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 REP 1/1	;08C1

		SUBTTL	GLXVER  --  GLXLIB Edit History and Version file

 INS 23/1	;08C2

 REP 37/1	;08C3
	GLXLOD==:001136		;Sum of GLX module edits
	GLXLOD==:001172		;Sum of GLX module edits
 REP 68/1	;08C4
	;;GLXLOD 001136
	;;		Add support for all terminals known to the monitor.
	GLX MAC,235,1136,0,CTK, 2-Jun-83,GLXMAC # 235
	;;GLXLOD 001172
	;;		Fix bug in rename code that did not allow
	;;		SFD to SFD renames, this bug broke VEREDT
	;;		and release channel after the LOOKUP
	;;		so we do not run out.
	GLX FIL,110,1172,10032,CTK, 4-May-84,

	;;GLXLOD 001171
	;;		GLXFIL EDIT 106 introduced a DATE-75 bug and the FILOP RENAME
	;;		is not done correctly. So, add code and revamp the F%REN
	;;		routine.
	;;GLX FIL,107,1171,10028,CTK,17-Apr-84,

	;;GLXLOD 001170
	;;		Fix $DEFAULTing of tokens when CRLF is typed instead of token.
	GLX SCN,103,1170,10020,LWS, 3-Apr-84,

	;;GLXLOD 001167
	;;		The F%REN routine does not preserve the RB.MOD field
	;;		value for the renamed file, but sets it to zero (.IOASC).
	;;		This cause problems for SPROUT because plot data files
	;;		may not be ASCII and a /DISPOSE:RENAME will exercise
	;;		the bug.
	;;GLX FIL,106,1167,0,CTK,16-Mar-84,

	;;GLXLOD 001166
	;;		Add ability to set error codes in the packet descriptor block
	;;		and return full complement of priv bits about the receiver.
	GLX IPC,66,1166,10015,DPM,26-Mar-84,

	GLX MAC,242,1166,10015,DPM,26-Mar-84,

	;;GLXLOD 001164
	;;		Handle NUL: for structure name in FILOP. uuo at OPNC.2
	;;		in GLXFIL, this caused QUASAR CRL and RRF stopcodes.
	;;GLX FIL,105,1164,0,CTK, 1-Mar-84,

	;;GLXLOD 001163
	;;		Fix bug in XCMDEV where ":" was a valid device name. Add
	;;		error code NDN (Null device name given).
	;;GLX MAC,241,1163,0,LWS, 1-Mar-84,

	;;GLX SCN,102,1163,0,LWS, 1-Mar-84,

	;;GLXLOD 001161
	;;		Fix problem with "delete char" on hard copy terminals.
	GLX KBD,62,1161,0,NT, 9-Feb-84,

	;;GLXLOD 001160
	;;		Increased monitor free core usage could be attributed to
	;;		the fact that GLXIPC always sends 510 word packets to the
	;;		GOPHER. Make it send exact length packets instead.
	;;GLX IPC,65,1160,0,DPM, 8-Feb-84,

	;;GLXLOD 001157
	;;		Before doing input in K%BIN, if under MIC control, check to
	;;		see if MIC is still under control.
	;;GLX KBD,61,1157,0,LWS,19-Jan-84,

	;;GLXLOD 001156
	;;		Make GLXSCN obey a $ALTERNATE that points to a $CRLF
	;;		when prompting for string input.
	;;GLX SCN,101,1156,0,LWS, 4-Jan-84,

	;;GLXLOD 001155
	;;		PRINTX warning message if null arg supplied to $DEFAULT macro.
	;;		Hopefully will prevent unexpected BDS stopcodes.
	;;GLX MAC,240,1155,0,LWS, 4-Jan-84,

	;;GLXLOD 001154
	;;		Fix problems parsing numeric fields with "+" or "-" embedded.
	;;GLX SCN,100,1154,0,LWS, 3-Jan-84,

	;;GLXLOD 001153
	;;		Define new ERR code, IFB, for indirect files that
	;;		contain too many chars for internal parsing buffer.
	;;GLX MAC,237,1153,0,LWS,28-Dec-83,

	;;GLXLOD 001152
	;;		Don't allow default filenames for indirect files.
	;;		Don't ABS when indirect file is too long for buffer.
	;;GLX SCN,77,1152,0,LWS,28-Dec-83,

	;;GLXLOD 001151
	;;		Fix problem parsing "-". Skip following spaces, EOL or not.
	;;GLX SCN,76,1151,0,LWS,28-Dec-83,

	;;GLXLOD 001150
	;;		Handle page marks in LSN files correctly..F%IBYT.
	;;GLX FIL,104,1150,0,LWS, 7-Nov-83,

	;;GLXLOD 001147
	;;		Make sure device TTY is really a TTY in K%OPEN.
	;;GLX KBD,60,1147,0,LWS, 7-Nov-83,

	;;GLXLOD 001146
	;;		Fix TRMTYP macro to fix terminal keypad command.
	;;		SPR 10-34243	24-OCT-83/NT
	;;GLX KBD,57,1146,0,NT,24-Oct-83,

	;;GLX MAC,236,1146,0,NT,24-Oct-83,

	;;GLXLOD 001144
	;;		NUMIN drops the sign bit of a 12 digit octal number.
	;;GLX SCN,75,1144,0,CTK,27-Sep-83,

	;;GLXLOD 001143
	;;		Correct illegal memory reference problem when using
	;;		the F%nOPN routines and other non problem coding errors.
	;;		SPR 10-33434,10-34187
	GLX COM,55,1143,0,CTK,25-Sep-83,

	;;GLX FIL,103,1143,0,CTK,25-Sep-83,

	GLX INI,22,1143,0,CTK,25-Sep-83,

	GLX TXT,54,1143,0,CTK,25-Sep-83,

	;;GLXLOD 001137
	;;		Correct error in CPU test routine.
	;;		SPR 10-33433
	;;GLX COM,54,1137,0,CTK,25-Sep-83,

	;;GLXLOD 001136
	;;		Add support for all terminals known to the monitor.
	;;GLX MAC,235,1136,0,CTK, 2-Jun-83,
 REP 75/1	;08C5
	GLX TXT,53,1135,0,CTK, 8-Apr-83,GLXTXT # 53
	;;GLX TXT,53,1135,0,CTK, 8-Apr-83,
 REP 91/1	;08C6
	GLX SCN,74,1133,1456,DEK,22-Jul-82,
	;;GLX SCN,74,1133,1456,DEK,22-Jul-82,
 REP 96/1	;08C7
	GLX FIL,102,1132,1427,, 8-Jul-82,
	;;GLX FIL,102,1132,1427,, 8-Jul-82,
 REP 103/1	;08C8
	GLX IPC,64,1130,1394,DPM,22-Jun-82,
	;;GLX IPC,64,1130,1394,DPM,22-Jun-82,
 REP 145/1	;08C9
	GLX COM,53,1120,1187,DPM,20-Jan-82,
	;;GLX COM,53,1120,1187,DPM,20-Jan-82,
 REP 279/1	;08C10
	GLX INI,21,1060,0,DEK,13-Jul-81,
	;;GLX INI,21,1060,0,DEK,13-Jul-81,
 REP 284/1	;08C11
	GLX KBD,56,1057,0,DEK, 8-Jul-81,
	;;GLX KBD,56,1057,0,DEK, 8-Jul-81,
 SUM 118806