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                 BEWARE INFORMATION FOR FORTRAN-20-V7                           
                     BEWARE INFORMATION FOR EDIT 3315   IN FOROTS               
Edit 3315  to FOROPN  allows CARRIAGECONTROL='TRANSLATED'  as a  synonym
keyword  for  CARRIAGECONTROL='FORTRAN'.  Since  VAX  Fortran's  use  of
CC='FORTRAN' is  currently incompatible  with Fortran  TOPS-10/20,  this
latter keyword  may  be  disallowed  in  a  future  release  of  Fortran
TOPS-10/20 in preference for 'TRANSLATED' and greater compatibility with
VAX. Users are urged to begin making the transition now.
                     BEWARE INFORMATION FOR EDIT 3322   IN FOROTS               
As originally published in the Software Dispatch, Edit 3322 to FORMSC
implemented the new error code MED for missing external declarations
in a call to ERRSET.  Because this error code conflicts with one used
in the unsupported EXTEND.MAC module distributed with V7, the Edit
3322 distributed for Autopatch will use the error code MXD.