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                 EDIT DESCRIPTIONS FOR DBMS-10-V5A                              
                             EDIT 607    FOR DBMS
FORDML may place the ')' of a long BIND call into column  73
of the .FOR object, causing a error in the FORTRAN compiler.
FORDML tries to pack  as  much  as  possible  onto  a  line,
stopping  at  column  72.   It  does not check for available
space when writing out the ')' after the last argument of  a
BIND  call.  If the last argument fills up to column 72, the
')' will be placed in column 73.
Put the ')' through the same  code  that  checks  the  other
arguments as they are placed in the call.
                             EDIT 612    FOR DBMS
The DBINFO on AUTOPATCH tape 5 no longer supports  a  schema
with  sequentially  mixed area, record and set descriptions.
This problem was originally fixed by DBMS-10 V.5A edit  524,
which was included on AUTOPATCH tape 5.
Edit 524 called for DBSANY.REL to be copied  to  DBSINF.REL,
which would be used to build DBINFO from that point on.  The
purpose was to isolate the functionality of edit 524,  which
modifies  the  SBIND  code,  to  DBINFO,  which was the only
product in which the problem addressed by edit 524 occurred.
This  scheme does not work well in an AUTOPATCH environment,
creates another library to maintain,  and  leaves  the  door
open  for  other  problems regarding the scope of subsequent
Retract edit 524.  Modify its functionality so that  it  can
be  applied  to  DBSANY.REL and still affect only the DBINFO
binding.  Change DBINF1.CMD to once again search DBSANY.REL,
rather than the obsolete DBSINF.REL.