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 INS 1/1	;05C1

 REP 21/1	;05C2

	;DMN	09-NOV-82	[1431] Fix error message added by edit 1046
	;JEH	26-OCT-82	[1424] Add error for non-DISPLAY data in ASCII file
	;SMI	08-OCT-82	[1416] 68274 Generate warning for size differences
	;SMI	08-OCT-82	[1415] Add 68274 message for generating SET TALLY
	;SMI	25-AUG-82	[1401] Fatal if statements in EXIT paragraph
	;JEH	05-MAY-82	[1353] Fatal if operand too large for literal compare
	;DMN	07-APR-82	[1350] Add 68274 message for DISPLAY or STOP signed integer. 
	;JEH	30-MAR-82	[1346] Fatal on data key conv rtn, nbr of table keys
	;DMN	12-MAR-82	[1340] Add 68274 message for Abbrev. Combined Relation
	;			       Condition with NOT and JUSTIFIED clause in VALUE
	;JEH	01-JAN-82	[1330] Warning for invalid memory size
	;WTK/JM	30-Sep-81	[1312] Add Diag 651 for -,---... and +,+++...
 REP 16/8	;05C3
		ERROR 141,<FOnly notes may appear in remainder of this paragraph.>
	IFN ANS68,<					;[1401]
		ERROR 141,<FOnly notes may appear in remainder of this paragraph.>
	>						;[1401]
	IFN ANS74,<					;[1401]
		ERROR 141,<FOnly comments may appear in remainder of this paragraph.>	;[1401]
	>						;[1401]
 REP 69/21	;05C4
		ERROR 639,<FIdentifier-2 must be one-word computational>	;[1046]
		ERROR 639,<FIdentifier must be one-word computational or index>	;[1431] [1046]
 INS 92/21	;05C5
		ERROR	651,<WNo room for significant digit before first comma>	;[1312]
		ERROR	652,<WMEMORY SIZE too large, maximum assumed>		;[133]
		ERROR   653,<FOperand too large to use in literal compare>	;[1353]
		ERROR	654,<FUsage must be DISPLAY to store in ASCII file>	;[1424]
 INS 49/22	;05C6
		ERROR	745,<FNo more than 255 keys allowed>			;[1345]
		ERROR	746,<FCan't store key conversion address - compiler failure> ;[1346]

 INS 5/23	;05C7
		ERROR	702,<WNumeric literal must be unsigned integer in COBOL-74.>	;[1350]
 REP 10/23	;05C8

		ERROR	765,<WComparing different size items may be different in COBOL-74.>	;[1416]
		ERROR	767,<WSET TALLY TO 0 generated here but not required.>	;[1415]
		ERROR	768,<WThe VALUE clause is initialized independent of the JUSTIFIED clause in COBOL-74.> ;[1340]
		ERROR	769,<WNot in abbreviated combined relation conditions may generate different code>  ;[1340]
 SUM 30268