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                 EDIT DESCRIPTIONS FOR MS-10-V10                                
                             EDIT 2125   FOR MS
If split screen scrolling is in effect, exiting to monitor level
with control-C does not clear split screen mode.
In an attempt to do as little as possible before entering monitor
level, to assure quick response, MS did not check anything before
going back to monitor level.  If scrolling was in effect, it
stayed that way.
Inserted a call to BLANK0, which resets terminal characteristics
before entering monitor level.
                             EDIT 2126   FOR MS
The message you get when MS first gets the mail file shows a lower
number of pages and messages
than you would expect for the number of messages
you remember are in the file.  Upon reading the file, MS refuses to recognize
messages past the end of the number of pages and messages it has recognized.
If a mail file is open and has had new messages appended
to it when the TOPS-20 system crashes, upon the
machine coming up and re-running MS the mail file was sometimes
misunderstood to have fewer messages in it than it really had.
In order to get the last read date of the file, before opening it,
MS called the SIZFIL routine which also gets the page count of the
file.  The FDB of the file was not updated until after the CLOSEF
was done, and MS re-run.
Write a new routine, LRDFIL, which only gets the last read date of
the file.  MS will call LRDFIL before the file is open and will call
SIZFIL after the file is open.  On opening the file TOPS-20 resolves
any problems with the page count.  When SIZFIL is called it will
therefore get the correct page count from TOPS-20.
                             EDIT 2127   FOR MS
Forwarding a DELETED message at top-level "MS>" sends an empty
message, with no indication of error.  Correct code
only exists at "MS Read>" level.
Insert a call to CHKDEL which prints a message if the message was
                             EDIT 2130   FOR MS
The "SHOW DEFAULTS" code was not checking for this command.
Insert test and print code for this "set" command in the .SHDEF routine.
                             EDIT 2131   FOR MS
User would define a header item with quoted
keywords, then SHOW HEADER and not see the header item.
There would be no error message.
MS does not accept special characters in the keywords
which include the double-quote symbol.
If an additional call was made to RFIELD in the KWDLS0 routine then an
error mesage would result.
                             EDIT 2132   FOR MS
User would define a header item name that was a quoted string,
and ms would accept it.  When the user went to INCLUDE the
header item, it would give the error
?MS command error: Null switch or keyword given: ""
The INCLUDE routine does not expect to see a quoted string as a name.
In .INCLU if you change the MOVEI before the CALL CFIELD to
it will preclude an error you will subsequently get in
RFIELD.  You should then proceed to find the header you are looking
for in the header table.  If it is found it can be included.
NOTE!! The escape key will not auto-fill the remaining portion of
a quoted string.  Also, the user must quote the string in the INCLUDE
                             EDIT 2133   FOR MS
User would be prompted for a required user defined header-item
even though the SET SUPPRESSED-HEADERS command had been issued.
Although the sender was prompted for the information the receiver
never saw the suppressed item.
The routine that checks all the header-items for those items that are
required does not bother checking to see if any of these items are
to be suppressed.
If you change the CALL INCLUD to a CALL CKSUPP in the routine GETUH0
and then write the CKSUPP routine which would see if a particular
header-item should be suppressed or not.  If the item is not on the
suppressed list then the new routine should call INCLUD to prompt
the user.
                             EDIT 2134   FOR MS
LINK error when linking with standard GLXLIB.
MSFIL edit level was incorrect.
Patch the edit level in MSFIL.REL.
                             EDIT 2135   FOR MS
If EDITOR: is defined to be "EMACS:EMACS.EXE", where EMACS:
is not part of the SYS: definition, MS will attempt to get
EMACS from SYS:EMACS.EXE thus getting the incorrect version.
MS incorrectly uses EDITOR: and SYS: interchangeably.
Don't use SYS: where we mean EDITOR:
                             EDIT 2136   FOR MS
Forwarding mail at READ level fails.
Edit 2127 was incomplete at both READ level and TOP level.
Install the error return after the call to CHKDEL (check for
deleted messages) and rewrite code that handles a series of
messages to forward.
END OF  MS-10-V10