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 REP 39/1	;10C1
	GLXLOD==:001172		;Sum of GLX module edits
	GLXLOD==:001175		;Sum of GLX module edits
 INS 70/1	;10C2
	;;GLXLOD 001175
	;;		Fix version 1 local copy echo.
	GLX KBD,63,1175,10119,, 9-Nov-84,

	;;GLXLOD 001174
	;;		Fix problem where PT.USE was never cleared for page we used
	;;		to create a hole for IPCF reception.
	GLX MEM,30,1174,10109,LWS,26-Oct-84,

	;;GLXLOD 001173
	;;		Pick up the pieces of GLXFIL edit 110, the channel release code
	;;		was dropped on the floor.
	GLX FIL,111,1173,10104,CTK,19-Oct-84,

 REP 75/1	;10C3
	GLX FIL,110,1172,10032,CTK, 4-May-84,
	;;GLX FIL,110,1172,10032,CTK, 4-May-84,
 REP 122/1	;10C4
	GLX KBD,62,1161,0,NT, 9-Feb-84,
	;;GLX KBD,62,1161,0,NT, 9-Feb-84,
 REP 298/1	;10C5
	GLX MEM,27,1116,0,WSM,19-Jan-82,
	;;GLX MEM,27,1116,0,WSM,19-Jan-82,
 SUM 234262