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 REP 32/1	;12C1
 INS 886/3	;12C2

		443	PLRTAP	Handle spurious interrupts and I/O error recovery
				following a previously off-line drive while reading
				or writing label records.

		444	PLRLBP	Always clear low order 4 bits prior to checking
				for ANSI or EBCDIC "VOL1".

		445	PLRLBP	Return correct density for unlabeled tapes after
				attempting to read VOL1 labels.

		446	PLRLBP	More of edit 445.  DX10/DX20 densities were still
			PLRT10	not predictable due to ancient version 1 code to
				recognize kontrollers which can do auto density
				detection.  Remove all knowledge of specific types
				of tape kontrollers.
		447	PLRLBP	Fix loop during backspace operation.

		450	PLRDSK	Always ask the monitor for the queueing structure
			PLRT10	rather than relying on something we GETTAB'd long
				ago, since QUASAR can change QUESTR.

		451	PLRLBP	Allow unprivileged users can't access IBM labeled
				which contain an access code of " " (space).
 SUM 64141