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CTLS:=DSKP:[7,6],DSKP:[7,6,MON],DSKP:[7,6,DECNET] !Source control files
MON:/SEARCH=DSKP:[7,6,MON],DSKP:[7,6,DECNET]	!Standard sources
LOGS:=DSKP:[7,6]				!Where to leave tracks
BASE:=DSKP:[7,6],DSKP:[7,6,MON],DSKP:[7,6,DECNET] !Updated sources
!<*>! FGEN areas, used to produce TOPS10.REL
KL:=DSKP:[7,6,MONBLD]				!KL monitor TOPS10.REL
!<*>! Build areas, used to produce MON.EXE
L:=DSKP:[7,6,MONBLD]				!standard monitor