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 REP 37/1	;10C1
		BATEDT==4711			;Edit level
		BATEDT==4713			;Edit level
 INS 64/19	;10C2

	4712	BATCON	Fix problem where G$SACT was decremented when it shouldn't
			when no PTY's were available to fire up a stream.
			Symptom was BATCON would stop processing jobs because
			G$SACT may get to zero.
			SPR 10-34928 GCO 10117 8-Nov-84 /LWS

	4713	BATCON	Fix another no available PTY problem. BATCON would send
			an erroneous checkpoint message after it had already
			sent a %RSUNA response to setup. QUASAR would say
			hey, Specified request is not yours.
			SPR 10-34931 GCO 10118 8-Nov-84 /LWS
 SUM 178069