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                 EDIT DESCRIPTIONS FOR COBOL-10-V12B                            
                             EDIT 1546   FOR COBOL
When moving a literal 0.0 to any identifier with an  assumed
decimal  place  the expected result of zero is not produced.
In some cases the previous field is also altered.
Once not so very long ago edit 1507 was added to  the  COBOL
compiler  to  handle figurative constants more consistently.
In so adding this edit another bug, which exhibits the above
symptoms,   was  introduced.   At  a  particular  point  the
compiler decides that the sending field is zeroes  and  that
is  what  should  be  moved,  however  it  didn't  take into
consideration the mode receiving field.
Take into consideration the mode of the receiving field.
                             EDIT 1547   FOR COBOL
DEC  extension  warnings  are  interspersed  in  the  source
listing  rather  than  at  the  end of the listing.  Thereby
disrupting the listing.
Same as SYMPTOM.
Move these class of warnings to the end of the listing.
                             EDIT 1550   FOR COBOL
Spurious warning 656  "DEC  extension  -  highest  numerical
value  used"  on the statement.  SET CLR TO 0.  Where CLR is
Some bits in the flag word wasn't cleared  appropriately  on
handling of literals.
Clear the flag word when it's a literal.
                             EDIT 7      FOR CPYLIB
When updating a library file in one directory  while  pathed
to  another  directory,  the  PPN/Path Address word is lost,
causing the wrong directory to be searched when a session is
ended and the backup file is to be created.
When opening a file via a FILOP.  function, the  address  of
the  LOOKUP  and  RENAME  blocks  is  placed in the FILOP.'s
argument block.  When the open is done, the PPN/Path address
word of the LOOKUP block is replaced by the file size.  When
the updating session is completed, another FILOP.   is  done
to  rename  the original file to the backup file.  Since the
PPN/Path word has not been restored  in  the  LOOKUP  block,
this procedure fails.
Edit 7 to CPYLIB and IOTMP will restore the PPN/Path data to
the  LOOKUP  block, as well as restore the RENAME block data
which may be altered should the first attempt  at  a  rename
result  in a duplicate file.  If no path is specified in the
file specs, the default path will be used for all files.
                             EDIT 1130   FOR LIBOL
If an ASCII sequential file is used in  a  program  with  an
OPEN  I-O  statement  for  the file anywhere in the program,
with the data record being SIXBIT and the file containing  a
record  shorter  than  the  maximum  length,  the  remaining
characters in the record get  filled  with  @'s  instead  of
When an OPEN I-O statement appears in a program for  a  file
all  the  appropriate  flags are set so that it goes through
the I-O routine for the read.  In this particular  case  the
external  recording  mode  is ascii and the internal mode is
sixbit, it needs to go through a  conversion  process  which
wasn't happening properly.
Add a statement to perform the conversion.