2*rJy*TI^=Jx H H FH HH BH DH9J}"S8TKSX9,Jx S 9 0bh "h/8 &"!2~ BH<> :H<*rK	!2~ .:.:Q"I BH:.H<.H< BH;*rK!2~ "M6@H<,q-*rK,Iy,Iy!2~? H<+K,q@H:H:(D)B,>,p~,q@,^! $,pA*rK,Iy!2~6`H<+K5xK,~7DS+K!(DZ94BK!,ZO7 <+KZ:<3b<+F)@@3 "KT B8Oz<,Iy <.8 0bh "h/8 &"!2~ BH<> :H<*rK+!2~ .: BH:.H< BH;*rK/!2~ "M6@H<,q-*rK1,Iy,Iy!2~? H<+K;,q@ ",qB:H:,q,q@ H:("4"M	[> $,pA*rK4,Iy!2~6`H<+K45xK'Z?4DKZ(D,Iw,Z B9Q"I B9,Iw,Iy "KW B8,q- 4,p~6@7,M
,Iy,Iy[?  [("4"M
R	>)F(Haf@l&F9H9`D+KH,>SZ?+BS,K,^SZ9Z?(D,ZO+KZ	Indexto~overlaynumbers,of	Index&tooverlaynames`of",Iy,"J(,q- 4,p~+".,qB,pv,IwPBP segment(3 on  at 	Overlay no.		name		Overlay is  = (B{,J "%+FJ	Control Block address is , length ~14BFT$L.1+FS (octal), . (decimal)	Path is	,Iw5E(, @XE>+Fwrelocatableabsolute, writable(B{,q "%+G  / B7,~ " / D7 $0,ZO5Iw words free in Low segment words free in high segment Global symbols loaded, therefore min. hash size is 	Start address is , located in program 	No start addressMultiply-defined "L*+GbRelocatable Absolute    SuppressedEntry	Global	Local	Undefined	Common	length	~wL@?5Iy	from 	created by  version 	created5XI7@O@79I	 (octal), ,Ib +I	Psect  starts at   `r+I+I	Zero length moduleTTFToo many titles found	block level	 /0"+I9 ,+I7bF,~+IVOEMOutput error on map file, file closed, load continuing	version 	#	page 		page LINKUnknownF40COBOL-68AlgolNELIACPL/IBLISS-10SAILFORTRANMACROFAILBCPLMIDASSIMULACOBOL-74COBOLBLISS-36BASICSITGOG-Floating FORTRANPASCALJOVIALADA/KA/KI/KL/KS undefined global symbol undefined global symbols multiply-defined global symbol multiply-defined global symbolsXE>+Jw2dH+J~+J{	Name	Page	Overlay	PageZ>+K: "L\,q- 75p`S	>+KKEMSEnd of MAP segment	No symbols to output
+@MBy}V< VA@@2*"R ]2b^ B^ 2b B7 <+MF J 
4lM  *,X)+M+ /"PJ@H7N,E(ZB_[B^ 8 	ZB`ZB`+MD@@h  B/ Bl,\W+M#@@h J  B/ Bl.""SX/"@H7,E(/.h3bI+M; IG" /h.3D+M; D@@Q$X$*%Qh,\, / .h2$I+M':.Bh.dl3dI+M/ I."?D"?/h+M/ 8 	 U B` 8 6 <@@P " 7@T BT@@7@d6@P1,Q6@n6@j+MR6 <7@n1+MR@@n ",`c+ @@V7@T+MU " Bb,`?,_O6@m,MY6@l,M^Z.PXB+Mf $,Z BK/"Q"|@
L,~,\k $0,Z BJ7@h+Md/"Q"P@
J,~,\`QX$0*",~6@l7J 7D}7/ D/ D}@@'@@'6@+N	7@6@+Mn6 +N	6 <+N B
`,X)+Mw+Mw,N5,Q @/`a/`g.` B`6@P,N>,N7@M,Nl `/`.`g2b` B`2b`] B`].`a2b@ B@7 ,P  B
_L#._.UG.&.PL FL F',N_6b,P<,Q "6@m,`c+ ,Q6 <+N,Q "6@n,`c+ 6@l7
,Pd,P+Q78+N!1X+N@x	N0D+N3d+ND38`gX`l,e] `D"/"2"`,[R @/`aD" B`gG"3B`l,~ B`lQ`g5e] `/`.`g.`aSBL@@M 
x6Cw+ND=,NB+NZ."ar+NC,O[l4@,O+NZ:L`r+NL+NC`r+NC."Zw.7r+NZar+NK".62+NZ`rard+NX"",O[l4@arl6`r+l6,O+NZ:LZ4BNC+NP+NC6@l7J ZL$$XDL!dL D',~7@6@+Nk "7@=Na G$.$2$+Nk	d+Nk 7@+Ni D D2d+Nj D@@ !B
,X),XQQ/"D"Bj./BnQ/j.BSjXjG"5\mU"B@@M@@M@@L7@<5O""BJ,~VPR,O+VQ:LQ6~`/`.`gBJd4@,O1+O7@M+VR@@M,O+ :L,~,O?,~52O`r@+O-6@M+O`r`r+O,O[`rl4@`r+O%`rl4`rl4,O+VS:L+O " BM,O+VS:L " BM,>!",OQ+VT,O[l4@,^Q +O#`r@+O,O[`r+O< JZ`/`.`g BJ/"Q,>,>!"@,OQ@t6@ ,^Y,^,O+VU:L6@M,~+O6@M+Ol4@Z+O#,OD,~"". 3"+O> B    +OW6@n7@j,~SXD"*# D" $AD .B /j/"2",[R jG" Bn./ BjSXn/",\m+OW  .$2d+OX7&,~Fd&5FOR   :x,~7@n,~ !}cVW @@)B$4.

 `:/`.`g.`a.M3d+P6@M,~O@M !PEVX`V^,~3b`9PO@6,>,> `/`.`g,> 
 ,,X),XQ,^/`g.` B`,^,^@@66 <7@`l1,XQ,Q7@`l+O `g.`/` B`lD"2"`]+OSX`l,e]+O T V B`6B3B+OW`arg "B+OW " Bb Y BT,_:!$  D]L#(D| D }7@ D,`P,_D,`%_L_L##.$Q$7BL LZ/`a/`g.`/",>,>,> DRL D_#PL D_L_L./$SX$@d+V`,^,^,^,>Vb PEVb,~,r	1B *1B *7@(l+PQ (/(.(g B(lL(.(4BPD.(gQ(g,-] (/(@@(g B(l,-]0J+PI Q$+PJ QQ$`/$ E(,-] "1J " Y,U $ Y }7@ H5TX " Bb Y BX,_:!$  D0J+PW Q&+PX QQ&`Z/& G((D| D }7@ D,`P,_D,`% (/(SX(X"@t5`?,>Vi PEVb,~6D^/$6 <7BL+Ph_#.$SD(-Z_QR!D((ZD((GZD(!$X@7@( D( ('Z4LPv2"b D06B`/".bG7D`+Pu7@(+Pu/$G.$Q B(&  B( BK@6@ RZ7  P{XB,~(RR(((*(*R4LOXZ`6@(=ViQ(*!B0 (( B0 ( B0!(-7@(+QaBP."!B0 (/ B06B{+Q
7B{ |.B0G/"G."3"b.b(B{SB0ZB(,~6@l6@J1,M^6@m6@K,~,MY,~+"5[H+"5[H7"5[H "5[H6@Z+QC,6@b3bb7+Q7 8 	 H.8 ( 	 P3HP+Vj`d+Q72"P+Q&3HP+Q& $(D{&Vl/=fQ7 P 38
R|X$KU D@D{!$^DD|!$Lu D,L|p6@+QA!PEVld=QB!BEVq,^B,`c+ ,~@@m ",`c+ ,~@@n ",`c+ ,~!JXZ$/*" J $0,ZO@@J7@Z,~ "?5\,!KXZ$*" K $,ZO@@K "?5\6 " Bb Z BU@@Z,:!$P D ^(D|.$ D }7@ D,D,`P5`%,Q` ^"SXX"@j1,Qo,`?5O,>V{ PEV{,~7@+Qx7Bm+QwQh,\6 m/h Bm@@h,\b,P6@K,Q[ $,Z B} D}6 <7@L+RZLZ.0D02p P 8 2p` P`A.4NR2p^ P^6@l+R 
/,4lR *,X)+R+RShXl,\, ." B!"G~!BhX"GZBl,\W,Q7@j+R j./ BnQj,\? ." B@@j " Bn,\m /hZL.Q .*"7@l+R16B+WShXl,\,  Bh  B." B7@^+R# /" B+R%7B7/" B//"G". B/ ^/G&3"+W .h BlQh. F,\W,QM7@h7@J1,QU " Bb Z BS,_:!$ D6D{+R67D{ | D |RD@@ ^.^(D|.$ D }7@ D,_D,`P b,`U+RN6@Z6@U+RA,Qi@ X	 " B|" * 	 h habl*@l!0 h!2~X}@t7@J+RPU4O.JbkW,S}"@+Rm,>b }W6@`l3n`l2.`]+Rn h/`a2.+RnZ/`g.`7@ 4Q"~7@*bRW5"Remp+R_.W.0.
W44Rm/Wb 4?/`g.`Q4~+Rmd0ep,SZ/`g.`/W
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`a(L{..+RP7 bg+S}2.`]+Rz2.h+S N`g .`/` B`l3"`]+Ry/`]."D"".B`.B`l `lQ,e]+RP h.<D<//`a4|Smp+S.!<p.
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,X),XQ,^,^@@6 Nj./ NnD. Q/:G:/n5:ST.Z.ZnSjXn,\m4zSX nD"m Q j./SX.4wbg+S}5zSN6@n,QS,QZL_L/.<D<ZL..D./Z."@ (Z{.(B"mp+Sj.!<p.
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,>W}cR,TG6@+T7@H+T	`+@`*#	`	`.Z\+*>	`WWWWWWWW6@R+T:KbC}W6@K7+TQ}W+T6 B
 S BX F!$  D $ Db,`P,_D,`%,Yw (.$?D$?D"?2d 7@ $@,Z (2d "
X,@ (nW++@+U (nW++@+U (&4HT}"Q
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fW1GF,~ W1	f!&^GF,~ " Bb,_:,_D,`P " Z }7@ F Z,U $,TX@@U,~ 
    B." B.^/"G" BG B4LU#." B.^/"G" BG B 82n,U6 8,U- 8,U-7B G2B	b+  87@`/8 `2"`+U,."Q"@@*#`=xU(+UG `.`g2B`,U67@`l,~Z`g<"U2@@`g,eW1 `]G"3b`l,~*`lS"X`l5eW2 `]/2G26@`l3r`l1 `l.2.` `.`g / /`7` Q` 6O `.QD B`1& +UE/ *4X/6 /& +UA4FOX Q`+UA6@Z6@U1,Qi6@R+UN 
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&=!>K	`*>+[LNKXCT	 execution]
ed+CZ`L7A	` BR
&D	`?LNKRME	REMAP error%LNKRME	REMAP error, high segment origin incorrect
* 	b+  F)@`*% Z \+*>EXSEXIT segmentCFSChained fixups have been suppressed(3SSTSorting symbol tableSTCSymbol table completed"LzNPSNon-existent psect  specified for symbol tableREDReducing low segment to 6Q6@@M+O@@L,~@@M+O,^+O7@M,~@@M+O9FNDNICISSInsufficient space for symbol table after psect  -- table truncated,^,^,^5`?OESOutput error on symbol file, file closed, load continuingG9Q`d+Q7+Q!lPPCLProgram too complex to load, saving as file PCXProgram too complex to load and execute, will run from file CSFCreating saved fileOEXOutput error on XPN file, file closed, load continuing3"h+R/h.Bh.B.B+R/.h BlQh,\W+R/0ECEError creating EXE file`   +S?xB(F$&.2 S}"b+S{+S}EOEEXE file output errorDDTFORDDTCOBDDTSDDTSIMDDTALGDDTPASDDTNSANo start addressDLTExecution deletedZEx2FINLINK finishedELFEnd of log fileXCTDEB execution@
`@EOOError on outputEOIError on input6$P\W\b\W\b[LNKNSA	No start address]
[ No start address ]
Zbp0	`%LNKDLT	Execution deleted%LNKDLT% Execution deleted:;[  execution ]
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*,~  & (bD+X(H=X >7@> "QB(@b(+XPOTPlotting overlay tree
(S2BD+W^""P#4LY+.,D,(/(3"+X..L(.L(":x,~0*+X46B(6@(+X4/(3"+X4.L(.L(+X+,Yw"./B5$XR6@z+[^".6@Q7^W".3$7$2fy+XD	f+XD!B^b+Xp.?@/".H&+Xl!&@ */4BXt.Bw@,Yz+YU2"+Y83b+Xt6@Q+X| /Q.&*",X}+Xt,YF+Xt7B&,~O@8/.B.B.B,~4JY "/7D="Y//4$Y(D{&$.(D."1J.Dw.D6@Q+Y.D(.D(S(.d(P*%( (@@Q&X&*'(+XC.( D(& !&@,YF,Yp@@(&+XC1j+Y+"S,Yw/4"Y+"S (6@3D^b1.(*fY(B{&" 6@."(B"S7H*fY H&7@+Y'./2D^b..(D(7@*fY$ H'?@/"*fY !&/{X&(*FY*6B B&*fY)+Xq!$|  B& &./."D"1J.7@+Y2 B'.&*dY-,>,Yw/(B{,^&6F."(B!${+Xl./77@ *hY9ah+Y<2" +Xt6@Q+X|,> /Q4(^c.l( &/l" BR,IR4(YC,^3D^c+^e,X}+Xt,>,>,> 
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XFZB(&+[XFXB +[7(&Z4H[  [.$ Z0D+[R`  .D @@+[!.("3D(1"+[  G$ ( D( F(A" B(" "(&1 Z0D+[R`Q.&@@*& 7B(&,~ ZD(&[,Z]+[ ,> *,[31:,^,~,> *5[%,> *5[%,> *5[%,> *5[%,> *5[%,> *5[%,> *5[%,> *5[%7D(+,~Q+[7QZ4DX..(0D+[5[+X-,> *,[3,^,~,> *5[:,> *5[:,> *5[:,> *5[:,> *5[:,> *5[:,> *5[:,> *5[:5Z7D+[NQ.$@@*% ,>7@=[L D,^@@@@@@@@@@"@@+@@/,~[4D^rZb2d ,> $4$X.6@3"=[VZ@@Q.& B,^*' ;7@=[\ B,~7@+[b6@m+[f,]1+[b+XC7@67@+[w6@n+[o,]*+[w+XC /D"4B[b.i,>/"Qi,\I,^i D"/",[R i./ Bm+XC /D"4B[w QD",>/"Qj,\?,^j  D"/",[R+XC7@+\  //1B0D+[,\
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+XC7@l+]O+\7@y+X- ././././."6@."6@."0J1J+\0J1J+\.G3by+X- /$2b+X- By !PE^t@0@@z,~7@l+]O,> 8+\"7@m+]P,> 8 `/`."(BD"4B\+,>.`g/"Q`g,e^x,^.B`g.`/",[R,^+XC,^,~Z2dq Dq[(D|*[/&[/h./$Q@j,~,>^y }^zZ2dq Dq[(D|,[/&[/h./$Q@l,~,>^} }^}Z2ds Ds[(D|.[/&[/j./$Q@n,~,>_ }_Z2dr Dr[(D|6[/&[/i./$Q@v,~,>_ }__\`\k]_\v___Z3dq+\Z Dq(D|*[(D|
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[/&[/h./$Q@L,~,>^}}"Z3ds+\p>Ds(D|.[(D|[/&[/j./$Q@N5]l,> }Z3dr+\{ Dr(D|6[(D|[/&[/i./$Q@V,~,> }\W\b\x\m\,\6\I\?KJH9Khh]]]] B
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\ $ DA ( D? ( DB (RDB ( DA7@(,~ DI "H BA a2 $(  F4F`b.$*b_n,~,_: l$| caf+_zX$+@,~ b D $ DQ$	d$@@5`bX$+@,~5`b[x Bb $7BS,Z b\BS ^x B:x `6SBRB ( B " B7B( o B7B( pRB7B( pba3!$cD(+` (ahPaHX "(+`bD(+` a3 (ad7D(+`	b$@aF7a4 "(  bZS7@+a4 H
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,>+@+`o@@h$&+@+`o:,^ \SX&@@*&,~,>,`N,^ &l&|G,>+@+a5,^h&&X&(a66@ha7  HZXH,>+@+`,^+`b,^Z0H,~,>,>* ,`g+a8,^,^+`s,>,> 
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aB+aM"c<0"+eW$c<3$	0$+aP,c/,aQ,c),pv+aT "6 W,qB ".5qB"c<2"	1B7+apZ`1B
!7b+aZ,ot@@:1+e[ $,Z @Q\!B^@@\@@]\"ac6 W\"ai
&+eT,ot@@+eT[	Please retype the incorrect parts of the file specification]
[ Please retype the incorrect parts of the file specification ]
 ~1B,F "b6@,q-&",>!*xZ	b4Ba{ (SZB\[0BK8+a{Z,`c+ *jau,^ "$c<cB
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@@@@ Z1B,	` 
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&	b+eW	[End of log file]
O@"c<5Bb,^bc<1B "bc=,b~+bEZ,c),q-+bE,^ `jp+b  S^0d $[cc`h6`1[ccfc>&c<`h0F
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,ot*x+A,^:x5ot6@,~6`+c,>+c+7@7@+c,>+A,^+c,p:,qA,qA"c=e$,pA,qA,qA"c<e$,pA"d5q-8.$.$(e,p~,q>,p~R` `d4BcEl("},p~",`d5pO.d5peom,p~,q>ye,p~R l("},p~i"n5pFEEENTER errorFLELOOKUP errorFRERENAME errorGSEGETSEG errorNEDNon-existent device OFDOPEN failure for device EIFError for input file CNWCode not yet written at }d}dq}dq}dq}d$q}d'q}d*}d.}d1}d3}d6}d8}d;}d>q}dBq}dE}dHB
@ for file 
  + " B+cO@+c@@+cLNK   (2) directory full (0) Illegal file name (0) file was not found (1) no directory for project-programmer number (2) protection failure (3) file was being modified (4) rename file name already exists (5) illegal sequence of UUOs (6) bad UFD or bad RIB (7) not a saved file (10) not enough memory (11) device not available (12) no such device (13) not two reloc reg. capability (14) no room or quota exceeded (15) write lock error (16) not enough monitor table space (17) partial allocation only (20) block not free on allocation (21) can't supersede (enter) an existing directory (22) can't delete (rename) a non-empty directory (23) SFD not found (24) search list empty (25) SFD nested too deeply (26) no-create on for specified SFD path (27) segment not on swap space (30) can't update file (31) low segment overlaps high segment (32) RUN not allowed when not logged in (33) file still has outstanding ENQ/DEQ locks (34) bad EXE file directory format (35) EXE format files must have .EXE extension (36) EXE file directory is too big (37) network capability exceeded for TSK: (40) task is not available (41) undefined network node for TSK: ) Unknown cause a@Detected in module  from file Error detected in module  link number 7@. name `z z."e'4Be&6@x2"x3"x+e! Bx,~ }e4x}h~_X{h}_h~Xu_8zh{_HyX#|_H'w+~]x/|83~^x7{X;z_?~HC|_8G}	8K{	_XO~
HTLSymbol hash table too largeab+e<Z,>[,e>,^5eC,> $,qA=de=,^(be? $/$	&$4Dq ,qA=deA 5q(beD $/$	&$4Dq  ",qB=deF 5q,> ",qB,^,q "5qB,> ",qB,^,q "5qB & @)B.",qB=feQ,~ eU+Y:^8w eV+Y:]Kr Z1B,+e[ e]*"& J e]+ 1d"+0"Y:\\Y,~,>,>XZ/6,>.h0 XZ",>,>h0,>h0,X/h1 5Xef+ XZ&,> X[
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6JX+f _S& F+f 
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Z@4Rf. X 2&H+f, 

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H4Jfx,>,>X,>~ ~ X,>,>X,fG/h5 Xb~ZH+f]@/h1 X/h2,^,~,>,>XZ/6,> PX RX.h2S8   DX82d(+g X(3h(+g ( ZX+g	S"bX ZZ$ @ XS( H4Rg H3bX+g  ( H,>h6,>X,>,>,g&/h4 Z*@ 7H  RXZH+g
_ (" B(,>h6,>X,>,>,g&/h4 S* Xj@/h1 X X/h2,^,~,>,>XZ/6,> NX.h0,>,> $,Z BQD,^,^ _ F` _}XH` 
_~ (XD` ,>,> $,Z BQD,^,^ _}XF`S( H` 
_~Z(XD`QT` _~XXR`(/&P.X  H` HP _}0DP+gAS* Xj+gD 
X ( F` FPS( X.h  X/h2,^,~,>,>XZ/6,> RX.h0 '" S$@ Xd7HS+gP,>,>h0,hG/h1 _ X,>,>[H,>ZH,>,>H,>H,hM/h0,>,>',>h0 X h Xh,>,>,fG/h5,>,gq/h26JS,o-,>_,gb/h2@ X/h2,^,~,>,>XZ/6,> RX.h0 _Z4RgnZH5FglZ
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(PHh LfsLf P  3L0Z.iy* x.iy x x y  D[  D\ <ix,kO"U1D+j!$ D\"f\ <iv,ka <it,ka+j  B\  B],>,>iz,>iz <,oP/i{,^,~Z.iy* x.iy v w w x x y  DV"[F FY  DW [F FY \ DW [D DZ \ DX"[D DZ V DX Y D[ 0dO+hy i{ F_!$`\D~V D\ [D~Y D] \D~ D],>,>Z<x,> <x,j
/i{,^ @ D^ <ip,n{!$	`\D~V D\ [D~Y D] \D~ D] R^ P^ V_ <im,l+iH 0DP+i6DS+i"\D~ DV  DY \F FW [F~ [D DY \F~ \ DW  DZ \D DX"[F~"[D DZ V DX Y D[ i| D_!$`\D~ D\"[D D] \$@ D] <ii,l!$	`\D~ D\ \$@ D] X] R^ <if,n{+iH 0DP+iT6DS+i2  DV [(@"[F FY  DW"[(@ [F FY \ DW [D DZ \ DX"[D DZ V DX Y D[ i| D_!$`\D~ D\"[$@ D] \$@ D] <ib,l!$	`\D~ D\"[D D] \$@ D] R^ <i_,n{!$	`\D~ D\ \$@ D] X] P^ <i[,l <iY,k3+jZ.iy* x.iy w x x y i} D_  DV  DY  DW  DY <iV,k3+jOdU+jTREE ARC  `VYi}i~`VYi~i~P\]]^ii~P\]]^iiP\]]iUijP\]]^iiP\]]iUijP\]]^i_P\]]^iihjjjhj\jpU(h\]*    $    @    =    !v@ ~jY\jQ<X\j*+/jS.j	*<,~+hM2| p+jS; +j
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