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 REP 2/1	;08C1
	SUBTTL	P. Taylor  1-Jan-82
	SUBTTL	P. Taylor /PJT/LWS  29-Feb-84
 REP 18/3	;08C2
		XX	(PLD,Pathologival device type)
		XX	(ASN,Ambigious structure name)
		XX	(PLD,Pathological device type)		;;[55]
		XX	(ASN,Ambiguous structure name)		;;[55]
 INS 26/4	;08C3
		  FL.MOR==1B20	;[55] Look for more ACK messages
		  FL.LST==1B21	;[56] MOUNT <CR><LF> was typed (maybe MOUNT /LIST someday)
 INS 10/5	;08C4

	;**;[55] Add definitions for user ACK code fields. /LWS

		ACK.NT==400000,,0		;[55] Mask for /NOTIFY
		ACK.JB==377400,,0		;[55] Mask for job number
		ACK.UT==377,,777777		;[55] Mask for UDT bits
 SUM 251840