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                 EDIT DESCRIPTIONS FOR SORT-10-V4C                              
                             EDIT 513    FOR SORT
SORT does not assemble correctly for KI-10's if built with a  MACRO
that was built for KI-10's.
There is code in SORT for both KL's and KI's  which  is  not  under
conditional  assembly  because the check to determine which code to
execute is a runtime check.  This results in the instruction EXTEND
being undefined since KI-10 MACRO does not know about it.
We are inserting an OPDEF to define the  EXTEND  instruction.   The
edit  defines  the  instruction  in  terms  of  itself.  If SORT is
assembled by KI-10 MACRO, then the EXTEND is defined as zero.  This
is  fine  since the code which contains the EXTEND instruction will
never be executed on a KI.  If SORT is assembled  by  KL-10  MACRO,
then  the  EXTEND  is  defined as the actual instruction since this
flavour of MACRO knows about the instruction.
                             EDIT 514    FOR SORT
The code doesn't look right.
The code was actually wrong because an index AC was left off of the
SETZB instruction at USRFMT+13 in Edit 511.  However, there were no
symptoms related to this because the appropriate areas were already
zero.   This  instruction  was merely to insure that the areas were
Put the index AC on the instruction.  The instruction should become
"SETZB T3,KY.FMT+2(T1)".