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PIT:	[7,6,AP013]
ALG10B	P13	UTL702	P13	FTN10	P13	ANFV23	P13	DCN702	P13
DNU702	P13	LNKV51	P13	MCB702	P13	MS1V10	P13	T1L702	P13
T1S702	P13	APL1B2	P13	APL1S2	P13	MPE702	P13	DBMV5A	P13
RMS1V1	P13	FTN10R	P13	IHSV01	P13	SRTV4D	P13	CBL12C	P13
CBR12C	P13	GAL702	P13	IETV04	P13
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