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                 EDIT DESCRIPTIONS FOR TOPS-10-DCN-V702                         
                             EDIT 11872  FOR DECNET
DECnet doesn't talk to a PHASE IIIE/PHASE IV node.  Spurious event 4.8
codes in SPEAR.  Lines don't come up.
ROUTER doesn't.
1. You can't set a non-null transmit password for router.
2. ROUTER processes XPORT-inits before checking the version number.
3. Routing messages bigger than NN (%RTMXN) are discarded.
4. We require verification randomly, causing the remote node  to  send
   verification when we don't expect it.  Thus Event 4.8.
5. EVENT logging code for Partial Routing Update loss  is  wrong,  and
   trashes  the  message  we  want to process.  Test for PRUL is wrong
1. Build a default XMIT transmit password = "DECNET20".  (The same  as
   the  DN20s  use.)  This  may  be  patched at RTRXPW - It's an 8-bit
   string with leading byte count.
2. Don't process any part  of  a  transport-init  before  parsing  and
   validating the version number.
3. Correctly  parse,  checksum,  and  use  routing  messages  of   any
   size...If  smaller than what we expect, log a PRUL, but use what we
   get.  If bigger (IIIE), use only those nodes numbered less than NN.
   (Don't log) Even process messages whose size we expect.
4. Set the verification reqired bit in the transport INIT we send only
   if WE require verification.  Not if the circuit block does.
5. Output the actual number of nodes in the routing message,  not  the
   first  two  bytes of the message.  This lets the message get parsed
   correctly.  Fix PRUL test.
Note that we send the first 8 bytes of the xmit password to a phase II
node which requires verification.  (Phase II spec)