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                 EDIT DESCRIPTIONS FOR IBMCOM-10-ET-V4                          
                             EDIT 010    FOR D60SPD
No SDC file
                             EDIT 074    FOR DN60
Fix Copyright and Edit level in HBSC
                             EDIT 367    FOR IBMSPL
IBMSPL gets an IFN stopcode when writing a file that exceeds disk
While writing a file to disk, the call to F%OBUF at PUTD1+2 fails
because the disk is full.  The PUTDSK routine then closes the file and
returns the appropriate error code to the COPY routine.  The COPY
routine does its error processing at COPY+4 and the input stream from
the IBM system gets aborted.  However, when the COPY routine returns
to LPTJOB, the OUTEOF bit is still set in S, the status register.  (If
the output operation had terminated normally, the OUTEOF bit would
have been cleared at PUTDET, before control returned to LPTJOB.)
LPTJOB issues the "output error..." and "finished input..."  messages.
Processing for the file is completed.
However, when the IBM system starts transmitting the next file, the
following occurs: The COPY routine calls GETIBM to get the first block
of data.  The COPY routine then calls PUTDSK to write this data to a
file.  A file is opened on a structure that is not full, and the first
block of data is written to the disk.  All of this is fine.  But since
the OUTEOF bit is set, the file is then closed, and PUTDSK returns to
the COPY routine.  GETIBM is called, and since more data is available,
another block is retrieved and PUTDSK is called again to write it to
disk.  But when PUTDSK calls F%OBUF to write this block, an IFN
stopcode is produced because after writing the previous block, PUTDSK
closed the file.