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?xM`>YpY!INXQF:zV:Ob dLx1	VvE@{J+*>	`x@<u8K+u1
(T5M`(@(M`		 $%'()*+-./+ 	` 0@@x 1*"2 " $2,,
	,|,< &8,e!.q7@8+\ZN 8 ,y,j6@8z+\@@8	 NShX&;/*&?-! h@X * ,~ ,j,y*nR,7@x+c &8,e7@x+g6B+c7` "Z B6@x+g,i+g 4Bg7` ",> 0O@!.q+R!,q,: 
 (7@0+w7F0z+wbF1+w /01"+wd&*0z`f73 &3,F+w @5`90/@<@*lk.Hx,~,: 7Dk5"/&$4d0d $6 3$ D5"@@ !"BBz@@k5" @h@  h@Q * hG Rh@Zh@GBz,: B@*	BBzS(;/XhZ
*((~4D[BkZ0"h0bh@,1D7+!1D,qZ+TxZP!"|Z#3D+*b+![#4H,&4@!,7@5\hG@@6@y,"+-? P5"7By "PZ[ *. By5"O@!"cBP5"ZP!$~[D2B*d:5$=ZD5,25"0F+=	f
,F+C @F`HB5"SB(Jg;HKoZpE	f
,F+I @L`RB+J
&S	b+J,j &85e!$@ BDz,F+R @W/ P@X@@'5" !$@GDz,F+Y @Z/ P@X@@'5"O@,24@" [[2F*d\5$ZZ+`a ( B(+Z7D'+e (/@@'@@(,5+Z "',3+Z Q.*& B( D'+Z,[  hG7@8,~,: /8'7 ,~,q.0- P8',~`|,~ &}@@} c*" 8z "`d@ "`d "0B+| 8  G`d "`d "
`dw"BS8/X"*"3hH2Bc7d"B"a|+,:/hHd	d7ad7e$$$"Q@[BhR'BhQBH"Q"A`@B"	BGhQ,4gZ/"|QBQ"XB,e,:Bh*5"5e>5B5"a|5"l<,F+@n`s/@<5"P`b+7@7@+	1&9,@@h@@8  " (D{,,+g  hH3Dcl" B6,,~+#   
$$3F>2H?+V3J?+X.,0,5"+SL7Z0B5"hG5""$},[Bz F{ " $z,
`	B,	!.q6@87Z8 +{ hGZN,9 \hG*nw5" "2 BT "_ BV@ ": BX.&1&+~@ "o Bv.&1&<+ 	\&{!(@
	b/5"5",~,l@@.		h/,~l<@+#,/+<!",BBzBB	+#,6af,
	"Z6`h,5",? " $X+X,? " $Z+X,? " $\+X,? " $^+X,? " $`+X,? " $b+X,? " $d+X,? " $f+X,? " $h+X,? " $j+X,? " $l+X,? " $n+X,? " $p+X,? " $r+X,? " $t+X  ZBF@`F@l( `Fl(`Fl(`FHl( BHzGH	,~,?ZX!$q7@+d 6`f+d1B+h*daZ " &
	bB+ ,~RX@`b@+l3B	++ol& `bl&`b@l&BFzGF	,~,? " $v++,? " $x++,? " $z++,? " $|++,? " $~++,? " $++,? " $++,? " $++,? " $++,? " $++,? " $
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 $ ++,? " $"++,? " $$++,? "
 $&++,? "
M$(++,?#"$.++,?"H$0++,	ZBF@`F@l(`Fl(`Fl(BHzGH	,~,?,hH2Dc7	, $	-,F+G @	9`	4/@<,~,	: {Z? 8$	D0D +LZHKd	D@,+ `|+Z 	E B " B ",	w,>Z8,^@B *	D,F+Y @	E`	G/@<,^,	w #8 B{,~	H	I	K	L	M	N	P	R	T	U	V,	V`|+x 
7 	E B " B ",	w,>[
06 0j+w0J+n  hH2Dc7	, $	-,4	Z0,^7D0+q6B0 ,@B ,F+w @	e`	G/@<,^,	w #0 B|,~	f	.	9	h	j4	k	l	o,	q,: h*.$3"   B',~7	vC&+`|,~ 	E B " B ",	w,> ,@B ,F+ @5`	G/@<,^,	w,~ a|,F+ @	y`	|/@<@@'! ,+,~,
Shutdown by operatorNo network softwareInsufficient privilegesCannot start remote FAL streamsShutdown(unknown function)ReadingWritingRenameDelete(illegal function)Directory ofSubmitExecutex7xNetwork2DiskError 4Restarting apparently hung  I/O 60 9Call to DSCHD while not in stream context <GAM`Error from QUASAR to FAL job  Cp0(FAL job  not starting Ip JBuilt for wrong version of QUASAR N?FALIPE	Insufficient privileges
ContinuedAVStoppedeYpG,>,>,>,>,>,}a:},^,^,^,^,^>,~P}x  for user 0 F ehL f0hRAbort mAborting due to operator command oToo many setups ti7vM`Not enough memory to start stream x]h{M`,
0DReset	ShuttingdownstaleFALstreams	Tried to connect DECnet channel to ANF-10 interrupt system 	G	 M` Tried to connect ANF channel to DECnet interrupt system 	#G 	)M`DECnet	+ANF-10Begin 	.Servicing  node  for userid  	00 	1phQ 	20hREnd 	9,>,>,>,>,>,>,>,|a:|,^,^,^,^,^,^,^>,~80Hh0(\0hPendingSuccessfulUnsupportedReservedFile OpenTransfer ErrorTransfer WarningAccess TerminationFormatInvalidSync,>,>,>,>,>,>,}a:|,^,^,^,^,^,^>,~ 	00 	1phQ 	20hR0(yInformationConnect rejectedWarningStream abortReceived DAP protocol errorDiagnostic warning,>,>,a:~,^,^>,~)Stream shutting down 	vAborting stream 	zCan't initialize input CDB 	}GH
M`Can't initialize output CDB 
M` X2@(+#  H,~@@' w*"* w	d\"	b@fxl"@[`Q"	b+  x	b,{@	b, 	b, ,foC"$,	w 	 B(,~d<],
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)1@M+	1@I&+
 hI7@  (@0`     @hIl ,a| +
0 @,S9+ , + 7R+
3,F+ ,+ 6@hH,?7D+
87B ,5,7D+
;7B ,5,4J# ,~@v $j,*+  GJH "Z BH & FH;@@H<@@H< & FH8@@H9@@H9@@H@@H"@@H(@@H.@,Qa,~ H,M+!  ,`|0+,RF,~l< H BhQ@@hR 	b@`B+	 	b@4"
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cC(h,(',('C$hQ$,(,((,((,(),(A(/(hC$hQ	d@@@h)6Dh)l<`|,;a|`d7+,+C*H(C"H,+!"hVX"hW@@hV*"h[C*H"C"hV,+
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01G1G1_1@,.0@,4 z2Bz7@+,<
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06`7 7 7 7 78@7P:0-(J,I'50@21@2+/,b+/+/,Iy-(K+/,Iy-(K+/,Iy-(K,!5{7B`,.">2"`,*`.7@`	 B`	 B`
7@X	 BX	 BX
 $>,k] HO7@$4DK,!,~+?,X, $ Dh* Hv DhQ-(
0;O0`Xi mpo(o0, ,Iy5 H0B, ,K`5+ "Z B`!"@GB`,6,~+
h ` XaB`e"@m"@e$@l$@ B` DX `,," "h B`7 ,8,~,Z,' 
0=p>@H,4,I'5,9,Iy5 H1B+
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0BXIPJpKXLLp,j,K`5+tC"Bm BX> " BXX Xab@+
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0H(@H,p,Iy5 H4D
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4*#,~"Z`B`!"@GB`,O,~+`,,1 "h B`? ` `(abad+
0R`RxU8,D,I'5,I,Iy5 H1B+
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0bpccH,F,I'5,K,Iy5 H1B+.1B+",R,K#+,Iy5 H1B+"1B+.1B+2,X ,1+&,S+2+  Hw 
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0ggggg0hh,Iy-(K+4,Iy5 HNab,h,#',l7B`,s.">2"`,z*`. B` BX $>,k] ` `,f,~+#,K#+,Iy,~ H  b,~,6,~+m  Hw 
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,I'5,,Iy5 H1B+i1B+e,,K#+,Iy5 H1B+e1B+i1B+m, ,}1+J,S+m+J !"GBH,k+ !"BBH+J ,-+ +V,6,~+x ,<," 
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0q@qXr,C,I'5,H,Iy5 H1B+1B+,O,K#+,Iy5 H1B+1B+1B+,U ,H1+,S++ !"GBH,k+ !"BBH+| ,-+ +Vg $,
M5l* W BH,v, W BH4B$,j9+,7@H+#,] "_,^,>b7,
nx5B/,^ "b,^ H5,H5P$ 0,~
":H,~ ,U+:,M,~:x:x,~1@M`+#1@Ma,i ,>,8+L,^ (IW,F7k@."@@f,	,~,K,5-(
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0vhvhvhw,| @,+S,M,~+9   (IW,F7k@."@@f,	,~+9 q r7@Hv, Hwd"@d"4B],"	5B^,
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Hg@ Hv1D+maj+k,0,~5Hkl0ajg Hq+saj+p,0,~5Hr Hc1B+&,-aj7/ Hqh00F1F0H1 &ZF`)ZF`)ZF`aj+z Hh0B,4aj + Hi0B1B+0B1B+1B+,:aj@+ Hidbl.dbl.d"P Hv1Fd"(4B,@aj+Hpdb,Bdbl0dBl0fEfE1B4D,J N` P` X!$bNof BX Hj F`* Hj F`* Hk$`* B`-7@`)+ $&`)&0D." B`-
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HG@daj+) HN,()D~@aj@+, HM,()D~@aj +/ HM,()D\D`2+# Hhdbl0 (db+6 (db+67H+#,Pl0 4B#,W XG1"+; Hab +#+<7@<X+#,I,\,e,a+# XG1"+B Hab +#+C7@<X+#,Q,f`"``#` `$`!,e,k+#!* `k2BXkl*@ BXk m .$`Q.&XQ 2Bl*  B4B#*DP*fM+#!* `2BXl*@ BX m .$`s.&Xs 2Bl*  B4B#*DY*fV+# ` `
Hg"0@f0B1Bl&1Bl&1Bl& 0B1Bl&0B1Bl&af8,r`pl& FHh & FHhl* Hb Hhaf+paj 7'o Hi@aj@7'x Hi`nl&`nl&`nl&+saj 7( Hi@aj@7(
7Hi`nl&lDHi FHil*`d*7F`),w Hh`b & FHql*7F`*+| FHjl*7F`*+ FHjl*7B`-+&`*0D." BHk BHtl*7B`,+&`*0D." BHu.$ DHul* Hi0F+	 Hiaf,}l* Hiaf+

Hg@j Hk FH@Hgafl*@fHp`Bl& `bl& FH?`f0l* 7F`[+1+@@H? FH@!&  FH>l*P
H=@j HG6F`/l* FHD6F`1l* FHD6F`0l*  FHE1(
+(6F`1l* FHF6F`0l* FHF6F`/l* FHG
HC@j7F`2+0)F}A& ($ DHM)FA& (  DHM)FA& (  DHNl*`
HG+#@ddbl$dbl$db l$ db@l$@dbl$dbl$dbl$dbl$dbl$dbl$ db l$@dbl$db@l$dbl$dbldBldBldBl$dbl$dbl$dbl$dBldBldBldB ldB@ld0B,+# H0B+# `fH5BR5DRHp`Bl`bl&`Bl& F`af+#,
,~+#,,L5aj#+^$,L5aj+`B$,L5aj+c$,L5aj+#!*5eC",	w  aj@+l PX7B` ,,^,S!"@,+aj +q PX,Z6B` ,^,[!" ,+aj+{ PX6B`!,^7@`!6@`"1+y,Q6B`!,^7@`"+y,Q `",^!",+aj+ PX ,(8,
$(.$h=l)O,~C&hQ&BH=d.@HC(h,(',('C$hQ$,(,((,((,(C"h,(A(/(hC"hQ	b@,~ hl<+#,>,>,>,>@@H@@H $4BCA"?0"00b=7/"/"Bx=d>,^x,^x,^,^,~  +H7B ,~!0D9GZ +#,,,#,^,~ `H BhL `W BhMR`W BhMS"`RX"hN*"hP "SBhL,~ hQ0B1B+#5U> h*+#,Y,~,>%,^h*+#,>@+[,> e,,^a|+# ,Q+ ,-+  @,S9+ 7BhJ,~ hJ,5+ @@hJ,~@ @@H,+ +#;
@P`#/Lh6tA$tA$$x(MaT(Can't set DSKFUL ERRORa y
Can't LOCATE to central sitea ~
@s?{ ",~ ",~Deallocation of primary CDB failed at FALLI2a@
8Deallocation of slave CDB failed at FALLI4a@
;,T  y,~,SK+ @,~xh8 H]&{yV.99Network user7B(+
 BHH hR ! BhS@@H+
@ACTDAE not running, can't validate USERID/etc.a()QUEUE. UUO failed for FALJ40a@1Can't validate USERID/PASSWORD/ACCOUNT, continuing for DDTa6
yError exchanging CONFIG messages with node a(?,hQ$Rejected because system being debuggedaF	Local node shutting downaLInvalid userid or passwordaQ
Invalid account stringaWImage field format errora\Userid or node rejected by operator commandaaUser does not have network file access privilegesahAborting stale slave CDB I/OaoNo DAP message pending in FJOB07a0u "@K@@f,	,~+No "extra" space in slace CDB in FJOB54a(~$No room is slave CDB for FSB in FJOB54a($4FAJA failed in FJOB59a@/Unknown ACCESS message function in FJOB59H$/Access complete not ACCOMP(CLOSE) in FJOB90H $Could not enable PSI for disk input at FRDF00a($FFAD failed in FRDF22a@%$FXAT failed in FRDF20a@*$Unknown GO/NOGO response from remote at FRDG10H /$STATUS received in FRDG20H 6$Unknown or illegal CONTINUE function in FRDG30H;$Received message not CONTROL nor ACCOMP in FRDT40H B$CONTROL neither (CONNECT) nor (GET) in FRDI10H I$Multiple CONTROL(CONNECT)s in FRDI20H P$No CONTROL(CONNECT) before CONTROL(GET) in FRDI30H V$Not Sequential-File-Access for CONTROL(GET) in FRDI30H$B]$,S,~+tUnknown or illegal ACCOMP function in FRDI90H$f$Unknown/illegal DAP message in FRDL40H l$Unknown/illegal CONTINUE function in FRDL50Hr$Error-continuation not yet written in FRDL54a0yReceived DAP message not ACCOMP in FRDL60H $<Unknown/illegal ACCOMP message in FWRZ30H $0@b,~0D,
gIOABO failed in FRDZ50a@$ACCOMP not CHANGE-END in FRDCB1H $1@b1D,~0D,+#
NotwACCOMPlafterRACCOMP(CHANGE-BEGIN)Win9FRDCB1H$dab,~ACCOMPtnotTACCOMP(CHANGE-END)Rin0FRDCB1H&$FailedntonenableaPSIAforediskeoutputiatFFWRF00a(,$,S,~+WFFADyfailedFinLFWRF20a@5$FXATofailedyinFWRF20a@:$UnknownGO/NOGO/responsemfromgremoteatFWRG10H?$STATUSreceivedin0FWRG20H5F$Unknownooriillegal5CONTINUEHfunctioninFWRG30HK$ReceivedmessagenotCONTROLFnor ACCOMP in FWRT40HR$CONTROL$neitheri(CONNECT)Enor(PUT)inFWRI10HNY$Multiple CONTROL(CONNECT)sinFWRI20HD`$NonCONTROL(CONNECT)beforeCONTROL(PUT)oineFWRI30Hsf$NotESequential-File-AccessforCONTROL(PUT) inaFWRI30H$Bm$,S,~+(u$FFAD failed in FDEL20a@}$FXAT failed in FDEL20a@$Unknown GO/NOGO response from remote at FDEL42H $STATUS received in FDEL40H $Unknown or illegal CONTINUE function in FDEL45H$Unknown ACCOMP function in FDEL48H $FANTY failed in FDIR20a@$FFAD failed in FDIR22a@$$FXAT failed in FDIR22a@)$DAP "SUBMIT" operation not supportedH$.$FFAD failed in FEXE20a@4$FXAT failed in FEXE20a@9$Unknown GO/NOGO response from remote at FEXE42H >$STATUS received in FEXE40H E$Unknown or illegal CONTINUE function in FEXE45H J$Unknown ACCOMP function in FEXE48HQ$H|HHwError in parsing received NAME message in FALIFa@X-$
	Bad name string = "HXw" from node IOPIN returned "redundantly" exhausted in FIFI00a0dUnknown/illegal DAP message in FIFI21H l$Unknown/illegal CONTINUE type in FIFI30Hr$Unknown/illegal ACCOMP type in FIFI40H x$FAJA: No ACCESS function specifiedH~$FAJA: Unknown or unsupported AOP flagsH$!$:HwFAJA: No ACCESS filespecH$A
$FAJA: Unknown or unsupported FAC flagsH$a$FAJA: Unknown or unsupported SHR flagsH%$FAJA: Unknown or unsupported ADS flagsH%!$:HFAJA: ACCESS password specifiedH%A!$ Hhl" BHh (+rFAJA: no data mode specified for file createH!)$FAJA: Unknown or unsupported ORG typeH$A0$FAJA: Unknown or unsupported RFM typeH$a6$FAJA: Unknown or unsupported RAT bitsH%<$!& `	BF GF ,~@4 FAJA: Unknown or unsupported FOP bitsH'!F$FAJAD: Unknown or unsupported DTY bitsH$!L$FAJAD: Conflicting, unknown, or unsupported DTY bitsH$!R$FGNTY failed in FANTYa0YFXNA failed in FANTYa@^$FCNTY failed in FSNTYa0cFXNA failed in FSNTYa@h$PNo (or unknown) DAP file data mode in FFAD10H$!n$No byte size in FFAD20H'At$Record format not supported at FFAD27H$ay$Leftover .IODCH bits in FFADCa0HXONo device name string in FXNA10a@$TOCFL failed in FXNA40a $@@+#Ob $05-PH h HHFAL DAP message received out of sequencea($FAL DAP receive errora($FAL DAP transmit errora( $,,,~52,
m.";,3,(Z D0b; B "; B+#,
i BH@@H@@H!(HX(H*(H~ (;7@H HH,
m6HH (; HH,
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mC([+HHC(@I+HH6C(#	HH7C(D,HH>C(# HH?+#,SV+ @@H@@H!(HX(H*(H~6HH (; HH+#,
Haj+X,Q+ @@H& $H&Q$*$H36@H+H@@H	+_C"^ BH  M`,~  Ma,~C"` BH ([ BH!"H	X"H
 BH!"HHX"HV BH (\ BH!"X"H	 BH!" BH!" BHC"H BH@@H3!"X"H,,m+} HbB(\+ab+p,SV+  "@,+y,/]+| H`F+v@ ,u+{ H`b+y,!1,~+#,}+j,~0@I`,~,Q+ +j8B\  Ma,~ab+7BH
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7D z D,X+(]C" BH+ "@cBH+_BbH 
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0"P"P"P"P"h#%* +KU,Iy,~+,Iy,~,"k,(n+,Iy,~:<[:<\:<\:<]:<^:HK,#9,(r,/]+M H`F+"@ ,u+K!"GBH 
HC"?.ajC"@I BH6C"BmajC"D BH>+#,I',~0@21@2+ @H46@HK+7 H
  7@H  FH   7@H  FH   7@H! FH!  7@H! FH!  7@H" FH":<[:<\:<\:<]:<^,}+::<^ "PGBH,~BBH7@HK6@HO1+J"I/0B0b+H,Kb,~,K,,~0D+,I',~"I/0B0b+H H Hc1F0D1+H+),SV+   }H,~,SV+ +_0@I`,~><^:<^ Hw`b+P,K\+ +,Kb,~+,Iy+  H0B,(y6@HK+W7@<\6@<\+W:<]+_ *pBjH 
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 wGjH`j+#,$#,),$e,) $,L,~ & FHv!& FHHf!&`B l&`B@l&`dl&`dl&  H
,afK`Bpd&@FH@$,L,~,NM!&HMX&HM*&HQ@@HQ!&HQX&HR*&HU@@HV!&HVX&HV*&Hi@@Hk+# BH
(1@H+1@H+	0@H1@H
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,),%,)-$,L1+E,)H=d& 1F4HKHfaF+K $,L1+K,)HC1F4HPHfaF +P $,L1+P,)%HG1F4HVHfaF@+V $,L1+V,)+ & FHv!& FHHf!&`B l&`B@l&`dl& FH $,L1+,)0,N
0<`=====(=P+KU,I',~0@21@2+`,~,Iy,~+`,Iy,~,"k,~+`,Iy,~!*GjH,'	+  DH( 
HC"?.ajC"@I BH6C"BmajC"D BH>  ,z,)4+#C"",
I,)5`BHC"H BH`,,5",,+5{,~ ,5},
)5,p1+#,Q++#!,5},X(Hx HH ) HH!(X(H HH@@H "Hs BHx!"X"H,1H+)	4F2FHG,): 
H`j+),!p+  H BH
 H`B+#O ,u,~ "@ H*H	,+); PH	,j+ +#,~Hfad@+)< H BH
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+)=PH	H`B+2O,u,~,,~,(,~H!.1B4D7l. NH " BH $,L,~Hfad+= $,L,~Hfad+@ $,L,~Hfad +C $,L,~ $,L,~ " BH $,L,~5,
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HG.,Hf+@0H+)>+@0L BHv@b (a@+vah+Gl" BHw@b BH BH!" (a@p+|+@0N+Fl" +}`hl"`F l"`F@l" HG1 d" `h1 
@b@BH@$,L,)C6HG+ $,L,)H,N
0QpRpS(S(S(S(SXWX+KU,I',~0@21@2+,b+H0B@1BP+D,Km,~,N,u+' Hwab+%,K\,~,,~+(,Kb,~ Hv0B+,K,,~-(
0VWW(W(W(W(W@WX+KU,I',~0@21@2+),b+H0B@1BP+D,Km,~,N+ +#,SV+ 5#  HD,~  HC,~  HD,~ah 1aF1  HA    HB   " " " "ah@ah@ah@1,
Haj5{`j+WSHX& ( )U	b6+ 5{,K+ aj5{,Mp+  Hc1B+)V "GBH,Kg+h,K^+h,N
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0ww@+KU,I',~0@21@2+'5,~,Iy,~!"GBHO1&%++#,d& FH & FH $,L1+'O,,Q,N
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aj+(@6BH7@+(@,^,S,Saj+(C6BH 7@+(C,^,Saj+(H6BH 7@+(H,Z H ,^,[aj@+(K6BH!7@+(K,^aj +(O6BH!7@+(O,Q H!,^l*aj+(V6BH"7@+(Vaj,Qaj,Q`j,T H",^+#? Memory allocation failed in IOINA5

&(V+P`#`><Z,}+_ H
  BHG,w:<^,~? Network link disappeared in OPIR03

&(a+BBH,I-+ +)? DPRNM1 failed reading resultant name string in OPIR30

&(h+? DPIAF failed in OPIR40


&(s+? No node in FSB passed from .LKWLD in OPWN

&(z+? DPWAF failed in OPWN10

&)+? DPWAA failed in OPWN10

H  Md,~? IOQTT failed in OPOU

+? DPOAF failed in OPOR

&)+? DPOAA failed in OPOR

&)+? Main attributes xmit failed in OPOR20

&)+? Allocation attributes xmit failed in OPOR22

&)+? Date/time attributes xmit failed in OPOR26

&) +? Protection attributes xmit failed in OPOR28

&)&+? File access xmit failed in OPOR40

&),+? IOQTT failed in OPOR

&)1+HH? Can't RENAME to a new node in IOFRN

&)6+ PH	+(  HE,~ PH	,~+@0J,~? File access xmit failed in IODX00

&)?+? Secondary name xmit failed in IODX00

&)D+? RDMSR failed in IODX50

&)I+? DPIAF failed in IODX50

&)M+? ACCOMP(junk) in IODX70

&)Q+`j+\,K\5h+_  X+ BHm  X	+x? DAP input message in progress at call to IONC00

&)[+? DAP output message in progress at call to IONC00

&)b+   <<No filename supplied by remote file server>>"I/0B+ "`GBH ")h BH!@@H!@@H"+? ACCOMP(junk) received in reply to ACCOMP(CLOSE)

&)r+	x? File output buffers trashed in IORLS

&)z+? File output buffer deallocation failed in IORLS

&)+? File input buffers trashed in IORLS

&*+? File input buffer deallocation failed in IORLS

&*+? File buffer allocation failed in IOBFA

&*+? Invalid buffer address in IOBFI2

&*+? CDB "extra" space file buffers overlap CDB data in IOBFZ

&*+? File buffer deallocation failed in IOBFZ

&*#+ +  <= ? Network channel in call to FILOP

&**+  Mb+? No "current" FSB in FILOP

&*0+$$H  Ib+HH? No device name in FILO10

&*8+$$$$HG? DEVSIZ failed in FILO50

&*>+? DEVTYP failed in FILO50

&*B+? DEVNAM failed in FILO50

&*F+.HX? FILOP SETSTS failed in FILO55

H  Me+? I/O channel still set in FILOE3


HW<HW6$HX,Q+ +"*? No "current" FSB in DPINI

&*f+8? /USERID string too long in DPINI

&*k+8(? /UACCOUNT string too long in DPINI

&*p+8"? /UPASSWORD string too long in DPINI

&*v+"@Quo1@S+"R+"f? First received DAP message not configuration

&*}+iV]0iUv]/iV]1iV>]3iV&]2iVF]4iVv]7iVn]6HHO? Unknown NAME message type in DPRNM

&++? DPRNN1 failed reading device NAME message in DPRN20

&+? Null returned device name in DPRN20

@@|@@H +#-? DPRNN1 failed reading directory NAME message in DPRN33

? DPRNN1 failed reading file name/spec NAME message in DPRN51

&+#+ BHH BHk BHQ+#H(x4|? Error in parsing received NAME message in DPRNN

&+.+? STOPB failed in DPIA00: wildcarded spec but no names returned

&+4+? No logical data bytesize in DPIA10

&+<+ H)1D "+#J? No (or unknown) data type in DPIA20

&+C+? Resultant RFM different from specified RFM

&+H+1D0B3B+#i,+M? EBCDIC returned data type in DPID00

&+Q+% Wildly guessing binary data
&+V,~% Wildly guessing ASCII data
&+[,~8 % Wildly defaulting binary data byte size in DPID30
&+a,~88? No (or unknown) file data type in DPWA11

&+i+@8@8&+o+$9 &f*5 Hhd&(l& FHhl* &+$;xw? DP3P4 failed in DPWAA1

&+u+? No FSB for filespec in DPWAA

&+y+@? No FSB for password in DPWAA

&+~+xO? DP3P4 failed in DPWAN1

&,+? No (or unknown) DAP file data mode in DPOA10

&,+8? No byte size in DPOA12

&,+[Unknown OS type, defaulting to RSX-11M]

&, $+%* & FHk &+%-@ +`[FH)ZFH) & FHq Hhd&(l& FHh &+%8? Record format not supported at DPOA18

&, +@ $$? DPOFS failed in DPOAA1

&,)+? DP3P4 failed in DPOAA

&,-+? TOCFS1 failed in DPOAA

&,1+? No FSB for password in DPOAA

&,5+? DPOTS failed in DPOTN1

&,9+? DP3P4 failed in DPOTN1

&,=+? TOTFS1 failed in DPOTN1

&,A+? Control(connect) xmit failed

&,E+? Control(get) xmit failed

&,J+? Control(put) xmit failed

&,N+? DAP ASCII string index outside of CDB

&,R+[Unknown remote operating system, assuming RSX-11M]
[Unknown remote file system type, assuming RMS-11]
`b $+(? Excess DAP protection mask bits in DPFPXL

&,d+,"p O@=Z!" B=W 
=T+,| =Wab 6@<Y+,{6@<O+-A6@<X+-m6@=X,=X+-A 
=SZK=U3j=T+,~O,~@@;/ 8	*"=S J<W!X";W*";~@@<X"8	7D-"+-2 .=S2h=T+-2*;`<XO@<X<D-(4B-3B;[2D;\+- (F;X`b@+-7@(+-!(z &(.&  ;\3B*h-4(-,/+ +-,>7 <X+- <W,5+  *; ,5+- 8
*(;\ ,5+-,/+ +- x,5+  *; ,5+- ,/+ +-,^O@<X+- J<W!$;ZX$;2*$;V ;Z *;W,7Z`B`O@<X ;Xad@?<X6 <X;<X><X =Wad +-?O@<O:<[:<]:<^@@<VO@<X"" $;W,~ ";W,5+ O@<Z@@<O@@<O *; ,5+-T6H<3Hz+-I:<Y;`<Z:<Z ";,{+-A+#:<Y;`<Z:<Z`d+-P7 =W+-N O@<O,~`d O@<Oad O@<O &!(}; B <d D <h.&*h-Q+-c!" bB;X+,{S";WX";/*";V6@<^+8
[<y6@<O+-}1D9R5H.7  <Q+-m1DYR4H.0(+.@G <h1(9-5F-m:<] F(SF(
`h +-m+.b6<Q6@<Q+.!&bF=W+.	O@<Q+.7@<d6@<h:<Q+-}@@<Q+.m0(+.L <h4D.
6@ <d+.:<\:<\6 <X+.`@@ <o " 6@<O " B <r@@ <v,7kX"7@<O+.)6@ <o+.Ul`
+3= "2 B <o 8 $@+.(
  +.( +.U +-m=:@@=;6  <Q6@ <o7@ <k1+.C@@<`  <` F=@@@ <`1h+.4!"9R B=@ $<_ " B<`7@<a <` D=?+.7!"YR B=@ z D=?7@ D=@+.7 " B=? "=? B=< =Y B==  <kab7@=Y1l"G=WX" B=9 8	b6+3H =9A8 B <k@@<`0H F <`: <o  <kX$ 8	b6+  &8  <kX$ 8	b6+.J7@ <k,.N+-m,>`B@,3`,^aB +.(+.U &  <kX$ 8	b6+ 6D <k,~X$	 8	b6+ @@ <k,~6@=X,=X 
<W <d6B <Q+8,.N6D <k,.R?(<d+.^@@ <`?& <o+-m7@<O7@ <k+.+.C!(|6D <k,.R*h.^+-A ([(
:<]:<^ B;:SD;; =V@@8!&8X&8 =U.*&' =U/& F8SD8 B87@<a7<` "<_5B.m!$bD( z B8L<O6@<O $ =S0J;+8 
<W K=U+7t[,
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oaF,~ZF=U F=W,
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o0F  F=Y+#;Z(0F,/3+/;Z &8D/0BGF;Z!"A(GB;X;[(0F,/3+/;[ &8D/0BGF;Z6@(+/Q* 
8 ./&0;W,8+/0;W &8D/0BGF;Z ./3.,*l/A*;b(,/3+/;b &@8D/0BGF;ZR;cS;cR(
,/3+/&Y B;c & G$8D/&0BGF;Z+#1B4F$3B2D1,~,
DG(J}5J/*1D 8+#1B4F$3B2D1,~,
DG(J}5J/71D!" +#6@<U+,{7@<\+/L78 8 ,5+/V <W!$X=S+/U 8$,5+/V,4v+/V 8',5+/V,4m 8'7@<U,3Z+,{ 8+,5+/V,3d+,{78- 81,5+/V <W!$xX=S[
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,&+,{788 8;+/O78> 8A+/O78C 8F+/O78I 8L+/O6@<O6@<O+/`+7t,.r+,n <W2H<W6@<X+/cO@<X
<W+/g,0+7t,0C+02 K=U+0 ,0+7t,0C+02+0 ,0+7t <^0b+0 ,0C+02+0 ,0+7t <^1b+0 ,0C+0 O@<Y+0,0+7t,0C+0 +02,0+7t,0T+02+0 ,0+7t,0T+0 +01,0+7t,0T+01-(1&+011+01-(18+011+01-(11+01+0 ,0+7t,0T+0 -(1&+0 1+0 -(18+0 1+0 -(11+0 +01,0+7t,0T+01-(1&+0 +01+01,0+7t,0T+01-(1&+01+01+0 ,0+7t,0T+01-(18+0 +01+01,0+7t,0T+01-(18+01+01+0 ,0+0+01><^6@>:<^,~.
=S3j<W:x,~"8	+0!@7t@/i@7t@/t@7t@7t@/l@/p@7t@/w@7t@/y@7t@7t@7t@7t@/|@0@0@0@0@0@7t@7t@7t@7t@7t@7t@7t@7t@7t@7t:>"8	+03@0@0@/f@0@0@0@0@0@0@0@0@0@0@0@0@0@0@0@0@0@0@0@0@0@0@0@0@0@0@0@0@0,
=V =V@;`>6@<X+0H,1;>:x,~(0B8D0K,0q,~50F,> ,5+ 1:> "<',5+0S *<',0q+0N 
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 .> 0 ",>=U B=U,1+8X,^=U:x & $ 8	b6+  $	 8	b6+ ,~6B6B(F6D(F0cB(bD(,~6B(F86D(
`d,~6D(7B8+7tab FbB(,~ 8`b "8Q"}  F7@7@bF,~7@/".$*b1+7t =S/" 4b#0b ""SX"( O3D*b1
5"# =S1$%+#$8Y&8Y(F.6@<Og"8Z$"j0,};6`($3b($3"($,~ =S7@<O1$&+#$8Z ",};6`(%3b(%3"(%,~ =S1$',~ =U1"+1 86`(&3b(&3"(&,~ =S6"81d'+7t6 ('3b('3"(',~+7t =V"8[$8[/4" 4B 5b  =V"8\$8\3B+1*3b+ + "8]$8]3B+1.3b+ + "8^$8^/4" 4B 5b  =V F>`bp+ +  =U =V0"7B+ />4" 4B 5b  =V />4" 4B 5b ,
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 .>XB8Z8!"bB(0D+1B:<_O,~!" cB(+1DcB(+1F4D1A0D	1D+1A@,4*@,~[@@?% 8_*(?),
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?  ?"8_1B"8` 8`VB?#WB?$"8d1B"8e 8e B?$7B07@70 @,2S+2M7@0@ B?& 
?  ?7B07870 @,2S+2M7@0!"Lu B(@h(!$@bD0m(g & 	b	d@b B?% D?%ab+1r "bB0l"8ib8j"8jb8k H( 
?!@@(!"(X"(*"(0aD7@0+2laBXz,3),2Z+2M7 ,2T`baB+2L B(Q*}7B0+2 0,3),2S+2M5B2 B(*j2
?  ? ? ?">S$(X$( B(."(@@(*$ "!$bD0GB( ?!6B   B(0 &`B &aD &f8k"8lb8l ?"7b0# "."?(B|0d B( 0#0d3B8c7 B( "
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,2Z+2M B(7B0
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?  ?!Z8!"bB(0D+2FO,~!" cB(+2J4D2E0D	1D+3|O,4*@,~78x 8|+2Q 96 ?#+2P7@?(+2Q7`?(79 9
,55&54g,2Z,~:x7D,~ "6@`dp+2X(D+2V`bp,~)B+2V7`?#+2q ( &(F cD+2_=(2\+7tf,2b+9
(F G+2^,>,> ?'.>"?&+2j $.d?'0d
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 ".7@+2e B?& B?& &(FbF+2d ?',3"?&(FA&:,^,^,~,> $.d?',30$0d+2z4F2x7@?(+2z7`?(+2xO+2|Oh?(@+2| .0D
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 ,7u.d?(7 ?$+36@?$5D7t4$7t6 ?#+3	7`?$+32J+7tDG+7t  
!0ng(D(&5$3D&5,3+3> ?(+35,3(J(L930.@+35,3(J(L934,3D&:?()H(L93(H*p3
GG+7t1D+91D+9 ?1D+91D
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,~>?)T`?(+32:?)( ?'.0h	+32.((7@ +36  8H37 F?',~ "9!,3@O@<U+-A "8,> 9$,5+9%,^,5 ;3,7p	d+3H$9&4D3H "9&,^Z,35&XB=@ =9A8 B <k F <`Z=@4H3Y><\0D	1d7@<V+3R1D	 $7@ $2d<P D<P+3R,3ZZ=@0B1B+.U0B1B	+.U <d  <k,.N6D <k,.R+.U,3^+3VO@<U!"bB;00D+3]:<],~,4453d1D $,4453b
53d,H,5 "9(5^ <O,> "9+,^,5,^5D&,4y5&,
=V/,7N0 =VXB80B1B+3v0B1B+3v0B1B+3v0B1B+3v.,53y.,54
=V =VZ8!"bB(0D+3}:<><^O,~!" bB;04D3|0D	1D+46@<V4D3|@,4*@,~7@<V+4><\><]+3| 9,,55&,3d+4,
 !"MR $56@ $5,5&Z8,47,H "9-Z80D,^ 0,,,S "9. 0`d,^Z81B+41B+45&0abg "	d+&"9&,> "9/,^,^,35& "91,^"8j 4 ,^5&92949597989:9;9=9>9@9A9C9E9F9H9J,
 !"Jr $56@ $5,5&Z8,47 "9K[80DYR1D9R "9+,^,	x5&Z1D,~:x!"Jx,>,5+9L,^!$eSX4?2B4?*d484$4=,> "9M,^[x,3,^,~Z4?,^,~8)9P9R9T 9V(9X09[89^@9`H9cP9fX9h`9jh9mp9ox9r9t9w9z9| 9~(:0:@:H:P:X:
h:p:x:::::  :"(:$0:(8:*@:.H:0P:4X:7`::h:<p:Ax:F:I:L:N:R :V(:Z0:] "9K,>[;;1D9R "9+,^,4m,^5&,>,>,> :a,5+:a ,3,^,^ ":c,^,^d@,~SX";/*";V[;;0BYR+4Z7D;: ;4 ;43Bz D;4@d;5@@;6+3egO B<V,5[;;4D3g ;:,,R;;!"bB;04D4t,Q ,,7@<V54y54ygO B<V ":e,57@<VgO B<V,>,>4B4} ;2ab+56B>'+:fL;5 ;43Bz4D:g ";4l",
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>&O( "BB(@@=S7@>8+5[ >)+5( B>' P>/ 
>&@@(7@>'g!&@GF((Fx 	dh$idd$ed B<P D=SO( "BB(7@<X+5[ 
>&6@>(7@>*7+56 (7B=Y z`HPB(`H@XB(`H +:l6B(+5?6@>&6@>*1+5?7H>*mz (>*!(
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h&1FYR4B:o,5J6@>'+:q(O ((Q(}7B @1Dg1 .(*h5E+5M6@>&,~ab+:saB+:t,~ (6@>(7@>-7+5SaB+5S(,5J(8D5V+5W7@>(7@(7B>-+5WO( "@BB(7@>(7@(
7B>.+5[l B(
 " BB( >& =S+# 
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4d5j,5d+71+5j@@@ @ :w "	bC+5u4F5u F@ ,5d+71+5o,P,P4F7/55b@@>'@@>'O@<V1B7:w9D7 
7@<X+6Y`l@+677B>8+6Z"AH/"2J>8=b5~5b677B>8 7+,","8\$} D>j!$ D>j J>k :x	d$+67 B>8Z"AH0b+:|7B>8+72;`>/+6* >jad gO N>( 7B8>l+6$ B>) 8>k B>) 8>l B>- 8>mRB>.7D=Y zL8>mibPiBX7:~ 8>m,$0B96.. >8 N7F>)+6 3Fz+6 ,
4d63Bz+6 ,0,5+ ,P+6 >)O ,0,5w+ ,P+6@@>( :~*">. >8,B,B B>8A"1b>8@b>84B7/O@>/+7/\$} D>j!$ D>j  D>k :x	d$+;+6 >k,,5S,
>8/*>81,^/* (>8,,,S ";=j63,~l,@al@g .  8	b8@$;0D1D+6r1D+6r1D+7 J>e ;	b8$+6R >f`D+6O`D7>f@ F>'4F6G[>e1F>9aD1O@>(&;1F+6\1F+6b1F+6h4F6R+;
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,^ ,,5S 	b+6Y 
+5} 	b8+6Y B>F ;	d+6V6@>H >H,5 ,p-"6o >'+6V@@<V`l@7@ B>' 55 @	b@4B6a,0,5 +71,P+6]-"6o+6\O 8	b@4D6g,0 ,5 +71,P+6b-"6o+6bO@d ;	b@4H6n,0 ,5 +71,P+6i-"6o+6h7@>(+7/ z D>'@@>(+ ,
e,0,0@b>=	b@4B7. AG2D@+6u B>F ;	d+6u7D>H+6u7F>=+6~Z&AB2D>==f6}5f6u7F>= 7,,& F>=,0 ,5 +70,P+6u ,
e,@97/$,0,0af+7@O,8	b:@4F7+FGbD@+7	,0:,5+70,P+7	!"MG,7+71!":@,p,P,P,P,P,p7@>/,~??,^5~78[1(f+787@<^
&;:<^6@>8O@>/ ;,> *h7:O@?:?7H 7++7AA(7F m A&,>2F=7?+7;,>?,>8,>??,x1:??,^,^,^??(?+7M  7+ ,^ 7H +7G*f7K,^2F*f7K+7G ;,^ 	/(*h7N.Bx??,~ <W,5+  ";,5+; ";!$p,
 ";6@>',^ ";6@>',^,&+7S6@(7(O8F7]mB
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&;),~@b7@<U6@<Vl"6D>'l"5D$7D<P ;3,~ x :x6@<Ul+@,~:x,~,>,>@"fD97v $,^,^,~ &6@=U@A=U@@=U7D<k+7X$	 8	b6+ @@<k=f7|,~? Illegal .LKWLD arguments
((x<yX=9xx<y@@ <Q4".XO@ <Q+.? P1 not pointing to Y.BLK at UFD8
&8,&+$P6m[6m?{>}{woDirectory is empty Ih8No such directory ]N 8DECtape directory path illegalIH8!No file name specified ]8%	Non-existent]b 8)No such files as ]N08+All files rejected by constraints C8.`f7  F;=d$@X$ ";/+/UAll files protected C86Some files protected g89Search list empty g2(8<Some directories protected g8>No such nodes ]Np8BAll nodes inaccessible C:H8DSome nodes inaccessible g;8GAll nodes protected C;8J% .WXPRC not set with concatenated file expression
88>H> @X>XB>,1;+0l,^=U+0l08

00 $06$(7B( zab 3Bz+23 B( z B(+23OPEN failure on gx8r$?%Null name in output wild-card]x8uNull directory in output wild-card]:x8xInput and output wildcards not alignedk^8|Too many wild-cards in input for outputi^9Insufficient wild-cards in input for outputS^97`?$:x,~ ?'.6@+3+# @,~ ? ,~ ,~R,~? Directory out of range before shifting+$
&9,&+9? Directory out of range after shifting
&9,&+9af ,^,~directory on Open failure for Ix9",^5&$ in use by job  Master File Directory
 directory ]c(8)device /PHYSICAL; in use by job ; I/O mode = (00) ASCII(01) ASCII(02) Packed Image(03) Byte(04) Undefined(05) Undefined(06) Undefined(07) Undefined(10) Image(11) Undefined(12) Undefined(13) Image Binary(14) Binary(15) Image Dump(16) Dump (records)(17) Dump file ,^,~LOOKUP/ENTER failure Non-existent UFDProtection failureFile being modifiedAlready existingIllegal file operation sequenceRIB or directory read errorNot a "SAVE" fileInsufficient memory availableDevice is not availableNon-existent deviceIllegal monitor callNo room or quota exceededWrite lockedInsufficient monitor resourcesPartial allocationSpecified block not freeCan't supersede directoryDirectory not emptyNon-existent SFDSearch list emptySFD's nested too deepNo createCan't update fileLow-seg overlaps High-segNot logged-inENQ locks still setBad EXE-format file directoryBad EXE-format file extensionEXE-format file directory too bigNetwork capacity exceededTask device not availableNon-existent network nodeSFD is in useFile has an NDR lockToo many file usersCan't rename SFD to lower levelI/O channel not OPENedDevice is DETACHed and unuseableDevice is restrictedDevice is controlled by the MDADevice is in use by another jobIllegal I/O data modeUndefined OPEN bits setDevice is already in use on an MPX channelInsufficient "per-process" space for I/O channelNo free I/O channels availableUnknown FILOP. functionI/O channel too bigChannel illegal for FILOP. functionAddress check reading argument blockAddress check writing argument blockNegative or zero argument countArgument block too shortError S>(:`,^,^,^,~ while readingirectory  B;4O@;5+4~[;;0BYR+5 ;: B;4 ;; D;5+5 on dX>&@@(!"(X"(*"+526@>&+5B zO+5B >'O+5CPzl$+5LXzl+5M BG+7/PINX >j? Pathological name stack overflow on 
&:x,&+72@>)e>)? Pathological name dissolved whilst reading 
&:,&+6$ <= $
? Unknown search list type 
>f for device p>F% Program stack too small to save WSTRx state
~`>%7@	`-+7Q/FRCDEV/FRCPPN% Node wildcards but FX.WND not set
% Device wildcards but FX.WDV not set
% Directory wildcards but FX.WDR not set
% Name wildcards but FX.WNM not set
% Extension wildcards but FX.WEX not set
 =d@+F4DF* af+#* D8C$?Z D6  R
,~C$?> D6 8+#,?i+F
 =d@+F0D+F	,?i+F
0D+F	 D"&.F>!&`PF= af+#!$ D  R
,~,@0,~? >+?h=:x,~,F,@0,~ ;O*> =+#@@:@@9C ?q @6,
~,?,~ 8 D"~/&S
~D? 9+?z,@"+?~.D;*j?v=
?w,@"+?~@@:ZJ~4*#@X,~ZJ~,~6(:0h,F+@',@",~4D@0D+@::,@",~5D@::,@",~D9::,@",~(DG9/$D9::,@",~D8::,@",~(DGD8::@@;+#,@",~> 9+@@@:+@   @B  X,~ $ D:,@",~5D@,@",~5D@,@",~5D@::,@",~4D@0D+@::,@",~5D@ & F:+@?$9+@$$@.:x,~,?i,~ D: $ D9+@#@@@@@@@@@@@@
	d+@> @X`d,~+@>0BX,F. H`b,F3 " BHO Hh`b+@S`b+A{,F: H`b@,F? Hi Hid&@-(
08888888,FDd&84F@],FK0H`b2+@g,'(,~C$@e`DH6C$@b+DH7+#7bHK+#0B,FQ,K,~+#,  S,~,Iu,~ 
Hi0J+A Hk4FA`l+A,K+A DH8<fA,K+A(DGDH8<fA,K+A(DGDH8<fA,K+A(FGDH8<fA,Fd5@$  X,~!&0AFH7!&dlGFH7C"A$ BH6dl +A`l-*Andl-*A^dl-*A_ H`lab+A& H8 B  R
,~$Fe4DAdD@+A!"@GBH7+AdDl@dD-$dFe$Ff4DA&eD@+AdDAl@dDN$D+#!"cBH7+Ff7DH8J$C"A">@H8DBH6+A? 8+A$ $+#,
0$#!+B@H7+#4@AN,~,db+AZ $db+AZ$Fhdbx+AZd"04B@g,Fl$Fh/$dFhabxd"@ $0De" l"  BH7 DC"AM BH6+#,Fq,K+Ad (Ah,
4+Af bFedGBH7+(5@$,K+   X,~,K!+   X,~n(n0n8n@nHnPnXn`nhnpnx@hH8 Hk4F(,K+A0D1D=fAp4f(0D+Av!$ DH8<f(,K+A1D $0$0d+F	$(.(h=fAuXHH8+(@
H Hi Hid&@-(
0Ghhh!P,F{ Hq1DC*B1DC*B+`l@,G5JB
 $ DHq0D,G
C*BWal@,G+B+G4FB,G&H`b+B,'',~6JH6C*BJH7+#7bHK+#0B,G,,K,~+#,G8,KM,~  S,~,
BaZJ~5@$4*#X,~0D+Bi,I',~0@21@2+BX,~Ha``,Gg,KM,~CS,~,Bn,~5>,,Cb,~6@A+C? F+B|DF:x,~,C,~+B~,
A`F4*Gj@.&*G$0($|=nCC $5C,Cb,~? F+CDF:x,~,F+C FF HF>>,Cb+C:> F F:x,~Od,~@@B   @B@@CC CT @?C C# @>,
~7j~+C),CL,~.DC=jC'@@B!G@@@,CL,~!GB@@+#DAFA6hB+C\!&bF@+Gm!&cF@+GoBF@(af@+C97&F&(F(1&@@BHHC:B@,CL,~>`C+C::B $,CL,~:B $,CL,~:B A.$,CL,~:B A.$(D|,CL,~:B A,CL,~;B A(D|,CL,~:B@@C+#*?(B+COd C`*:x,~**C,C,~ $ DB@*C+CL6@HB+Gq H@ad+#ad+CY HC ,CL,~ HC ,C,~+#@F@C:@C=@C?@CA@CC@CF@CH C C4 C$ C,
	d+@>7`X7`H`bX`d,~  X`d@,~  X`d,~+Co  X,~  X,~ Hh0B,H H`b,H,N
H`l@,H Hi Hid&-(
0$W,M,~C&DbFH>!&BFH@,M~,~C&DO@FH>+#!&GFH@C&Df FH>+#,
H Hi Hid&-(
0NHOOO,H2 Hq1DC*E1DC*E`l@,H85JD~,H>"H?1B+DvC*E=al@,HD Hq0D1D+D~,HI5JD,HM H`b +E,'@,~ JH>C*E JH?+#7bHU+#0B,HS,M~,~+#,
%D>7`U+E*,M1:x*,~,>|+EH,|,M,Hc HX @HX($|,M,Hh($~   @HW+#0B,Hm@@HW $HC(D)BpdHC HX @HX,M+)B~($~,M,Hq($|,M,Hu($|,M,Hy($|,M,H}($|+#,
H5Ec@Ee@Ep@Ew`j+En`l@+Eh  X,~6@HB+Gq0&0f|+H~0(0h+I.&Q FHA+#1f,I FHA+#5&Es!$ DHAA&0F1F+#0F0fO+I7 HAQ& FHA+#,I" H & I#	d<,~0dO E|+#k~Yk~Yk~Xk~XkXkXkXkXk@\kXkFXkXkXkXkXkXkXkP]k~Xk~XkXkXkXkX       X,~1@X  X,~  X
,~aj+?N+?Uaj+?R+?U? Record-structured local I/O illegal

&F+? Record state (.IOIS3) trashed in ILMCR

&F++? FILOP IN returned successfully with no data in ILBUF

&F+? FILOP IN failed with no error/EOF bits in ILBUF

&F"+Hl? DAP file organization not "sequential" in IRINI

&F)+? Block/Dump mode selected in IRINI

&F/+? DAP data type neither ASCII nor binary in IRINI

&F4+? Record-structured I/O selected in IRIA

&F;+? Unknown record format in IRIA

&F@+? Unknown or illegal record format/attributes in IRIA

&FE+? Non-data DAP message outstanding in IRACL

&FL+? DAP input message in progress in IRAS

&FR+? Received DAP message neither DATA nor STATUS in IRAS

&FW+? Fixed-header greater than four bytes in IRAS20

&F^+ H8, H7 H8GBH7<DA&+A, ? Unknown ISF flags in IRAS90

&Fh+? COBOL carriage control not implemented

 	 	  ? Unknown record format in IRIB

&Fx+? Record-structured I/O selected in IRIB10

&F|+? DAP data bytesize neither 8 nor 36 in IRIB10

H? DAP data bytesize not 8 in IRIB20

&G+? Record-structured I/O not selected in IRIB20

&G? Binary data with "ASCII STREAM" format records in IRIB30

&G+? No ISR selected in IRIB

&G+  XB,~? Unknown or illegal record format/attributes in IRIB

&G +? Non-data DAP message outstanding in IRBCL

&G'+? DAP input message in progress in IRBB

&G-+? Received DAP message neither DATA nor STATUS in IRBB

&G2+? DAP input message in progress in IRBW

&G9+? Received DAP message neither DATA nor STATUS in IRBW

&G?+? Unused bitcount non-zero in IRBW20

&GF+? Premature DAP DATA end of message in IRBW20

&GK+? Unused bitcount not 4 in IRBW30

&GQ+? Premature DAP DATA end of message in IRBW30

&GV+? DAP input message in progress in IRBR

&G\+? Received DAP message neither DATA nor STATUS in IRBR

GiF:F"$ZJA+C C,CL,~BF@+C1 & FB+C=  X,~? FILOP OUT returned successfully with 0-length buffer in OLBUF

&Gr+? FILOP OUT failed with no error/EOF bits in OLBUF

&Gz+*? DAP file organization not "sequential" in ORINI

&H+? Block/Dump mode selected in ORINI

&H+? DAP data type neither ASCII nor binary in ORINI

+? Record-structured I/O selected in ORIA

&H+? Unknown record format in ORIA

&H+? No OSR selected in ORIA

&H+? Unknown or illegal record format/attributes in ORIA

&H!+? Non-data DAP message outstanding in ORACL

&H(+? Unknown/Illegal record format in ORIB

&H.+? Record-structured I/O selected in ORIB10

&H3+? DAP data byte size neither 8 nor 36 in ORIB10

? Record-structured I/O not selected in ORIB20

&H?+? DAP data byte size not 8 in ORIB20

&HE+? No OSR selected in ORIB80

&HJ+? Non-data DAP message outstanding in ORBCL

&HN+? XDBYC (1) failed in ORBW

&HT+? XDBYC (2) failed in ORBW

&HX+? XDBYC (3) failed in ORBW

&H\+? XDBYC (4) failed in ORBW

&H`+? XDBYC (4.5) failed in ORBW

&Hd+? Unused bit count not 4 in ORBW30

&Hi+? XDBYC (6) failed in ORBW

&Hn+? XDBYC (7) failed in ORBW

&Hr+? XDBYC (8) failed in ORBW

&Hv+? XDBYC (9) failed in ORBW

&Hz+  X,~% Network input set, but no data available
&H,~ "BBH0@RA,~,I+#? FAL received a DAP STATUS message on output

&I+? Received DAP message not STATUS on data output

&I+  ]$,~  X,~? Zero/Negative length record in RFBOR

&I+O Xror recovery not yet written (IFIEC)

HH@I9@I:@I;@I<@I=@I@@IE@IJ@IO@IP@IQ@IR@IS@IT@IU@IV  2+#  2+#  y@+#  yH,~ (IW,
4 "L@ +# (Ik,
4+IB +# (IW,
4 "\@ +# (Ik,
4+IG +# (IW,
4 "\@ +# (Ik,
4+IL +# (IW,
4 "L@ +#  y@+#  y@+#  y@+#  yH+#  yH+#  yH+#  yH+#  yH+#ii@Xi@xii(i`iihi\`i*i@`6i@p:i8hi\hdi i@Pi@XhAi	i	i
iBiii(i0iB@iBHiBPiBXiB`i(Ki(\kk0k 3k@:k@Rk]kP^kdk8dk`khkpkxk-k9kH:,
,~+I}'HK1D+#,K+J	ZHK0B5J~5K4@#,~JJJJJ8JAJLJg,V&,K5JD`D@=fJ`D@5J@D=&J+#.V'0n,V-@f`b@+J8 0/ab+J*,K5J  0/@f+J*,K5J)F|(F)D|=.J($0"`)F@`f,V4)F(H"V51b "0b "$V51D "$V6.$H1B H1B"V51B1F+#,V<,VC&V'(V'.V(`b@+J;,VJ,K5JD`D@=fJ;`D@5JgD=fJ?+#&V'(V'.VK`b@+JKab+JI,K5J2d5J +JI,K5JD=&JGgD=&JJ+#,VQ`b+#&V'(V'.V(HS`b@+JP,VY,K5JD`D@=fJP`D@5JgD=fJT
HTeL5LJ_4LJe (N$V&V0f,V_ DHR0F1F+J,>,J
+V`,^&Va0F+JV (bJb(B5BJHS>`HS+Jb+#>HT>`HS+JU5J.V' Va,K+J0D+Jm=nJh@+Jp,K+J1D $D=nJkN,Jr+J(V6.(H D +#,
I Vb BH,v, Va BH,pb+Jz 7@H+#,VhH5P$ 0,~
":H,~,Vl,Vp,Vt,Vt,~,K1+K4@#,~,N+K HLad+K6@HM5KT7dHK,W DHN,K,~ HN@@HN2D5KU+K\`HK@,~,
4,W"W[H7@7W$W	."HM@@Q.".$H$*"+#,K . W@
H](N&V0f,W4FLHU1D+#5M~0@b,~ +LLLL,L,LELTL\Lq,Wd 
&V'(V'.V(`b@+L$ab+L,M,~ HC+L<&L+,M,~5DL$We/`ld`l+#4F#@,M,~=fL"+#5DL&,M,~+#<&L+l@,M,~5DL&$HCd@dHC+#,Wk 
.We0n,Wq"We1b "0b "(Wr1H "$Wr.$H@1B 1B(H)F`l@+LDal+L=,M,~ HC+L=)&|)D(F|<.LE,M,~5FL:5HL:$We/`ld`l+#4n#@,M,~=nLB+#,Wx,W&V'(V'.V(`b@+LH,Xm@4DLNl@,M,~=fLI$HCd@dHC+# <fLL4DLO/ $@,M,~=bLQ$+LJ&V'(V'.VK`b@+L[ab+LY ,M,~,M,~=fLY+#,X
H]eL5LLi4LLo (N&V0f,X0F1F,X,>,L+V`,^&Va0F+La (bLl(B5BLpH]>`H\+Ll+#>H]>`H\+L`,X.V'0V'.0H_,Lx7
X0D2D+Lv $O
I6B@ab,X% Va PH,
X@BH,~0"00b=1F"BH,~,X,^+#,W,MD,~7`HU,X2@@HW +M,U
8+ HD*HC"H^.BHDH^ HD.BHY"HDbHY BHY"HDbHZ BHZ"HDbHZ BHZ"HDbH[ BH["HDbH[ BH[ HVah+M@ $`h  $/HY.HD2dHD HD5MC7@HZ+M@ "6@HZ."6@H[." .bHD.dHY/"&fH["(hHZ,
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G(H8II(IPIpJJ8JXKK@KxL LXMM(MHM`NN NPOO(O@O`PP(PXQQ8QXR0R`SS(SHSp T TP!Tx!U "UX"V#V #VH$W$W(%WP%X&X(&X`'Y'Y8(Yh(Z )Z@)Z`*[*[0+[P+[p,\ ,\P-\p-].]0.]X/^/^80^X0^x1 1H2`2`03`P3a4a84aX5ax5b(6bP6bp7c7cH8cp8d9d@9d`:e:e0;eH;ex<f(<fH=fh=g>gP>h?hH?hp@i @iPAipAjBj8BjXCjxCk DkXDlElHEmFm@FmpGn(GnHHnxHo IoPIpJjxJp0KppKq(LqPLrMr0MrXNsNs Os0OsXPtPtPQuQu0RuXRvSv0SvPTvxTw(UwPUwxVx VxHWxpWyXy0XyPYzYz0Zz`Z{[{H[|\|@\|p]}]}0^}X^}p~~8`~``a0aHbpb





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4 "]( ,SU+  +UDkUhkVkUpkVkVkV8!kV $kV@1kVp2kVh5 FH5,SU+  H5hF  XhF  \hF  XhF@  XhF@+Ue  ]- @H5  ],~0@+Uk f\	b,fa`b@+Uk  M,~ @ZLH,SU,fe000pO[@Uu,~ @ H,SU,fi000pOZ@Uu @H5  ],~i~Yi~YiT] iT]!iT]!iT&]"iT.]"i6Y#i.]#iTF]$iTN]$iTV]%i^Y%ifY&inY&iTv]'iT~]'iU](iU](iU])iU])iU&]*iU.]*iU6]+iU>]+iUF],iUN],iUV]-iU^]-iUf].iUn].iUv]/iU~]/iV]0iV]0iV]1iV]1iV&]2iV.]2iV6]3iV>]3iVF]4iVN]4iVV]5iV^]5iVf]6iVn]6iVv]7i~Y7iW]8? RDSTS called without a status message

&V+? Not a DAP DATA message in RDDAT

&V+? RDDAP called for DATA message

&V+0? RDDAP DX$TYP field entry too big

&V+? RD00T dispatch in RDDAP

$$HH_? Binary DAP field larger than 9 bytes in RD03T

&V(+? Binary DAP value greater than 70 bits in RD03T

$(N0(N$(N? Compressed DAP binary field exceeded 36 bits in RD03T

&V6+? Extensible DAP binary field encountered in RD03T

&V=+? Fixed/variable length DAP flags field encountered in RD04T

&VD+H H_? Extensible DAP image field encountered in RD05T

&VL+? Fixed/variable length DAP menu field encountered in RD06T

&VR+? DX$TYP menued DAP field type too big in RD06M

&VZ+,^,~0(NHHIHV? Error in parsing received DATE/TIME message in RD07X

&Vb+? Unknown DAP message type

&Vi+? Unknown DAP message field

&Vm+? Error in DAP field

&Vq+@@HN`de$m:x,~? Network EOM before DAP EOM - DAP data lost

&Vx+? XDBYT but no DAP message in progress

&V~+? Unknown DAP message in RDCLR

&W+$N $N? RDMSG called before end of current DAP message

&W	+!&HOX&HK*&HM@@HO+KJHHL5@$ HLd$`J@5KR4DKJ5KR4@KS,~4@KS,~4@KT,~ HL4@KT,~4@KU,~? RDMSR not called immediately after RDMSG

&W+? Error in received DAP message header flags

&W!+? Error in received DAP message header stream ID field

&W'+? Error in received DAP message header length field

&W.+? Error in received DAP message header length-256 field

&W5+? Error in received DAP message header trailing bit count field

&W<+? Error in received DAP message header SYSPEC field

&WD+? DAP message received out of sequence

&WJ+`? XDDAP called for DATA message

&WQ+? XDDAP called with unknown DAP message

&WU+? DX$TYP field type too big in XDDAP

&W[+1F+L+L? XD00T dispatch in XDDAP

$? ASCII string too long for DAP field in XD01T

&Wf+? Binary DAP field larger than 9 bytes in XD03T

&Wl+0$? Extensible DAP binary field encountered in XD03T

&Ws+? Binary value exceeded DAP binary field size in XD03T

&Wy+? Fixed/variable length DAP flags field encountered in XD04T

&X+? Extensible DAP image field encountered in XD05T

&X+? DX$TYP field too large in XD06M

&X+? SOM or MENU field encountered within menu in XD06M

&X+? Too many menu bits/bytes in XD06M

&X+? Null/Archaic universal date/time value in XD07T

&X+? XDBYT called but no DAP message in progress

&X&+? XDMSG returned successfully with 0-length buffer in XDBYT

&X,+? Confusion reigns in XDBYT at XDBYU2

&X3+? XDMSG called before current DAP message finished

&X8+? XNBYT failed at XDMSG4

&X?+? Too many DAP message header flags in XDMSH

&XC+? DAP stream ID requested in XDMSH

&XI+? Can't abort data message in XDABM

&XN+? Can't abort already-partially-transmitted DAP message in XDABM

&XS+? XDMOR but no DAP message in progress

&X[+? XDMOR called but remote doesn't support segmentation

&X`+? XDEOM but no DAP message in progress

&Xg+? DAP length greater than ^D255 but no LEN256 field in XDEOM

&Xm+? DAP data bits unused but no BITCNT field in XDEOM

&Xt+? XDFLS called with DAP output message is progress

&X{+DAP message typeMessage header flagsStream identificationMessage data length (LSB)Message data length (MSB)Trailing (unused) bit countSYSPEC system-specific dataConfigurationMaximum DAP protocol message sizeOperating system typeFile system typeDAP protocol versionDAP ECO levelDAP user (customer) mod levelDAP software (release) versionDAP user software versionGeneric configuration flagsMain attributesAttributes message menuData typeFile organizationRecord formatRecord attributesPhysical block size (bytes) for device[Maximum] record size (bytes)Allocation quantity (blocks)Bucket size (blocks)Fixed header size of variable length recordMaximum record numberRun-time system nameDefault extension (growth) quantity (blocks)File access optionsByte size (bits per logical data byte)Device characteristicsSpooling device characteristicsLongest record length within fileHighest virtual file block allocatedEnd of file virtual block numberFirst free byte in EBKStarting block number of file on mediaFile accessAccess functionAccess optionsFile specificationFile access operationsShared file access operationsAccess display requestedFile passwordControlControl functionControl message menuRecord access modeAccess keyKey of referenceRecord level operationsHash codeControl display requestedBlock count ("blocking factor") per I/O operationContinue transferInternal CONTINUE message menuContinue function codeAcknowledgeAccess completeInternal ACCOMP message menuAccess completion functionFile data checksumDataRecord numberStatusInternal STATUS message menuStatus codeRecord address for statusRecord number for statusSecondary status valueStatus textual descriptionKey definition attributes extensionKey definition message menuKey optionsData bucket fillIndex bucket fillNumber of segment pairs followingByte position of key within recordByte count of key within recordKey of reference indicatorKey name a la REFValue of null key characterIndex area numberLowest level index area numberData level area numberRoot VBN for keyHash algorithm valueVBN of start of first data bucketData bucket size fieldIndex bucket size fieldLevel of root bucketTotal key sizeMinimum record lengthAllocation attributes extensionAllocation extension message menuRelative volume numberAlignment optionsAllocation optionsLocation for allocationRelated file IDFile allocation (blocks)Area IDBucket size for this areaDefault extension quantitySummary attributes extensionSummary attributes extension message menuNumber of keys defined in fileNumber of areas defined in fileNumber of record descriptors in filePrologue version numberDate and time attributes extensionDate and time extension message menuCreation date and timeUpdate date and timeDelete date and timeRevision numberBACKUP date and timePhysical (media) creation date and timeAccess date and timeProtection attributes extensionProtection extension message menuOwner nameSystem access protection fieldOwner access protection fieldGroup access protection fieldWorld access protection fieldNameName string typeName specificationAccess control list attributes extensionRepeatition count of ACL fields (following)Access control list entryUser identificationUser ID message menuAccounting informationOther accounting information/optionsOperation AbortedCould not access file"FILE" activity precludes operationBad area IDAlignment options errorAllocation quantity too largeNot ANSI "D" formatAllocation options errorInvalid operation at AST levelAttribute read errorAttribute write errorBucket size too smallBucket size too large"BLN" length errorBeginning of file detectedPrivate pool address not multiple of 4Private pool size not multiple of 4Internal RMS error condition detectedCannot connect RAM$UPDATE changed key without XB$CHGBucket format check byte errorRSTS/E Close function failedInvalid or unsupported "COD" fieldCould not create fileNo current recordDeaccess error during closeData AREA number invalidRFA-accessed record was deletedBad Device, or inappropriate device typeError in Directory nameDynamic memory exhaustedDirectory not foundDevice not readyDevice positioning error"DTP" field invalidDuplicate key detected without XB$DUPEnter function failedOperation not selected in "ORG"End-of-file detectedExpanded string area too shortExpiration date not reachedFile extend failureNot a valid FABIllegal FACFile already existsInvalid File IDInvalid flag bit combinationFile locked by another user"FIND" Function failedFile not foundError in file nameInvalid file optionsDevice/file is fullIndex AREA number invalidInvalid IFI value or unopened fileMax areas/key exceededINIT never issuedOperation illegal or invalid for file organizationIllegal record encounteredInvalid ISI valueBad KEY buffer addressInvalid KEY fieldInvalid key-of-referenceKEY size too largeLowest-level-index AREA number invalidNot ANSI labelled tapeLogical channel busyLogical channel number too largeLogical extend error"LOC" Field invalidBuffer mapping errorCould not mark file for deletionMRN neg or less than KEYMRS==0 for fixed records"NAM" block address invalidNot positioned to EOFCannot allocate index descriptorNo primary key definedRSTS/E open function failedXAB'S not in correct orderInvalid file organization valueFile prolog error"POS" field invalidBad file date fieldFile protection violationNot a valid RABIllegal RAC valueIllegal record attributesInvalid record buffer addressFile read errorRecord already existsBad RFA valueInvalid record formatTarget bucket lockedRSX-F11ACP remove function failedRecord not foundRecord not lockedInvalid record optionsError reading prologInvalid RRV record encounteredRAB stream currently activeBad record sizeRecord too big for user's bufferPrimary key out of sequenceSHR field invalidSIZ field invalidStack too big for save areaSystem directive errorIndex tree errorError in file extensionInvalid user buffer addressInvalid user buffer sizeError in version numberInvalid volume numberFile write errorDevice is write-lockedError writing prologNot valid XABDefault directory invalidCannot access argument listCannot close fileCannot deliver ASTChannel assignment failureTerminal output ignored due to ^OTerminal input ignored due to ^YDefault filename string address errorDevice ID field invalidExpanded string address errorFilename string address errorFSZ field invalidInvalid argument listKnown file foundLogical name errorNode name errorOperation successfulRecord inserted had duplicate keyIndex update error but record insertedRecord locked but read anywayRecord inserted in primary but . . .File was created but not OPENedBad prompt buffer addressAsynchronous operation pendingQuoted string errorRecord header buffer invalidRelated file invalidResultant string size invalidResultant string address invalidOperation not sequentialCreated file superseded extant versionFile specification syntax errorTime-out period expiredFB$BLK record attribute not supportedByte size illegalCannot disconnect RABCannot get JFN for fileCannot OPEN fileBad JFNCannot position to EOFCannot truncate fileFile is in undefined state and cannot be accessedFile must be OPENed for exclusive accessDirectory fullHandler not in systemFatal hardware errorAttempt to write beyond EOFOption not presentDevice is not attachedDevice is already attachedDevice is not attachableSharable resource in useIllegal overlay requestBlock check or CRC errorCaller's nodes exhaustedIndex file fullFile header fullAccessed for writeFile header checksum failureAttribute control list errorFile already accessed on LUNBad tape formatIllegal operation on file descriptor blockRename to different device illegalRename to already extant file illegalCannot rename old file systemFile already OPENDevice parity errorEnd of volume detectedData overrunBad block on deviceEnd of tape detectedNo buffer space for fileFile exceeds allocated spaceTask not installedUnlock errorNo file accessed on LUNSend or Receive errorSpool or submit command file failureNo more filesDAP file transfer checksum errorQuota exceededInternal network error detectedTerminal input aborted due to ^CData bucket fill size too bigExpanded string length invalidIllegal bucket formatBucket size of LAN different from IAN in XABIndex not initializedIllegal file attributes or corrupt file headerIndex bucket fill size too bigKeyname buffer not readable or writable in XABIndex bucket will not hold two keysMulti-buffer count illegalNetwork operation failed at remote nodeRecord is already lockedDeleted record successfully accessedRetrieved record exceeds key valueKey XAB not filled inNonexistent record successfully accessedUnsupported prologue versionIllegal key-of-reference in XABResultant string length invalidError updating rrv's, paths to data may be lostToo many segmentsOperation not supported over networkError on write-behindInvalid wildcard operationWorking set fullDirectory listing - error reading nameDirectory listing - error reading file attributesDirectory listing - name protection failureDirectory listing - attributes protection failureDirectory listing - file attributes do not existDirectory listing - cannot recoverSharing not enabledSharing page count exceededUPI not set when sharing with BRO setError in access control stringTerminator not seenBad escape sequencePartial escape sequenceInvalid wildcard context valueInvalid directory rename operationUser structure went invalid during operationNetwork file transfer mode precludes operationFile was created in stream formatInvalid global buffer countENQ system service request failedNetwork operation not supportedCRMPSC failed to map global buffersDeadlock detectedExceeded ENQ quotaJournal name not foundJournal options illegal for deviceRecovery unit mis-callJournal needed for inaccessible fileRecord relocked in recovery unitDisk usage exceeds disk quotaIncompatible file sharingLock wait cancelledXAB not foundRecovery unit in progress, CLOSE disallowedOperation not supported under RMS journalingOperation prohibited outside of recovery unitRENAME failed, recovery failed, file is lostCJF system service request failedSETIMR system service request failedFile being modified (another writer)Device not availableNo such devicePartial allocation onlySpecified block not freeCan't supersede directory fileCan't delete non-empty directory fileSub-file-directory not foundSearch list empty (no devices found)Sub-file-directories nested too deeplyNOCREATE on entire search listCan't update fileExceeded network capacityTSK network device not availableNo such network nodeSub-file-directory in use on RENAMECan't delete file with NO-DELETE lockToo many simultaneous file accessesCan't RENAME sub-file-directory to lower levelDevice is "down" and unuseableDevice is restrictedDevice controlled by MDA, not ASSIGNableDevice already ASSIGNed to another jobIllegal I/O data modeLineprinter page limit exceededLineprinter VFU format errorLineprinter "undefined character" errorLineprinter VFU RAM parity errorFile specification "parse" errorNo such nodesAll nodes inaccessibleSome nodes inaccessibleNo such devicesAll devices inaccessibleSome devices inaccessibleNo such directoriesAll directories inaccessibleSome directories inaccessibleNo such filesAll files inaccessibleSome files inaccessibleAll files rejected by file constraintsSome files rejected by file constraints? NTNIA called with outstanding network channel

&bv+? No destination NPD in NANIA1

&b|+? NAS1I1 failed in NANIA1

&c+? NAS2I1 failed in NANIA1

&c+? NAS3I1 failed in NANAI1

&c	+? Strings too big in NANIA1

&c 0? Node name N6TO8 failed in NTNIA

&c+? NDS1I1 failed in NDNAI1

&c+? NTNIP called with outstanding network channel

&c+? Neither ANF nor DECnet selected in NTNIP

&c!+? No destination NPD in NDNIP1

&c'+? NAS1I1 failed in NANIP1

&c,+? NAS2I1 failed in NANIP1

&c0+? NAS3I1 failed in NANIP1

&c4+? Strings too big in NANIP1

&c8+? Node name N6TO8 failed in NTNIP

&c<+? NDS1I1 failed in NDNIP1

&cA+@X? NP3P4 failed in NAS1I1

&cF+? NAS1N0 failed in NAS2I1

&cJ+? NAS8S0 - user id - failed in NAS3I1

&cN+? NAS8S0 - password - failed in NAS3I1

&cS+? NAS8S0 - account - failed in NAS3I1

&cX+? NAS8S0 - optional data - failed in NAS3I1

$$6B,b+#? Illegal format type in NASIN1

&cf+H (? No network channel in NTNCW

&ck+? Neither ANF nor DECnet in NTNCW

&cp+HH? Junk returned NPD in NANCW5

&cv+? NAS3R0 (dest) failed in NANCW5

&cz+? NAS3R0 (source) failed in NANCW5

&c+? NAS2R0 (userid) failed in NANCW5

&d+? NAS2R0 (password) failed in NANCW5

&d	+? NAS2R0 (account) failed in NANCW5

&d+? NAS2R0 (usrdata) failed in NANCW5

&d+@0$? Funny state in active NDNCW

&d+@? Junk encoded NPD string in NAS3R3

&d+? Junk encoded project NPD string in NAS3R5

&d#+? Junk encoded programmer NPD string in NAS3R5

&d)+? No network channel in NTNCA

&d/+? Neither ANF nor DECnet in NTNCA

&d3+ ? No network channel in NTNCR

&d9+? Neither ANF nor DECnet in NTNCR

&d=+(? NTNRS called but not yet implemented

&dC+? No network channel in NTNRS

&dI+? Neither ANF nor DECnet in NTNRS

&dM+X? No network channel in NTNSQ

&dS+? Neither ANF nor DECnet in NTNSQ

&dW+? No network channel in NTNSD

&d]+? Neither ANF nor DECnet in NTNSD

&da+8? No network channel in NTNAB

&dg+? Neither ANF nor DECnet in NTNAB

&dk+@? No network channel in NTNRD

&dq+? Neither ANF nor DECnet in NTNRD

&du+H? No network channel in NTNRL

&d{+? Neither ANF nor DECnet in NTNRL

&d+P? Neither ANF nor DECnet in NTZAP

&e+? No network channel in NTINI

+? Neither ANF nor DECnet in NTINI

&e+? IO.NBA in NAINI1

&e+? TSK. (.TKFRS) failed in NAINI2

&e+ * dB	b?,e 0X+Sg? Network link status not "RUNNING" in NAINI

&e+0N,e$+UL? Can't allocate ANF input buffer(s)

&e&+? Can't allocate ANF output buffer(s)

&e++X? Network link status not "RUNNING" in NDINI

&e1+? Network buffer memory allocation failed in NDINI3

&e7+? Neither ANF nor DECnet in NTFIN

&e>+? Can't deallocate ANF output buffer(s)

&eC+? Can't deallocate ANF input buffer(s)

&eH+? Network input buffer trashed in NDFIN1

&eN+? Network output buffer trashed in NDFIN1

&eS+? Network input buffer deallocation failed in NDFIN1

&eY+? Network output buffer deallocation failed in NDFIN1

&e_+? Network buffers trashed in NDFIN3

&ef+? Network buffers deallocation failed in NDFIN5

&ek+<ppH? 8-bit format index outside of I/O CDB bounds in NP3P4

&er+? RNMSG called with network data still outstanding

&ey+% Null network message returned in RNMSG4
&f,~? No network channel in RNBUF

&f+? Neither ANF nor DECnet in RNBUF

+% Null network buffer returned in RABUF1
&f,^+T_'@x? No network input buffer in RNBUF

&f+? NSP. receive overflowed data buffer in RNBUF

&f+? Non-blocking return in RNBUF

&f"+? DAP logic overran network buffer in XNBYT

&f'+? XNBYT5-segmented DAP message with length/bitcount fields

&f-+? XNBUF returned successfully with a 0-length buffer in XNBYT

&f4+? No network channel in XNBUF

&f<+? Neither ANF nor DECnet in XNBUF

&f@+? No network output buffer in XDBUF1

&fE+? Byte count negative in XDBUF3

&fJ+p? Non-blocking return in XDBUF8

&fO+? NTZAP failed in NACIE1

&fT+? NTZAP failed in NARXE1

&fX+ 0? GETTAB(%CNST2) failed in NDCIE1

&f]+? NTZAP failed in NDCIE1

&fb+? NTZAP failed in NDRXE1

&ff+@@z vG*(|w ^|Y x H|Y@@|Z,
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o Fz*4FfSX(zX[0f  & *(zX,
o,gV Fz- Hz-,
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o,gV Hz.^0O@|X	b
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 Fz	f&@ Fz vH $	b' "  Bz\"	b@ Bz "	b vI Bz vI	b vJ Bz vJ	b vK Bz vL	b vL Bz vM	b vM Bz  vH $!&=	f@A& Fz	b7@ Bz0J+g :|oO@|pO@zSO@zR "7@z]1J B{G z,g5QBz* Q( Bz)\",	b7+g0@b!$Lu
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6+gPO@,sy4pg=4Ng;4NgP1P8Jg; vO7 ,r}+gF4pgP1P+gD
6m0,t +g@O@|uZz ^0 Pz0+gJ z ,r}+gP N|rO@|q0P,te!$cDz.O@|p7`@@z0Zz Z*/
6m0,t 5pgNO
 Pz0 z/,gV ,u
,	wO@z/<,~Z[0FQ&0HQ(,~ x H|Y H|Z Q( Dz) z0 ^|Y,i<Z^|w:@z/+ga6@|p6@|w+ga+gm2^|Y+ir z)YB(d"2B	b+ 6@|w+gk6@z]+gj,j1+gm6@|p,v53PvP+vP7`^0Z",th,v6@|w+go,j$5Bga,iM7N|r,sy@@|r5Ngs1P +gt+# N|r+#!$bDz.+it,j+gm x H|Y H|Z7 z.+g{,v Q( Dz),
o,gV Fz% Hz&,
o`faF+vW,gV Fz& Hz',
o,gV Fz' Hz(,
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Z[`6@Q"8wQ$6@z+Q$~Z&,xB~,>6@z+,uh,^,,eVpgR-pvN,in5pgm+ga? .TSCAN called with no allocation routine(s)
&vR	`,in5ph+hi+iNo option ]>pv\vVgu]TMinor SWIL version incompatibility!xv`;
  Recompile and reload calling program with correct version of SWIL!Major SWIL version incompatibility!xvl;
  Changes required in calling program logic interface with SWIL!
  Calling program's protocol version is ;
  Called SWIL's protocol version is ;
  Incompatible SWIL call was from user PC ?
?SCNPDL PDL phase error
Indirect file illegal in this contextEqual sign missingDouble equal sign illegalFile switches illegal in output fileOutput switch illegal in input fileExcess arguments starting with "KbwIllegal character "S2w" following word "Junk after indirect commandToo many indirect files& z2@@z6O@5v5Wildcard illegal in /RUN specificationA0| N|
+k7?x2Nw0+k)5Bk)!.  N|
+k7@H|H|DP|%? .GTSPC called pointing to the ACS/JOBDAT
&w6	`P
/BEFORE and /SINCE don't overlap/ABEFORE and /ASINCE don't overlap/PBEFORE and /PSINCE don't overlap={h8x{H "p2,~ "p4,~h.k`+p,,^5bp.+p,K0|[[ .8+m]>tPcI0gO+m C2` .+m Pm' 4"m.O@+m.5b$4*m44Jm5 +m2Zanen1B+m?4Bm?0"	+pB "(B?X+m?`j+mA,z)5mm+mA04BmM8BmM+ma[0BaB8+mMZ`n`B8+mM+p<,t 0P,te+lm@H|- 0`f+m~,z)5n+m~EP|6@z++n
+p<Can't write tmpfileIncorrect tmpfile argument formatn'n'n7n<switches are:
switch keywords are:
Standard No help available, try /HELP:SWITCHES or /HELP:KEYWORDSDouble node illegalDouble device illegalDouble file name illegalDouble extension illegalDouble file generation/extension illegalNull node illegalNull device illegalNode wildcards illegalDevice wildcards illegalComma required in directoryDouble directory illegalRight bracket required in directoryImproper project numberImproper programmer numberSFD depth greater thanNull SFD illegalUnknown switchAmbiguous switchNo switch specifiedSwitch wildcards illegalUnknown switch valueAmbiguous switch valueUnknown default for switchDouble switch illegalNo modifier allowed on switchSwitch value too largeSwitch value negativeSwitch value required onLength values inconsistent; specify min:maxParenthesis nesting too deepUnmatched open parenthesisString too bigK(|[5B$Zx+pz8R|jX.+pyR|j+q5B$Zx+q5B$ .+q? Impossible null return from DTIME2 in DATIT5B$
&x^	b+q$5B$7`|p+q8+q9%x:D(afQ+qC3"|j+ 2b|j_XNegative number in date/timeNot known whether past or future in date/timeField too large in date/timeField zero in date/timeUnrecognized month in date/timeAmbiguous month in date/timeIllegal year format in date/timeUnrecognized name in date/timeAmbiguous name in date/timeMissing day in date/timeValue missing in date/timeMnemonic date/time switch not implementedDate/time out of rangeH|Z|[Telephone number too longTelephone number area code construction illegalTelephone number quotes not matchedTelephone number parenthesis illegally usedTelephone number area code not three digitsTelephone number "*" not supportedTelepone number "#" not supportedHH0P+rv,t~4prv7`|V+rq>|VP|W+rq0
$ "dy<,t+s0P+s,t+sB
Illegal character or field too large in /VERSIONB n5JH|Z0P,~,t~4p$+s[|i . N|Z+sf0P-1P.+sd0P1P+sd0P1P+sd1P/+sd0P+sf,t~4psf+sdH|^H|b|^|b|f0P+sQ,t~4psQ+ss0P+sQ,t~4psQ+s~H|Z0P,~,t~4p$+t
|i,> 0?,t#,^,~Unknown guide wordAmbiguous guide wordIncorrectly formatted guide word z/@@z/1P 0+tU? Attempt to read past end of command line
&yl	b+t= z/@@z/1P^0+tW^0+7@{E,~Z"+tl6@z]6@{E5&,~@@z0+t{,^>,~6@O@|v,~x{H{? Indirect file I/O buffer overflow
&y	`Indirect file LOOKUP errorCan't OPEN indirect device88{DWildcard illegal in indirect specification,t8+v#

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.}"n}" L[~0N N  N 
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&~ /~,^ZB([	b+ ,^,^,^,~Q3}[}[}[}m:"".Bx+}h%HLRIOE I/O error reading help file%HLRNHF No .HLP file on SYS:; I'm sorry, I can't help you
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X$H*$H+#@@Hx!(HxX(Hx*(H} " BHx7BH, BHxHH|!"X"Hx	b=+~y+#2"0b"" ~|,~  !!""#? Unexpected QUEUE. function in QUEOP

&~+? QUEUE. block overran arg block

H@	@
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@@P@? No I/O channel in QUEOS1

&+,^  |,~,~,P+ ,~ @4 x @4C *5* @4 x @4C +5* @4 x @4C ,5* @4 x @4C -5* @4 x @4C .5* @4 x @4C /5*,
 H	@ H41DH+41DH+60DH1DH
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 H	 (Y,
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00.@~P 6` Fp$g$w %`%p "	,>,^,^,35& "	+o -(
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4+	&,^,&7@H"+# "	(,^ H",3,&+#1@XA+ "	++o "	.,^5& "	3+o -(
0 vy@ "	5+o "	8,^$	< (	C,
4 "	E,^,&*	F,	G5J  (	N,
4 "	O,^+% "	S,^1j7O (N,
0"7Nb "	V,^ "	W,^4*%4L	[1,@
 0,/$/$5$ "	\,^ ,^ ",^+% .&	`2D+ 
Nbn",bt,^s"	`,^,&+#"	a+o"	d+o"	g+oe"	j+oopeningcreatingdeleting printingtrenaming submittingtErrorUnknownrerror/exception codes=eeH453Networkrlink abortedo(~6Unknown/unspecified9Remote-detectedmDAPeprotocol"error@;Bizarre DAPDerrorsstatus@?directoryudevicenode ,e]'h2-File nottfound~IDirectoryonotnfound~KProtectionnfailure~MFileeintuse by other user~PAlreadyeexistingfile~SIllegalIsequencefofUUOs~VRIBrorwdirectoryread error~YNotaSAVE file~]Notrenough corea(memory)~rDevicemnotaavailable`bNotsuch<device`eIllegalDmonitor>call~gDeviceOquota1or>storagePexhausted~jDeviceisewrite-locked`nSystem capacity exceeded~qPartialeallocation~tBlockUnotNfree~wCan'tcsupersedeaQdirectoryrfile~yCan'tdelete.non-empty directorynfile~}Sub-directory notafound~SearchrlistRempty`Sub-directoryenestingrlevelIexceeded~NO-CREATEvonlforoentiresearchRlist~Segment~not}onPswapIspacelorrjobilocked~Can't	update.file~LosegoverlapsPhiseg~Illegal~if	notPlogged-in~Filepisl"locked" by another user~Bad .EXE file directory~!Bad .EXE file extension~$Directory too big for .EXE file~'Exceeded network capacity`+Task device not available`.Sub-directory in use~2File has NO-DELETE set~5File has too many users~8Can't rename SFD to lower level~;I/O Channel not OPENed for access~?Device "down" and unuseable`CDevice is restricted`FDevice is controlled by the MDA process`IDevice is assigned to another job`NIllegal device data mode~RUndefined OPEN flags~UDevice in use on MPX channel`XNo per-process space for I/O channel table~[No free I/O channels~`Unknown FILOP. function~cChannel too big~fChannel illegal for specified function~iAddress check reading argument block~mAddress check writing argument block~rNegative or zero argument block length~vArgument block too short~{Unspecified remote file access error~~Remote does not support requested action~Remote does not support RENAME~Remote does not support DELETE~Remote does not support EXECUTE~Remote does not support DIRECTORY LIST~Remote does not support wildcards~Remote does not support file constraints~Remote does not support GO/NOGO~!Remote does not support ACCOMP(RENAME)~%File spec string too big for DAP protocol~)String argument too big for DAP protocol~.Argument block format error@3Allocation failure@7Bad channel number@9Bad format type in process block@<Connect block format error@@Interrupt data too long@CIllegal flow control mode@FIllegal NSP. function@JJob quota exceeded@MLink quota exceeded@ONo connect data@RNSP Percentage input out of bounds@TNetwork privileges required@XNSP segment size too big@\No such node@Unexpected NSP state: unspecified@aWrong number of arguments@eNetwork link in wrong state@hNSP connect block length error@lNSP process block length error@pNSP string block length error@tUnexpected NSP state: disconnect sent@wUnexpected NSP state: disconnect confirmed@|Network link aborted ("No confidence")@Network link aborted ("No link")@Network link aborted ("No communication")@	Unexpected NSP state: no resources@Aborted by object@Disconnected by object@Remote system resources exhausted@Unknown remote object name@Remote node is shutting down@No remote network (DAP) file service@#Connect rejected: illegal object format@'Remote network file service busy/full@,Connect rejected: aborted by management@0Remote network file service aborted network link@5Connect rejected: invalid node name format@:Local host network shutting down@?Invalid USERID and/or PASSWORD@CRemote network file service did not respond@GNode unreachable@LNo link@ODisconnect complete@PImage field error@SInvalid ACCOUNT@UIllegal NS.EOM and NS.WAI@XNSP. UUO address check@[Rejected by user~^No more files~aNo more files (redundantly)~cDevice not a disk`fIllegal file operation~iIllegal file mode~lIllegal input, output device only`nIllegal output, input device only`rIllegal secondary wildcarding~vVariable blocksize illegal`zBlocksize too big`}Blocksize too small`Device full - storage exhausted~Device quota exhausted~Directory full or can't create unique name~	Aborting network/DAP link due to remote screwy DAP protocol	reading Writing ]'rEnd of fileHard device errorData checksum or parity errorData block too large for data bufferSoftware-detected operational error$Device full -  storage exhausted(User quota exceeded,Device is hardware write-locked/Device is software write-locked3End-of-volume detected7Device is offline:Lineprinter page limit exceeded<Lineprinter VFU format error@Lineprinter undefined character interruptDLineprinter VFU RAM parity errorITape label errorMChannel not OPEN for file or I/O activityOError CLOSEing channelTNon-blocking inputWNon-blocking outputZLine sequence number detected\Ludicrous line sequence number detected`EOF while reading line sequence numberdMultiple line sequence numbers detectediFile not OPENed for line sequence number generationmLine sequence number too bigsFile not OPENed for inputwFile not OPENed for outputzIllegal I/O operation (.IOFUN call)~Begining of record encounteredBegining of record encountered, size unknownPremature end of record (record size too large)Data past end of record (record size too small)Record format errorError in COBOL carriage control formatError in FORTRAN carriage control formatError in VAX "print file" control format"Not a record-structured file'Not in a record (record not initialized)+Record still outstanding (previous record not done)0Record size too big6Record address illegal8Bizarre (not-readily-translatable) DAP status code;Unspecified remote I/O errorANetwork file data CRC ("checksum") errorENon-blocking network inputJNon-blocking network outputMIllegal ASCII record attributes for IMAGE/BINARY dataQNetwork link abortedWNetwork message pending inputZ379<@CFJMORTX\aehlptw|"No confidence"i"No link"k"No communication"mConnect rejected: no resourcesqConnect rejected: unknown object nameuConnect rejected: node is shutting downyConnect rejected: unknown object type~'Connect rejected: no free objects0:Connect rejected: local net shutting downConnect rejected: invalid userid
SPPRM. No monitor free core~	SPPRM. Illegal function~	? Unknown status/error code ? General status code ? File access error ? DAP-level file access error 0H; Unknown DAP status "MICCODE" valueUnspecified error "	!1D "	$+z  Secondary status value = ? I/O transmission error ? Network file data CRC ("checksum") error ? Data format error ? Environmental error ? Remote-detected DAP-level error: Hunsupported functionbad message syntaxmessage field invalidHp UNKNOWN
HH	Unspecified DAP message error	Unknown DAP message typex0	Unknown "miscellaneous" DAP error code	Error detected in DAP "UNKNOWN" message; Unknown field present "	X+#(Unknown DAP error field indicator "N" field.? Memory management error ? Miscellaneous status/error ? Internal flow control code ? Internal program error *w,~,
7B+	{,,,S "(6@,
,Z (,
#`l 7@(+
,Q (,
 "`l ",b (,
,R A
1,,,S A
%+(`l0B5b "/5b, ('8Bd,S ('5@($@($@(%@(%@(&@(&@('@(#@(#E5|Rg&t9 C
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F @,
FL\-Jan-Feb-Mar-Apr-May-Jun-Jul-Aug-Sep-Oct-Nov-Decmn@<DEL> "p5^0$$B
?X,,+[ &,>,>,>[A"?1B6@
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 ",bZ,3 ",b,HZx`H,^,^A(X,~\"	b "ab`l"`f

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0	b7+
.+#  MO,~  +
27B + 0D9
1[ +  +
67B ,~0D9
5[ +#5d
:+#? BYBLT called with negative byte count

H,u,v*@,u,^,~ 0,~,	w,>,1:,^,^x5	w,>,>*,>),
S1:~,^),^*,^x,^x,~ ^*C"
U B)5~ *5~5"
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,^O@: `f+
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[Z4L# ,~ "!$pbFG(D}5D
t	`? g 09
p7 &:,~>  F:,~;
? Version incompatibility	b
"`	b+
{`b;xO@,~ ",~,>,+
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+*+*+++++,+,+-+-+.+	.+
0+1+1+2+2+3+3+4+4+5+5+6+6+7+7+8+8+9+9+ :+!:+";+#;+$<+%<+&=+'=+(>+)>+*?++?+,@+-@+.A+/A+0B+1B+2C+3C+4D+5D+6E+7E+8F+9F+:G+;G+<H+=H+>I+?I+@J+AJ+BK+CK+DL+EL+FM+GM+HN+IN+JO+KO+LP+MP+NQ+OQ+PR+QR+RS+SS+TT+UT+VU+WU+XV+YV+ZW+[W+\X+]X+^Y+Y+`Z+aZ+b[+c[+d\+e\+f]+g]+h^+i^+j+k+l`+m`+na+oaINXgg
@@.B,^Q",5@ {,5@
&$	b+,~Z&7@g\ ,~ Bx )*"w ) Bx\$	d@aDg $n* "x+@g\  **"4@! +	bQ"[`.",~gO,~:x,~? GLXINI - Unable to obtain run-time systempO3EJ1	bnp