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&.7?+H+N(H)8106IVn9]6bKb(IVn]6bKb(B@NCPTT3+THgh"]6`VoTOPMOSTDebugging enabled for:	(DB.TRA) DEBUG_TRACE	(DB.RTN) ROUTINE_TRACE	(DB.GLX) LOCAL_GALAXY	(DB.MEM) MEMORY_TRACE	(DB.MCS) MEMORY_CONSISTENCY	(DB.SKD) SCHEDULER_TRACE	(DB.EVT) EVENT_TRACE	(DB.NET) NETWORK_TRANSITIONS	(DB.NTT) NETWORK_TRACE	(DB.DES) NETWORK_DESCRIPTOR	(DB.NCP) NCP_NICE_VALIDATION	(DB.IPC) IPCF_TRACE	(DB.FIL) FILE_TRACE	(DB.PAG) PAGE_TRACE	(DB.DLW) DLW_TRACE	(DB.FDT) FILE_DATA_TRACE	(DB.DAP) DAP_MESSAGE_TRACE	(DB.CTT) CTT_TRACESCHEDULERNCPNICE-TRANSMITTERNML-PROCESSORLOOPBACK-MIRRORNICE-LISTENER-1NICE-LISTENER-2COUNTER-TIMER,>,>,9 .4BJ $GDk $GDk4bJ "GBk "GBk "cBk+,>0,: "cBk+P,>0,:> "cBk+S,>1,:> "cBk+V,>1,:> "cBk+Y,>2,:> "cBk+\,>2,:> "cBk+_,>3,:> " cBk+b,>3,:> "@cBk+e,>4,:> "cBk+h,>4,:> "cBk+k,>5,:> "cBk+n,>5,:> "cBk+q,>6,:> "cBk+t,>6,:> " cBk+w,>7,:> "@cBk+z,>7,:> "cBk+},>8,:> "cBk+,>8,:> "cBk+,>9,:>>,#=,>9,#z,>:,8P,>:,8P,>;,>;,,><,$E Bh B *Q*`  <,>=,>,>=,5>~5B "d+,>=,>,>=,5,>,>,>}   
b/+  ,7{,W,o,BI,(K,i.,c+,Pc,>>,>>,>=,>?,L,>?,>>,>=,>@,L,>@,>>,>=,>A,L,>A,>B,>=,>B,L,>C,>>,>=,>C,L,>C,>>,>=,>D,L,>D,>>,>=,>E,L,n>o,^,^,~@	
Ez7r{8W$:V9;d\=?@TANMU$SCHED_CREATE%(22L)A Creating %A (%O)Creating %A (%O),>,>,>> "cBk+` z Bx "~." $cDk+Y { D~ | D z B "x,>,>=,>{,>|+] | D~ z D "x,>,>=,>|,>} "|,>,;],>z,:>} {.",>,$E  zXBp \x,>z,9x zQBp *pQ*` ,>= z,>,>=,5>~5Bl "d+p,>=,>,>=,5,>,>,>}   
b/+  ,>: .",>,8U \x,_>~ >~,^,^,^,~kEGINMU$SCHED_ABORT%(22L)A Aborting task %A (%O)Aborting task %A (%O),>,>> |[p "cBk+  Bx $~.$ ." &cFk+  F~ "Q"` B \ "x,>,>=,> ,>|+ "Q"` B~ \ "x,>,>=,> ,>} "|,>,;],>,:>}4X,>,`>>~,^,^,~k}NMU$SCHED_FINITask has exited,>',:,;>,~"NMU$SCHED_ERROR,>,>  *Q*`  ~4\8,>=,>,>=,5>~5B1 "d+5,>=,>,>=,5,>,>,>}   
b/+  ,<,^,^,~NMU$SCHED_COMPLETE,>  "pQ"`,>,:,97 \x,,;>,^,~NMU$SQUEUE_RESET,>,8P .",>,>=,>~,~NMU$SQUEUE_INSERT,>,>,8U ~.",>,->~,~NMU$SQUEUE_REMOVE,>,> ~.8,>~,8c >5\Y,>,>=,e>+T ,^,^,~NMU$QQUEUE_RESET,> ~,>,E .",>,>=, }XBpZ`p>~,^,~NMU$QQUEUE_INSERT,>,> ~.< ~.8_p^p3"+n,>,>=,e>+i!".Bp,>~,>~,K>,^,^,~NMU$QQUEUE_REMOVE,>,> ~,>,R !".Bp_p^p2"+|.<,>,->> ,^,^,~NMU$QQUEUE_EXTRACT,> ~,>,>~,8p>aB+!".Bp "+@,^,~NMU$SCHED_EVENT%(22L)A Event reset (%O)Event reset (%O),>> " cBk+  % Bx "cBk+ % B~ | B "x,>,>=,>&,>} "|+ | B "x,>,>=,>&,>; "},>,;],>%,:>} |,>,:d@@p |b$>},^,~pk

NMU$SCHEDqFLAG%(22L)A Event flagged (%O)Event flagged (%O),>,>,>> " cBk+? ] Bx "cBk+9 ] B~ { B~ "x,>,>=,>^,>} "|+= { B "x,>,>=,>^,>; "},>,;],>],:>} { $cD+D!";@q+C+D	b/+ @@ {,>,;W @+O \x,> "~,>,;>aB+O,>~, \ Xx,;2>.83x+H \x,:d " Bp "cBp+W!"? q+V+W	b/+  { $cD+Z@	b+ >},^,^,^,~k&(+NMU$SCHEDWAIT%(22L)A Event wait (%O)Event wait (%O),>,>,>> " cBk+w   Bx "cBk+p ! B~ { B "x,>,>=,>!,>} "|+t { B "x,>,>=,>",>; "},>,;],> ,:>} { $cD+|!";@q+{+|	b/+  { p@@p`X+,>,>,:o  "cBp+!"? q++	b/+  {5B,;>+ Bx, z $cD+
+/+  z p@@p \ Vx,;2 ,>:,>,8p "cBp+!"? q++	b/+ >~ + { $cD+!"? q++	b/+  ">~,^,^,^,~k^`bNMU$SCHEDDESCHEDULE%(22L)A Switch to (%O) %ASwitch to (%O) %A%(22L)A Continuing current taskContinuing current task%(22L)A No runnable task .. sleepingNo runnable task .. sleeping%(22L)A Program woken upProgram woken up,>>@5\!";@q+?+@	b/+ ,M !"? q+C+D	b/+ 4\f3\+[ "cBk+Y  Bx ${.$ ." &cFk+R  F{ \ "Q"` B| "x,>,>=,>,>|+V \{ "Q"` B "x,>,>=,>,>} "y,>,;],>,:>},>,9p>+= "cBk+=  B "cBk+d  B ",>,>=,>,>; "}+~ ",>,>=,>+ "cBk+t  B~ "cBk+o  B~ "~,>,>=,>	,>; "|,>+r "~,>,>=,>	,>=,>=,;],>,:>}!"	b+  "cBk+=  B} "cBk+  B} "},>,>=,>
,>; "{,>+ "},>,>=,>
,>=,>=,;],>,:>}+=>{,^,~k"$')-/369NMU$SCHED_PAUSE d3Be,~,>,_,;>,~NMU$SCHED_SLEEP%(22L)A Task sleeping for %D secondsTask sleeping for %D seconds%(22L)A Task woken upTask woken up,>> "cBk+/ H Bx "cBk+( H B} | B~ "x,>,>=,>I,>} "{+, | B "x,>,>=,>I,>; "},>,;],>H,:>}  .& J	b+  |$$. D,>:,>,8p,>:,>,8U,>;,-,; "cBk+F H B| "cBk+A H B| "|,>,>=,>J,>; "z,>+D "|,>,>=,>K,>=,>=,;],>H,:>}>z,^,~kXGET_NEXT_TASK d2Be+O@,~!";@q+Q+R	b/+  d:&" Dd d K!$? q+W,~	d/+ ,~MAKE_TASK_RUNNABLERun queue overflowed in MAKE_TASK_RUNNABLE!";@q+a+b	b/+  e:&" De e2Bd+g,>l,)> e  DK!"? q+k,~	b/+ ,~ZSCHEDULER_TASK,>>O@h "~ .< J	b+  B~O@p,>: "},>,>,9O2Bp+z "	bA+ O@h+ p3"h+}O2Bh+ p Bh "	bA+  J	d+  h/$"Q@."_ 5d,+O2B+O@6@+
."1b	+3F+ " B F\" B} $"SB~@@~ "}.	b/+ 	dA+ ,>;,>=,e>}+q#TIMEOUT_SIGNAL,>,>,>,>O@h,>;,-@	b+ >,^,^,^,^,~TT_SCAN,> ~.<  p2d+),>~,9,>~,_>+. ." 2dp+-O2D+. p D@,^,~NMU$SCHED_CURRENT ,~g "	` :,$,$,$,$,$ @z$,C>}	b+9m 5	

DPDUDLDQDADUPDMCDNDLVDMPDTEDVDZKDPKDZKLCCDDEEFFGGHHIIJJNMU$DLXOPENFunction not supported on device%NBooting/Dumping not supported for this device%NIllegal CPU number in circuit id '%X'%NIllegal DTE number in circuit id '%X'%NUnknown DTE in circuit id '%X'%NCan't allocate circuit blockCould not read line user for %X. DTE. error #%O%N%X is in use by job %D.%NLine %X is in use by a protocol other than DECnet.%NCould not terminate protocol on %X. DTE. error code %O%NCould not set line user to PROGRAM for %X. DTE. error code = %O%NFailure triggering primary ROM on %X. DTE. error code %O.%NCould not allocate buffers for dumping or booting %X%N,>,>,>,>,>,>>,>n ",> "~,> "},> "|,>,>l,
3Bx+4 n B}\"sB}@B}@B} }@B} "},>,>	/,>	1,>	0,>	0,;]B,>{+c 	1	|+6+7 < /"2"+E n B}\"sB}@B}@B} }@B} n B| "},>,>	/,>	2,>	2 "z,>,;]B,>z+c 4BG1b+S n B|\"sB|@B|@B| |@B| n B{ "|,>,>	/,>	3,>	2 "y,>,;]B,>y+cS. Br "r .	3	|<+W+e n B{\"sB{@B{@B{ {@B{ n Bz "{,>,>	/,>	4,>	2 "x,>,;]B,>x,>k,>|+	,>	4,>m,>	5,9 5Xr,>	5,$E >5Xl,>	6,)> l." *`Q*B l b	,+ ,>	4,>,8U> ~b	- }b	- "x,>,>},>|,>k,Z>~`B+z>~+	S~.} Bq "q .	6	|<+~+ m Bx\"sBx@Bx@Bx x@Bx l Bs \s "x,>,>	/,>	7,>	7 "q,>,;]B,>u+		|
 	83Bq3\r+ m Bw\"sBw@Bw@Bw w@Bw l Bs r Bs "w,>,>	/,>	8,>	7 "q,>,;]B,>u+	 	93Bq++ 	93Bq++ 	83Bq++ m Bw\"sBw@Bw@Bw w@Bw l Bv "w,>,>	/,>	:,>	2 "t,>,;]B,>t+	 <q	|<+-+9 m Bv\"tBv@Bv@Bv v@Bv l Bs \s "v,>,>	/,>	:,>	7 "q,>,;]B,>s+	 	8 Bq "q .	;	|<+=+J m Bu\"tBu@Bu@Bu u@Bu l Bs \s "u,>,>	/,>	;,>	7 "q,>,;]B,>s+	 "q .	<	|<+M+Y m Bu\"tBu@Bu@Bu u@Bu l Bs \s "u,>,>	/,>	<,>	7 "q,>,;]B,>r+	 .6 .4 .2 "2Bl+u,8QBX,8XBP " BH@@`[X(B "Q"D B`ZP(B "Q"D B`[X,>,>},>|,>k,f>~aB+oZP,>,>},>|,>k,f>~`B+v[X,>,82ZP,>,82Z`XR`P@@H>+vZ`XR`P@@H 	= Bq x Bq!"`..	= Br <q
q+		| +	,>	2 "p,>,1 >4T	,>	2 "p,>,1 >5P	 m Bt\"sBt@Bt@Bt t@Bt l Bt "t,>,>	/,>	>,>	2 "r,>,;]B,>r,>j,>{O+	( ." .6 T PX,>	>,>	2,O@6@+	 +	."1b	+	3D	?+	 " B  \ " Bp $"!"." Bp@@q "p .	?	|/+  "b	. }b	. kb	/>} >r,^,^,^,^,^,^,~@$`$`$`$$`6$`$TW`\`8d
`NMU$DLX_READKDP MOP mode reads not implemented.%NCould not read MOP data message: I/O Status: %O%NMOP input timeout for %X%NData link reads on non-DTE device not implemented%NNo extracted DN20 data to be read%NUnimplemented type of DLX read attempted%N,>,>> v$
Vh/$1D7 +	a $+	b v0D+
+	q x Bx\"sBx@Bx@Bx x@Bx "x,>,>	/,>
Z,>	0,>	0,;]B,>}+

Bz "@cBz+
 x B\"sB@B@B @B z B ",>,>	/,>
Z,>	2 "},>,;]B,>}+
R,>	>,>
[,e>`B+	q x B~\"sB~@B~@B~ ~@B~ v "Q"B B~ "~,>,>	/,>
[,>	2 "|,>,;]B,>|+
R,2bw w Bw9
# x B}\"sB}@B}@B} }@B} "},>,>	/,>
\,>	0,>	0,;]B,>{+
R v6`+
5 4D
( D@@ $ D+
5 x B}\"sB}@B}@B} }@B} "},>,>	/,>
\,>	0,>	0,;]B,>z,>u, rO@+
S w "B v."$
XB\"}.Bw v w&" 
 2b ".D 9
E v
B v$".B."+
T x B|\"sB|@B|@B| |@B| "|,>,>	/,>
],>	0,>	0,;]B,>z,>u,>|@>y,^,^,~6$$$    0   	A	E,	J	M	R	VNMU$DLX_WRITEData link writes on non-DTE device not implemented%NFailure sending secondary bootstrap: DTE. error #%O%NKDP MOP loads unimplemented yet.%NCould not send MOP data message: I/O Status: %O%NMOP output timeout for %X%NUnimplemented type of DLX write attempted%N,>,>,>> u"{h/"1B7 ++x u0B+6"|h/"1B
+,w,Bx\"sBx@Bx@Bxx@Bx0"x,>,>	/,>},>	0,>	0,;]B,>}+v,8(B  (wQ(D &fv v /6\*+(B GX.*3j+ u$|h/$(D	&}h/&. Dy "wQ"D Bz " Bz@@{@@{ "y.~	b<+$+3 w D\$sD@D@D @D B ",>,>	/,>~,>	2 "},>,;]B,>},>t, (B{,>,82>|+x,
+@ v9?6@+=b+ >vD=f;+L w B~\"sB~@B~@B~ ~@B~ "~,>,>	/,>,>	0,>	0,;]B,>|,>t,>|O+yb+k
By "@cBy+[ w B~\"sB~@B~@B~ ~@B~ y B} "~,>,>	/,>,>	2 "{,>,;]B,>{+v,>	>,>
[,e>`B+L w B}\"sB}@B}@B} }@B} u "Q"B B| "},>,>	/,>
,>	2"z,>,;]B,>z+v,B| |@B| "|,>,>	/,>
,>	0,>	0,;]B,>y,>t,>|g ">y,^,^,^,~6$$$$$
Vh/",~NMU$DLX_INITIALIZECannot set line user on DTE-%O-%O to DECnet DTE. error code = %O%NCannot initialize primary protocol on DTE-%O-%O.  DTE. error code = %O%N,>,>> z$|h/$(D	&}h/&. D} 	9 B} <}.	;	|<+
/ { Bx\"sBx@Bx@Bx x@Bx z$|h/$ D~$}h/$ D~ \ "x,>,>	/,>
H "|,>,;]B,>}+
B "} .
H	|<+
D { B\"sB@B@B @B z$|h/$ D~$}h/$ D~ \ ",>,>	/,>
H "|,>,;]B,>},>x,>|@+

NMU$DLXCLOSE,>,>> } "b
R,>,82Zp,>,82> " B $"!"." B@@x ".
e	b/+  @@" } ." .<,>,L,>p,L,>	4,>,8p Xx,>	5,&A>} ">~,^,^,~$pNMU$DLX_KNOWN_DEVICE> " B| " B| { B} " B}@@~@@~ "{Q"B B@@@@x "|	bC+ 2B
s "+
t@>{,~xNMU$DLXxPARSECIRCUITIDZerolength"identifier%NInvaliddevice0type%NController6ordevice,numbernot>specified%NIllegalpseparatorafterdevicetype%NIllegalcontrollernumber%NIllegalseparatoraftercontroller%NIllegaldevice0number%NIllegalseparatorafterdevice%NIllegalstationnumber%NGarbageatendzofid%N,>>,v,B{{,B|5b	0,;]B,>x,>v,>|@>z,^,~
DDEVICETYPE,>,>,>,>,> } p |,>`,>,>H,5 Bp>~6@p+7 `+:,>p,>, >@ K *Q*`     
bG+B".B` ;+D.&1f+:O,^,^,^,^,^,~@ASCII$DECIMAL_TO_BINARY,> @b ~ 
~7` +W(0<0|+T " $$./$ D+VOd( D(+W> +N,^,~BUILD_CIRCUIT_ID ~ ~(B./^ B ",~6-U{xROM_DUMPROM assisted dump failed for DTE-%O-%O. DTE. error code = %O%N,>,>,>,>,>,>,>>@ v(B 4Q4D "| .0 "| .2 "|. Bx08+
 "/0b@ "@ Sv.w B| T@ VH x	|<+y+	 w @\"tB@B@B @B v B~ w B~ \ ",>,>	/,>,>
H "|,>,;]B,>},>t,>|@+
, b +q ">{,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~(CIRCUITSIGNAL,>,>,>,>,>	>,->,^,^,^,^,~MATCHCIRCUIT,> ~ $Q$B ." .(  
bG+"7@,^,~NMUFILNMU$FILE_INITIALIZE%(22L)A File system interface initializedFile system interface initialized>,>?,:d "cBk+> @ B "cBk+9 @ B ",>,>A,>A,>B "},>+< ",>,>A,>B,>C,>C,;],>@,:>}>~,~k$d&+NMU$FILE_OPEN%(22L)A Opening file %#AOpening file %#AFile specification missing%NFile specification too long%N%(22L)A File id %O assigned to FD block at %OFile id %O assigned to FD block at %O,>,>,>>	 "cBk+o I Bx "}." t &cFk+g J F}  F ` B~ "x,>,>A,>J,>K+l  F} ` F "x,>,>A,>K,>L "{,>,;],>I,:>} t4Bq5B| t B\"yB s$FD"GB @B ",>,>L,>M,>C,>C,;]B,>}+	 t1b+ t B\"yB s$FD"GB @B ",>,>L,>M,>C,>C,;]B,>|,>q,@>|+C,>N,$E  rbG t Dp s Dyy Dv1B+0"0b+ "+5B "bH "bH "+0B+ "bH "bH "bI \x "v,>,a>aB++ .86@w+#!"GB`+%!"BB`!"BB`R`` \x,
@@p \x "v,>, >`B+. \x,$ \x,>N,&A@>+C@@p@@p!"BB`,>?,>,:o  "cBk+C I B} "{." $cDk+< J D{ V \| "},>,>A,>N,>K+@ V{ \ "},>,>A,>O,>L "y,>,;],>I,:>}>~ >v,^,^,^,~  $p$p$$p6$pkCDG$ILOTPARSE_FILE_SPECIFICATION::""Access control terminator missing%NNode name greater than 6 characters%NFile name missing%NFile name greater than 255 characters%N,>,>,>,>> z p V p B .8 .4,>,>,>L,>V,: B}>~7@+4 Vp,>,>, B~ p/~/" B`,>~,>,>B,>W,: B|>~6@~+y ~ BP@@p@@p@@p+!,>~,>, BP }` B} }/P/" B},>},>},>B,>W,:>~5B x  D~\"yB~ x"V$FD~"GB~ ~@B~ "~,>,>L,>X,>C,>C,;]B,>{ u,>,>z+R "},> "|,> w .",> .",>,^ "{,> "z,> .",> .",>,^ "y,> "x,> .",>.<,>,^>y y $2$+1 y  D}\"yB} y"V$FD}"GB} }@B} "},>,>L,>X,>C,>C,;]B,>{ v,>,>{+R y $d~ D>+6@@P Vp  B` z 5bC z  D~\"yB~ z"V$FD~"GB~ ~@B~ "~,>,>L,>Y,>C,>C,;]B,>{+P1b+R z  D}\"yB} z"V$FD}"GB} }@B} "},>,>L,>Y,>C,>C,;]B,>{ w,>,>|g ">},^,^,^,^,~$QRRSW[]PARSE_ACCESS_CONTROL 	",>,>,>,>,> { p |1D+d0D+i |7`+i p` Bp>P p+b } P4vw,>,>p,>B,>,: >~5Xx,>,>p,>B,>,: >~5Xx,>,>p,>B,>,: >~5Xx@bH+,>,>p, BH { p D ` Bp P/H/" BP> ",^,^,^,^,^,~\\]NMU$FILE_READ%(22L)A File id %O read request for %D bytesFile id %O read request for %D bytes,>,>,>,>,>> "cBk+$ M Bx "}." $cDk+ M D} x D y B~ "x,>,>A,>N,>K+! x D} y D "x,>,>A,>N,>L "{,>,;],>M,:>} y,>x,>y,e >4\< z Bp!"cBp+9!"BBp .8 .6 .4 `2"X+9,> ",>,l0B0+4>@+H0B4B<:`"Lh/"1B:`>+.4rG,> "~,>,l5B=>O+H0B0B0+@>+G ~Bx/2:p"Hh/"0B+F"LBx:p/2>+9 y/>},^,^,^,^,^,~$$P ~k
NMU$FILEWRITE%(22L)APWrite2requesteondfilesidp%O,q%DsbytesWriteFrequest%onsfileridu%O,%Dbytes,>,>>%"cBk+m%FBxa"~."s$cDk+fecD~+{%D)|lB."x,>,>A,>,>K+ja{ D~l|D,"x,>,>A,>,>L+"|,>,;],>,:>},>{,>|,e,>5\q@+~,||,Bp,.87`|+}"h/"0B+z{{(BG?|{,>,>,z>{>+t,">~,^,^,~$$`kNPUNMU$FILESEEK%(22L)AFileid+%Oseekrequest"tobytekposition%DFileid%O seek,requestto>byte>position+%DIllegaloperationon,remotefile%N%(22L)AFileat,byte,position}%DFileatbyteposition%D,>,>>"cBk++ESBx "}."F$cDk+$BTD}%z)DbzoB~ "x,>,>A,>T,>K+(Tz D}uz Do"x,>,>A,>U,>LI"{,>,;],>S,:>},>z,>z,e,>4\>`{+Bp!"bBp+? p3bz+?cp+B\"wB"G$FD"GB,@B+",>,>L,>U,>C,>C,;]B,>},>p,>|@+Q z Bp!"GBp@"cBk+Qp S@D$cDk+K,T,D} B} ",>,>A,>V,>L "{+N B~ ",>,>A,>V,>B "|,>,;],>S,:>} ">|,^,^,~k	
,>C,>C,;]B,>|,>y,>|g x>},^,~kVY^bALLOC_BUFFER,>>,>K,$E 5\>+ " B!"Lu B "	b + [Bx $,>,1 Bp5B \x,>K,&A>~@+  }$"h/$0D1D++ \+1DS\> ">,^,~$DEALLOC_BUFFER,> $"h/$0D+(Z++1D+*O++_,>p,L \x,>K,&A>,^,~NMU$FILE_BUILD_BUFFERS,>,>,>,> }/6!6X@ 4 }9B,>},$E5B:>@+B@@@@ .$5\? . F +A p B . Bp>=x7`T+F,>,L>@+G /I,^,^,^,^,~?NMU$FILE_KILL_BUFFERS,>,>,>Z~>Zp/6,>"V.",>,&A >2\+O,^,^,^,~$DpOPEN_FILE? g,~,>,>,> ~@@p @+|,p0"0b+}0x+| p$$./$ Dp.83x+v,^,^,^,~,> @@ <Q<@,p0"00b=+/"1" +1b-+0"0b+/"  &cFB+,^,~Illegal file specification.  File = '%#A'%NFile %#A not found.%NCannot lookup file %#A.  LOOKUP error = %O%NCannot create file %#A.  ENTER error = %O%NToo many generations of file %#A.%N,>,>,>,>,>,>>@ $r.@@."1b+$@ $u.@@."1b+'@ $w.@@."1b++!" Br Z Br!"Lu BsZ`tR`t "uXBt "wXBw m$"h/$0D+8Z+:1D+:O+:_ "w .0@| n  D  D1\+w1\+B0\+D "x,>,r+E "x,>, 0X+H 8+T0X+J 8+T0X-+L 8+T0X+P0|+O 8+T 8+T0X.+R 8+T5XS 8+T@ $" "
X. +
W+[+k+l+n+p+q+s+umD\"yB@B@B@BmD{D|",>,>L,>[,>L"y,>,;]B,>|j,>,>|+KBr+uBu+u(wQBu+uQBx+uXBx+u.D.2>+?m  Ds@""h/"0B+ "XBr <r.[	|6++L m." $|.$5\  F\"yB@B@B @B n  F|  F ",>,>L,>\,>L "z,>,;]B,>|+I  F~\"yB~@B~@B~ ~@B~ n  F|  F \} "~,>,>L,>\,>K "z,>,;]B,>|+I0B+L "r .[ "u .0 "XBr 	|6+$+L1\+3 m  D~\"yB~@B~@B~ ~@B~ n  D|  D| \} "~,>,>L,>],>K "z,>,;]B,>{+I,
 BX ">q,^,^,^,^,^,^,~$$r$$@8CLOSE_FILE> ~S." B@@x ".j	b6+h ~S.$	 D $ .k	b6g ">,~READ_FILE> ~Z> +vS." Bx!" &x.	b6+s+u  B "0+x>  B ">,~WRITE_FILE> ~_> +S." Bx!" &x.	b6+> B ">,~O@*z,> ` B,>
 ,  B`,^,^*z@@	`/+ ,~O@*z,> b B,>
 ,  Bb,^,^*z@@	`/+ ,~O@*z,> d B,> ,  Bd,^,^*z@@	`/+ ,~O@*z,> f B,> ,  Bf,^,^*z@@	`/+ ,~O@*z,> h B,>
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 ,  Bj,^,^*z@@	`/+ ,~O@*z,> l,B,>
 ,  Bo,^,^*_+o*_,> p B,>
 ,  Bp,^,^*_+pNMU$INTERRUPT_INITIALIZE>!"@	b/+  "_	b.+  " B " B " B  Bx ". 	d>+  $' D $ D $ D 
 Dx	b>+ O@6@+i +k."1b	+g3D
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+y "L B \&} F $&SF@@x 	b/+ O@6@+ +."1b	+3F
+ "^ B \&y F $&SF@@x 	b/+ >~,~-o-pARITH_OVRFLWArithmetic overflow at PC: %(6)P,>> Z/" B "pQ"` Bx "x,>,>!,>!,>" "},>,;] "pQ"`,>,:Z/"QBp "97 B>|,^,~2PDL_OVRFLWStack overflow at PC: %(6)P,>> Z/" B "pQ"` Bx "x,>,>!,>5,>" "},>,;] "pQ"`,>,:Z/"QBp "97 B>|,^,~#ILL_INSTIllegal instruction at PC: %(6)P,>> Z/" B "pQ"` Bx "x,>,>!,>G,>" "},>,;]Z/"QBp "< B>|,^,~6ILL_MREFIllegal memory reference at PC: %(6)P,>> Z B "pQ"` Bx "x,>,>!,>X,>" "},>,;] QBp "< B>|,^,~HSYS_FAILURESystem resource failure at PC: %(6)P,>> Z/" B "pQ"` Bx "x,>,>!,>j,>" "},>,;]Z/"QBp "< B>|,^,~YNMU$IPCF_INITIALIZEIPCF-BACKGROUND,>},:d,>~,>~,,>,>,>,>,LO@6@+w +x."1b	+u3D+z "!{ B Dt,"v,>t,#>|,~rr"dlNMU$IPCF_FIND_PID%(22L)A No PID for %ANo PID for %A%(22L)A PID for %A is %O,,%OPID for %A is %O,,%O,>,>,>,>>,y 4T/,>,>~,R >4V/,>,>,D>aB+- " Bx@@x *xQ*` ,> t,>,>,5>~5B "d+",>,>,>,5,>,>,>}   
b\+  @B,>,> "w,>,>],Z>~aB+-,>, ] >5\0,>,}>@+Y,>,}5\B "cBk+A ] B "cBk+; ^ B| t B} ",>,>,>^,>_ "z+? t B ",>,>,>_,>~ "},>,;],>],:>}@+Y p(\{,>,82 "cBk+X ] B~ "|." $|.$ &cFk+P ^ F| t F[XZX} "~,>,>,>`,>`+U t F|[XZX "~,>,>,>a,>a "z,>,;],>],:>}> >>w,^,^,^,^,~@k
NMU$IPCFINFO%(22L)APID"for [SYSTEM]INFOis%O,,%OPIDfor[SYSTEM]INFO,is%O,,%O%(22L)AGETTAB(%SIINF)failedGETTAB"(%SIINF),failed%22SPIDfor[SYSTEM]INFOcisnotavailablePIDfor[SYSTEM]INFO isnotavailable,>>,(	|+O@ ",>,>,>+,>~ "},>,;],>(,: ( B{ "cBk+! "{,>,>,>++# "{,>,>,>,,>,>,;],>(,:>z >|,^,~+kacgjnpuNMU$IPCFORION[%@]ORION%(22L)A PID for %A is %O,,%OPID for %A is %O,,%O%(22L)A PID for %A is not availablePID for %A is not available%(22L)A PID for [SYSTEM]ORION is %O,,%OPID for [SYSTEM]ORION is %O,,%O%(22L)A GETTAB (%SIOPR) failedGETTAB (%SIOPR) failed%22S PID for [SYSTEM]ORION is not availablePID for [SYSTEM]ORION is not available,>,>>
["cBk+~+"#4B,"uQ"` Bx."x,>,>,,>-,>~+"},>,;]c"sQ"`,>,ZXxc"|,>,>,>.,>`+o,&rQ&`,Fw[XZX+"|,>,>,>/,>a,"u+w -,B{,"cBk+x . B{ "{,>,>,>/,>~,"y,>+{ "{,>,>,>0,>,>,;],>-,:>}>}+*0	|+,"cBk+)-B}"v."$cDk+	.Dv[\Z\w"},>,>,>1,>a+[%@]J%D-P%D%(22L)A Creating PID for %ACreating PID for %A%(22L)A MSEND failed: %OMSEND failed: %O%(22L)A PID creation failed: %OPID creation failed: %O%(22L)A PID %O,,%O assignedPID %O,,%O assigned%(22L)A Can't set IPCF quotas %OCan't set IPCF quotas %O,>,>,>,>,>>:t ,#
 ,!jaB+Z "cBk+- 8r.8 n4\] "cBk+f "# Bz Tz V{ "gQ"` Bx "x,>,>i,>i,>a "x,>,;]>}+s *gQ*` ,>,>,>,5>~5Bk "d+o,>,>,>,5,>,>,>}   
b\+@B"cBk+jB"cBk+}jBz"gQ"`Bz",>,>,>k,>"x+"gQ"`B",>,>,>k,>~"},>,;],>j,:>}"Br@@r@@w"rXBx@@w@@x"QBx"w.l	|1+,;],>j,:>}@+d r Bw7w ,>n,$E  V` "BB` .",>,8P Xx,>],],>},>,:o  lbh "cBk+G j Bz "w." $cDk+A j Dw[VZVx "z,>,>,>o,>a+D[VwZV "z,>,>,>o,> "u,>,;],>j,:>} " Bo Tp " Bp <+	|+  " Bt@@u \u "QBv "oXBv "t.l 	|1+U 	|1+U "`cBt+c j By "cBk+] j Bw"h Bx "y,>,>,>p,> "u+a"h By "y,>,>,>p,>~ "w,>,;],>j,:>}>} >q,^,^,^,^,^,~
`5k37:0<>@DFIKONMU$IPCFDESTROY%(22L)A"IllegalNMU$IPCFIDIllegal>NMU$IPCF,ID%(22L)A>PID,%O,,%OdestroyedPID%O,,%Osdestroyed>t@@x@@y@@y "sXBz "QBz "x.l 	d1+  	d1+  "cBk+- x  2 B~ "}." &cFk+& 2 F}[DZD~ "~,>,>,>4,>a+*[D}ZD "~,>,>,>4,> "{,>,;],>2,:>},>},>r,;2,>,>n,&A>~ ">s,~kpruwzNMU$IPCFALLOW%(22L)A Illegal NMU$IPCF IDIllegal NMU$IPCF ID%(22L)A Allowing PID %O,,%O to send to %O,,%OAllowing PID %O,,%O to send to %O,,%O>,>},>z ",>,;>~`B+X "cBk+W w B "cBk+R w B ",>,>,>x,>~ "},>+U ",>,>,>x,>,>,;],>w,:>}@+v "cBk+p x  w B~ "| .& "| .( "|." *cJk+h 
w J|[
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{ J|Z
{ J[D ZD "~,>,>,>z,>` "z,>,;],>w,:>},>a,$E z D .$,>,>,8U>~ ">{,~k469;@NMU$IPCF_DISALLOW%(22L)A Illegal NMU$IPCF IDIllegal NMU$IPCF ID%(22L)A Disallowing PID %O,,%O to send to %O,,%ODisallowing PID %O,,%O to send to %O,,%O>,>},>z ",>,;>~`B+ "cBk+ < B "cBk+ < B ",>,>,>=,>~ "},>+ ",>,>,>=,>,>,;],><,:>}@+; "cBk+7 x  < B~ "| .& "| .( "|." *cJk+. 
< J|[
{ JZ{ F [DZD~ "~,>,>,>>,>y+4[
{ J|Z
{ J[D ZD"~,>,>,>>,>`"z,>,;],><,:>}x.",>,>z,>?,9>~">{,~kz|"kNMU$IPCF$TRANSMIT%(22L)AXIllegalNMU$IPCFIDIllegal NMU$IPCFtID%(22L)A Sendingpacket+from+%O,,%Otoc%O,,%OSending packetfrom%O,,%O*to%O,,%O%(22L)A,>messageat%O,>length%D message"at}%O,length,%D%(22L)A,IPCFS.failed:,%OIPCFS.failed:%O,>,>,>>	,>},>s",>,;>~`B+l"cBk+>0"<B"cBk+i~=B",>,>,>=,>~"}+-",>,>,>M>,>,>+.x2I"cBk+PFD<B~e"zN.<D"z2.8v"z." $cDk+|o%=,Dz[VpZV`[teDZt,B|f"~,>,>,>A>,>y+i[VzZVp[teD`ZtkDi"~,>,>,>d?,>`2"x,>,;],><,:k <tB{"cBk+>,>,>,>,>>,>},>u  ,>,;>~`B+ t  c@k+ s !C @  c@k+ n !D @  ,>,>,>!D,>~  },>+ q  ,>,>,>!E,>,>,;],>!C,:>}@+!? x `@ .0`T+!/,>,t  .< ." $bDp+ }Z+ Z(B  "cBk+! p !C D~ $y .& $y .( $y.$ *cJk+!
!D Jy[VZV [BZB{ "~,>,>,>!E,>y+![VyZV[B ZB "~,>,>,>!F,>` "w,>,;],>!C,:>} "bB@+! 4+!- .",>,>p,>!F,9 >~`T+!- (B{,>,82 "cBk+!, !C B| "cBk+!' !D B} "|,>,>,>!G,>~ "{,>+!* "|,>,>,>!G,>,>,;],>!C,:>}> @x,>!H,&A>+ v  c@k+!> !C @}  c@k+!8 !D @z Rz  },>,>,>!H,>_  x+!< R|  },>,>,>!I,>~  z,>,;],>!C,:>} >y,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~k A C F H M"f Q U X [NMU$IPCF_MAP_ID%(22L)A Illegal NMU$IPCF IDIllegal NMU$IPCF ID>,>},>} ",>,;>~`B+!d "cBk+!c !f B "cBk+!^ !f B ",>,>,>!g,>~ "},>+!a ",>,>,>!g,>,>,;],>!f,:>}@+!e x >~,~k!I!K!NNMU$IPCF_SET_SYSPID> "+	b+!w $ D|@@| B} $QD} $XD}	b
AD $CD Bx $|2.!y	b1+!w	b1+!wA"`bB|g ">{,~RECVSIGNAL,>,>,>,>,>~,-@	b+S>,^,^,^,^,~RECEIVETASK%(22L)A MRECV failed: %JMRECV failed: %J%(22L)A Message received for unknown PIDMessage received for unknown PID,>,>,>,>,>,>,>> "x." Bx "x ."a 	b2+"^,>!H,$E  .8 " cB+"@+" ,8  " cB+"* " B| h" B| "| . A	|2+  " B` ."XV+"-@@` ." (DXDO@` $QD .l	|1+"1+"> "cBk+"Y "a B "cBk+": "b B|O@| ",>,>,>"b,> "z+"SO@~ ",>,>,>"c,>~ "|+"S@,>},;W >5P"B@@~+"J.22r+"J,>},> "},>,;>~`B+"H@@~+"B ~ 2D`+"B ~5B"\ "cBk+"Y "a B} "cBk+"T "b B} "},>,>,>"c,>~ "{,>+"W "},>,>,>"d,>,>,;],>"a,:>} Vx,82 Tx,>!H,&A+"` Bx,>,f+"`,>~,>,e>+"@k"""""
 "~ Dx[BZB "x,>,>",>",>_ "},>,;]>|,~t"uUSER_NAME,>,>,>,> }Zp #
4X#,>,>,P>+#,^,^,^,^,~tJOBNUM	b
,~SET_IPCF_INTERRUPT>\"v B ~$"SB@@x ".#	b/+ >~,~
&8Rx0z*,	&		

NMUMEMNMU$MEMORY_RESET%(22L)A Available storage list resetAvailable storage list reset,>,>> "cBk+#L #S B "cBk+#G #T Bx ",>,>#T,>#U,>#U "~,>+#J ",>,>#T,>#V,>#V,>#V,;],>#S,:>} <v 8,>,8P.<>>h"2"#W+#M>,^,^,~k#3d#5#9@NMU$MEMORY_INITIALIZE%(22L)A Initializing %D. (%O) units in free poolInitializing %D. (%O) units in free pool?FATAL PROGRAM ERROR: Memory block too large to initialize?FATAL PROGRAM ERROR: Operating system refused memory request%22S Adding %D. (%O) units at %O to free poolAdding %D. (%O) units at %O to free pool,>,>> "cBk+$
 $= Bx $~.$ | &cFk+$ $> F~ B B "x,>,>#T,>$>,>$?+$	 B~ B "x,>,>#T,>$?,>$@ "|,>,;],>$=,:>}O |.$ "  
#h&h(2f+$ +$."1b+$58$,>$@,:,>$A+$" ( (.d#/"3b+$	b+$ d#.b( B(7@ +$  d#.b( B( 5\$#,>$A,:,>$B,:+$;x$= "BBp "BBp "BBp "cBk+$8 $= B d# F~ "~." $~.$ (cHk+$1 d# F \ ",>,>#T,>$B+$5 d# F \ ",>,>#T,>$C,>$? "|,>,;],>$=,:>}$8.8v,>,>,8U>|,^,^,~$pk#W#Y#^#c#e#i#l#p#uNMU$MEMORY_GET!";@q+$G+$H	b/+ ,>,$!$? q+$K+$L	d/+ >,~MEMORY_GET%(22L)A Request for %D. unitsRequest for %D. unitsSize of Memory Block Requested is too large%22S  Block at %O Index %O Self=  Block at %O Index %O Self= LEFT RIGHT Parent=LEFT split withParent=RIGHT split with%22S  buddy at %O Index %O Self= buddy at %O Index %O Self=LEFT RIGHT Parent=LEFTParent=RIGHT%22S Allocation failureAllocation failure%22S Allocated %D. units at %OAllocated %D. units at %OMemory request failed,>,>,>,>,>> "cBk+% &4 Bx "cBk+% &5 Bx u By "x,>,>#T,>&5,>$@ "v+% u B "x,>,>#T,>&6,>#U "},>,;],>&4,:>}@O u.$ "  
#h&h(2f+% +%."1b+%58%,>&6+&' =%! $"."v,>,8c >4V%! +%#.<1|+%5V%(,>u,#z $"."v,>,8c  >3t+& T#$ 
#4D& . $BDp$&2d&2 $GDp /$d$= $BDX$&3d&2 $BDXb&3 "cBk+%| &4 B Vx 2x.2 "cBk+%>"&3h/" BH ",>,>#T,>&7+%B"&3h/" BH ",>,>#T,>&7,>$@ "v,>,;],>&4,:"&35B%I &4 B{ "{,>,>#T,>&8+%L &4 B{ "{,>,>#T,>&8,>#V,>#V,;],>&4,9~"&25B%S &4 Bw "w,>,>#T,>&9+%V &4 Bw "w,>,>#T,>&9,>#V,>#V,;],>&4,9~ &4 Bs \o "cBk+%`"$=h/" BH "s,>,>#T,>&:+%d"$=h/" BH "s,>,>#T,>&:,>$@ "m,>,;],>&4,:"&45B%l &4 Bp "p,>,>#T,>&;+%o &4 Bo "o,>,>#T,>&;,>#V,>#V,;],>&4,9~"&25B%v &4 Bl "l,>,>#T,>&<+%y &4 Bk "k,>,>#T,>&<,>#V,>#V,;],>&4,9~>n2xT#$+&"$=h/"$"."v,>,>,8U+&"&3h/"$"."v,>,>,8U 4&3h/4+%( "GBX "cBk+&&5V& &4 Bz "cBk+& "z,>,>#T,>&=+& "z,>,>#T,>&=,>#V,>#V+&$ &4 By "x .& ." $cDk+&$&3h/$ # Hx B "y,>,>#T,>&>+&#$&3h/$ # Hx B "y,>,>#T,>&>,>$@ "v,>,;],>&4,:>}5V&),>&?,)>@+&. u XDXQBX.6 @@.$=B&, >x,^,^,^,^,^,~XpX$Xpk$L$N$Q$S$X$[$^$_$`$c$e$i$l$m$n$o$q$s$u$y$|NMU$MEMORY_RELEASE!";@q+&C+&D	b/+ ,>,>,&u!"? q+&H+&I	b/+ >,~MEMORY_RELEASE%(22L)A Releasing %D. units at %OReleasing %D. units at %OBlock being released not currently allocated%22S  Block at %O Index %O Self=  Block at %O Index %O Self= LEFT RIGHT Parent=LEFT merged withParent=RIGHT merged with%22S  buddy at %O Index %O Self= buddy at %O Index %O Self=LEFT RIGHT Parent=LEFTParent=RIGHT?FATAL PROGRAM ERROR: Available storage list corrupted,>,>,>,>,>> "cBk+' 'z Bx "y." $cDk+' '{ Dy v D u Bz "x,>,>#T,>'{,>$?+' v Dy u D "x,>,>#T,>'|,>$@ "w,>,;],>'z,:>} u/<"'w0B+'_p3Bv+',>'|,)>+'t "BBp,>,( 4X'o "cBk+'^ 'z B \y "y .6 .4 "cBk+'"'xh/" BX ",>,>#T,>'}+'#"'xh/" BX ",>,>#T,>'},>$@ "w,>,;],>'z,:"'x5B'+ 'z B{ "{,>,>#T,>'~+'. 'z B{ "{,>,>#T,>'~,>#V,>#V,;],>'z,9~"'y5B'5 'z Bw "w,>,>#T,>'+'8 'z Bw "w,>,>#T,>',>#V,>#V,;],>'z,9~ 'z Bs Xp .4 "cBk+'C"'xh/" BX "s,>,>#T,>(+'G"'xh/" BX "s,>,>#T,>(,>$@ "n,>,;],>'z,:"'x5B'N 'z Bp "p,>,>#T,>(+'Q 'z Bo "o,>,>#T,>(,>#V,>#V,;],>'z,9~"'y5B'X 'z Bl "l,>,>#T,>(+'[ 'z Bk "k,>,>#T,>(,>#V,>#V,;],>'z,9~>n"'yh/"$"."v,>,>,8p>`B+'f,>(,:,>(,:+'s3|+'i    "BBp"&2b&4"'zb&2"'yh/"."b$= \x+'"$=h/"$"."v,>,>,8U>~>y,^,^,^,^,^,~p$PPP$``k&I&K&N&Q&V&Y&\&]&^&a&c&g&j&k&l&m&o&qBUDDY_ADDRESS "(5B(
&(h/& .#2"(+($(5D(+(&(h/& #% /#$(h/$2D+($(1D@,~$$NMUNETNMU$NETWORK_INITIALIZE%(22L)A Network interface resetNetwork interface reset> 
(r " Bz@@zO@{ J} " B} "z	bC+  "b 
"B{@@{O@|"yQ"BB~"B~"{	bC+$D{\$D|$yQ$BD~$D~"{	bC+$zQ$B",(b(r+,>(s,8PB"@cBk+(q(sB,"cBk+(l(tB",>,>(t,>(u,>(u"},>+(o,",>,>(t,>(v,>(v,>(v,;],>(s,:>}>y,~@k(Bd(E(HNMU$NETWORKOPEN%(22L)A+Openingsource linkOpening sourcelink%(22L)AOpeningtarget4linkOpening targetlink%(22L)A tonoder(%D)%#Atonode(%D)%#A%(22L)A@@to^node^(%D)tonode(%D)%(22L)A @objecttype:B%D,object type:x%D%(22L)A+task:%#Atask:%#A%(22L)A+descriptor:%#Adescriptor:+%#A%(22L)A+debuggingBdescriptor:%@7debuggingdescriptor: %@%(22L)A  userid: %#A userid: %#A%(22L)A  account: %#A account: %#A%(22L)A  password: %#A password: %#A%(22L)A  optional data: %#B optional data: %#B%(22L)A  link id assigned: %O link id assigned: %OBad channel number in ALLOCATENETLNK%(22L)A NSP UUO did not skip. Reason: %ONSP UUO did not skip. Reason: %O%(22L)A Link %O open failedLink %O open failed %J%N%(22L)A connect event occuredconnect event occured%(22L)A connect event timed outconnect event timed outBad channel numbet given to DEALLOCATENETLNK%(22L)A Link %O connectedLink %O connected%(22L)A  to node (%D) %#A to node (%D) %#A%(22L)A  to node (%D) to node (%D)%(22L)A  optional data: %#B optional data: %#B%(22L)A  object type: %D object type: %D%(22L)A  userid: %#A userid: %#A%(22L)A  account: %#A account: %#A%(22L)A  password: %#A password: %#A%(22L)A  object type: %D object type: %D%(22L)A  descriptor: %#A descriptor: %#A%(22L)A Link %O connect failedLink %O connect failed%(22L)A  reject code: %D reject code: %D%(22L)A  optional data: %#B optional data: %#BBad channel numbet given to DEALLOCATENETLNK,>,>,>,>,>,>,>>!  @c@k++i@  2@X+*1 2 1! @~  c@k+*. 1! @~  ~,>,>(t,>1",>(u  |+*7  ~,>,>(t,>1"+*: 1! @}  c@k+*8 1! @}  },>,>(t,>1#,>(u  {,>+*;  },>,>(t,>1#,>(v,>(v,;],>1!,:aR+*^ V (B G4b*Q 1! Dy &\.& $\.$ (cHk+*L 1! H\ P B @]  y,>,>(t,>1$,>1$+*W P\ B @  y,>,>(t,>1%,>1%+*W 1! @y  c@k+*X 1! @\ P\  y,>,>(t,>1&,>1&  Z+*\ Px  y,>,>(t,>1',>(u  v,>,;],>1!,:>} 1! @x V ."  c@k+*h 1! @\  @\  x,>,>(t,>1',>1&  Z+*l  @w  x,>,>(t,>1(,>(u  u,>,;],>1!,: X4`+ 1! Bt $Y.$ ." &cFk+*y 1! FY @  @Z  t,>,>(t,>1(,>1%+*} @Y  @  t,>,>(t,>1),>1&  W,>,;],>1!,:>} X4`+ 1! Bs $Y.$ ." &cFk++ 1! FY @  @Z  s,>,>(t,>1),>1%++ @Y  @  s,>,>(t,>1*++  c@k++   @c@k++  1! @s  c@k++ 1! @Y  # @Y  s,>,>(t,>1*,>1&  W++  # @r  s,>,>(t,>1+,>(u  p,>,;],>1!,:>}aR++i X4`+3 1! Br $Y.$ ." &cFk++, 1! FY @  @Z  r,>,>(t,>1+,>1%++0 @Y  @  r,>,>(t,>1,,>1&  W,>,;],>1!,:>} X4`+E 1! Bq $Y.$ ." &cFk++> 1! FY @  @Z  q,>,>(t,>1,,>1%++B @Y  @  q,>,>(t,>1-,>1&  W,>,;],>1!,:>} X4`+W 1! Bq $Y.$ ." &cFk++P 1! FY @  @Z  q,>,>(t,>1-,>1%++T @Y  @  q,>,>(t,>1.,>1&  W,>,;],>1!,:>} X4`+i 1! Bp "Y.".6 $cDk++b 1! DY @ X @Z  p,>,>(t,>1.,>1%++f @Y X @  p,>,>(t,>1/,>1&  W,>,;],>1!,:>}>z,>1/,$E  .  @ @X  @c@k++} 1! @u  c@k++v 1! @^ X @  u,>,>(t,>10,>1&  \++z X @u  u,>,>(t,>10,>(u  s,>,;],>1!,:>} . ,>,>(u, W @X ." .< .8 W@@X@@X   @ .(	 H X \ .0 P .  @~ @ .   @~ @ . % @} @   @`@@`@@`@@` .4
 B $  .13 D
\"{ B_S@_@@`  _ .13	t/+  14 @\   @] 4\	tB+,y+-  @c@k+,y 1! @r  c@k+,s 1! @` Ta  r,>,>(t,>14,>1&  ^+,v Tr  r,>,>(t,>15,>(u  p,>,;]>},>1!,:>  @c@k+-
 1! @q ."  c@k+- 1! @\  @]  q,>,>(t,>15,>1&  Z+-  @q  q,>,>(t,>16,>(u  o,>,;],>1!,:>} W W @p\ M@p@@p@@p p@@pO@p  p,>,>16,>17,>(u  n,>,;]B,>n,>T, B@,>(s,>,8p Vx,>1/,&A>x+-q . ,>,>(u,  17 @[  @\ $[	dB+-"+-#@@\ \ @ ."  2@X+-( 10@+-x+-* 10@+-x ."@  2@U+-0 0 Bx,>18,e >+-2 B@@x,e  "@cBk+-K  a@+-? 1! Bn "cBk+-< 1! Bn "n,>,>(t,>18,>(u "l+-E "n,>,>(t,>19+-H 1! Bm "cBk+-F 1! Bm "m,>,>(t,>19,>(u "k,>+-I "m,>,>(t,>1:,>(v,>(v,;],>1!,:>}`P`@+-r V V\"MB "B@B@B @x,>V, B@   @\ 14 @[ X @[@@\ <[	|B+ ZX1t+-\,>1:,)>@@PZ`\ *\Q*B@b@b(r+  1; @[ X @[  \ @\ <[	|B+  1; @[ <[	|B+-k [D1<2@1<+-k,>1=,>+-d 1= @[ <[	|B+ ,>(s,>,8p Vx,>1/,&A>z\"+1  17 @[  @\ $[	dB+-v+-w@@\ \ @ U ."  2@X+-} 10@+0$+-~ 10@+0$  .8 .<6@X+.
   @X   @p @` 1> @[ X @\ .  @\@@]@@] $[	dB+   Q B @[	.  @@@@@ / @ $	Q$B   
b(r+   Q B @ U  .8 ."6@X+."   @X   @ @` 1> @[ X @\ .  @\@@]@@] "[	bB+   Q B @ $p%Q$B[p%[p% 
b(r+ [p% @  @c@k+.g 1! @l ."  c@k+.3 1! @[  @\  l,>,>(t,>1>,>1&  Y+.7  @l  l,>,>(t,>1?,>(u  j,>,;],>1!,: R P(BG4d.I 1! Fh &cFk+.E 1! FX BY DY @Z  h,>,>(t,>1?,>1$+.P BX DY @Y  h,>,>(t,>1@,>1%+.P 1! @h  c@k+.Q 1! @X BY  h,>,>(t,>1@,>1&  V+.T Bg  h,>,>(t,>1A,>(u  e,>,;],>1!,: P4`.g 1! Bd.4 "cBk+.` 1! BU @V P @V  d,>,>(t,>1A,>1%+.d @U P @V  d,>,>(t,>1B,>1&  S,>,;],>1!,:>}>z  2@X+0# U  .8 ."6@X+.u   @X   @ @` 1> @[ X @\ .  @\@@]@@] "[	bB+   Q B @ $pQ$B[p[p 
b(r+ [p @ U  .8 ."6@X+/   @X   @ @` 1> @[ X @\ .  @\@@]@@] "[	bB+   Q B @ $pQ$B[p[p 
b(r+ [p @ U  .8 ."6@X+/   @X   @ @` 1> @[ X @\ .  @\@@]@@] "[	bB+   Q B @ $p Q$B[p [p  
b(r+ [p  @ U ." .8 .<6@X+/-   @X   @p @` 1> @[ X @\ .  @\@@]@@] $[	dB+   @ U  .8 ."6@X+/;   @X   @ @` 1> @[ X @\ .  @\@@]@@] "[	bB+   Q B @ $pQ$B[p[p 
b(r+ [p @  @c@k+0# 1! @i U ."  c@k+/L 1! @[  P\  i,>,>(t,>1B,>1&  Y+/P  Pi  i,>,>(t,>1C,>(u  g,>,;],>1!,: `4`/c 1! Be ." $cDk+/\ 1! DX @Y  @Y  e,>,>(t,>1C,>1%+/` @X  @Y  e,>,>(t,>1D,>1&  V,>,;],>1!,:>} `4`/t 1! Be ." $cDk+/m 1! DX @Y  @Y  e,>,>(t,>1D,>1%+/q @X  @Y  e,>,>(t,>1E,>1&  V,>,;],>1!,:>} `4`0 1! Bd ." $cDk+/~ 1! DX @Y  @Y  d,>,>(t,>1E,>1%+0 @X  @Y  d,>,>(t,>1F,>1&  V,>,;],>1!,:>} 1! @d  c@k+0
 1! @X PY  d,>,>(t,>1F,>1&  V+0 Pc  d,>,>(t,>1G,>(u  a,>,;],>1!,: `4`0" 1! B`.8 "cBk+0 1! BU @V ` @V  `,>,>(t,>1G,>1%+0 @U ` @V  `,>,>(t,>1H,>1&  S,>,;],>1!,:>}>z X+1 V  ." 1H @[ X @\@@] $[	dB+0*+0,"1 
* @] ] @ V V\"MB U  
($1 D"1 B@B @x,>V, B@  @c@k+0U 1! @e ."  c@k+0@ 1! @[  @[  e,>,>(t,>1I,>1&  Y+0D  @d  e,>,>(t,>1I,>(u  b,>,;],>1!,: 1! @a R."  c@k+0O 1! @X  @X  a,>,>(t,>1J,>1&  V+0S  @`  a,>,>(t,>1J,>(u  ^,>,;],>1!,:>z  2@X+0| U  .8 ."6@X+0c   @X   @ @` 1> @[ X @[ .  @\@@\@@] "[	bB+   Q B @ $p%Q$B[p%[p% 
b(r+ [p% @  @c@k+0| U 4`0| 1! Dc." $cDk+0u 1! D[ @[  @\  c,>,>(t,>1K,>1%+0y @[  @[  c,>,>(t,>1K,>1&  Y,>,;],>1!,:>}   @\ 14 @[ X @[@@\ <[	|B+ ZX1t+1,>1L,)>@@PZ`\ *\Q*B@b@b(r+  1; @[ X @[  \ @\ <[	|B+  1; @[ <[	|B+1 [D1<2@1<+1,>1=,>+1
 1= @[ <[	|B+ ,>(s,>,8p Vx,>1/,&A S >~ 
(,>|>^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~$  k(v(x({(})))))
))))))))))!)")%)&)))*)-()/)2)5a )9)=)A)D$)FX)G)J)L)P)R8X|8P)W)Z)\)_)a)d)e)h)j)m)o)q)s)u)w)y){)})*H*
******NMU$NETWORK_ACCEPT%(22L)A Link %O connect acceptedLink %O connect accepted%(22L)A  optional data: %#B optional data: %#B%(22L)A Invalid link identifier %OInvalid link identifier %O,>,>>
,>(s r,>,>25,9 >~4X2#+"@cBk+2/255Bx "cBk+1n,26,Bv\v`"x,>,>(t,>26,>1&+"t+1r \ "x,>,>(t,>27,>(u "},>,;],>25,:,25,B|,"s." $cDk+1} 26,Ds,p,D,q Bt,"|,>,>(t,>27,>1%+24p Ds0q D "|,>,>(t,>28,>1&+"q,>,;],>25,:>z,",Bw,sQBw+*wQ*B s t,sb(r+>,28 Bv,`,Bv,"w,Bw "v	bB+/<a\+2" 17+Dv bDv+$v	dB+2+2@@v v Dc."@$11D ( ."&1@1F $@1F "GGLa\+2,>(u,>+2,"+23@"@cBk+22,25,B~,"cBk+2,,26Bv\v"~,>,>(t,>29,>1&"t+20\~N"~,>,>(t,>29,>(u)"|,>,;],>25,:>}@>u,^,^,~7pk1L1N1Q1T1Wn1Y1\NMU$NETWORK(REJECT%(22L)AsLinko%Olconnect rejectedLinke%Oeconnectnrejected%(22L)Aesreason)code:t%Dtreasonncode: %D%(22L)Aoptionaltdata:o%#B optionalydata:%%#B%(22L)AInvalid%link)identifieri%OInvalidklinkidentifieri%O,>,>>,>(s,q,>,>25,9,>~4X3,"@cBk+33!5Bx "cBk+2` 3"cBu+\u "x,>,>(t,>3",>1& "s+2d \ "x,>,>(t,>3#,>(u "},>,;],>3!,:,3! B|+"cBk+2n3"1Br+o Brb"|,>,>(t,>3#,>1& "p+2r ocB{+"|,>,>(t,>3$,>(u,"y,>,;],>3!,:+3! Bx "o.",$cDk+2} 3",Do,l,D,mBp@"x,>,>(t,>3$,>1%+3.l Do mcD+"x,>,>(t,>3%,>1&+"m,>,;],>3!,:>w,",Bv,*vQ*B r s rb(r+>,rQBv 3% Bu `cBu+"v Bv "u	bB+X "+3,"@cBk+3+3! B} "cBk+3,3",Bu,\u "},>,>(t,>3&,>1& "s+34\} "},>,>(t,>3&,>(u "{,>,;],>3!,:>}@>t,^,^,~k292;2?2A2D2F2I(2K2NNMU$NETWORKREAD%(22L)A Read data on link %O, %D bytes readRead data on link %O, %D bytes read%(22L)A  %#B %#B%(22L)A Invalid link identifier %OInvalid link identifier %O,>,>,>,>,>,>>,>(s,>w,>25,9>~4B3w @ x "| .4 "| .0 "| .2 4
 Xv TX "z,>,>(t,>5T,>1& "t,>,;],>5N,: "b /<>}+4~>} 6y.6 "cBu+5 5T By H BX u Bz v B{ <y	|Bg " `B7@z+5,>1&,>+5 +58  4aT+58  17 Dy  DX $y	dB+5&+5&@@X X D ."$10D+57 17 By p BX	bB+ !"@cBX+50,>1&,>+5  5U By p BX u Bz v B{ "y	bBg $ @+5  "@bBk+5; "cBk+5J`X+5J 5N B| "cBk+5D 5O By t BX "|,>,>(t,>5U,>1& "w+5H t B| "|,>,>(t,>5V,>(u "z,>,;],>5N,:>} >y,^,^,^,^,^,~k444444 4$4(4,4041 pp4245NMU$NETWORK_ABORT%(22L)A Link %O abortedLink %O aborted%(22L)A  reason code: %D reason code: %D%(22L)A  optional data: %#B optional data: %#BBad channel numbet given to DEALLOCATE_NETLNK%(22L)A Invalid link identifier %OInvalid link identifier %O,>,>>
,>(s p,>,>25,9 >~4X6: "@cBk+6% 6M Bx "cBk+6 6M Bt \t "x,>,>(t,>6N,>1& "r+6 \ "x,>,>(t,>6N,>(u "},>,;],>6M,: 6M B| "cBk+6 6M Bq n Bq "|,>,>(t,>6O,>1& "o+6 n B{ "|,>,>(t,>6O,>(u "y,>,;],>6M,: 6M Bx "n." $cDk+6 6M Dn k D l Bo "x,>,>(t,>6P,>1%+6" k Dn l D "x,>,>(t,>6P,>1& "l,>,;],>6M,:>w  " Bv qQBv *vQ*B q r qb(r+  6Q Bt  Bt "v Bu "t	bB+  14 Dt@@u	bB+ Z1|+65,>6Q,)>@@p,>(s,>,8p Xx,>1/,&A>~ "+6K "@bBk+6= "cBk+6J 6M B} "cBk+6D 6M Bt \t "},>,>(t,>6R,>1& "r+6H \} "},>,>(t,>6R,>(u "{,>,;],>6M,:>}@>s,^,^,~k5V5X5Z5\5_5a5d@5f5k5nNMU$NETWORK_CLOSE%(22L)A Link %O closedLink %O closed%(22L)A  optional data: %#B optional data: %#BBad channel numbet given to DEALLOCATE_NETLNK%(22L)A Invalid link identifier %OInvalid link identifier %O,>,>,>>
,>(s r,>,>25,9 >~4V7. "@cBk+7 7A Bx "cBk+6x 7B Bv Xv "x,>,>(t,>7B,>1& "t+6| X "x,>,>(t,>7C,>(u "},>,;],>7A,: 7A B| "s." $cDk+7 7B Ds p D p Bt "|,>,>(t,>7C,>1%+7
 p Ds p D "|,>,>(t,>7D,>1& "q,>,;],>7A,:>z " Bw 14 Bv X Bv@@w <v	|B+ ZX1x+7,>7D,)>@@` sQBw *wQ*B s s sb(r+  1; Bv X Bv "w Bw <v	|B+  1; Bv <v	|B+7' vD1<2B1<+7',>1=,>+7  1= Bv <v	|B+ ,>(s,>,8p Vx,>1/,&A>~ "+7? "@bBk+71 "cBk+7> 7A B~ "cBk+78 7B Bv Xv "~,>,>(t,>7E,>1& "t+7< X~ "~,>,>(t,>7E,>(u "|,>,;],>7A,:>}@>u,^,^,^,~k6R6T6W6X6[6]6b6fNMU$NETWORK_STATUS>,>(s,>|,>25,9>~4B7R 17 D~  D~ $~	dB+7O+7P@@~ ~ D "+7R@>},~NMU$NETWORK_VALIDATE ",~NMU$NETWORK_LOCAL (r,~NETWORK_EVENTChannel out of range in DEALLOCATE_NETLNK,>,>,>,>,> } 4B7k <1|+7g,>7n,)> p4B7k.",>,-@	b+ >,^,^,^,^,^,~7[IQ_SCAN  2D@,~NMU$PAGE_INITIALIZE%(22L)A Page allocator initializedPage allocator initialized> " B,>8
,8P"cBk+8,8,>8"},>+8	",>,>8,>8,>8,>8,;],>8available to be allocated,>>,>8
,8c >5\8#  ".B1<+81|~+8,>8',)> ".8( $ D (D{ Dx	b2+ +8%@@p!"pX"p*"p (B{>,^,~8NMU$PAGE_RELEASE%(22L)A Page %O releasedPage %O releasedAttempt to release invalid page,>> }(B  " cBk+8E 8K Bx "cBk+8> 8L B~ } B "x,>,>8,>8L,>8M "|+8B } B "x,>,>8,>8M,>8 "},>,;],>8K,:>}1<+8G1|~+8H,>8N,)>,>8
,>,8U>},^,~k8(8*8,8.NMU$QUEUERESET[XBQB."O@,~NMU$QUEUE7INSERT	.":@+8U+6@+8ZXDQD@[3D	"+[	QFXDQBXB.$O@+,~NMU$QUEUEREMOVE	.":@+8c,6@+8hXFQFZ2B+8j@+8mZXDQFR`Z`.&O@,~NMU$QUEUEEXTRACT,.":@+8p*6@+8uXFQFZ@2B3B+8xZ+8v2B+8|Z[QDXB "+8}@.&O@,~NMU$QUEUESCAN,>,>,> ~ }.":@+9 }6@+9XDQD@Z 3\}+9Zp }.$O@,>,>},X>5B9 }.$:@+9
 5	b6+9C :8dB." dB."`B+9n B:+9<0B+9l : B; ";	bD+9F $9W 1,>,9},:7@+9K	b+9JO
@b 9Q
+9m@@+9m "9Q	b+9P+9PeVpM>x?
?NML - SAVE. uuo failed.

NML saved on DSKB:NMLnnn.EXE[10,5665]

?NML - Bad FILOP. error while trying to dump program
?NML -  Can't save NML, too many crashes saved!
?NML - NML stopping program
1B7:E $9]+9GO
:$9c+9G*B4B9t9@@:U.:E*#S[@.:F*9.:,~:$"Q,$:FZ,$:D,~"A`QB,:44B:8,:+9~,:4,>:D,9}>@5:,:4+:,>:H,9}>6@+:J7D+:N,>:Q,9}> ( $Q$A`7@+:
& "( B :X B,^,~ :Y B#@@#@@$ :Y B$ " B% :Z B% ":Z B& :\	b@7+:!!"|	b++:! B' ":] B' :`	b'+  " B' :`	b'+:!+:!:@(,~,>!"	b/+ ,^,~> (,~!"	b/+ ,~0z0?
?NML - Monitor does not have DECnet.:<  NML is logging out.
:D9h$%% NML - :G[(Interrupt)]::H,>:J,9}> (+:[(none)]::M,>:N,9}> (+:[:Q]::R                     H:S? Fatal error - :VH0Message from NML8#--  Message from NML --
&NMU$TABLE_CLEAR,>,> ~ @@ 4X:j<:l,>,>:l,&A>+:f,^,^,~ Hp	NMU$TABLE_INSERT,>,>,>,>,>,> | p@4H;";5B:v (;+:s 4  .2 & 
>&" . &" ;d;"0B+; ;d;@p . | D  .=;.&1f+:x+:s,>:l,$E 5V;
 " B  Hp+;
 X." B h;  ." B  "GB  $  ." &BF | D>  ,^,^,^,^,^,^,~@  H `<< HXNMU$TABLE_FETCH,>,> } 4F;- 
.* ~3"+;, ~2b+;, .< ~/ &".
 &" ;/d;/"5B;- ~ .  H "+;-&;0+;@,^,^,~(< H(NMU$TABLE_DELETE  4F;? 
.* 3"+;> 2b+;> / &".
 &" ;/d; (h ",~&;0+;3@,~NMU$TABLE_CHANGE,>,> } 4F;S 
.* ~3"+;R ~2b+;R .< ~/ &".
 &" ;/d;/"5B;S 
 ~ B( "+;T&;0+;D@,^,^,~NMU$TABLE_MAX  5B;Z@,~4B;[ ";\+;Y ,~ H,>,> <> ~XBp ~QBp ~ Bp } Bp } Bp } Bp "<NXBp | ` Bp ` Bp } Bp@@p@@p "BBp	,>,;v "2Bp+;q "bBp	+;q \x,>;v,<N> p B` "3Bp7p"p>,^,^,~,>,>,> ~ " Bp .6 "3bp+<IX5X; "2Bp+<E "+<E p/"+
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DLW_QUEUE%(22L)A Auto-DUMP request #%D entered for %#AAuto-DUMP request #%D entered for %#A%(22L)A Auto-LOAD request #%D entered for %#AAuto-LOAD request #%D entered for %#A,>,>,>,>> z <Q<B z,>,>,>BO,F,>Db,$E  " B`,>`,$EXB`Z` *Q*B J` " B` T "B\   bBa+  ." B`R`` wQB`@@` "EXB` Xx,c4 ${.$ &{.& (2Hx+DQ Dc H} (cHk+DM Dc H{ B \ V| "},>,>BN,>Dd+DX B{ \ V "},>,>BN,>Dd+D\ Dc H} (cHk+DY Dc H{ B \ V| "},>,>BN,>De,>De+D] B{ \ V "},>,>BN,>Df,>D
 "y,>,;],>Dc,:>w,^,^,^,^,~kDDDD D%DLW_DEQUEUE%(22L)A Auto-DUMP failed on %#AAuto-DUMP failed on %#A%(22L)A Auto-DUMP done on %#AAuto-DUMP done on %#A%(22L)A Auto-LOAD failed on %#AAuto-LOAD failed on %#A%(22L)A Auto-LOAD done on %#AAuto-LOAD done on %#A%(22L)A  Return code = %D  Detail = %D; %X Return code = %D  Detail = %D; %X,>,>,>,>,>,>,>> u[X @~ ~  @Q B[X 8WQ8BZX "OQ"B B~,>~,>,>,F D}$E~ <x.<@@~ &2F}+E1 & F~@@~ &3F}+E' & F~ E F|aD+E# E Dx Bp @y  |,>,>BN,>F+ED Bx @p "|,>,>BN,>F+EH E F{aD+E- E Dx Bp @y  {,>,>BN,>F+ED Bx @p "{,>,>BN,>F+EH@@~ &3F}+E> & F~ E F{aD+E: E Dx Bp @y  {,>,>BN,>F+ED Bx @p "{,>,>BN,>F+EH E FzaD+EE E Dx Bp @y  z,>,>BN,>F,>D
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>,>,>,Gk>>v,^,^,~F-NML$LOAD7788<<=>?Fz{,>,>,> ~,>,>Fe,G>5"FW[p "Q"B+Fc 6Zp,>Ff,>,H>`B+F\ `0V+Fa,>,MM[p "Q"B Xx,H
>,>,>,Gk>,^,^,^,~FJNML$TRIGGER77,>,>,> ~,>,>F|,G>5"Fp[p "Q"B+Fz 6Zp,>Ff,>,H>`B+Fw[p "Q"B+Fx,>,H
>,>,>,Gk>,^,^,^,~FhDTLGSETUPCircuitin\usexbyDataLinkWatcher%N,>,>,>,>>@Q|[`,"Q"BD+"c4B`,>`,$E>QB`5BG "Q"B,Bp[`"Q"B+Bp"Gf5BG$` $7D@D@D,>,>p, B` {\$qdGgO>4vG |Z1Dy+GJ $2D+G,>Gh,>p,>Ff "~,>,ju>~aB+G x0B1B+GR0B+G | p B\"zB "B@B @B ",>,>Gi,>Gi,>Gg,>Gg,;]B,>},>p, B`O>|56Gb |Z,>,>,&A> >,^,^,^,^,~$`$$`
$7$F}DTL_CLEANUP,>,> ~Zp,>Gh,>,>Ff,kFZp,>,>p,&A ." $2D|+G[ "Q"B $D@D@D@D Bx {[` "Q"B,>, Bp Xx,cb>+H[ $Q$B4DH "Q"B  "b." Bp>} ~,^,^,~CIRCUIT_CLOSE ,>,
K>",~CIRCUITNOPEN,>,>>$}0X+HD"+H1X+HO+H">Bx,>Gh4},>p,>Ff"~,>,k'BXx,>p,>p,5bH>}@+H"Bp>}">,^,^,~CPUXISPDP11,>>2~"H8h/">Bx2BH8+H,,>Gg,>p,>H9 "~,>,ju>~`B+H, p\"q+H/ "3Bx+H6 ~ \"xB "8B@B@B,> ~,>,>g ">,^,~$p8DUMPNODEAddress received in MEMORY DUMP DATA is incorrect%N,>,>,>,>,>,>> x p B| "bIT,>,H">aB+Ht@ p B}5BHO,>Gg,>p,>IZ "{,>,ju>~aB 8A p Bx5BHU,>Gg,>p,>IZ "~,>,ju>~aB 8A4XH] p\$qD &IUF$IUD@D,> w,>,>+Ht@@N>N x p B} p2BN+Hf,>Gg,>p,>I[ "|,>,ju>~aB@@} 0 p B~ p2BN+Hp,>Gg,>p,>I[ "|,>,ju>~`B+Hp "| B~(B B~ 0+Hq@ "|,>,JW>`B+Hu@+IP p $D@D@D@D,> w,>,@7`}+IN44IN14+TH+IN+I
z 4xI%>}+I .4 w,>,>I\,>X,>I],>H,	[ 2XH8+I&>}+IM>}3XI^+I X0B+I4 "b @dIXdIXdIYdIYaD+IMaP+H| B}"|.B}+H|0B+IM/848IN@dIXdIXdIYdIY3B|+IH H B~\"wB~@B~@B~ ~@B~ "~,>,>Gi,>I^,>Gg,>Gg,;]>}B,>~ v,>,>+IN.X|".B},>{,>,>,>z,Y>~+H|9H| "{,>,JS>~ ">{,^,^,^,^,^,^,~$      0     0 AACDH:FETCH_PARAMETERSHOST Node Id%N,>,>> z8JN!$BD
 $ { D,>Gg,>z ",> "~,>,L>~aB+JJ {  .$2Bx+Iq +Ir=FInO0D7+Iu {  F+Ih0D7+Ix {  F+Ih0D8+I{ { fJO+Ih0D8+J 4"J0b+J { fJO+Ih { \&xF $8+J0D<+J {  F+Ih0D<+J	 {  F+Ih0D=+J
 {  F+Ih0D>+J 4&J0f+J {fJP+Ih { \$xD $>D@+JF0D?+J {  F+Ih0DA+J {  F+Ih0DA+J {  F+Ih0DC+J! {  F+Ih0DD+J$ {  D+Ih0DF+J< *}Q*B { J5BJ+FD@D+Ih4bJ1@F@DB  bJP+ +Ih  B\"{B@B@B @B ",>,>Gi,>JQ,>Gg,>Gg,;]>}B,>+JH0Dz+J? {  D+Ih0D{+JB {  D	+Ih { \$uD x&IUF$IUD@D,> z,>,> zxJN { >},^,^,~$$
$$$$@I`FILE_CLOSE ,>,>,"> ",~FILE_OPEN,> "J`,>,>Gg,>p,>p,X5BJ]>~@+J_ Bp>~ ",^,~$pFILE_READ_LABELCould not read image file%NCould not read image file%NCould not read image file%NHeader found in image file%NCould not read image file%NCould not read image file%N,>,>> {,>`,>K},>`,>~aB+Kz <}Q<B,>`,>,>FH,>`,>~5bK
 ` Bx\"wBx {"K}$IXDx"IXBx x@Bx "x,>,>Gi,>K~,>Gg,>Gg,;]B,>}+Kq {(BG B`,>`,>K~,>`,>~aB+Kz <}Q<B,>`,>,>FH,>`,>~5bK  ` B\"wB {"K}$IXD"IXB @B ",>,>Gi,>K,>Gg,>Gg,;]B,>}+Kq {(BG B`(B B`,>`,>K,>`,>~aB+Kz <}Q<B,>`,>,>FH,>`,>~5bK8 ` B\"wB {"K}$IXD"IXB @B ",>,>Gi,>L,>Gg,>Gg,;]B,>|+Kq(BG`B@+KG {  D~\"yB~ {"K}$IXD~"IXB~ ~@B~ "~,>,>Gi,>L,>Gg,>Gg,;]B,>|+Kq {,>`,>L,>`,>~aB+Kz <}Q<B,>`,>,>FH,>`,>~5bK[ ` B~\"wB~ {"K}$IXD~"IXB~ ~@B~ "~,>,>Gi,>L,>Gg,>Gg,;]B,>{+Kq(BG { B`,>`,>L,>`,>~aB+Kz <}Q<B,>`,>,>FH,>`,>~5bKs ` B}\"wB} {"K}$IXD}"IXB} }@B} "},>,>Gi,>L,>Gg,>Gg,;]B,>z x,>,>|+Kz(BG$" B} {,>,>},>,>~aBg ">|,^,^,~$JbJe
JhJktJnwJqGET_NEXT_PARAMETER,>> } pbp Bp,>p,>p,>3"p+L
@bp+L p Bx ~xx(BG B"L,>,> ",>,>},b?." Bp p2Bp+L,>{,>,L>}+L>~ ">,^,~$$p
IMAGE_LOADCould not read image file%NInvalid load number requested%NInvalid MOP response to MEMORY LOAD%N,>,>,>,>,>,>,>> s p @y t`M; t @z,>,H">aB+M5 p	 @5@L4 p @ p @5@L7 $dp D+L9 "b B p @~5@L;,7Y B~ $d~ D~  y,>,JW>aB+M5  y,>,Jt>`B+LD  y,>+Lo@| "y .27`H+M5VLa s  $D\ 8y.8$M<D$M<D$M=D$M=D 6|26H H,>y,>,>,>x,>~5bL` y @}\"wB}"M;$IXD}"IXB} }@B}  },>,>Gi,>M>,>Gg,>Gg,;]B,>{,>v+M.V`.6 s.0 s.  @x s,>P,>I\,>@,> ~ ,>,
z>}4bLn,>P,>I\,>@,>I],>,	[ >}2@H8+Lp "y,>,JS>+M53@I^+Lc @0D+M3B+M .$<IU3B+M X}\"wB}@B}@B} }@B}  },>,>Gi,>M>,>Gg,>Gg,;]B,>z+M H/." BH@+LF X|\"wB|@B|@B| |@B|  |,>,>Gi,>M?,>Gg,>Gg,;]B,>z p,>,  u,>,JS>|+M5  y,>,JS s 
B\ "B "B~B~B4FM "BF   bJP+ }4FM$ "BF  } bJP+  "B "B~B~B@B "x."$IVD$IVD$IWD"IWB Jx s,>p, 
z>}5bM6>@+M7> ">x,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~$| ` `  `0 `LLL#LOAD_NODE<=<SOFTWARE TYPE parameter invalid%NUnexpected MOP response, MOP function code = %D%NFile not specified%N,>,>,>,>> y ." B| ." B} ." B}@ "|. 6@+MZ,>Gg,>p,>dM@,>,ju>~.81x+MU"N:h/" Bx2BH8+Mc,>Gg,>p,>N; "~,>,ju>~aB@@x xO 8"Mi1"+
Mg+Mi+N+Mu+My+M|+Mi y  D\"}B@B@B @B ",>,>Gi,>N;,>Gg,>Gg,;]>}B,>+N y 4DN,>,>Gh,>,NF+M y 4DN,>,>N<+M~ y 4DN,>,>Ff,>,L'>~aB+N!+N +N! y,>p,>I\,>p,>I],>p,	[>}4BN! p0F+N $d +Md0F+N p $D@D@D@D,>+N0F+NO+Md p B\"wB@B@B @B F~ ",>,>Gi,>N<,>Ff "|,>,;]>}B,> y,>,>44N3 y  D~\"xB~+TN%+N&+N'+N( "<+N) "=+N) "<$IXD~"IXB~ ~@B~ "~,>,>Gi,>N=,>Gg,>Gg,;]B,>{ v,>,>| y 0D+N7,>,>,
>>|,^,^,^,^,~$$p>MAMEMJSECONDARY_LOADSecondary image is too large, >512 bytes%NCould not read image file%N,>,>,>> x p B| ybIT y B},>,H">aB+O "|,>,JW>aB+O "|,>,Jt>`B+NW "|,>,JS>+O "2"~+Nd p Bx\"yBx"IT$IXDx"IXBx x@Bx "x,>,>Gi,>O,>Gg,>Gg,;]B,>} u,>+N| x @B@B "|."$IVD$IVD$IWD"IWB ~,>|,>,>,>{, >~5|N | B\"wB"IT$IXD"IXB @B ",>,>Gi,>O,>Gg,>Gg,;]B,>},>y, "x,>,JS>|+O b  "|."$IVD$IVD$IWD"IWB,> x,>p, ,>p,>I\,>p,>,>p,
z>}5BO "{,>,JS>~@+O "{,>,JS>~ ">{,^,^,^,~N>NCTRIGGER_NODE,>,>,>> } p Bx5BO ,>Gg,>p,>O7 "~,>,ju>~`B+O  p\$q+O% }  x <4BO+ } \$xD $7D@D@D,> },>,>+O3=<O" "B "D="O- },>,>I\,>,>I\,>,
z>}5bO4g>">,^,^,^,~7,>>@"Q"B@jDjDkD,>OD,>OD""~Q"B,>,OE>"\x,Oe>\@@@@x,6i>~+O<48O],>,>d,>d,1` >~`V+O],>,>Od,>Od,6i>~,>,>Oc,&A>+OL >g,^,^,^,~M,>,>,>,> 6aV+Ot,>Ov,$E  "gQ"B ,>},>Ow,>,3: 4tOq X Tx,>{,Ow+Os Xx,>Ov,&A@>}+Og,^,^,^,^,~n,>P,$E $ D ~XD $ D ~ DZ $Q$B D QD@@ $PXD $ D Bx,Q>,~,> Zp,>,>p,&A \x,>P,&A>~,^,~Tk*%'TEe,T`,>,>,> S3BS+P,>PV,$E >5\P:T:T+PO " Bp,>p,$E>XBp5BP,>,>PV,&A:T:T>+POZp "Q"B Bp " Bp " Bp ~:S2BS+P" 8a:T p "B "B"PQB"PRB PW	b+ &PR/&QA"$"Q@&PW "PSB"PSB"PTB"PTB@B "@B,7Y BB : 
bPU+  "PUB"PVB `5BP= "b`."+PA1B+P?0"0b+PD `." `  
bPU+  +PG0B+PG `B_`4BPK `  
QbPU+ @ Q." QbD,>Q	,>Q	,>Q
,k',>Q	,>Q	,>Q,>Q,k',>Q
,>Q,L>o,~H _UVZ ^( _P
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Z` "Q"B B``aB+QP,>Q	,>Q	,>Q
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,e>+R?,>RX,)>+R? u>z,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~sR*EVENT_SIGNAL,>,>,>,>,>R&,->,^,^,^,^,~,>,>,>Rm,Q  \x,Rn 4xRk Xx,>Rm,>pZp "Q"B,>,48 X@@@@x,6i>~ \x,Q(>+Ra,>,>,>,>,>,>,>>"   @w@@w "^." Bx "^." Bx "^." By Y .  @y $^ .2 $^.$ Dz .  @z $^.$ D{ .  @{ $^.$ D| . 
 @| $^.$ D} . 
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,$EQBp "	 Bp \x ",> "~,> "},>,T >~0V+T"T	5BST \x,>,>~,>},T- vT	+Sc0B1B+SV+Sd \x,>,>~,>},Tr [p "Q"B  "b." Bp .$7`p+Sb[p "Q"BbT
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  	$S@,>,>,>,> | " B` } "? BX } " BP | p4BT*,>Zp "Q"B,>, p/4fT*pp(B G0HK+T!pp(BG B`+T$0HK+T%pp(BG BX/&+T0HL+T(p BP/&+T>\"}+T+> ",^,^,^,^,~,>,>,>> "
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,>U6,>T,>z,>,\8s>|+U# 8 Vx,>Tl,&A0X+U, Px,>x,>w,>w u[ "Q"B,>,U^7X 8>~ Px,
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Tm,>,>,>,>,>,>,> z.  &" ,>,$E  <WQ<B @x,$E  8_Q8B@@x,>z,>z,>,V  0P+UV y4RUV,>x,>U4 w.",>,>,48>~aB+UV,>x x.",>,>,3:>~4bUV,>U4,>x,>,>,V0>~`B+UU\0r+UV>+UF V @x,&A T @x,&A>~ ,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~,>,>,>,>,>,>,>> y.  @ &" B,>,$E  6GQ6B ~ @x,$E  <OQ<B,>V,>x,>x,>,V  B}  2@}+V w @}7@}+V,>v,>U5,> u. ,> v,>,
z>}aB+V,>v,>U5,>,>,>,	[>}4bV,>V,>v,>,>,V0>~`B+V,>V,>v,>,>,V0>~`B+V "b \ r @} \$r+V
 "b \ s @} \$sD@D@D@D Bx,>x,>"VB"VB+V>} } @}+Up R | @x,&A P | @x,&A>} >~,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~ } }
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V#+V%+V&+V'+V(\"x+V.@+V( &+V( &U |B~@b } 
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,>,>,>,>,>,>,>>@ "d .4 "d .2 "d .0 "d .6 "d." B~ "d." B "d." B "d." Bx`X+Vz _ BP@@H@@@@@X ~@@ @@ @@ x@@ "< B~,>V,$E 5\Vb@@}+Vj,>V "c,> "wQ"B,> "|,>,>W,* Bz \x,>V,&A>}@ "}4bVq "d,>,7V>aB+Vq,>},>^,>^,1` 8+Vy "|Q"B@,>},>W,>V "zQ"B,>,2R,>{,>W,>W,6i>~>~+VW }>d,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~u   &3f+W\"{,~2"j+W\"|,~@,~,>,>,>,>,>>2 4 KaT+W  "NQ"B ,>,>W$ "MQ"B,>,3: >~4xW "NQ"B 5RW "B+WOB 8+WOB 8@ K,>,>V,> "LQ"B,>,48>~+W
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Zp "Q"B Bp \x,W4 0X+W- \x,Z" 1X+W26@p+W1xW3 \x,[ \x,cb>+W%$p  
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pbWa+XE\"+XN8Wa"XObWbaX+XIO+XN,>,X|5"XK>+XN"XP Bx,>,Z>,^,^,~

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pbWa+Xh\"+Xr"Wa$WadWbaB<+XlO+Xr,>,X|4"Xq p
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dX|+Xx\",~"X|1B+X{O,~ ",~$
.$2d+Y# D
Od D$Y44$Y11$+Y+Y1+Y
.&2f+Y# . D
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4+D) .$ F+Y2 
.&2f+Y# . D
+Y#h`4D+Y$\",~ .$+Y0@@+Y2  D
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$` D+Y2\"|,~ ",~ $
,> ~Z!" cB+Y; 7@+Y:\"r+Z  F(Z <"YC1"+
.$2d+Z D
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 & (.$2dp+Z D( $d D=&YT+Z  
."2b+Z B
.&2f+Z F
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$d\D+Z\"+Z ",^,~$,>,>,>,>,>,> | p Bp8Wb48Z1x+Z
L| P."2bH+Z BPpp(B G,>,>,c>5BZ\"}+Z`P+Z$Wb1D0Vd+Z,>,>,Y4>0B+Z+Z ",^,^,^,^,^,^,~,>,>,>,>,>,>,>> w@@p
Zp "Q"B Bp [1@
+Z- 3@p+Z-\"~+[ 04Wb5TZg  ,>[,$E  *gQ*B 2["[h@/"@5BZPp
b[+Z"gQ"BBp[B@B@w/$gQ$B+Df4bZe@"[B"[B"[h@/"@B w"[h@/"@ 
b[1T+Zt [h@/ @4`Zt@+Zq` 0"00b=+Zq/" 
B.$ [h@/ @3d+Zm0P+[
,>,FP+[	,>,F0+[	,>,Fi+[	,>,SD+[	,>,fr+[	,>,f8+[	,>,g>+[	,>,i# > w Y45@[,>,>[,&A> >{,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~$p
$p@  ,> 6@p+[ "  Bp,>[0,$EQBp>@@p[p *Q*B"W3h/"B : 7@+[*"[/B"[0B  ".B  :  b[+ .\+[.4D[."[/B"[0B  $.D,^,~   5Permanent data base operations not locally supported. Od[9 DO,~:[1,>|,>|,>|,>|,>[?,>|,>|,>|,[6>|,~State:[@Identification:[B	!Management Version:[D!Service Circuit:[G"	Service Password:[J"PService Device:[M"
	LoadeFile:[Q"	Secondary Loader:[S"	Tertiary Loader:[V"	
Software Identification:[\"	Dump File:[_"	Secondary Dumper:[a"	
Dump Address:[d"h
Dump Count:[g"Host:[i#Host:[k#+
LooptCount:[l!Loop:Length:[o!	LoopWith:[q!:[y#Incoming Timer:[{!Outgoing Timer:[~!
ActivemLinks:\EDelay:\DNSP Version:\!
Delay Factor:\
Delay Weight:\
!InactivityTimer:\!Retransmit Factor:\!Type:\BCost:\DHops:\DCircuit:\DRouting Version:\!Type:\!
Subaddresses:\"!Maximum Address:\%!Maximum Circuits:\(!
Maximum Cost:\+!
Maximum Hops:\-!Maximum Visits:\0!Maximum Buffers:\2!Buffer Size:\5!Fence:\8"[A2[C2[F7[I7[L8[O8[P<[R<[U=[X>[[?[^A[`A[cC[fD[hF[jF[kK[nK[pL[rP[uz[vz[x{[z[}[,\,\^\c\	h\h\i\i\\\\\B\B\G\!G\$L\'L\*M\,M\/N\1Q\4Q\7	b\9OnOffShut
Restricted	ReachableUnreachable:\m:\m:\n:\n:\p:\qDPDUDLDQDADUPDMCDNDLVDMPDTEDVDZKDPKDZKLDMVDPV:\v:\v:\w:\w:\x:\x:\y:\y:\z:\z:\{:\{:\|:\|:\}:\}:\~:\~:\:\:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]PDP8PDP11
NonroutingPhase II:]-:].:]/Routing
NonroutingPhase II:]2:]3:]5\s8]	8]>]'L]+]1B]6State:]?@Substate:]A@Service:]C 
unter Timer:]E Device:]G Receive Buffers:]I 
Controller:]L Duplex:]OrProtocol:]QaClock:]SSduling Timer:]e 
Dead Timer:]h Delay Timer:]j 
StreameTimer:]m ControllerVRegister:]oPdInterrupt:Priority:]x]B2]D7]F&]H(]K+]N+]P,]R,]T0]V0]Y1]\5]^5]a6]d?]g?]i@]l@]n
Name:^Y!	Sink Node:^[Events:^]
unterkTimer:^u@Connected Node:^x@Connected Object:^z@
Block Size:_@Cost:_ Hello Timer:_ 
Listen Timer:	 Blocking: Maximum Recalls:
RecallgTimer:@Number:teUser:@r: Line: Usage: Type:! DTE:# Channel:$ 
Maximum Data:_& Maximum Window:_) 	Tributary:_+ 
BabblevTimer:- Transmit Timer:t0MaximumaBuffers:d2Maximum Transmits:5 Active Base:8 Active Increment:; 
Dying Base:_F Dying Increment:_I Dying Threshold:_L Dead Threshold:_O 	Node Type:_Q ^p^r2^t7^wd^yd^|H^__B_E_E_
L_L_Q_t_y_y_&_+_+_ ,_"0_#0_%1_(1_*:_,:_/;_1<_4=_7?_:?_=@_?@_BA_EA_HB_KB_NC_P
:`:`:`EnabledDisabled:`:`EnabledDisabled:`:`NodeLineLoggingCircuitModule:` :` :`!:`":`#NodeLineLoggingCircuitModule:`':`':`(:`):`*	PermanentIncomingOutgoing:`.:`/:`0DDCMP-Point
NonroutingPhase II:`?:`@:`B``2`G`t`$&`++`1,`:<`?
`CState:`O@Bctive Circuits:`S@Destination:`VMaximum Circuits:`Y Node:`\ KUser:`] IPassword:` IAccount:`a IObject:`c @Priority:`e @	Call Mask:`g @
Call Value:`i @Group:`k ANumber:`m A
Subaddresses:`o @Active Channels:`r@PActive Switched:`u@PDTE:`xGroup:`yNetwork:`{	Line:`} AChannels:` @Maximum Channels:a P
Default Data:a Default Window:a 
Maximum Data:a	 Maximum Window:a Maximum Clears:a Maximum Resets:a Maximum Restarts:a 
CallaTimer:a ClearTimer:arReset Timer:a `P2`Rd`U`X`[ `\%`^%``&`b*`d/`f/`h0`j0`l1`n1`qt`ty`w&`x&`z+`|0`~5a5a:a:a?a
?a@aAaDaDaEaEaIa Ia"Ja$OnOffShut:aK:aK:aLNot Applicable	Bilateral:aN:aPaMJaQNML$PARAMETERTEXT,>,>,c>5BaZ@,~ZOb,~NML$CODEDTEXT ~4"am1"+
a`+am+ab+ac+ae+af+ag "]8+ad "^P $+ah "^m+ah "`E $+ah "aR $,>,>,>,c>~4BamZ 3&+an@,~ .Ob,~NML$SUMMARY,>,>,c>5Bav@,~Z"aw,~:NML$STATUS,>,>,c>5Ba}@,~Z"a~,~8NML$CHARACTERISTIC,>,>,c>5Bb@,~Z"b,~6NML$EXECUTOR_ONLY,>,>,c>5Bb
@,~Z@&b5Fb $&bA ,~.
,NML$GET_APPLICABILITY,>,>,c>5Bb@,~Z"b,~*NML$VALID_PARAMETER,>,>,c@4Bb $> ,~NML$CLEARABLE,>,>,c>5Bb%@,~Z"b&,~@NML$READ_ONLY,>,>,c>5Bb,@,~Z"b-,~&NML$VDB_PARAMETER,>,>,c>5Bb3@,~Z"b5,~$NML$GET_PDB_DATA_TYPE,>,>,c>5Bb;@,~Z"b=,~$NML$PARAMETER_DATA,>~,>~,c>4BbFZ$bG4DbF,>,>~,>~,bJ>~,~@,~$EXTRACT_PARAMETER_DATA,>,> }(bG0H+bP ~ ~ B "+b~0H+bV ~ ~(BG B "+b~0H+b^ ~ 
~( "(aB7c c+@.."1b
+bY Fp+bc0H+bd ~ ~  F $d D "+b~0(0h+bq ~  ~ 
 J$ch@/$@5Dbm0H+bl "+bo "+bo4dbn9bo " d D+b~0(0h+bx ~  ." ~ 
 J f F+b~0H+b~ ~ ~  F $d D "+b~\"},^,^,~(D( NML$PARAMETER_LOOKUP 4"c	1"+
c+c	+c
+c+c@,~ "\: $+c "^ $,>,>,>,c>~,~SEARCHPARAMETERTABLE,>@| 
.* . &"3B+c& /$ ~$$. ~2D +c  +c& ~2$ +c# 
+c ~3d +c% +cg ,^,~NMLQUENML$REQUEST_INITIALIZE,>c0,8P,>c0,>c1,],>c1,>c1,]>},~de2iNML$REQUEST_ENTER,> :n BpR`p " Bp,>,cC,>c0,>,8U ." $2Dp+c=,>c0+c>,>c1,>,f>} p,^,~LOCAL_REMOTE_CHECK,>,> ~ " BpZp4XcR,7Y 
$gQ$B(B G(BG4BcO3B+cR+cQbcT+cQ+cR " Bp,^,^,~@NML$REQUESTNEXT,> "2B+cZ,>c0+c[,>c1,t /<,2XBp " Bp> ,^,~NML$REQUESTFINISH,>,> ~[p "Q"B p0B+ck"cyh@/"@0B+co " Bp+cr0B+cr"cyh@/"@2Bcz+cr " Bp,>c0,>,8p> "2Bp+ct 8+cu@Zp4Bcw,>,> ,^,^,~ @NML$REQUESTABORT,>,>,>c0,>~,>d,9 >~4\dZp "2Bp+dZp,>,>,>c0,>,8p "2Bp+d
,>c0+d,>c1 .",>,> " Bp4Xd \x,`> "+d@,^,^,~d4NML$REQUEST_TERMINATE [ "Q"Bdl@F " B,>,cb>,~NML$REQUEST_CANCEL,>,>,>c0,>~,>d,9 >~4\d1Zp "2Bp+d0,>c0,>,8p "2Bp+d),>c0+d*,>c1 .",>, " Bp4Xd. \x,`>~@+d1 "+d1 ",^,^,~REQUEST_SEARCH  2D@,~NML$REQUEST_SHOW,>,> ~,>c0 },>`,>dC,9 Bp>~7@p+dA p  D` "+dB@,^,^,~dESHOW_SCAN,>,>,> } `3b~+dY,>d\,$E  ` Bp ` Bp `XBp ` Bp `XBp[`QBp ` Bp `4VdX Vx,$EQBp Vp[` $Q$	   
bd[+ >7@,^,^,^,~@,>> "Q"B jD jD kD,>dj,>dk "~Q"B,> "~,>,dk  \x,>},f \@@@@x,6i>}+da	,>,>,>,>,>,>,>>@ "d .0 "d .2 "d." B~ "d." B~ "d." B "d." B "d." Bx "d .4`V+e" ^ B@@@H ~@@ ~@@ @@ @@ x@@@@P "< B},>e',$E 5\e@+e,>e( "c,> "wQ"B,> "{,>,>e(,*  \x,>e',&A>}@4xe "d,>,>_,e2>aB+e "d,>,e) >5@e Xx,>P,>g,1` 6+e! "|Q"B@ Xx,>e),>e( "{Q"B,>,2R X@@@@x,6i>>~+d| >d,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~M   &3f+e-\"{,~2"j+e/\"|,~@,~VALIDATE_USER,>> n@@ m7@p+ef? p+e]p Bx "-2Bx+eB " Bx ",> "p,> "p,> "~,>,el>~`B6@p+e] ".3Bx+eH+e] ",> "p,> "p,> "~,>,el>~aB+e]6@p+e] p0d+e]@@ &~Q&@9eQ m0"00b=+eP/"/"B=deM eh By@@z "o.ei Bz ei B{ "
 B{ ej B| " B| ej B} " B} "y.ek 	d@+e]+e^@+ef &
 F{ 	d@+ef "o." n&eh0F+ee " B+ef@@ ">o,^,~
@ @HREAD_PPN,>,>,> ~ `/$@ } } 
ey>pX B`1B+ez0"0b+f $(. /$0d+f=jer p4bf9f>pX H` 
`0*0j+f$(. /&1f+f@+f=be{ |!$. D ",^,^,^,~,>,>,>,> 6aV+f,>f,$E  "gQ"B ,>|,>f,>,3: 4tf X Tx,>{,>{,f>+f Xx,>f,&A@>}+f,^,^,^,^,~>z,>f(,$E }XD $> D ~ DZ $Q$B DR` ~QD@@ $f(XD  D Bx,c4>,~,>,> ~[p,>,>e(,>p[p "gQ"B,>,48>~ "2Bp+f6Zp,>,>p,&A Xx,>p,&A \x,>f(,&A>~,^,^,~NML$READ,>,>f;,go>,~f>READSPECIFICENTITY,>,>,>,>> " Bx,>fo,$E >5XfF |\$xdfm@@+fj "gQ"B B | .6
+fS,>fo$fm,>,>X,>"fn,> "},> "gQ"B,>,>,[6+fZ,>fp$fm,>,>X,>"fn,> "},> "|,>,>,iU "fm5Bfb,7Y X2H+fb2F+fb l@Btfn \x,[ \x "/|,> "gQ"B,>,h} Xx,>fo,&A>z>,^,^,^,^,~$$$p

$p NML$CHANGE,>,>ft,go>,~fwCHANGE_SPECIFIC_ENTITY,>,>,>,>,>,>,>> {  `g$,>,g( .0 .<
,.6+.2+@,B"cBp+g,>P3"},>,>H,>,[:+g "cBp+g,>fo"g%,>,>X,>P,>g% "},>,>H,>,iU >+g@@x"g%,>,>X,>P,>g% "},>,>H,>,iU `g$>| Xx,g(`B+g Xx,[>,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~$`$$pGETNEXTPARAMETER,>> ~ pbp Bp,>p,>p,>3"p+g/@bp+g; p Bxxx(BG$fm,>,> ",> "~,>,b?." Bp p2Bp+g: \x,g(>~+g;>~ ">,^,~NML$ZERO,>,>g@,go>,~gCZEROSPECIFICENTITY,>,>> z "bfn " Bx,>fo,$E >4Xg] "gQ"B B,>gl"fm,>,>p
+gg \x "/,> "gQ"B,>,h}>4Xgi Xx,>fo,&A>>{,^,^,~ p
xPROCESSTREQUEST,>,~"g{$g|h@/$@4$gw"bfn ,>, \x,cb>+gz,>,>~"gk,>,g>~ ",^,~$p
 @x .2\6x "0.b~."&" ,>,$E >4Xh+ "gQ"B B~ 4hv ~ "cBu+h,>fp "hv,>"hwh@/"@,>,>H "|,>,>{,>,[6 +h%,>hy "hv,>,>g%,>H"hwh@/"@,> "|,> "{,>,>,iU  "gQ"B Bz>>|3Vgl+h(2Vhy+h+,>,>,&A> ".B~+h	0V+h-2@~+h4vfn,>,[ \x,cb4Xh2 Xx,>,&A>> +hq "bfn,>,[ \x,cb/@~ s .6
7`~+hi5}2BHb}hx1@+hI,>fp,$E >4\hR "wQ"B BH
Hhx+D $	"+By@@y@@z\" Bz\"},B}@@{@@{+HX Rx,>g%,>,h}> Rx,cb TH@@H4\h] \x,>fp,&A> .6
"hw5Bhb}}\".B~} hx+he0B+he`}>~+h9} ~//" B~ b} B}+h94Xhl Xx,>,&A> s\ @`fn \x,[ \x,cb>"fnh/">y,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~$$$ $$X@t@COPY_RESP_PARAMETERS,>,>,> } ." 0h+i
[ <Q<B  </ $Q$Bh 
@b bi"+  " B+i
[5$Q$Bhx.<+i0B+i B }:+i  .<    
bhx+  .\ } ~ } 
bhx+   } }.D,^,^,^,~@$$
\"s,~NML$VDB_INITIALIZECan't initailize executor data baseCan't allocate PVB for executor,>,>,>iK,8P,>iK,8P,>iL,8P,>iL,8P,>iM,8P,>iM,8P,7Y@@ Bx,n  5Xi9,>iN,)> "biJ " B` " B`,>iN,$E 5\i@,>iO,)>X\` "2 Bp "jXBp "K Bp "XBp "K Bp "?XBp "L Bp "XBp>|,^,^,~
`nopqrsi&i*NML$VDB+Module entity type is not locally supported,>,>,>,>> u0X+i] x $ DOdjq D\"|+jl u4<jl1<+ti_+jl+ib+i~+j+j+j5+j< x bjo `bjp"jp,>,>,b0 >aV+ip,>,>,>u,>t u,>,>,>u,m9 >|`V+i} " B{ X| v B|@@}\"} B@@} v B~ T~ w  F "{	bC+i| w  F 7  +jl w,> w bjo `bjp"jp,>,b0>aB+j
,>,>,>u,>t,>P,>,>u,m9+j4 " B{ X| v B| " B}\"} B@@} v B~ V~ P B "{	bC+j w  D+j " B{ X| v B| " B}\"} B@@} v B~@@~@@ "{	bC+  +jl,>,>,>u,>u,>u u,> u,>,kZ 
 p " Bx Xx r By " By\"} B| s Bz s Bz X B{ H{ "x	bC+j/ { |@0B+j3 & t".T0J`F ">|+jl w  " B{ X| v B| " B}\"} B@@}+jD48j=1x+j>0X+jM w  " B{ X|@@| " B}\"} B w B} v B~ x  D~ F "{	bC+jI  0B+jl w".H+jl0X+j\ <qZp1\q+jkO3Bw+jX,>u "pQ"B,>,>jr "~,>,ju>~ x4BjX0B+jN w? +jf "pQ"B xD+jN0X+jlO2Bw+jl &s w xZ1Fs+jk "Q"B."".DX6 X+jg\"x+jl $Q$B  
Pbjq+kJP+j`k"+jl\"}>{,^,^,^,^,~@@:iPNML$GET$VDBPARAMETER,>,>,>,>,>,>,>z,>,>z,nk5FkA"4Bk1b+kZ` "Q"B@@fk#fk#fk$bk$+k5Fk `+k`@0TF+kZ` "Q"B B+k@@ "+k.<3<X+k@,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~
51,0,NML$SETVDBPARAMETER,>,>>{4Xk0,>,>{,n,> "~,>,>kB "~,>,qa kB  
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kk+kn+kn+kn+kq+ks,>|,>|,>,>},>},k+k{,>|,>|,>+ky,>|,>|,>},>},>},l.+k{0B+k|,>|,>|,>},>},>},l+>},~\"},~READ_PARAMETERS,>,>,>,>,>,> z .26@`+lZH4Bl&7@`+l& |7@P+l&Z`H {O+l $6.H+Dl
+l+l+l+l,>{,>X,ay+l,>{,>X,ar+l,>{,>X,b>aB+l+l\"}+l&,>{,> P/",>,>{,qa."2bP+l".DP+l>~\"x+l&>~.<3<`+l
 {1B0P+l&,>,>,>jr,>,>z,l.>} ",^,^,^,^,^,^,~READ_COUNTERS ",~READ_FILTERS,>,>,>>	 tQBy tXBy r "Q"Bblf s5\l7,>iM,7Y+lY h"2blh+l_5VlG(B G5XlB,7Y  *zQ*B " (bjq+ @+lN *zQ*B "lgB"lgB@B+lN *zQ*B @B@B ." s  
bjq+4\lX<"nB|@@|@@}\"B}\"}nBx@@~@@~m"zQ"BmBm\"|	bC+lX,>iM"yQ"B,>,>lh,99>~4Vlc,>m"v,>,lk>+lb,>iM"v,>,>li,9>~4Blcg">v,^,^,^,~$z}@?rIlkREADFILTER,>  ~ $Q$B Dp$l{h/$0D+lr .&,>+lx0D+lu .$,>+lx1D+lwO+lz.",>,>,>l|,9>~,^,~$pl~READFILTERSINK   &Q&B F.$,>,>,>m,9>~,~mREADFILTERMASKS,>,>,>,>,>,>,> | { .< |.6^=m,@ "Q"B &k#F&k#F&k$F$k$D@ | .6 $Q$B  &.>h$2$m2+m4Rm+0R~+mO+m 27@`+m+ "d BP `XBP,>m2,>[` /$,>Z`,>,qa."[`3b+m*>~\"x+m..B@@`>~.<.03p+m@,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~@VDBCHANGE*Service functions only supported for DTE's,>,>,>,>> y5Bmh z,> z,>,n
3Bx+ma |Odm} D\"s+mz(BG5Bme,>,BV>,>,>,>{,>{,o
+mw0B+my,>z,>jr,>jr,ny>~`B+mm\"{+mz,>z,>z,n,>{,o>~+mz\"|+mzO>,^,^,^,^,~:m4SETNODEENTITY(B G  *Q*B"n	B"n
B ."  bjq+ ,~  GET_EXISTING_ENTITY_DB>,>~ ",> "~,>,ny>~aB+n,>x,>~,>~,9>~+n@>,~SET_ENTITY_DBInvalid entity for data base creationMissing queue for data base creation,>,>> }5Xn',>iN,$E >4\n=,>,>},m>+n50X+n+,>iN,$E >5\n5+n=4xn40x+n4,>iN,$E >4\n= ~." *pQ*B ~ bjq+ +n5,>n@+n<,> ",>,>jr,ny>~aB+n<,>x,>,8U>+n>,>nA,)>g >,^,^,~nnENTITY_VALIDX25-ACCESSInvalid entity for data base creation,>> x5Dn` *zQ*B  "by." y  
bjq+  & " B|@@|@@}\" B}\"} Bx@@~@@~ \ F "|	bC+n[  xaB+nr+n\ "cBx+nr(B G4Fnr "+nr0D+ng y y` ( 
h>+nr,>nv,)>@>z,^,~@nBnDGET_VDB_ENTITY_QUEUE ~4"n~1"+
n{+n~+n+o+o+o+o@,~ "n $rI+o "o+o "q $rC+o "p+o "s $rV6F B6B D ",~INSERT_PARAMETER,>,>,>,>,>,>,>>{{(B G z,> y,>,>,oI>~`B+o6B{ @\"u+o9,>,> .",>,>y,AJ>~`B+o\"x+o9Z` ` BxO+o, $2 .2`X+o,2@X+o',>,>z,>,pA>~`B+o8+o7,>,>,p*>aB+o7Z` .+o3.<3<x+o,>,p>aB+o7Z` `$" . @X,>,>z,>,pA>~`B+o8\"x+o9:` ">,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~COPY_PARAMETER_VECTOR  ~ $"+oE  H.$.&/" h(2(m2+oB,~APPLICABLE,>,> }48oX18+doL+oX+oO+oW+oW+oW+oW < ~$oZ1D+oT <,>,o\>`Bl,>,>~,b>cB+oX "+oY@,^,^,~
ADJACENT",~REMOVEPARAMETER,>,>,>,>,>,>,>>z7@`+pZ`4@p7@`+p,>z,>z,>,oI>~aB+pZ``BxO+p$4.2rP+p2RP52p`/$/0.$6.,>,>z.",>,Aw,>y,>,q: $"..",>,>,>,o@@@X@@X>`42p>|+p>|+p6B{ R\"u+p.<3<x+om6@`+p,>,p
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  J/"2"+p3 $".@@@@ ",^,~SET_PARAMETER_DATA,>,>,>,>> x,> x p,>,b8 "q.<`V@+p`5Bp\8q4Xp\0x+pSw $"/"@+pQwaD7
q+@..$3d+pN+ph ."&"Zp5DpX Bx,$EXBp4BpnZp *Q*B  w bjq+ +q
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5Xq	0TF+q	Zp5Bpo,>q,$E>XBp5Bpo>@+qZp *Q*B w5Tpxww(B G"qB"qB@B+p~@$qD"qBT  w  
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7~R`p> ">{,^,^,^,^,~
(F(    SET_FILTERINTERNAL ERROR: SET_FILTER routine not coded,>q,:>@,~qSET_IMAGE_FIELD,>,>,> ~ .6 } `5\q' ."&",>,$E B`>+q0 "wQ"B."3V+q0,>."&",>,&A ."&",>,$E B`>~ `5Bq2@+q6 *Q*B  ~ bjq+  ",^,^,^,~CLEAR_PARAMETER_DATA,>,>,> },> } p,>,b8$k".<`B@+qM5DqGA"4BqG1b+qM."&"Zp,>,>,&AR`p+qRZp "Q"B."."&" F Bx,&A+qS5DqN@@p+qS5VqS0XF+qSZp,>,>q,&A>+qSR`p>,^,^,^,~CLEAR_FILTERINTERNAL ERROR: CLEAR_FILTER routine not coded,>q_,:>@,~qWREAD_PARAMETER_DATA,>,>,>,>,> } @ | Xtr?d {,>,>,b8 `F@+r"lgB"lgBF {`F +q~$r?4Dq~ 0d+q{3(+r: { 
J"r?$" /&@+qy & 
J.(3h+qw+r: 3(+r: {Z $+r {Z "Q"B .43(+r: $Q$B   
bjq+  +r:`F +r"lgB"lgBF4r@2t{+r: { 
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J.(3h+r+r:5Rr1TF=r0T2+r "+r0R+r0Td+r "+r0Td+r "+r@0B+r/ZX $Q$B"lgB"lgBF(B G "B"r@B"rAB " BF   
bjq+   .4+r:0B+r9"lgB"lgBF "B jB "B jB "B kB 4+r:@ | \> ,^,^,^,^,^,~0  LOGGING_ID_MATCH  $Q$B 2F@,~NODE_ID_MATCH  & Q&B 
(BG2J+rS,>,>,>~,rm>~,~@,~NON_NODE_ID_MATCH ,> "Q"B,>,>~,rm>~,~SVC_CKT_MATCH,> ~ .<@O+rd p 
$*.s*72J+rdZ+rf."3"++r`5Frg@+rk,>"Q"B,>,>~,rm>~,^,~MATCHOID2H+rx@+rv0"00b=+rr/"0"00b=+ru/"2D+rx.&3f+rp7~@,~NML$TRANSMITTER,>,>,>s,cWt\x,s\x,s4xsXx,>s,>pZp"Q"B,>,48X\x,t`B+s\x,cb`B+sr .6 "r." B| "r." B{ "r." B{ "r." B "Y." Bz "Y." Bz "Y." By "Y." By "Y." Bx "Y." Bx "Y." Bw "Y." Bw "Y .2 "Y." Bv "bBx+t "	  B ~@@ ~@@ZP "Q"B  $ " Br }@@ }@@\" | B\"} BX |@@ {@@ { X  D "r	bC+s]   X1D+sj U[P "Q"BD@D@D@D,> T[ "Q"B,>, BP>O+t
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3Pt+t	<`t	,>t,>+sJ@+t
 " Bx+sJ >Y,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~$`MRECEIVE_RESPONSEResponse read failed%N,>,>> ~,>},>t0[p "Q"B,>,3: Bp>~6@p+t.[p "Q"B Bx\"sBx@Bx@Bx x@Bx "x,>,>t1,>t1,>t2,>t2,;]B,>} {[ "Q"B,>, Bp>|g ">,^,^,~$t 0@P`p 0@P`p ! "0#@$P%`&p'() *0+@,P-`.p/NCP$COMMAND_INITIALIZE,>tG,8P> ",~NCP$COMMANDINTERNAL ERROR: OPRPAR FailureINTERNAL ERROR: Invalidly formatted command message blockINTERNAL ERROR: No fields in message block,>,> ~,>p,>,x p @ p .  Q ` @ .p,N`@+tb,>tm+tj,\a@+td 
 Jx,tv+tk,>tn+tj,>tn,:>~g>,^,^,~tItLtRNCP$DISPATCH_COMMANDINTERNAL ERROR: Invalid command keyword code <"t1"+
tx+t+u[+v+v!+v++t+v4+v=+vF+v+wORTRequeste#i%DAbortedRequestc#i%D.Does notnexistINTERNALERROR:NRequestRnumberenotnpresentINTERNALERROR:NREQUESTRkeywordSnotepresentINTERNALERROR:NQUEUERkeywordUnotepresent,>,>,>>,ca@+ua+u +u:0X+u:,ca@+ua+ud +u90X+u9,xa@+u$a+u% +u8,>u>,$E,,wQ` @QXx,c|aB+u-5X,>u>,>u>,>u?,>u?,>}+u0+X,>u>,>u>,>u@,>u?,>},>,;]@@x+wQB`,>,>,7,,\x,>u>,&A>|,+u;,>u@+u:,>uA+u:,>uA,:@>~,^,^,^,~(uuuu
+v,>v,:@>~,^,^,^,~uCuEuHuMuRuVNCP$CLEARINTERNAL ERROR: Invalid syntax in CLEAR command,>v,u@@x,>u?,:>aB+v "+v,>v,:>g>,~	v
NCP$DEFINEINTERNAL ERROR: Invalid syntax in DEFINE command,>v,u,>u?,>v),:>aB+v& "+v(,>v),:>g>,~vNCP$DUMP,>v-,u,>,~NCP$LISTINTERNAL ERROR: Invalid syntax in LIST command,>v;,u,>u?,~Q>aB+v8 "+v:,>v<,:>g>,~
v.NCP$LOAD,>v@,u,>,~NCP$LOOPINTERNAL ERROR: Invalid entity keyword for LOOP,>,>,>>,>vx,u  ,>  ~,>  },>  |,>,y[ >~a\+vr 48vT18+dvR+vT+vW+vn+vT+vn,>vx,:>@+vu,>,>~,>}  yQ B,>,C  nQ `,>  {,>  tQ `,>  y,>  pQ `,>  x,>,u 0\	c,R  kQ `,>,>x  nQ `,>,>v  pQ `,>,>u,>,>v,>u  qQ B,>,>v+vs Xx,>,>~,>},>~+vs> +vu@@x,>v),}=>>q,^,^,^,~	vANCP$PURGEINTERNAL ERROR: Invalid syntax in PURGE command,>v,u,>u?,>u?,:>aB+w "+w,>w,:>g>,~vyNCP$SETINTERNAL ERROR: Invalid syntax in SET command,>v,u@@x,>v),:>aB+w "+w,>w,:>g>,~wNCP$SHOWINTERNAL ERROR: Invalid syntax in SHOW command,>v;,u@@x,~QaB+w  "+w",>w#,:>g>,~wNCP$TELLINTERNAL ERROR: node name not present in TELL syntax,>,>,>,>> [ <`Q<B,a@+w1 Bx+w2 Bx+w@@ wj@ wk@,>wk  Q @,>,>v),5>~5Bw9 "+w<,>  Q @,>,> V,>,>,>,>,C+wJ,xa@+wC Bx+wD Bx+wK@ ",>,>,>,>,C "b  V>~+wM,>wl,:>@+wg  . X@  `Q Q`,>  ,>  `Q Q`,>  },>  `Q Q`,>  |,>,u B} |  `Q `D |  `Q `F {  `Q `H  D4dwa  `Q Q` @ F
4fwc  `Q Q` @
 H	4hwfd`QBQ`,@	,>},tv>|>~,^,^,^,^,~>"w$NCP$TRIGGER,>wp,u,>,~NCP$ZERO,>,>>,>x,u ",> "~,> "},> "|,>,y[ >~aX+x

NCP$REQUEST_INITIALIZE,>,>x$,$E B ,>x$,$EXBp  $} D@@Z $Q$B DR` $ D,>v;,$E QB &
 F } F "yXB>~,^,~}NCP$QUEUE_REQUESTRequest # %D Accepted%/[NICE Request Message]%/%N,>,>,>,>,>,>> [ {QDpZ5Dx\,>tG,>p,>y,9 >~4Fx\ $Q$B  *pQ*B BBX    
by+   .$XD $Q$`  *pQ*` X    
by+   X4xxJ V $Q$`  *pQ*` X    
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4xxS V
 $Q$`  *pQ*` X    
by+   X	4xx\ V	 Z ,>,c4 ,>u>,$E  Z5Dxf "WQ"B0B1B+xf0B	+xo "gQ"` B R,>u>,>u>,>y,>u? "},>,;]@@x "gQ"`,>,>p,7>| "cBk+x~,8 (B "Q"` B~  "~,>,>u>,>y,>v),>v),;] "|,>,>v),>,>,?@@ Vx,>p,7 Rx,82>{ Xx,>u>,&A>},^,^,^,^,^,^,~@Hx&x)NM_ENTITYINTERNAL ERROR: Message block terminated prematurelyINTERNAL ERROR: Invalidly formatted message blockINTERNAL ERROR: Invalidly formatted message blockINTERNAL ERROR: Invalidly formatted message blockINTERNAL ERROR: Invalid entity type keywordINTERNAL ERROR: Invalidly formatted message blockINTERNAL ERROR: Zero is an invalid node numberINTERNAL ERROR: Invalidly formatted message blockINTERNAL ERROR: Invalidly formatted message blockINTERNAL ERROR: Invalidly formatted message blockINTERNAL ERROR: Invalid LOOP class entity keywordINTERNAL ERROR: Invalidly formatted message blockX25-ACCESSX25-PROTOCOLX25-SERVERINTERNAL ERROR: Invalid module entity keywordQUEUEINTERNAL ERROR: Invalidly formatted message blockINTERNAL ERROR: Invalid entity type keywordINTERNAL ERROR: Invalid entity type keyword,>,>,>,>>,\a@+y` Bx+ya Bx,>{+{7@x+yc,>{+{,c Bx ! G@
+yl {@@ |@@ |   @ }+{0J
1J+yn+z,a@+yq  +ys  ,>{+{ {   @ | |,>{  pQ `,>,>v),5>~5Byz "d+z,>{  pQ `,>,>v),5,>  pQ `,>,>} BX B` }  pQ ` @,>,>X+zO0J
 Bx,>{+{ |O@ |@@ }@@ x1@
1@+{1@+{,>{+{0J+z,ca@+z Bx+z Bx,>{+{Q|@@,}@@|5x @+{,>+{0J+z8,a@+z! Bx+z",Bx+z.| |,>wk Q @,>,>v),5>~5Bz("+z+,>+Q@,>,>+BX B`,}+x @+{,xa@+z0 Bx+z1 Bx+z7+|@@+|0J+@,x5Xz6,>{!+{+} X+{,>{!+{0J/"	4"ze1"+
zd+ze+zf+zh+zi,>{$+{ } {$+zj } {%+zj } {% @ {   @ | |,>{ |,>p,>v),5>~5Bzr "d+zv,>{,>p,>v),5,>,>p,>} B` BX+{0J+z~ {   @ | |   @ @ } {&+{0J+{,ca@+{ Bx+{ Bx,>{&+{ |\  @ |@@ }@@ x0@
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+{ $+{0@+{0@+{ {@@+{0@+{ {   @+{,>{',:>@+{  +{,>{',:>@ >,^,^,^,^,~yy
ydyyyy$y)y.y3y8y=yGyByDyEyLyLyQyVNM_EVENTINTERNAL ERROR: Range should be lo-hiINTERNAL ERROR: Upper bound should not exceed 63X25-ACCESSX25-PROTOCOLX25-SERVER,>,>,>,>,>,>,>> 
z .0 .  @x .2 .4 .8,\ B  	2@+{E,
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 B,x ,\ B  2@+{R,a B,\ B26+{T,>|%+{V1v+{X,>|&,:>@+| ={`1 +{] /" |#b|$ &f+{` x |$`|% &f. 3`+{Y+{E6@+|,c B 
5J{{ JH,a@+{h B+{i B+{w,>wk  ~Q @,>,>v),5>~5B{n "+{q,>  ~Q @,>,> BP {  Q B @`,>P,>P,>~,>`,C>~+|,xa@+| B  @`@@P+|0J1J+{}+|	 JH, B  Q ` @`,>{,>`,>v),5>~5B| "d+|,>{,>`,>v),5,>,>`,>} BP+|0J+| JH {  Q B @`,c B  /"	4"|1"+
|+|+|+|+|   @P P |&+|   @P P |'+|   @P P |' P 
`by+ +|O@H,R B+|O@H ">,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~@<<{({,{1{2{4NM_NUMBER-.,>,>,\a@+|I 1\	+|/0\+|J0\	+|H,
  $pQ$` ,>{,>,>v),5>~5B|6  d+|;,>{,>,>v),5,>,>, >}   ( 
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|Nb|L+|F,>~,>~,{5>+|G,R ,\ 0\+|J,a  ",^,^,~@|(|)NM_REMOTEINTERNAL ERROR: Illegal remote file name::INTERNAL ERROR: Illegal remote file name,>,>,>,>,>,>,>,\a@+|_ +|` +}01\+|b0\	+}0 { 0`    | *Q*B  {    
by+  0\+},:  $pQ$` ,>{,>,>v),5>~5B|r 8d+|v,>{,>,>v),5,>,>, >}  @    
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by+ .,>,>,n> { P { T ",^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~|O|S|TNM_PARMS::INTERNAL ERROR: Unexpected COMND jsys function code,>,>,>,>,>,>>,^a@+}C +~I @ "s.@@. 1`+}D4<}T1<+t}I+}T+}W+}n+}T+}T+}v+}v+}v+}|+}T+}T+}T+}T+}T+}T+~
+}T+}T+~n+}T+~,>~O,:>@+~K@x,ca@+}Z +}[ +}l`\1\+}d 40Xd+}b  @ @s  s,>  o,>,{5>+}ld.O@s+}Wa\+}j 4  b@k+}h \s+}ld.@@s+}l.0\+}W 4aT+}@,>v)+~,x Bs  s,>  o,>,|*@@x  r,>,>j,>,>h,|>}+}@ /"+
}x+}y+}z+}{,+~,+~,|+~,Bs{Q~`@s,>{,>r,>v),5>~5B~"d+~,>{,>r,>v),5,>,>q,>}Bxs,>,>u,>,|Y,>~+~E,6+~>  rQ @,>, >,>,>,>r  tQ B,>,C,\a@+~+ 
 $(Q$`   tQ B b   '/,>,>,>v),5>~4B~; B Vx,  " ~P ( 
by+  . .2  sQ B @q Rx  q,>,>i,>,>g,|>|+}@,>v),x,> ">o,^,^,^,^,^,^,~}7}6NCP_READ,>,>,>,>>  x,>  ,>  ~,>  },>,y[ aV+~u ~0X+~\,%+~u,>x,>  {,>,W >~aV+~u,>|,} |5X~j,>},>,>{  xQ B,>,C,>{,>  wQ B,>,->~+~l,>},>,>{,-,^a@+~o +~q  X@@x,}=+~u Xx,>z,>,~{@@x,x,>>~>~ >|,^,^,^,^,~DEFAULT_QUALIFIER ~0B,~ &d$ D$ D $@ F=$  $.D,~  SHOW_QUEUERequest # %D Queued%NRequest # %D Active%NRequest # %D Complete%NRequest # %D Unknown State%N, Local%N, Remote%N, Unknown Type%N, Executor = %D (%#A) %N, Executor = (%#A) %N, Source = %D %N, Source = (%#A) %N%/[NICE Request Message]%/%N%/[The queue is empty],>,>,>,>,>>,>$,$E @t} "},> "|,>,d9>aB+ "gQ"` B |[p .6 p0B+7 X D,>u>,>$,>%,>u? "}+F1B+90B+= X B,>u>,>$,>%,>u? "}+F0B+B X B~,>u>,>$,>&,>u? "|+F X B~,>u>,>$,>&,>u? "|,>,;] p0B+J,>u>,>$,>'+O0B+M,>u>,>$,>'+O,>u>,>$,>(,>v),>v),;]Zp4Ba &Q&B(B G "v."4H[ (
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""NCP>CHANGESetExecutor,CompleteClearExecutorCompleteDefine>Executoris>not,implementedPurgeExecutoris,notimplemented,>,>,>,>>Rx,>*,>{~,>},>,y[>~`X+D+z(Bz(@GGx,>,}~5V1\6@~+,c0X	b+,a@+PB~+Q}B~+Z,>wk}Q@,>,>v),5>~5BV"+Y Bx}QR@,>,> B~tB+d,xa@+]B~+^B~+c@@@~,>,>~,>}{Q[B,>,C>~,>$,$E  wQ ` @ y(@Gy +
l"bL+ ,~   t2CVLTU 0@P`p 0@P`p ! "0#@$P%`&p'() *0+@,P-`.p/ ! "0#@$P%`&p'() *0+@,P=`>p?    
l"br+ ,~ NCVATH 0@xXhxXh,>,> ~  }  
}l"b++,>,>},>,,5>~4B@+)@/848%\"b>b+b,\"b  ~D+aX+)Ob  ~D ",^,^,~ sSETXCTR,>>,>tG,>,>y,9 >~5\7,>v;,$E   Bp,>tG,>,8U>~ *pQ*B6@}+= " } (by+ @B+B@B@B }B } } }by+  "pQ"Q`,> ",> "pQ"Q`,> "~,> "pQ"Q`,> "|,>,u } "pQ"`D | "pQ"`D | "pQ"`D>} ">~,^,~CLEARXCTRINTERNAL ERROR: EXECUTOR was on queue but could not be extracted,>tG,>,>y,9>~4Bc,>tG,>,8p>`B+c,>d,:>g ",~TACCESSCONTROLINTERNAL ERROR: Access control field syntax errorINTERNAL ERROR: Access control field syntax errorINTERNAL ERROR: Access control field syntax error,>,>,>,>,> { } |@@P@@X@@`,ca@+} +~ += /"	c4"1"+
 "+,>  pQ `,>,> BP  pQ `,>,>P,n,>P  pQ `,>,>y+9,>@+;,a@+ + +',>v-  pQ `,>,>v),5>~5B "+!,>  pQ `,>,> BX  pQ `,>,>X,n,>X  pQ `,>,>z+9,>A+;,a@++ +, +;,>v-  pQ `,>,>v),5>~5B1 "+4,>  pQ `,>,> B`  pQ `,>,>`,n,>`  pQ `,>,>x,C>}+z,>A,:>g "	c,^,^,^,^,^,~ejoQUOTE_FIELD ~ ~9FF=dE,~SCAN_XCTR_Q  2D@,~READ_OPTIONINTERNAL ERROR: Invalid parameter keywordINTERNAL ERROR: Invalid message format, expected keyword,>,ca@+Z +[ +m @@ ~dp ~dq0@+` $+c0@+b $+c0@+d $dq+l0@+g  `q+l0@+i  8B@+l,>r,:>@+o  +o,>r,:>@ ,^,~

7`}+$ $@D :,>~,>~,>~,- y D y4b  y  
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by+  J  .y.z..$ D+*@D+'  D :,>~,>~,>~,->~,^,~NICE_ENTITY,>,> } D .< ~4x8   ~  
by+  J p.." Bp+9:p,^,^,~PUTBUF%(6)P  %#(32L)B%2-  *%#(8L)E*%/%N%/,>,>,>,>,>,>> z.z z { 8Q8B " .4 " .2 0b " 4|T P \P XH,>y,>u>,>[,>) "},>,;] b ./>}+I,>y,>u>,>[,>v),>v),;]>|,^,^,^,^,^,^,~;>ASSEMBLER,>,>,>,>,> |&k <$T1$+c+T+h+k+o+u++3+3+T+H+U+\ |  H+S |(l H |$l D+G@ | mdm* J.$1d
+p+ |6@+w  H$l D |$l D |$n D |$n D <+g | .4 .$ .( .2  F < 4" .&  4x0B+ $+
 $ 2b  X   H  
by+  J . 9@B$o D$o D.<$p D$p D.<6@P+7@W+g * $ & "
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++.&1f+++g .6 }4d8DX  | } `+L!$bD0F+> |O2D+>OBX+S@BX | .& |(k0H+F"lB |$l D <+g B <+g }4fP F  | } X } 
by+  J }9g!$ cD+TO D <+g@+g }."&"  \ |,>,>| .",>,9g |,>,>| .",>,  {:&" 0h ( "/B@b 
bq+J<>~ .\,^,^,^,^,^,~$    <   H H X X@NICEPARMINTERNAL ERROR: Invalid parameter codeINTERNAL ERROR: Unable to assemble parameter code,> ~1B+&$ D$ D  $.D,>,>~,c >5\,>+
!" bBp+
!"cBp+"5B,>,:>@+!"cBp+ },>,>|,n>,>,>},>|,]>~ ",^,~0$prvSeconds Since Last ZeroedBytes ReceivedBytes Sent!Messages Received%Messages Sent)Connects Received,Connects Sent0Response Timeouts4Received Connect Resource Errors8Maximum Logical Links Active=Packet LossBNode Unreachable Packet LossFNode Out-of-Range Packet LossKOversized Packet LossPPacket Format ErrorsTPartial Routing Update LossYVerification Rejects^, ,#1'1+6/62;6@<^ABDBICNCSGWL\QaSeconds Since Last ZeroedBytes ReceivedBytes Sent
DataBlocksReceivedDataEBlocksSentDataErrorsiInboundNAKs Sent,NHeadertBlocknCheckUErrorNAKs Sent,vDataHField BlocktCheckNAKsiSent,eREPnResponseBlockvToo LongBlockmCheckrErrorREJSent!$%')DatanErrorssOutboundNAKslReceived,tHeaderoBlocksCheckCErrorNAKsRReceived,DatalFieldiBlockiCheckErrorNAKseReceived,eREPtResponseREJIReceived37<?1ARemoteReplyTimeoutsGLocalReplyTimeoutsKRemoteeBuffereErrorsNAKsReceived,rBufferoUnavailableNAKsReceived,sBufferoTooDSmallRNRReceived,BufferUnavailableRVYP^LocalIBuffer ErrorsNAKsnSent,BuffercUnavailableNAKsSent,mBuffermTooaSmallRNR-Sent,eBufferoUnavailabledgjbnSelectionbIntervalsElapsedsSelectionTimeoutsNoReplyToSelectIncompleteReplyToSelectz|xRemote Process ErrorsNAKs Received, Receive OverrunNAKs Sent, Header Format ErrorSelection Address ErrorsStreaming TributariesInvalid N(R) ReceivedFRMR Sent, Header Format Error	
	c	Seconds Since Last Zeroed	5Terminating Packets Received	:Originating Packets Sent	?Terminating Congestion Loss	DCorruption Loss	ITransit Packets Received	MTransit Packets Sent	QTransit Congestion Loss	VCircuit Downs	ZInitialization Failures	^Bytes Received	bBytes Sent	fData Blocks Received	iData Blocks Sent	nData Error InboundNAKs Sent, Header Block Check ErrorNAKs Sent, Data Field Block Check ErrorNAKs Sent, REP Response	t	x	|	r	Data Errors OutboundNAKs Received, Header Block Check ErrorNAKs Received, Data FieldNAKs Received, REP Response

Remote Reply Timeouts
Local Reply Timeouts
Remote Buffer ErrorsNAKs Received, Buffer UnavailableNAKs Received, Buffer Too Small

)Local Buffer ErrorsNAKs Sent, Buffer UnavailableNAKs Sent, Buffer Too Small
6Selection Intervals Elapsed
9Selection TimeoutsNo Reply To SelectIncomplete Reply To Select
FLocally Initiated Resets
JRemotely Initiated Resets
NNetwork Initiated Resets
S	9	>	B	G	K	P	T	Y	\	at	dt	hy	ly	p~

VSeconds Since Last Zeroed	Maximum Circuits ActiveIncoming Calls Rejected, No resourcesLogical Links Rejected, No resourcesBytes ReceivedBytes Sent"Data Blocks Received%Data Blocks Sent*Calls Received.Calls Sent1Fast Selects Received5Fast Selects Sent9Maximum Switched Circuits Active=Maximum Channels ActiveCReceived Call Resource ErrorsGLocally Initiated ResetsLNetwork Initiated ResetsQRemotely Initiated ResetsURestartsZ
diit t$y(y,X0X3]8]<bAbFgKlOlTmYq\NCPCTRNCP$COUNTER_TEXT,>,>,
	g ,~NCP$BIT_TEXT,>~,>~,
Z   h$h(2d+
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! $c &+
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& $
X &+
( $^ &+
.* . &"3B+
? /$ ~$$. ~2D +
:Z +
? ~2$ +
2 ~3d +
? +
2g ,^,~INTERNAL ERROR: NCP Initialization Failed,
@NCP V3.0 StartedINTERNAL ERROR: Failed to initialize ORION interface,IaB+
Z,1> ",~,>
LFunction not implemented: Add code here to do error handling,>
[Function not implemented: Add code here to do restart processing for NCP,>
d,tEaBg+",~Unrecognizedfunctionor+optionInvalidmessageformatPrivilege+violation$Oversized+Managementcommand)messageManagementprogramerrorUnrecognizedparametertypeIncompatibleManagementversionUnrecognizedcomponentInvalididentificationLine+communicationerrorComponent+inwrongstateFile+open+errorInvalidfilecontentsResourceerrorInvalidparametervalueLine+protocolerrorFile+I/OerrorMirrorlinkdisconnectedNoroomfornewentryMirrorconnect+failedParameter+notapplicableParameter+valuetoo+longHardwarefailureOperation+failure1System-specific Management function not supportedInvalid parameter groupingBad loopback responseParameter missingBad management responseListener link disconnectedListener link connect failedOversized Management responseUndefined NICE error code",h@/"@."?4"1"?+
E,,~ -,~ -,~ .,~ .,~ /,~ /,~ 0,~ 0,~ 1,~ 1,~ 2,~ 2,~ 3,~ 3,~ 4,~ 4,~ 5,~ 5,~ 6,~ 6,~ 7,~ 7,~ 8,~ 8,~ 9,~ 9,~ :,~ :,~ ;,~ ;,~7< <,~ :
:ORINCP$ORIINITIALIZENCPCould not create PID for NCPWaiting for ORION to startCould not sign on to ORION,>,>,8P,>,>`,R B>6@+P,>`,)>@,Q B5BW &"
5BU,>a,:>.<,>a,>+P,>,>,D,>),}>`B+],>b,)>>~[",^,~?@CFNCP$SIGN;ONFirst/argumentinMS3blocknot[anapplication+type codeMSblockcontainsno3arguments ortooshortFirst,argumentinMS,not`textMSblockcontainsno arguments,ortooshortMSblockisneither|anapplication,hello,ACK*orerrortextmessage,>,,B4D0)+*Q*`+"0(b(+>,>,>,>)[,>,Z,>,],@@Zp0B+@ph"3"*+[ph"3"*+,."Z0D`+[h$3$++,,D&",>,82+&,>++&,>,+&0B+%,ph"3"*+$[ph"3"*+$."Z0D+#[h$3$++#N"Q"`,>,:+&,>,+&,>-+&,>-,)>}N",^,~@@@@cinquNCP$GETTCOMMANDReceived$OMTXT,messagefromORION%N,SMessageEPID=,%O,,%O%N,-%A,-<TextBlockMissing:9AR.TYP5=%O,>AR.LEN$= %O> -p<Message"containsZnoargumentsorBtoo short>ReceivedWTORresponse,WTORnotusedReceivedACK,acknowledgements,notrequestedReceivedACKto,applicationhelloaftersuccesfulsign-onReceivedinvalidBmessagejtypefromORION:>TYPE>=%OPID =g%O,>,>,>,>,>>,>,] .2 Z`0V+` Xx,tW+!0V+
pb(+  Jp".Bp z0B+q:p+r0B+s>~+1B>p@ pD,>{,>Zp "gQ"`,>,>*,>*,	 "gQ"` Bp "V Bp6@p+,>_,>,8pZp&",>,82 \x,>,&A>~>|,^,^,^,^,^,~LVSEND_MESSAGE,>,8 $<,>,>|,>|,>},>}, \x,! \x,>{,*,>,>,>,>,Z>{,^,~BUILD_MS_HEADER } ~XD@@@@@@ ~ D $QD  D  D.",~BUILD_MS_ACD  [. &XF &QF  F:!&.F.$.,~BUILD_MS_TXT,>,>,> } .< [`.R`X "wQ"`,> "XQ"`,>,>/",>,>},>*,5>~5B; "wQ"`,> "XQ"`,>, ==,>,>},  *XQ*`  } b(+ @B ."&"."QBX[`[X.QB`:`.> ,^,^,^,~OPR_ID_MATCH  2D@,~ B @@ O,~  O,~  5BT@,~ B O,~   @    [. @ O,~   Z+U   ZO,~,\0Bg,U,~,\0Bg,U,~,\4Be@,~ +U,\1B+i@,~ +U,\1B+l@,~ +U,\1B+p@,~ +U,\1B+s@,~ +U,\1B+w@,~ +U,\0B1B
+{@,~  +U,\1B+@,~  [+U,\1B+@,~  [+U,\1B+@,~  [+U,\1B+@,~  [+U,\1B	+@,~  [+U,\1B+@,~ +U,\1B+@,~ . ,>, >+U,>>  xQ @ @@x ~ &Q&`  Q @4H$0(00h=+"/(/(2@H+ x>,^,~,>,x2@1+- ,
3@1+,@ +/,x3@1+.@+0   O,^,~,\1B+4@,~[  +U,\1B+8@,~[  +U,\1B+<@,~[  +U,\1B	+@@,~[  +U,\1B
+D@,~[  +UNCPRSPNCP$DEQUEUE_RESPONSEINTERNAL ERROR: Unable to get response text buffer*Unknown Entity*%/[NICE Response Message]%/%NINTERNAL ERROR: Zero length response receivedCompleteRequest # %D; %A %A %A%NCompleteRequest # %D; %A %A %A%NContinued...Request # %D; %A %A %A%NFailedRequest # %D; %A %A %A%NFailed%+%A %A %A%N, %#A%N%/ Maximum test data length = %D, exceeded%/%/ Unlooped count = %D%/%/ Request # %D; %A %A %A%N, Invalid NICE return code = (%D)%/,>,>,>,>,>,>,>> u  2@`+[`,>,>`,&A[`4@ @x,>`,&A>Z`,>,>`,&A Xx,>&,&A+5,>&,$E B#5B
,>',:>+#@Q\`,@#@@$+`3@|Z`3@+2<Q<B+@"]`2@|[`@`/@},@![`+@,,Q>B,@",",@~,|,>,>',C,B},{,>,q,5@),(,"cBk+/,82(B "Q"`2Bz+ "z,>,>(,>),>),>),;]"w,>,>),>z,>w,?@@,Px,>H,7,Vx,82>{@@!O !."2b!+4 B!" B|+6,>*,:>}+ <%h@/<@0\+@ "2B`+?@ *,>+,>`,>|,>,>,>}+ 0+0\+C 0 +,>,+E0\+N 0 ,,>-,>`,>|,>,>, T \x,
}I"N	sPSXY\]aLNqcdgh#ijoq@rruGETCOMMANDNAMELoadDumpTriggerLoopSetClearDefinePurgeShowListZero*SystemOSpecific**Unknown*   /"4"K1"+

A889::;<=>>??GET ENTITYNAMENodeLineLoggingCircuitModule4"v1"+ } B } Bx,>1 "	s/$,>,>z,>
"|,>,;].B$>{,~FMTERRORINFO,%/%#A %/%N,>>@ !."2b!+ B!""(B G,>|,>|,>,6>~ "x,> ",>,U>aB+" x B~  B,>1 "	s/$,>,>%,>2 "|,>,;].B$>}5\#6@xg ">~,^,~FMTERRDETAIL,%/Parameter = %#A%N,%/Parameter #%D%N,%/No entity%N,%/Entity = %A%N,%/File = %#A%N,%/Link Failure = %#A%N,%/Error detail = %D%N,>,>> |4X:0X+;@+y {3\.+@3<{+>3||+@2\|3\}+@+M,>{,>,aV &	s/$4BH D} B},>1,>,>},>2 "{+K X,>1,>,>~,>3 "},>,;].B$>|+y3\~+P2<2|+[2X+U,>1 "	s/$,>,>,>),>)+w,>,q4Br B,>1 "	s/$,>,>,>3 "}+p3\+]2<2|+d,>,c4BrOd D} B~,>1 "	s/$,>,>+o3<+f3|+h2\3\+h+s,>,04BrOd D} B~,>1 "	s/$,>,>,>2 "{,>,;].B$>}+y> X,>1 "	s/$,>,>,>3 "},>,;].B$>} ">},^,^,~tux}')z{|+-wyy/MMuv13FMTENTITYHEADERConsoleFileMonitor		%/%/Executor Node = %M (%#A)%/%N%/%/Loop Node = %+(%#A)%/%N%/%/Remote Node = %M (%#A)%/%N%/%/Node = %+(%#A)%/%N%/%/Line = %+%#A%/%N%/%/Logging = %+%#A%/%N%/%/Circuit = %+%#A%/%N%/%/Module = %+%#A%/%N,>> "x,> ",> "~,> z,>,a>~`B++@+L+u++.+5+6+B+B"M0B+1 "@BB N+37@x7N O7@x6 |+C O+C P+C  
 D,>P,>~,>),5>~5B< "d+@,>P,>~,>),5,>,>},>} B Q+C7Q R x B}  B~  B~,>1 "	s/$,>,>,>R "{,>,;].B$>} ">},^,~
d GET_ERR_MESSAGE !.$2d!+^ ". B! " B4b^  " Fb" B" ",~@,~GET_ENTITY_ID,> ! ~ 
~+u+~+u+u+}+!."3&+t+B!""(BG+Bp+!.$3&+sa"&.uF!"eB4b}o"A"?+{@@+}O@p+,!.$3&+,".B!"B4b}I"b"RB",D(+@@(+:!."3&+AB!D"%B(o"oBm`"%"+@@@b(,^,~GETLINKERRTEXTNonodenamesetInvalidnodenameformatUnrecognizednodenameNode,unreachableNetworkresourcesRejectedbyobjectInvalidobject name+formatUnrecognized objectAccess control rejectedObject too busyNo response from objectRemote node shut downNode or object failedDisconnect by objectAbort by objectAbort by managementLocal node shut down 4";1"+
2B~+!"3B+!,>1:"	s/$,>,>*,>),>),;].B$>},>1"	s/$,>,>*,>),>),;].B$>}",^,~u{FMT"COUNTERINTERNALERROR:InvalidBbit7counterwidth,>,>,>,>4\@v@ "cB}+; !."2b!+; B!""(B G"]<"?1"+
+Q  _,>},>,>,>,>,o>},^,^,^,^,~0}}(D(,INTERPRET_COUNTER%/  %D%16T%+Counter #%D%N%/  %D%16T%A%N%/ >%D%16T%+Counter #%D%N%/ >%D%16T%A%N, including:%N%/%28T%+Bit #%D%N%/%28T%A%N,>,>,>>,>z,>z,
  {2b{ { B~ V~ z B,>1 "	s/$,> z2bz+}5V| +~ +~5V~7 ,>,>R "|,>,;].B$7@x+,>1 "	s/$,>,>,>),>),;].B$ u@aX+,>t,>t,>,
  Vw \x,>1 "	s/$,>5V,>+,>,>2 "u,>,;].B$>| ( Bu u4X.<1|+>}>| $>~,^,^,^,~adehjkmFMT_PARAMETER%/  %#A = %N%/%2+  Parameter #%D = %NINTERNAL ERROR: Invalid Parameter format, DATA TYPE contains multiple fields within a multiple field / %N (%N)%N.%N,>,>,>,>,>,>>4o z,>,>,aV4B97q r D} B~ T~ B,>1 "	s/$,>,>,>
 "{,>,;].B$ !."2b!+D B!""p0B+i"p0B+f@v"q 9e4VN,>1 "	s/$,>,>,>),>),;].B$>} !."2b!+Q B!""p0B+X`X +V P T Xx,~+Z,>r,:>|+k P T Xx,14R`,>1 "	s/$,>,>,>),>),;].B$>} s5Pe0TF+c s t0T21T^+e1TB t=|I+k P T Xx,~+k P T Xx,1>|>~,^,^,^,^,^,^,~0z
 !$/001FMT_SINGLE_CODED_FIELDINTERNAL ERROR: Message short terminated%#A%N%2+%O%N,>>" !.2d!+
+@..(3h+ +
,>,:>+,>|,>|,>,a]4B +  D} B~ \~,>1 "	s/$,>,>,>R "{,>,;].B$>|>~,^,~}(D ( w{|FMT_UNCODED_FIELD%#A%NINTERNAL ERROR: Response short terminatedINTERNAL ERROR: Reserved field non-zero in parameter DATA TYPE%#B%N%M%N%D%N%H%N%O%N%#B%N%#B%N%#K%N%#B%N,>,>,>,>>"~0B+D"~5BB !.$2d!+A ". B!" " b" B" \~ X,>1 "	s/$,>,>+V,>+B,>,:>+{<65\W !."2b!+H B!" !.2b!+{ B! "" $"/"@+Q"aH7
+@..(3h+N \~ X,>1 "	s/$,>,>,>2+x !.2b!+{ B! (	s/$0|+m" $"/"@
+b"aJ7 +@..*3j+_ +]d+f+g+h+i +i +i7  Xx,>1,>,>,>3 "~+y" "|" \"+]o+q+r+s+t +t +t7  B~  B X,>1,>,>,>R "|,>,;].B$>}>~,^,^,^,^,~
{{{{(D(((#)*++,-./0,"/"5b"/"5b,>,>,>,>~,>,^+,>x,>,>,>,>,>~,>,^/,~<<( $&Z$$/$&/<,~0<(4/(5(#(4 $&P"X$$4/$&+%[%'@"5$^%'/<,~0777~7~7}7} '''~'~(///~/~/} '''~'~<0x7d~+9  3H+:=d7@,~,>,>,>>7@|+J {/|7 +K } B | Bx x2B+G | x 
}dN+I<.K  Bx+B x+K |+K@>,^,^,^,~@6O6eO

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]7R`NKE;<H)M$,\;WLJ]X8J]X;)J]XH'J]X=@J]Y$ J]XIJ]X\nJ]XzJ]X;zJ]X|gJ]Xz;@J]XDo J]YKJ]XsrJ]XtJ]XOiJ]YdJ]Y!uMd)Md(8	Md) GMd)WMd(DpMd(1tMd(ygMd(DMd)JMd((Md)Md)SMd)K
X)6:jX:nKxt\B:/\>X\>5'\7N+\2g'r'I(\)8*\)7\	\	)\+,\6.\.,[rO.O[mNO[mO[m	O[l|[l{&O[l+O[kO[kO[j]O[jRO[i%r%H([Z[X%[Qgr%0[Ms/[M"-[M	+[L,[FG[@v*r#eOD^w'hw]!+{0