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                 EDIT DESCRIPTIONS FOR ALGOL-10-V10B                            
                             EDIT 341    FOR ALGOL
Strings can write over each other,  corrupting  memory  and  the  heap
table  after  a  multiple-parameter  READ  is  done  with EOF trapping
ALGLIB procedure READ improperly zeroes the "heap space in use"  flag.
It should be cleared after each parameter is read, not after the whole
READ call has completed.
Clear the "heap space in use" flag immediately before looping to  read
more parameters, not after.
                             EDIT 342    FOR ALGOL
Edit 332 causes  various  problems  such  as  fixed  point  overflows,
illegal memory references, etc., in ALGDDT.
Edit 332 delocated register AX before preserving it during  an  ALGDDT
breakpoint.   However,  if  the  register contained data rather than a
relocated address, an APR trap  would  be  generated  in  some  cases,
depending on the contents of AX.
Do not delocate or relocate AX when preserving it in a breakpoint.