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                 EDIT DESCRIPTIONS FOR ALGOL-10-V10B                            
                             EDIT 343    FOR ALGOL
ALGDDT hangs when trying to start after a fatal  error.   The  message
"Module occurs more than once in LINK symbol table" is output first.
The error handler ERRMNX BLT saved all the ACs without delocating  any
of them.  Later, the saved SP was used with the assumption that it had
been delocated, causing infinite looping do to PUSHJs trapping  within
the error handler.
Delocate SP and DL before saving them in ERRMNX.
                             EDIT 344    FOR ALGOL
Floating point numbers with an exponent of zero print in  fixed  point
format, without the ampersand and exponent.
The OTS number printing routine special-cased a zero exponent, and did
not print in floating point format.
Remove the special case and print all floating point numbers the same.
                             EDIT 345    FOR ALGOL
The ALGLIB-10 READ  procedure  mismanages  memory  in  certain  cases,
consuming more and more memory until finally exhausting it and getting
a fatal error.
READ does not know how to handle strings and memory very well.
Replace the  TOPS-10  READ  procedure  with  TOPS-20's.   A  different
technique is used on TOPS-20 which does not have any memory management
                             EDIT 346    FOR ALGOL
     1.  If there is an invalid file specification and an error  label
         is  provided,  the  program crashes instead of jumping to the
     2.  Spaces are not allowed within the file specification in valid
     3.  Comma is allowed in the middle of a filename.
     4.  If no PPN is given in the file specification  and  the  third
         argument  to  OPENFILE  is  0,  the file is opened on the UFD
         instead of the default directory.
Edit 324 needs some minor revision.
Revise edit 324 slightly to deal with the above symptoms.