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                 EDIT DESCRIPTIONS FOR ANF10-V703                                
                             EDIT 12890  FOR ANF
     Downline loading of ANF remote stations does not always  work  in
configurations  containing  DUP11s.   The  following  configuration is
known not to work:
        KL --- (DTE) DN20 (DUP) --- (DQ) DN80
     DUPs treat syncs special in that you don't want  to  send  a  BCC
character after the sync characters.  This makes sense, since normally
only actual data is checksumed and synchs are inert filler.   Clearing
140000  in the byte count is the flag to the DUP driver that these are
syncs, and as such don't get checksummed.
     If the two instructions are removed, the DUP driver will  instead
get  handed  a  "counted string" (with an address in R0 and a negative
count in R1) be transmitted without a BCC.
     In either case, the absence or presence of the  two  instructions
should  make no difference.  The net result should be the same, namely
several synchs are sent, although it's not clear why  one  case  works
and the other doesn't.
     Remove the two lines of code, thereby causing the  synchs  to  be
                             EDIT 12891  FOR ANF
     The DDCMP driver does not conform  to  the  DDCMP  specification.
Out of sequence ACKs cause the line to be declared down and restarted.
Also, the REP timer default of one second is too short for  4800  baud
     When out of sequence ACKs are detected, they  should  be  ignored
and  not  cause a line restart.  A one second REP timer does not allow
enough time to receive an ACK if the remote node begins sending a full
full length packet.
     Ignore out of sequence ACKs and increase the default REP timer to
three seconds.
END OF  ANF10-V703