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 REP 4/1	;13C1
		TV	MTHHST	Math Library Revision History ,2(4017)
		TV	MTHHST	Math Library Revision History ,2(4020)
 INS 334/1	;13C2
	4020	DCE	17-Dec-85
		The GFLOATING exponentiation routine uses an incorrect method of
		getting the exponent of the magnitude of certain intermediate 
		GFLOATING numbers. A MOVM on the first word of the double word 
		value is used followed by stripping out the exponent field. 
		This does not work for all negative GFLOATING numbers where the 
		mantissa part in the first word is all zero (the first 
		non-zero bit of the mantissa is in the second word). Due to the 
		fact that these errors occur in an intermediate calculation, 
		it is impossible to specify the class of input numbers which 
		will result in this problem.
 SUM 252087