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                 EDIT DESCRIPTIONS FOR IBMCOM-10-ET-V4                          
                             EDIT 370    FOR IBMSPL
Printer page limits for files sent to the local lineprinter by IBMSPL
are different than they would be if sent by the EXEC or QUEUE.
IBMSPL uses its own algorithm to calculate the size of a file
when it fills in a create request for QUASAR, and this algorithm
does not conform to anything that QUASAR or the EXEC or QUEUE
Make IBMSPL calculate its create request printer page limits
                             EDIT 371    FOR IBMSPL
The D60: area gets cluttered with LPT-QBM-P##L## files.
Disposition files created by IBMSPL are
continually opened with the next higher generation number.
Since <DN60> can be a high-traffic area at times, retention
of unnecessary files could usurp space needed for incoming
data transfers.
IBMSPL passes the byte size in the control word of the FOB,
when opening a file for output or deletion.  Up until recently
this was the only information that need be passed to GLXFIL.
PCO-GLXLIB-030 allowed the inclusion of a FB.SUP bit when
calling F%OOPN or F%DEL.  This is a new bit in the control
word of the FOB that, when lit, instructs GLXLIB not to use
GTJFN's GJ%FOU option when opening the file.  By suppressing
GJ%FOU, a higher generation number of a file will NOT be
assigned, and the file will be superseded.
IBMSPL just hasn't taken advantage of the new file opening
option provided with a recent edit to GLXLIB.
Use GLXMAC's new FB.SUP bit when opening files that are
better superseded than retained, i.e. the <DN60> queue
information files.