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                 EDIT DESCRIPTIONS FOR COBOL-10-V12C                            
                             EDIT 1624   FOR COBOL
A COMPUTE that requires a coversion from a COMP-1 item to do
math  with  COMP-2  will  lose  precision in the conversion.
        COMPUTE ITEM3 = ITEM1 - ITEM2.
        COMPUTE ITEM4 = ITEM3 / 100.
Will not yield the same results as:
        COMPUTE ITEM4 = (ITEM1 - ITEM2) / 100.
If all the variables are pic 9(8) or greater  and  ITEM4  is
CCXF2.:  in MOVGEN will gernerate a conversion of a  1  word
integer  into  a  one word floating.  A one word integer can
have upto 11 significant digits but a 1 word floating  point
number will only represent 8.
Change CCXF2.:   to  generate  a  conversion  to  a  1  word
floating point number only if the size of the source item is
less than 8 digits.