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[L,o@:@@T*.VBT@DW"C@BTB""$T,	4@BV@@aO@a@@W7@W;W+,*4@+ Da0D5O@a WQ"A` B`,74@`4B'0"00b=1/"0$00d=1/$1B+ "51D,74@0D7:""5,3"$*a5d-,74@?``,0D`0D+,7`W+3,>\"X,$,^ ;@@X*" ; B` "( B`,~ V,
@TXHX,0C,0H,0M,>Unimplemented routine executedk;O3E}?Obsolete routine executed_O3E}EOTS only routine executed_?O3E}J @@b*"F f B,,f B  " B  B O@"5,>(B7,>,>  "5[aB5,>,>@@<B`."1",0Q`:*$,^,^5,>,+d+c:,^/,~.,+h+h:~/,~. Rx,~+m+m:~ x/,~.~,~+s+r:}~/,~. |}~,|+y+y:{|}~/ ,~.~
:,^/,~,>,++:,^/,~C#xZ B!,^xgO,~:x,~,>Z,?!x9,>Z,?!x=,>Z,?@ax,^,^,~,^.5>%,?:,+!+#/x/:x,~/P,>/"``+&+!,^,> .5>/:,+#+- \,^:x,~/P,>/"``+0+,)w'$0d(`:5%"Q@)5,o+>8+8+"A".*n:5NA*.4NB . 0 4n%`t+C+%!.A`4nD+D7 "57& "57& "5:@"+b @ '*  ',+G   RDcZD %  D $ Db c6@f,f+P,(r BFO@Q"A` BF6@c+X,4(2B,4,,40+b,43!"cBd+b,46 ,496@G6@H+b,,m+b @=`@@A6BF,$ "B6@",$!>*>,+G	b+fBF5 Gp$Hc Ip JrK JK KP Mp NP  OP  RPU VPH! X0! Y YTpTpTpTp \TpTpTpTp ]TpTpTpTp ^TpTpTpTp G _Tp cTp dTp~ eTp~ fTp} gTp} hTp| iTp| jTp{ G:@"+ @ '*  ', &y F" k F# l@@c*&,. c6@f,f+%,,,6,;,E,L,M,Q,S,,,,X, 6H# H F5 C/8 Nb&l FbC/8R8 Fc 8 F7F8 b F# 8 F,~, &m,` c,c &n,` 5`, &n,` ,c6@ ,6F ,t &p,`  ,t &q,` b,l &s,` 5c, &t,` !,l &w,` !,g &x,` ! 5`,~ b1F,~,~, &y,`,~, &{,`C&b5l,,, b V5`}6@.,~ 	f@+ ,~ ^ c Program error l&A` 4Fk,j+a7H,~)FA&.&,j5Hd,~&&,>6@,g,^.&>`"F#,~,>af+p[`,g &,j,j,^S` *)FA&.&,j=jq,~ 
&6@,g&4F{>&&,jZ,g &,j(4Hk &,j 5g &G5` &5` &5j
&c,~ b0F,~!(X($*(%6HXH%6@7 ($7@@f FbXH#7@,~7@b	b!>*>,O@",~!&	f/g\& F$,~7@$,~!&	f/+,~
b4AttemptitotzerotheACsCjO3D;v (@H/x/,~ \,^,~Q@@?}%? g (p` g ,p`g ,PgPh`gPz`gP
?Recursion in stopcode handler--Can not continue

?Stopcode -  - in module  on 
 Program is  version  using GLXLIB version 
 Crash block starts at location b
 Last GLXLIB error:  ()

 Contents of the ACs:
 Last 9 stack locations:
 -1(P)/   -2(P)/   -3(P)/
 -4(P)/   -5(P)/   -6(P)/
 -7(P)/   -8(P)/   -9(P)/Hc
8d.8? Stopcode -   Program  + GLXLIB  error at PC  in module   Last GLXLIB error at PC  was ;   Crash saved in   Crash block begins at [Stopping program][Continuing program][Entering DDT]>[0$$B
,>b-,~~F~E~C~E~H~L~J~F~D~O~K~P~Q~T~M~SP. U V@@G*"r V	b@Z`1"aO@p W	b@^BqO@UO@[6@pO@U7De5[, 5@,0Y0"0b,4
+,D.O@K@@I!"0BJ,0,[	b.\*Br/\	b,]4Br[@4D61DO@H7BM+5 B@,54@52BX,E4b+:,G4@+8,R5@8@,r"c,4@d B@ @6@H+= DG DGO@H[@6@,(4@eO6D@,Z"g"BK""h$i"DI @6@I,S,V57@.+L,R5@[@7B,E4o $5@@@q[@6@p3bq5O@q7B,44 $50n7B@5hbibQ"A` $p51n56B@ Bo1n56B@ Bo5,a 7B85[86@7@.7+c,r,> [@,R4@u,^,&7,#4@ 8!"x3DM@@M*bf57 7G6D DG51",4
$4D $p,x4@ Bd Pd I1fg 8 	`	 
2BS3BMl@3BSeD+!l$Z(N[8Q Nd". Dc 	b1+'[0B5Z7@,)2Z5)*0B1B+)0B+0<2+ "	b
0B,46 7@PM,4@@PM,44O@K L7@L BL5:@K7@I7,4GBJ5<!"BBJ7@o7Bp+G,4@
O@K!`X$k*$n,v[l1B+{Zl,>!`X$p*$o,^,)r "pXBl+{,j@*L7@m"b4BN6BJ+N,)4@Q" BJ J Be`B7J+ Df G Bf@@e 	b1+e6@ BL g Dm Dn gZXN`dl.`d l.@`d@l. `dl.`dl. g3Drl.3Drl." Nm7@o5m $,,A4@m o,.+m1B,40B+j "FbJ`B+K+N0B,0,*5@N,426@LO@K e Bk`B@@J f Bl f Bl e Bk@@n,|4@wl" Bn!"6@.GBm[l0B+{Zl,)4Zl(BXBl "k57@.6@pa+,e !.x7B8M6@o+Z,94@2B*n5.Z5 B^ ,
 _,~7Dl,0@@l[0B5Z(B{5)*5"9@5Z,	d
! b@d+ DG7Pl$ D^O6@_+@ %,
4@ _5 5@,r %6@ &,}4@ ^7@56@.,4&5 ,2@_ .P / B^ /,
5@ ^ B_@@] 05}0"0",033DM5 DM7@q6@.5 B^ D_ 5,
5@,E49,a :@@M*"T $6@p,A	b
,>G5BG!.xZ,94@;+B8M*n6,^G5Q7@.+A0$0$,4SBM57@M,4,440d7@p,4." BL5,a 4Bg[4Ba,k[.0" ",k7@,E4KZ4B"L0" "bLZ,n5@,E4R,k ,n7@,E4WQN57X X7@p5o "57Y Y B X B^ ,
 _,~@@_@@b,> Z D] $ D],^4D,4Z5,r ],}4@^ ^6@.,4`57 ]5 B^@@^6@p+hZ]/"]QB^,a .C"i	bG+50B56@.0N+ ,4j<. "	b
+7@p+[.$] D]Qx B^ $5 B^C"q	bG55,r@@KO@o "^ BiZ]/"] Bh@@h@@iXPi "b	 " $h,j6@,;4@	 nab+"Z2B+" ^2B+"@@o"	5B57Bp,	, p $,i Q"k*"[l1B+,>,);*xXD,^.Q$^*$O@K+> ]B]5,eh"ibQ"A` 	 0. @=p1 P5,74@A"57@p+@,a 		n . AS`X$	d5*FAD5D5 B^ 	,
4@ _5QUASAROPERATORINFOMDAIPCCACCOUNTING DAEMONTAPE LABELLERTAPE AVRDISK AVRFILE DAEMONCATALOG DAEMONERROR LOGGERTGHADECNET CONTROLLERMAILERGOPHER[SYSTEM]pG806Can't Get a PIDGO3EW80Requested PID belongs to job  ]p`O3ED@,44 @,#,44B@<@"J@F@No debugging name for special index  iPmO3E,>,a:,^>,~,^+d,>,a:,^>,~,>,>,a:~,^,^>,~F8%  Waiting for  to start- r`f mpZ V D8

" c@ p@@p,b+G  JO@K,4P^xp6@o7 +Q0e$IPCF Reception failureSJ0O3E	Releasing already released IPCF messageeO3E,>G,>,>,~a:~,^,^,^G>,~`B@`B@- r`f mpZ mPBecoming   (PID = )`d8PID Index out of rangea'O3E0
Can'tOwriteSystemPIDtable58O3EPM0B connect failedS&0O3E?IPCF privileges required to set maximum number of pids EJO3E$IPCF privileges required to set IPCF quotas MQO3ECan't read IPCF quotas SVO3EH-P`o,4 Alternate - r`f mpZ 2@ .P / $5@@^- r`f mpZ P @@^,>I,>l,>k,>m,>n,>k,>l,>m,>n,>K,>,>,za:y,^,^,^K,^n,^m,^l,^k,^n,^m,^k,^l,^I>,~Fi@@o5
k,R Bp,~H0 
b@@s*"5,> " B 
c B,^5	,> " B"
d B,^5	,a  83N
e5	 . N 
e N,	4@,
 s7@h5,> h&"@ Bh. h5,
i *
n[ 0"0b,4,
14@ Jh"
p4B	':h/0J,	 0l7B+	* BhZ Bh "&h Bh  Bh $h[ .Q$ *$O@h.@@h-@@h.@@h/ $ "bBl$ Dh7D !$Lu Dh	d $"
q $h(Q$ Dh $h0 Dh h h $	d  $AZ` "& Bh h0D1D7+	C!`h!`h $h Dh ,	R,	] l$ Dh1l+	I  Bh h Bh( h*(!"X"h	b6"`#F( 
r @h,4&
 h Bh h5,e $ Dh  Dh PDh  Nh[/$4d4N Nh) 0h( Ph   P8)."..=d	Z,~7@h5,
Z5@	`,40,
r,	f5@	`,40@	p@	s@	}@

s5,e7n5 0h$7@h+	y,
^4@ B@.0=n	v+	}? h5ShX"@:h..@*"?50B5,
^4@ Bh57
^4@+@!$GDh5 h( Bh
 h Bh
RhBh "QBh	!"}X6D),4
1"h(gBh5,ag N .n $5,>,u,^5
<,>,u,^ B! $
& D!5,
S h1B+
Y? h-+
0h- h5,
+,-` aF+
:? h-+
9+h-` 2F
S h1B+
G h-@@h-5,
N`D +
leD 5
L	$X" 
v0B,~@@h. +
SO@h/ h0B1B+
Y? h-+
S,oO@h/ h0N1N7+
YZ[Q.@<hr? h-+
Rh-+	,4@+
&h4P6Bh-+,4@ h-&h2" /"$h.Dh- h-.Bh-`Q.."*$+<2 h,
S h1B+'0B1B+)1B+&+
YO6@h.6`h-+-5,a,-6,14@,57"h.+ h-&h*h1/h1.Bh0Qh,X" 
L h-&h7`5>Zh0. Nh-5 h0 hd
,|,a  1h,0
!$bD7 $( D(1h+N  D(1hg ,	R,
14@iQ(X	b6+g*D("
 ,	R*
4N^NhZ8Nh$hQD(,	R,	]
<,> (,q,^5,
S7 h,5
8,eQh,X. 0 
S7 h,5
8	h-&h*h1/h1.Bh0Qh,X"	 
SQh,X"S,n|@f@j "QBh!"X"h	b6+
,	4@5{,
# h"
s@@ h,h h,
S1d3$xZ	d6@*b
25.1,); D8s ZNhO@h,,(r Bh5 h,)) h@@s "1 ,)r5,a!$v[
C B! $
@@]V`@File Open Block is too small_SO3Dj6
fIllegal byte size givenSO3Dj6
k "5
v8 hb
w( hb
x hb
Cannottrim LSN in buffered modeGR`O3Dj6
w50@@50Renamenblock tooesmalleSO3Dj6kHO3Dj6
,hFhFDlocation requested with illegal typeM' O3Dj6
XIllegalIFNeprovided inbcallSpO3Dj6j6
a,#1 ,0,>,p6ep0d@+
-4@+++\"/	b@,Cp\"/	b@aCp+~,^,^,^>,~InvalidargumentlistS`O3Dm7  +@ZxZ D7D 7@ $-5dQ$A` D$ $5 D." B,6, 6 #,/ <*  > ,86@"7@7+,~Z[.  @@@ h i`Q A`a`+*,>,+G,^ *X!*,>,+G,^d ``+=7@  @+? #+>4BB$5,> "B$ < B$6@	,$@@	 "1 B#,^5B$5@@@@@@ $?0D+> B[. D/$ D." B 2B7@5,B5@>,0D@@ @@ ab+H B: bFfG B+RbFfG B@@ '"H4BM:  B"H4BR: $IdI$JdJZdK: ab+Z,>,+G,^ <*  * # B*,>,+G,^5["K0b0",0P&K F $J0F1D+cO@!,g@@!,s"K,g"K$J0B1D5,s55DEG`ebjiXghijlm
[kBn*'"#+(*$!"$&%&% +(!')  07@1.?+
:,o, R!04B,+Z5},a4,oab`l"A`h"ibQ"A`ab+$S4DZ.$Xd"ab+aZ,o$SdT+Z1$.$++2,>,z4V,^,&,4.5 ,o!.u[>72D*n45.Z>75}WXZ&[.\6^>F`NaVa^bfdnevf~ijmnp&q.r6s ,o5& ,o5 ,o5  "8,o4BJ,,4 "8,o6@, "8,o4BO,4, "8,o4B,>,4-[x,,4,^A", "8,o[1b+]/""`Q "8,o4B],4,*nZ,4.5 ,o5 ,o5 ,o B"@@# ""5} ,o7@54B`bp5(B+g7u & ,o2Bu5- ,,A 5- "v,}  "8,o4B, "v,} "8,o4b, "w,} "8,o4B~  .0,/  "8,o4B~4P~,> ",=p|,^, ", "8,o5-gO ,o3Bu,+^,	,>4. && 
 " 1",4,&, ">x,} "0 &"2",,4,^&~ 
1",4,,4 & 
1",4,,4&1",45,o3Bu7!0"0"95Z5}5	]adhkpsvz} $%)+/358;>AEILNPRUY\dikosuwy{~8
$&(*,.0258;,=5 B,655,o5"D,0E4Pb/0&07 7D5X$"5,a.K/ @@ "J0B+x( "bJ4n"I,=x,>,>:Z,}5,aZQ.A`4B,+~,>,>:Z,,^,^,~6@"5  ?A: 6@!57@ !"2b 5 ,+5@O@"5,a +~,j .  2)N7@=rA. "8,)N=r5,e 5.,4#`&.QPx6@,[x."5,e 4P)N ,+A"."57 !5@@ 7`!+$ "5 ", "5 ,,94@Fabp*,>,,^,4,,457@+I,>,4-[x,,4,^A", ".5,> 0B,0M O*"A,^,~,> O*"%,^,~@xH	B@ @$  5++,/+-6Bad $TEXT argument given at address ARGADRERO3FN@\DB: $. 6Illegal qualifier number in S1 at ARGADRSFpO3FNLH$0000,5' +/ [ReaderNetwork-ControllerPrinterBatch-StreamCard-PunchPapertapePlotterTerminalJobOperatorIBM RemoteDeviceFile TransferCard Reader InterpreterFile RetrievalRetrieval NotificationDBMS SystemFAL-StreamEventMicroficheXeroxNQC-StreamJob  Req # for -Jan-Feb-Mar-Apr-May-Jun-Jul-Aug-Sep-Oct-Nov-Decmn@j0tNo errors yetEnd of fileIllegal file positionFile data errorFile is not on diskNo such deviceFile checkpoint failedA system limit was exceededIllegal file specificationFile not foundProtection violationDevice not availableNo "current" entry in listNo IPCF message is availableFiles are on different structuresFile already existsUnexpected system errorNo such pidBeginning of list reachedEnd of list reachedReceivers quota fullSenders quota fullNo remembered entryTable is fullTable entry already existsInvalid table entryQuota exceeded or disk fullInvalid argument specifiedInvalid function specifiedInvalid job number specifiedInvalid radix specifiedInvalid numeric argumentInvalid date field specifiedInvalid time field specifiedDate/time out of rangeValue missing in date/timeMissing day in date/timeField zero in date/timeMnemonic date/time switch not implementedField too large in date/timeIllegal year format in date/timeNegative number in date/timeNot known whether past or future in date/timeRelative date parse requiredSwitch does not begin with slashUnrecognized switch or keywordNull switch or keyword givenInvalid guide wordNot confirmedInvalid character in numberInvalid quoted string - does not begin with quoteAmbiguous switch or keywordDoes not match tokenComma not givenNode name may not exceed 6 charactersNode terminator "::" must be specifiedUnknown node nameInvalid path specificationInvalid user specificationDevice name may not exceed 6 charactersUnknown deviceDevice can not do input or outputInvalid date/time formatField too long for internal bufferCommand too long for internal bufferInvalid default stringInvalid table formatDate/time must be in the futureNo timer entry has expiredTimer entry already existsDevice terminator ":" must be specifiedArgument block may not be in the ACsTerminal location is unknownFile is offlineFile being modifiedWrite-locked deviceCannot supersede a directoryCannot delete a non-empty directorySub-file directory not foundSearch list is emptySFD level nested deeper than the maximum allowedCannot create/write on any structure in search listCannot update fileFile has outstanding Enqueue lockes setSoftware write-lock on structureHardware device errorHard data errorBlock too largeNon-existant UFDRIB or transmission errorIllegal character in date/timeDate/time must be in the pastUnrecognized month in date/timeUnrecognized name in date/timeIllegal file attributeFile attribute inconsistancyCan't enable/disable interrupt systemLinked list entry not foundNo such linked listNo free pagesNo free pages for IPCF receptionIndirect file too big for internal bufferNull device name givenPID went awayCan't get a PIDInvalid node nameInvalid access stringInvalid device nameInvalid file nameInvalid file extensionInvalid generation numberInvalid directory name or PPNNo help available,>,>,>,>,>,}a:},^,^,^,^,^>,~0$$B
 abp55(PPN unknown) "H5}Too many levels of calli6`O3FNJA%DX	 F@@A*"B57@B,Y B,a6@9T  ",); D8/B>B 4BR5 A."
,);*B4D`,>QXB B.A*$,^ A,)r "
.BA.BB5,>,4@e,v5@d,^.B $* ",)r:B5,e,A4@F* ",);.$XB*  ,65,e,4@s5i ,A4@F@@ 5i,j,A4@F7R,43R@@[OZO4B4DQBXD B@+4DXD@QB,@@@5QB@XD B@+@@@@@@ZO/2 ,)r 5,a ,A4@F7@+ Z7@,4	+),a ,A4@FZ7@,4	+),a ,A4@F[7@,4	+),e,A4@F Z7Z7@,412D+ D5,a ,A4@F7B,4[7@,4	+),a ,A4@F7B,4+) B  5,A4@F7D,45,A4@F7D,4Z/$5,A4@F,a7N,4 N 5,e7B8+<ZXDGXPQBG4D?QP P85Z8XP8XBG4B?QP7QP8 P856 2"A,41 B.7D,415HB,~@ @ @ @ @   7@@C*"v!$M	d++  "  8	f' &$ FW@@r5ZV4B,4 8 "^5O@v7@o5 57@r+hS rX * @@r @2@5c  @@d85chbib+ ;X#d",o5,| ( 
0*00j=7/*0*0j0* 0j-5/*J=(q50$0d,4,|5@,4,j@1N+}1N+ =1N+ >1n1.5@1D(R0D$2.2?h1n1.++7 "` 5,|5@@V @f  @* n !x @V f,Z
nXM@@o&@*&h,~BDQ^D @Fq&FA,`@@@R@d8dxl8,#HEd"d"l@d,#IO@o6@v5eDfFC3T@l&DfD[Fhd8Fhax+(8Fq8FD&E0&0&,0GIaf7+5,y,1F+ I1F+C1F+C1F + L1F+ N0F
Km@ hl/3,Y,
Y+!,Y,yf d,~/.@ @ @,~`x+cl8@  @ H,3 F.F+g,ax,:`x,7d8@ex+g`X +Ul8 &,C@*v6@l832@d8 R@ T@ V@ DE,#I NTd8PX@ PSPXSZT" e BT " $S57@V FVaX7+z,Y V@Z8XF5F!l8 V F! V F!+k,YZ8XFl5F!Y>d,+!l8 $S D5,,
+<<e,&,e+ jZ@7D!$Lu D7D!$;2 D BY "C BY " $Y,	4@& BY,Y &,D Y,
'4R)4@#4D1D+Yn0D1D+0D1D,4 w,+Gl8+k Y,q5 z &,`x q5Tx~`x@x@x &2,T 1F-,4,~x x@x@x &5,T5x|`x@x@x &<,T 1F+ {0F-,~,>+7xyv (@p@x &F,T`X,~ 1F.+Dax7+U,~,,|,~xyt x@p@x`X@+ U,1F+ }0F,~+R,1F5:0F+R,1F+R,: &,|,+ U,|+L FF5U FF`X@+c,c,7`F+[ &( 
.G.FbJ1+\fFd,|+V1F!,:56`F,~;`F,~ &! FF,~el`X@,~,1F+!ax7+U0F1F+!1F+b,|+i`X@+ U,1F+ }0F,~,1F+!	0F+x,1F+x,:,+ U,|+s @ FC @ FC50? C,0!
FC,~ @/C,~7`C,|@ 
CF,~<6!>1F+1F+!1FK*!*&H!&J`xl&@6FZl&@FZ+@,F]0@1F\+&!5F]ZT^ RJ/ R\6@`=v T[ @ B[7`,0!S"X"r*"vO@r "Z,$<@@r4@!GZGxK&[ [ \`x+'4F'0F1F
/*?$*&!(!/H&&.,~,FB:@,~&0F+> ,F"1B,@0F1F
, F h4\.<@ p,e Bp9a[1DQ"A`$!`5F[@0F+n,3T@+n&1F+n,$1B+r,$,  @ H,3.F@+c @ @&1F,7@,+[l`X@+|,ax7+U1F+!0F+!!+|d,* D @,(`X+`h5!"ah7+U F[h,
jZS`x7+J,74F,C1F+!#+`X7+c D`z7+c &,Cl8 +g,~4F!&`X7+c,0,1F+!',: Daz7+s+cah7+!- F,N`x+z D[ .:1B+1 "!0,,^< \X@@U,24@',G2&U FU+$ U FW ".BU X,24@z "`X,
aF7+2 @,4F9`f7+[p,
 5,| X,!2.W2hW5^5? X,!2 HU X.&d2fU+D ",X+@ X2&U,~ ",X+D ,0H9
!,~,gaX7+!6ax7+U+c&,|,d+KD,eBMax+Xl8&,CM5F!9&,C+c,0,0F+!$,0F1FT`X+~ @ D,|4@y DS C`3B+!G$ E0D
+y  @,38,>,W,^,S+o5!Hxz`x@x@xxz`xxx,Nax7+zZD0(0h,0!K1H+
1H+	 "!M,Z@ZD+*.(,,S`X,I`x+!T @1D5!Z,1F+ax5![,:,	 @,o7@5!\`x+b	d7@5!]`d5b5!^x{~`x@p@x,o5! "!``X,If!+``X7+$,N\&!aax,+z, 
&& &G.DcH+$1J+!cf!,+a,:l8 &,C,:+g,*`X+!c+b &1,T+.x,*`X,L`x+!d @7@+= @ $,|4@; C`3B+? @,o7@5!k C`2B+= DS,1F+D1F/+Hax+G,:+H,1F,L`x+!l0F5!p,	`x+b !q ( 
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:*f*Z4P,~&!(pbJG(H}5HF5,~H0CH^0Q"A`+nH5P\0+}5P 0+}gM|j$ 8$ 6$8Bad function codeEO3F8w E,0F,Y,y,+/ax++2,:& E1F+5`x+=aX+5,67+5,Y@,+!:x,~Bad Default StringEO3F8w V,~1f,0 X,`X +U`x7+5 &
?Indirect file not confirmed.
 " g,l8+k &,D+# Y,
'4@ l0D1D+1D+ &,D+
?Problem with Indirect File: -  s0 w &35r,H,~+7l+ U,|+c,~5fc+U,~5fb+Vl+cl,~`X7+m,~4Fi+c5:Atom buffer too smallCO3F8w!	@,
+@ n!,~l8,~8GToo much texti7 O3F8w! "+<<
  or &5r
0@ CF D &+ &5r,:5!  &5rd8l8 aX,:+c &5r5!%l8 +c keyword (no defined keywords match this input)aX7+z "!(,+z one of the following:.U&U$U,~ text stringaX5FO,N\&!4ax,+z,C+V,7+V &5r &5rconfirm with carriage returnScanning floating point not implementedgO3F8w!@| S+b &5rIllegal base for numberS
pO3F8w!Iramnumberin base5octalnumbertdecimal&numberDevicename,:,,>,7 &,C,^,D,:,:+ &35r &#5r &5r &5r &5r &5rquoted string unquoted string,N+z,:,,>,7 &,C,C,^,D,:,:,:+5 &5r,>,7 &,C,^,D,:+H &5r &5rNode name,7,+V &5r1F+t5!u,)+},-+},1+} ,M,9+},-&O,9+},1&O,9+},5&O,9+}, &O,%+},-+,1+,5+ &55r &55r &65r &65r &75r &75r. &85r,M+O filespec of indirect file\&"+g output filespec" input filespec &5r,+`,|+o ",Nax7+z\"", D, ",
?File Output Failed  - "50 w1j=/*+1l=/,+!!&.">,~@=2Bad table formatER0O3F8w"A,0"Caf7+696!&+H p F p`h,|5,>,>,>,~a:~,^,^,^>,~,>,a:,^>,~,>,>,>,>,~a:},^,^,^,^>,~,>,>,>,>,~a:},^,^,^,^>,~,,+,3+ Npw8R{X8,i+QR{,i+g "+ "+%x:D(ajQ
+3&{+ 2f{_X "+ "-+ "-+ ".+ "+ "+ "+ "+ ".+ "+ "/+ "+ "+B n5JHL\
&.O@,~ '8@@*" d BO@O@`b+'9@,#2O@O@ $,,A@@ ':	b@Z`0"a+#`d@O@6@+# '; "	 
	`'@6@:';,#I@@	@@	   
 '<	d'+#!"w2D#h*b#6  "Zd,#Y7 ,#65,'=,>,#=,#2,^ 'D`bl`bl(`bl(@7 +'G &	Q 'K	d6,0'PA$ab+'R1D5 "b'R &" B &Q 'V (*(	d6,0'Z*($'\ D5,'\!&Mab	f+\& F
,~,'`  "	,); DQ$A` D
,);6D,~6@e@"	@
,~55,a B	@@	 
 'j[82B*n#M6 5Z8 7@	 ,$5,o !"w[#_2N*b#T5" 0 
 #h 'j	d'5[#_ D
 #q."#_ZBZ 5B#^ "'OZB7@55'k'k'k'k&'n.'p6'n>'nF'nN'nV'n^'nf'nn'nv'n~'r'r'riSJ4`iSJ5 Y
% mQmQ mQ$mQDmQ*mQ* mQ2#z#z#z#z#z#z#z#z#z#z#z#z#z 's . 
@	b'+ 5,j  . 
 's	b'
" 5,j  . 
 's	b'
&&5$7@+$@@ 57@+$
86@+$!",+`+$6 +$(7`+$% '; "	 
(  BO@5O@,$@@56@,0(6@O@5,a 
 "Q.X.	n'+$4 "	b
+$0 "Q.X.	n'5 5,'` B &O 
(	b',0(57@,0( ."*$,%Q ,$],$x5@@@+$N6@l"GB7@+$K@ B  .Q"*"5@6 7b+$G!"cB+([0B+$Z,$ 4\$N,%K (,&5@,%;,%q,%}4@$N!"+$G,%,4@(7\+$Z,%K,%;+$X,e  81$+$c7P8+$c@@+$e@b 8`p@l"@`pl`po(n(GB "apGBap+$o$vGBGD$wGBGD "/ B 
 D $
 D (	b'6@5O	b&5,0(70p/x~`x@x@p7@	5[0B5 
,&=a57("B	,$*0B	 ed+%'Z3\+%<d%'*B%[ .  B	 `b+%`b@+% ( 
 &+% /(:  ab`ba,0( 
$( Q*A`d(!ab+%!4\%#,%K (!,&4@%,+%+%,%;O@	 ,%m,%}5@%$6@+%,0('4B%#,%1+%!:=h%7@	+$~!",$G@@	 "+$7 ",%1+$~,$, ",$7@@	5@@	51B~,4,
'5@1B5,0(+Z1D~51D5#~ Z,
y5@"5Z1D~51D5$4B,%1+%90\+%="(-5B\>57B+%A3BO@>$`=d%B$0D+%I 0D+%I> $`=d%G:,% B:5"(.0\4B0<00|=7/<0\5,%j1B <?57B,0(2,% B7B ,% B B7B+%X,% B7B5,% B!"6@bB57B,0(6,% B5h"ibQ"A`$(81$+(95,,a,% 4\,%m+%e ",%1Z #,%65 &"	 ()""(:5 "bB50<+%z,%j+(; "bB5 &" (B6 50<+%z,%j+(= "/,%1 "p ,%15 5%10\
(@ !"#$%&'()*+,-./:;<=>?@[\]^_`{|	}~[2D*b&5"Z$(A1B
,&=+&,%?+&Z5B&  "(A,%6+&!,%g 
,&=+&#,~6F,'4$(B!"5D$G,~,&'+$N,%+Z4B&*,%g+&+ "(A,%6,>,&1 
,&=+(B  $D ,%c,^,~ 
,&=+&8+&4 J5((D.(h(D1h,~/* (+&:,>,>``2J:,^,^,~,&Sa+&D,&W+&E,'-+$G@6@,$7,$*0B?1B+&O 7@,&U+ @@,%m0\+&M <,%mO,$7,$,+$N,&W+&F,'0a+&FO,$75$G 3B+Z5B ".5%1 3B+,%?  Z5B&c0<5%m0@+&^ "5%10\5%m ",%1 "5%1,~,&'5&U1<+&e "(D5%61\+&i,%j4B0B5&' "(E5%6,&1 
,&=a+&n7B+&n@d,&u7@  ,&u &"."$"/B ",%1=f&s,~,|
4L&w,&=+'4\'0<9&v,%j+(F.&+&v0\+&$&"."$"+&v1\@+&v1\&M <,%mO,$7,$,+$N,'+','0a+'O,$75$G,&1 
,&=a+':x,~,'$0\1\a+',&W+',~,'(5@','*4@'",&W,~,~,'$,'(5@,'*5@,&W+' ,~<5\ /" $=d'&,~0\1\55 (H4D2D+'*5"(B5B(H ",%1:x,~"(B5B(H ",%1:xZ5BO@+&'[1B "A`0BA`+%9 ,%65Ox!",#+#	8
U]*/*,>,>,>,>,>,}a:},^,^,^,^,^>,~  QP( 'E!*M 
'E'F"&,);'"'F+#.Can'tilookupOstatuslof terminalnJFNG3O3E8R'L0,a:,^>,~,>,>,>,~a:~,^,^,^>,~,>,>,a:~,^,^>,~~v#'O'O'O=>'l'm'm'o'O'OK'q'm'm1B5,$
,$+$T failed to terminali0O3E8R'w &Q@ 
'V	j6,0'z5Backing up terminal twiceES O3E8R(Cannot set echo on terminalGN(O3E8R(Terminal never openedi:xO3E8R(
5\$T!"+$G^&,>,$G,^5O P8Can't set terminal break maskGNO3E8R(Illegal escape sequence instructionSHO3E8R($06&Input buffer overflow on escape sequence processingS
xO3E8R("File System ErrorMN(O3E8R()>2Illegal byte pointer in K%TXTISO3E8R(.Illegal Input PointerS'O3E8R(4< $d(89%w%z%{%w%z%{

<6F,'4+&.<   &v&z&{'H&
!",~ **@@*"37 4+(SO@4 "(B{O@,(n5D(P:47  Bd*+d*+d*,0B9(N+(V "$*+d*+0B9(T 4 B(B B " B1,*@@,([5@@! @7@)b@d,~\ !	`@a`,~: *,	d+ ,~7B+(lZ[(H{(N{/l( & *-	d2+(m:=.(g@	b7@,	`+,
&*0+(j Q$	d2,0*6`dg $5,(t(B5 "7`+(z 0",0*; h`D9(v5)	7`,0*@,j   0?,)4@)4P) ,*B4@)0BH 08=p(,)	<n=)6@1+),)_5@(|,0*E0"5$*+4D9),* $Gd`D+*G,o  0 *H	n2+) $GD5U,>0N+) "	b
0N,0*K *Hl2	n2+),^+)0N,0*Nd2+) 0b+),)_4@+),)#5@)!,*,)#7@,0*S $GD5 0"5 aD59)#,e<. ,)*9)'(B{,* `D+)-@@5,a .,*:0b,*d D85 5,* $BD5*,*,>Q"	b2,0*X $`b,0*],^GD5*,e3b7`,0*c1b7D+)@  N5Y  20"
,*e,5$0Z84D)M[30+)CQYD8Z`3P5Y,>,>./P,)r,^,^5Y 00p+)P7D@9)M,.@+)F,>,)R,^+)C,eO@1>@1+)\ . 8@@87D+)Y (@,)r+)V=n)U .lN1@@1:25:2,(t@@1(D"5)r:3@@1,)R,o@@3 .Z84P)p[@ ."d . .$34+*f Z@XD8/ /26@,)r6@,)r:3 /",))+)b7`355,e,*7`,0*j6@1+)y0"0b+)y ZNZD5 .Z86@00+)| +)y[8.0P+* [8.QBZ8XP2DXD8 .0N@5S`.@ B5? ,0*n5:2b4,0*s5,>,>*(B{,*/$6`9*
% DDT not loaded

?Can't destroy DDT page
Page existence check faileda0O3EY6*3Count of Available Pages ConfusedGO3EY6*8Request for zero pagesekO3EY6*=9)Addressing space exhaustedCN(O3EY6*B>5UCannot create pageGO3EY6*INo free pages]O3EY6*MCount of Free Pages ConfusedGO3EY6*PPage access check faileda0O3EY6*UReceived non-existent pagee:0O3EY6*ZRidiculous number of words requestede;8O3EY6*_,)_@@2,~ +)bZero words of memory returnedu_O3EY6*gFree count negativeMpO3EY6*lFree count exceeds FREINIM(O3EY6*pBad page number in S1EBpO3EY6*uPage kill faileda.0O3EY6*z,e -8@B5*"c1n++ @7@ -8 Bf1n++ @7@ -9 Bd1n++"-97@ "b-:1n++ @7@ " Be1n++"-:7@ "b-;1n++"-;7@ "b-<1n++"-<7@ "b-=1n++ @7@ " Bf1n++ @7@ " BeO@ $,,A DX $,,A6@ DX+,,+-+,,O+,,(I+,,+,,+C+,,P+,,#+,,+,,	+,,Y -= Bb@@a ->5d""
,A" ->	d52B5S`	b"5!"	b+ 5 "+7 B* "0	b5++7*+`@++<`@ ++@`@++A*+,0-D*+ ^V -F,0-K V,~*+,0-Q*+,0-WO@Z  B[4B+4,+K5@+4,0-]7-_!"7@[5	b/,405	b.55,^V @N -_* U -`,>-`+V++P -a*>	`/,+V,+U,0-e,0-j,0-o,0-s	b
"	bg`b++[ "-u,$	`	`	b "-v,$++[ -x	b,0-{5,-}Zf.$$t7@Y++j,|  ,+^2"Y++l 
$*&6D2$0dj0,$j0X	b+$7`Z++q",+r4@+q0b,++l++l Y5,o7BY,R BY Y3N.5,4@+x7 ,v4N,1.,4
,7@Y+,.,@@Y@@Z1Y,4@,32BY6b,BZ4,5@@Y@@Z,4"1.,4Q!*085R,.5,-,47.+.1.,4?5,| . ( 
	f77+.3F.6@,4 .	5 .	@50$0d,4 ,G6 +,EZ`5Q	d,45~,U~,_~,M~,R7,~,i~,g~,W,|!X&!$X$	d$,4 5 	d,456$,4	d
5,.	,@@	b&,4$	b:,4$[`,,94@5,	d&+,ad5"	d,4ad,4O@5./57@@ 	d5 $,,E4@*,,94@*5,>x,^\,^\].@,(r,Bb+$QD.$ D]:\7B+,B]] ] #]*]".s]  ] b B+,s] Q!]  $XD "X."ZB^]*!^ "5-
B`:`57. $+-&7. $ _XD] _ ] _ D "5-
 Bb, " Ba@@,Q b[2d+-1 DaO@ " $a,j5@.6@K+.0B
+-10B1B+-1,E4. vP5]>t2-D@DdF@FdB@Bd@@@d@4Unknown APR trap at PC in .JBTPC, APR CONI in .JBCNICC O3EZ-?pVPushdown list overflow at PC in .JBTPCa`O3EZ-GIllegal memory reference at PC in .JBTPCS2hO3EZ-MNon-existant memory at PC in .JBTPC]bhO3EZ-SCannot set up interrupt systemGNHO3EZ-YN|p4+Py`Level 2 interrupts not supportedS9O3EZ-aLevel 3 interrupts not supportedS9O3EZ-gNo interrupt is in progress]'O3EZ-lDEBRK UUO failedIV0O3EZ-q.KJOB
.? Can't continue
XDate/TimePunavailableIS(O3EZ-y,>,a:,^>,~ ,>,>,a:~,^,^>,~3r2Rw5Y>,>,a:,^>,~6$WTO Function in S1 out of range at address PRMADRoxO3EZ.
 /!*"3 " $\3,*~4@/$ /% B2V 2h B2q /%@@,u*"./ "SB.(O@-0 /& B,Bu@@. ",); D. "Q$.!*$ "/& B. B. B.@@.@,1 
/' L-v ",, L-v,.?,.fO@),?\ " B-z`XB/',Ba,/	,~, 8@@,g /+	b/, B-$ /. $.%@@.&O@.% ".% B.,
//+  &z,&/0,&/1 $}|Q$,&,&/1,&/2,&/2 $-$ D2R,&A&/&{ "{Q	b@+/3 "}}Q"B $ /5,.^Z~4D.\ (}|. ",>>+.\ D Q&A` /5 $,.^ *.0B,>B -$3D/2/6,~ B{@@| D| F}@@} $$ D{ "{	bI+ ,~"&	f&/; F-\ /? $	b'/? B-# /? $	b'/C B-] /? $	b'+ @2B/F3B/G /H3B/H /JR2B/K3B/K+/M D-,~,Nx,~l+?W,>.&:@.%,~O@.%@@.&aX+/Tmx@/V,~d,N}dx@+^r,~e8l8 ",);4@/^  "SB /_ex /`  /` B  -$ B  "SB  ,>s+/f+?W,.~+/,/+ ,.,~,/+ ,~ 
-v_"1&+/o,,,,,	4@/r,/~ ^,v ".?Z/$ /t*",w "/ B,w+\L ,v /t*"x@@,v@@,w,$+?W@S@SY@SYS@SYST@SYSTESYSTEMk@(2`Can't initialize GLXLIB/"4NP,u,[,~}-^[Checking for new system messages...]
xCan't discover my PPN.wINX@@
Anon /3 B2R,~H2RH  Your messages will be considered to be from OperatorCan't get UDX for controlling TTYCan't get terminal's page sizeCan't get terminal's line widthmQ2mQ* HJH/GmQPH/ImQmQH/L /M &A] F. &Ao F. &As F.+.t^C>; /Q,4/R,$5^vFile update in progress - please waitCan't process init file -- no memory/Z,~INX[LgR S:HCan't process init file -- insufficient memory/a,~?Command files nested too deeply, detected in opening >; /g ,>,4/l+>{,L,L,>{,~gx,wNx.? "3",?J 
-v,?w@@(%3#*"(,!";2B(&,?|+3&3"1&+3/,,,,,	4@3;,,0L-v+?f,@"3@,?J7@.,07@.,~3A}3A~>.B"~XB}>"},?J1B+3YZ0"3A,?J0-;f6@1B+?,>;+0 B H+0 .+>M "3k,?Jd8d8@@(% 3l*"(, 3m (% 3m B(&!"N B(& 3n B(' "3n,?Xdl+MT "3A,?Jd8, ",);4@3u DSB!"= B 3m B 3v Bl,MT " ,)r,~,08 "K@ B,T ,R.3v,J,^,>3w,OJ+^r "3w,?J "3A,?J 3x,>;,?,$,~ "3y,?J "3A,?J+^r "3},?J "3A,?J -x,l-y,>{@@-x,~ "4,?J "3A,?J -x,q-y,>{@@-x,~ "4,?J "3A,?J6@,vaX7,~7@-+0c,$7@.+0a,+^/.5"0a"&"4B0a,+` -,A|,.@@.,$@@.,~ "4,?J "3A,?Jd8 
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,46h,46m`x ,46r7B.+6y,466B.+76H.+76@.+76@.+7`X,47`x,47$7@-w,~ -w ,47*,~"
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.* 67 B-B[(Z( `F 7?`F 7A`F 7BA& `2,47F  &A1F+7MaB+2xA"l8*,i#,?d8*j2l,~ R4H?Xd8"X([ Q"A`lx,47N,47Q*h2},~ "7V,?J "3A,?J7d2m+7Z,47^,47`,3	 "X,47f,~ -5." $7i7f-8 $7k7H-8g
-6-6b7n6H-9`7t7B-9,~3(0B+7zb7{,~"3A,?J,48`X,48	`X,483!P(%No file specified3$,~?Command files nested too deeply, detected in opening >; 3' ,>,43,+>{?Can't open command file  because: >; 32 35036,L,LZ,437+>{with topic@H3>
Type "help topic" to get help with a particular topic.  Type
"help ?" to get a list of all the topics for which help is available.
If this is the first time you have used MS, type "help introduction".
>; 3B,43W,~H2BTopic name too long -- %1S 3[3[90Can't build HELP table, insufficient memory3`,~Problem building help topic table3e,?+0"from file@H3jP(%aV[M@@Can't read system message file -- insufficient memory3o,~ic HH\8`HMS@H3ywithout updating init file@H3zand update init file@H3~screen@H4for setting permanent defaults@H4Create-init-file command not allowed inside command file4,~Superseding existing init file
Give commands whose effects you wish to have remembered as permanent
defaults (for example, SET PERSONAL-NAME, SET CONCISE-MODE, etc.).
Commands which cause actions (READ, SUMMARIZE NEW, etc.) will be executed
every time MS starts up.  Give the QUIT command to leave this mode
without changing anything, or the FINISH command to make your
changes permanent.parameter@H47@@@]r@@used in outgoing mail@H4=@ "3A,?J@+1
Your full name, as you'd like it to appear in mail you send
`(H4C:Can't set personal name, insufficient storage4K,~,>,>,a:~,^,^>,~+?WUnterminated quoted string4V,~to@H4ZExpertNovicefK@fKPnovice4^H4_\n\e4b4cnext]'H4e] H4e4f4h]G]?4k4l]f]e4n4o PInsufficient memoryClosing text ignored4q4s,~@]{@@P(%Path spec (H4z4{]~Z+p.*e(.+for created files@H5157 H5@on@H5]@ "3A,?J!"BB3!"BB3,~at column@H5
60 H5@ "3A,?J+1Q@@ "3A,?J6D.,_Q@@.,~Can't allocate memory for address blocks@@ "3A,?J@@.,~8 H5lines@H5!Value too small, ignored5#,~
The names of the only header items you wish displayed when showing
messages, separated by commas.  If you don't specify any particular
header items to display, they will all be displayed.  Header items
are things like Subject, Date, To, cc, Reply-to, and so forth.
`(H5&4q,~Too many header items given`5G@ "3A,?J7B.,~@@.+2to be@H5M +2There is an overriding "set only-headers-shown" command in effectinformation about@H5W]` The Host name cache is empty.>; 5[ The Host name cache has  out of  slots in use.>; 5`p 5cp 5d HLPTAB contains  entries.>; 5kp 5m There are . free memory pages available.>; 5qp 5s The largest block of pages is . pages long.>; 5zp 5} The text buffer contains  characters.>; 6p 6 The text buffer is empty.>; 6
+setauto-expungee(on)c>;`;(atcolumn)>;t6prsetebrief-address-list-display>;6;set.closing-texte(to)f>;6&Q"A`,46(+2)setconcise-mode>;t6-setdefaultcc-list (to)s>;`t61,>;,46467 D-B:>;` 6dno >;` 6gdirectory-lookup-confirmation>; 6j set include-me-in-replies>; 6o set no text-scroll-region>; 6t,46w+2? set text-scroll-region (to)  (lines)>; 6{p 6~,2I+2A set suppressed-headers >;` 7,47 ,2{,?+2A set personal-name >;` 7,47
     \"73 :+2Q = 2d 5r` 76
definedrbyduser@H7;optionalH7>predefinedH7?requiredH7Acdefine header-item %(to be) >; 7C 7E 5r` 5r,2z+2x>;` 72>;`of current message file@H7TNo current mail file7W,~ Current message file is >;` 7[>;.	` Currently at message >; 7cp 6
 (You have %4D message%P deleted.) Messages%4L flagged.
b7x,~ Message%4L flagged.
MSversion~+PGLXLIBversionP2V8DECNETsupport36,>7b-1 "@f,>-8RX,^ 
`L7:J $',?%aL7:J $#,?%aL7:J $ ,?%aL7:J $",?% $X,4:Kal,Py,>-8RX,^7d+:R,4:T7b-1 " $,?%,>-8RX,^   $,8S7+:Z`X,9,9"4D87  $7b-1 ",?%=f867b-1 " $>,?%,>-8RX,^ 7d-] $$/$,>-8RX,^ 0&2/$0&t/$0&'/$,>-8RX,^ ,>d,9",^7b-1 "@f\$:_,?,>-8RX,^  &,?+ \$:_,?,~ 7b-1 ",?%,~B-{,~,:`,),>-8RX,^  ,R),>/. 2k$". b:g,^ $pQ$A`d8<28l0F1F+8]+8a<28l1F+:g0F1F+8l0F7@+8lax+8j1F+8l0F +8kl8d8 Bp+8l1F+:jF+8`@F $pQ$A`1B+:l5B8n\"2R\$p,`x4B8t4B?W,~ $pQ$A` p<28|0F1F+8u6@1Fa+8{@F+8|F+8u 2{\$p,4B?W 2r\$p,4B?W,~,)(p@@p Xp Fp ,:m,>-8RX,^,eV+9	,e5 Pp Rp X
 p :p7Hp+9d8,Q: 1D+:p1D+:q`x+:s1D+:t1D+:v`x+:w1D+:y1D+:}6@p+;D=h9
@D &; 0$0&&/0  :p&; 0$0&&/0 / & p p,~4B?X 4F?X2f ".,>`X+9*,R),>/. 2k$". b:gaX,^ 7b-1 ",?,^,~,)	 Bp	,>-8RX,^!"cB,Py,>-8RX,^7F,~3F,~6Bp	+:`x+9f6J.+9a,>-8RX,^ ,R  2k$",>/.. b:g,^ $pQ$A`@
 :'<:;.*1F+9H4F9DF+9D Dp@F,>@,e@,>-8RX,^ X
,>/. 2k$". b:g,^  " .&("@,?/2(.0(/2h.0h0r+9>,?+?W"
(.Q"A`,:+*j9b,?+?W,>-8RX,^" ,R),>/. 2k$". b:g,^  "@,?+?W,>-8RX,^". .,Q /-> 2h ".,> ,>,> 2k$"/.. b:g,^  "@,?,^,^7@,~/,R +9t,;,) Bp "pQ"A` $;,>
4P?X p,>K." Bp/. p`x+:`X@,:&7+;,R),>/. 2k$". b:g,^  " @,?,?+?W,>-8RX,^" ,R,>/. 2k$". b:g,^  "@+?  ":),&ad@,~+?W(g3Pg3Xg3hg3xg4,
,)(d8@@p@@p@@p@@p@@p,R),>/. 2k$". b:g,^ <::F`x+;!1B+;"1B+;#1B+;%1B+;'6@p+:57@p+:@1B>p7@p,>;+:51B+;)1B+;*,:EO@p,>;0B:p+:56`p+;-,~7Hp,~ ",>;=h:G,?@@p,~ 8Ot@` :K      8O` :O,4:P+8+8Ot``To: 8O` :W,4:W,>-8RX,^  /$+82 ( chars)
,>,>,>,>,~a:},^,^,^,^>,~H<28l0F+8b+8] $pQ$A`l8+8]@b+8p
From-the-terminal-of: H2B=h9
+9 $=h9
+9l8+91D+9+9=h9+9,Q: @@p0D+:x=h9
+9 :p@@2B@@pl8+9
,> $D,^@@p+9<Incorrectly formatted header for message %1D
 "X;,~ "\$p@,? $,?%,>.0(,:,,^+9],>,a:,^>,~
:,R),>/. 2k$". b:g  " p,?,^ p.0/:,:,+:ccResent-ccResent-toReply-toTo1Bd8+:;l8+:;:p7@p,:E+:;?`p+:@+:5:p1D,>;+:;:p+:57@p+:C:.,>;@@p@@p+:5,> ",>;,^>p+:E 
-v 0`x+=B=	,?,?,$ 3A"~ h2B7=!" B3,>3 "3,$<4@=,^/3.Bg 3`b+;H`b+;@6@3= ,<+;4 3A"~7F=$,)) =). B3 =*. B3 " B3 g/" Bg+;4$3 D-	@b3!"p.B3:3>g0D1D+;Q1D+<$1D+<"1D+;p,~,$/3"-^+;V,? "=*,< g Bg+;4 g3Bg+=+ -	,<
+;47Bh+;\ ,))6B+;Z,(r Bh.=* B3 B3 "	x B3@@gO@g,~,  B~ h.=* B~ g B 0f	x &	x / D ~ ~@`X+=-,?4@?X B~7@,~ ~A"~ .=* B~+;e\"=.,?=@@(% =0*"(,@@(&,?|+=3,;v+;p,4=5+;4,~,	4@=@ B~ ~,
'4@=N4D;y ,<
+;y@ 3B~,>{+?W~,>{,~h"ibQ"A`abQ"A` 4B<,<
+<h"ibQ"A`abQ"A` ,<
"35B<	 3,~? 3+=PB3:g,~,=Q,(r4@=[Z3A$~ B D.=* B3 B3 "	x B3,~4D?X, B D~ ~2f3 3 3/ B3 ~/ B~.Fg b* 3,@ @37@~,~,<+<,>,? ",;a+;4,0[,),<} Dp Bp,<,,~,<N,;Y { |,;v,~,<<,~ ",); D|QB ,>s+=a B{ D|,<D " $u,	4@=i,>SpXp,4@=q x"$,
)Q"v!`*"{,^,q!"vX| |*"+ "v Bu,<B! (5 @x,<B! 8 @x,<B! +8 @x " $u,
,~ "v Bu " Bv!" Bv!"Lu Bw	f
 ,&&.()H}=l<IX*X4 Jw!"K8 Bx -$ Bx,~,(\&} F}!& F} <[ F~ &}Q&	f$7=t =t,4=v =|,<^+ ,~ggipKNKy,@
7@.+<d,>,>,.,.@@.,$,^,^ *{ F(!,(X,(@@(*,([F(ZF(ZH(7@7=) &Q& F( ,YP
6@ L(@@( & F( &s F( 	fF7+ ,<w3F ,<v`f@ ,<y`f ,<{,4=,~ > >P$ >P$0s7Bg+>."	&"
BBh,(z4@>,;a i(BQ"A` g,~h,)&@@h,~Message:B=+;3Message (ESC to enter Send Level, ctrl-Z to send, ctrl-K to redisplay,
	 ctrl-B to insert file, ctrl-E to enter editor):TEXTI failure 
-v,L1B=,q,L,L,>{ 0,?f L-v!"GB3 ",<
>g+;:Unknown return from K%%TXTI at GETTXTGETTXT - backup limit reached and no previous pageH
 ",>;,$+;4 ~,I+;k(Insert file: P(%No file specified...)=0+;4...EOF)>; =4?Can't open file  for read because: >; =7 =90=; Z,4=;+<%Can't read file  because: >; =B =D0=; Z,4=F ~,l+<0B+=J ~,q+;},<+<
,>,>,a:~,^,^>,~Can't expand text buffer -- insufficient memory=V? Can't allocate core for file storage>; =[,4=_,~? Can't create tmp file; >; =c0=;,4=f,~? Can't write data to tmp file; >; =j0=n,4=n,^,l,~<X<[S=}Hi =uv =uv =v@i? Cannot save context;  =|P0CTX. UUO not implementedCTX. UUO error RUN UUO error @,~Can't run editor - insufficient memory>	Q$A`4F>F+>Q$A`F5F>,~ bA}Q,A`@f D4D>9>32,~`b+>ab`9>,>29>+?W,>g $,~,>g $,~/284r?X $H&$4F>"8 ,,> $A}(T FA~ A~    
@4*>97F+B4HB1H9Bh1H9B,^`,~B-{,~4BA,>@,$,^,~,B."&",);4@?X B.$+?W $ ,)r,~, B,>K,>>,~ D Q"A` $,> +?W @4F?X9>L, BZ[XE/"4B?X..$,)r,~, BZ(B,);4@?X D~/"ZBQ.BX"[.~*" Z.",)r ~+?W,B, D 6@ +>e ",);4@?X/"ZB D    ,O5@?W0B,~Z (B,);4@?X/"ZBZ .&QX&[ QB.*&Z ."   ,)r F  +>e, B ",);4@?X  B "l@ B -$ B@@ "+?W,~ [,)r~,)r,~,B,$,$/6@6@,?,~,>,> B,>;:.,^,^,~
,h$idQ$A`h"ibQ"A` B D~d86@l8 ~ax+B6`+B6@.&1D:.1B+B`b+B,
yax+?5F?ab7+B ~dx,~@`bF,~, H 0F+?!,4B ,~0FB,4B+?   ,?%,~,>,>1B+B!,
,?j,> "XB( B,4B& -vZ1D+?9 "sQ"A` B+ &; (,?,> "sQ"A`,4B- -v  ,4B2 ",Aw>(- Q"(.X(.*"x!<*<+(-1B\"B B( -vZ0D+?B,$,>,?y,^,^(- B5*"Q(.X"(.Z/(. B5&*"(.,>(- "B6,?J,*,~,?L+?),~  "(,,.4@B: " `d+BF 0D+?W[ `dx+?Wad+?WaD+?WZ+?W :x,~,?J,>,> "BG,?J,^,^,~ "?9 B( 
-v 0,?f\" B( B( "P B(@@( \" B(  "P B(! "(% B(! ^(.,~ $1B+?h $~SX B( B3,~
2,~,>,$,$/,^ $ -\  BH	b'+  $
 -\@ BH	b'+ ,~ -#+?k@ ,.1Bl ,~ "XB(,~ BH $ -\@	b'+ ,~ "BK,?J 1B,~,> D-
 ",);4@BP,^SX .&*" +@,>s+BU+?W0&	+@D=f@	,~ V @} BV*6*BV7*.@1 " 4 (BW7(&@5; 0X 6v}/&(.*'}&& W+.@< D@+@(E.@H @(C.@U)C.@a(B B@ ,.,@ 0@Q0P*004H@/.4 P &@9ABB0GD0+@/(E.@H+@"(E.@H @(C.@U)C.@a0H &"&!&..AQ0 P2oXT2p .@n T2n .@z T2o5(2n>2o+2p)C2n(B C &)C&A  (E&A,)C&A9D" C  BW*6,~@@

@@!@!@!@!@!@@!@!@!@!@!@@!@!@!@!@!@@!@ @ @ @ @



,@ &{Q&A` $1H+AHH<dA[0H1H+A[0H1H+A[0H+AI (H<dA[1H+APH<dA[0H1H+AW0H1H+AW+AR@H<dA[ "{Q"A`!$,
,~ X
BXO`,~7D.,~ "
/./4b?XO@.\"B],A| ..",>,Ak,^ "
/",?k\"B],A|\"B],A| ..",Ak\"B^,A| ",>;,~&"QDx6@,Ak[x.",>;,~7@.,~\"B^,A|,?t ",>;,~7@.,~\"B_,A| ",>;,~, B,$,+^ $$. B.,~,>;,~H@@@@     ,^,~,^x+?W=j>5+>9=
>4,>,a:,^>,~H,>,>,a:~,^,^>,~,>,>,a:~,^,^>,~H?4D?+?1D +?=? ,>;+?D B+?,>@D,^+??#P`Invalid radix at TNOUT?#p` ,>;+?(?MS command error: : "">; B"0B$ B% B%H  in command: >; B+  in command file: >; B0@(. ,.d8,~COMND failure[(,?uaD +B7 
-v,L1BB8,q,L,L,>{ 0,?f L-v`x,~ 00B+?97B,w+?. ,v+ d8,~@Input filespec.BIHBJCan't acquire space for FDBM,^,~Can't allocate file open blockBQ,~ <
pBadlyformatteddate-timeCfieldinmessage+%1D;1HhCX@,dD"	b+Bt7@+BtB,1DD$	b7+BtB,/2r@)B."B5DBjDl"CD	bC,~2{@)B."B5DBpDm@@2s,~@@,2@@,2@@,1,~,C,h"ibQ"A` B6D,2a+B*,&*`b@+?W !&+@Bw+C,C',~+?W*fB,C),~+?W,D, B~,C,~,Da+C,4D&,4D+,~ B ~,>K,>>a+C ,D,4D/,4D1,~  D Q"A` ~,>  Q"A` 2{, $7@l  DXQ+?W,,C  D D4 B~ "~	bC0B+?W,~@ D54FC&1&+C!0&0d/&FaD+C!,~ ",2,>^,~ +?W6@,2,~O@,2,C5  ,2,&*ab@,~+?W, D5,>K,>>,~ D Q"A` $,3,> +?W,)H ",);4@DSB!"T B D6 B!"N B D6 B ,>s+D "@BB@@p ",	4@D Bp@@p@@p@@p D5 Bp@@p@@p@@p,D+D
@4@DBpBDp+D,~",);4@C&B+?W>D",)r,~NOMAIL20,>,>,a:~,^,^>,~%MemoryDspaceexhausted.>;D$%CannotaddDECnetuhostt.>; D(0D+>; D$>;SD(0oD+dHH,3I:E|z(@Dp,C/+D
`X+E,h4,hA,$-C6@-C,h:d$Ea,h:@B-|,~l8@@-?+Em 0$0&&/0 P-| EM&Em 0$0&&/0 -|//$.g7@->.$6B.+Em6@->.$#ax,4Erdx,4Ex -xd8, B@f\$3,?4@E;6@->,EC4@E;,;a4@E; `x+E27@.+E. E}@f,?4@E; .Q$A`,?4@E; E},?4@E;6@->+E2\$3@f,?4@E;7:->,"5@E96@-?+E9  $,
	5bE9E},4F ,{,~ ,q+?WE} 7@-?+E8,l6@->:->,~E}6B-x,l,~  -x,

,^,~H3Date: Resent-date: >:pEP`
Resent-from:&F,>2s $E[,>
?Can't open file  for write because: >; Ea Ec0EP ,>,4Ef,~<,>Q"A`,>K,^.$+E,;000000004001EApEP Epp Eq;000000000000EApEP Epp EwHEaError writing message

[Your message could not be sent due to your POBOX being over quota.
 To become  under quota, remove or delete files  from your  POBOX.]
-=4JG6@2r+F ,G,~ B2r,F1,~@@,C@@,D@@,K@@,H@@,G@@,JO@,D@@,E@@,Fd8,FI,FB+?W7@,D+F*,FP,~,G,G,~6@,D+F.,F@,~+F(7@,J+?W " $,K,
+?W H@@,K*",Q ",L B,K "# B,L!"Lu B,M!"< B,N -$ B,N "SB,L,+^AHnH B,M " $,K,	 B,Q5@1B+F1,>,4H,~,(r B,J ,@@,E (@@,H@@,I,F^+FG+?W ,Ql8,E	7+?W ,J,)),~,(r B,J , ( H,E H0 ( H0 -z 
H H,FX.(,~:,E H0 ( H0 ,QO,
),4H	Z*06@(*JFUY,F\,FE,~+?W@P:5PFY&(6@:.( H0.
,~@ ,K5NH
-=4JFc .C N,G>+Ff[
-=7@+FsO@,C .K N,F>0hj+H,Ft6@,D+Fs:,E B0 " B0@@ H HD:6@+Fl&"6@:." B0.
-=.T,H@7@+HO@,C J,F .K N,F>:: 8`b+G ,gk3DH7l8+G0N(+F{6@,C+H.T,H@[
-=7@+HO@,C J,F .K N,F>+F{,~ 
,JG":@,DH"B0G,EGD0,D: B0 "7@,D " B0 ,E B0,~@ ",
1.+GH+G+?W7@.+G,4HA+G,4HT@@2r,~ 2r B2W " B2X ,J B2X@@2Y@@2Y " $2W,j 
,C,74@G) aN+G1,A.0N1N
+G#HV+G<lG,,> "	b
,^+G#HZ+G@ H_	d,~`d@O,~ 2D2r+H_Z
 0"0 00 ,G7@,H ,F",H7@,H",I@@,I1B+HeZ@0B+Hg 8ad+G>:: +Hk+G:[@6@,H+Hl0B+Hnl8l$  D8+GJ1"
 "0b "/"
[F`D+GJ\F,>,>;,^`D+Hp,?6@,H+GR:: +Hs @.9RG96@,H+GR7@,D+Ht7@,G+HyH|,>O@,D,,~ ,I/,H/,I1BO@,J,+?WNo such recipient Invalid error code returned by MXInsufficient privileges for sending mail to SYSTEMGeneral error returned from MXNo such recipient  Node is not known here. Recipient is Duplicate message fileNo message fileInvalid continuation packetInvalid sender PIDInvalid sender UIDInvalid node nameInvalid destination string. Recipient is No to listG},~I8,L8qc[M?Can't send message because: >; H0HHH0H0` 
,F N,G6@,C N,F+Ff N,K J,F7@,C.T,H6@,C.T,I+FsH@O@,D.T,I+GO@,D+GWaiting for MX mailer's PID ...Could not obtain MX's PID

 [The mailer does not appear to be running.  At this
  point, you have the option of trying to SEND again,
  or you may try to send this message later.  If you
  would like to be able to save a draft of a message
  into a file, then you should read the DECmail/MS
  manual concerning the SET EXPERIENCE-LEVEL EXPERT,
>; H

 [The  mailer  does  not  appear to be running. At this
  point,  you have the option of trying SEND again,  or
  you may issue a SAVE DRAFT command and try later.]
>;%HCMXXis-notrunning.dMessagenotsent.MX didnotArespondwithintimeoutMperiod.x,+G#ProcessingIerrors@occurred.NoLmailLsent.O@,HH`,?+G97@,H+GL0B+GL[@1B+GL+GBI,F",I+G:0B+GK+GB0B:,G1B:,I+GBX"@Q"A`,>;,?+GJI,F",I+GL0IB,E+GSMailqueuedJfordeliveryby1MXex+GSBHv,>+GSNotzall;mail>queuedfordeliveryObyMX4BID "K6 B,T ,R.L#* ,R.L$3B,~,>,>@@.1V+I>:.,>-8RX,^!"cB,Py+I8,^,^,~L%+?. >IH~ILHL' >IH~ILHL( >IH~ILHL) >IH~ILHL)`IIHL*`L*HL+L-L.message sequence, one of the following:
     message number
  or list of numbers (4,14,11,...)
  or range of numbers (11:37)hiE~IZiFJiFJNiF6KiFNJIiFfJiF~I^iGJ<iG&J"iG>JOiGNJMiGfJRiG~IaiHIqiH&J-iH6IbiHFJ$iHVJ3iHfJ$iHvJ%iIIiiI&KiI>IviIVJiInJTiJJQiJJNiJ6J#iJNJLiJfJ "LY,?J "LZ,?J ,RQ&D@ @0B9Im H.1hL[,~,I|,>-8RX,^3$V,L2V-59Iq+I1,I|,>-8RX,^2dV,L2V-59Iw+I1 "L_,?J "Lb,?J@,> "Le,?J "LZ,?J,^,~ "Lf,?J "Lg,?JZ+,) "LZ,?J@,>-8RX,^!"BB!"cB,Py2V-59JO@p Li Bp@,>-8RX,^!"bB+J 3"p+Lj2V-59J76p+I1V,L,>-8RX,^!"GB@O@p Li Bp+J7Lk "K= B,T "LZ,?J V,SO,,T+I1V,L+J 7Ll "KA+J7Ll "K<+J,I,>Lm,K6+J(,>+J& ,R.L#,^3VLm+I1 V,f,KS+ +J),JA+I? -54:J0 +I+F,L/&=bJ0 "LZ,?J+I1,JA+I?5:J9 2&-5+I?.&F,L3&-5=bJ6+I/ .2d-5 -5+I+,JA+I?@F,L.&=bJ= "LZ,?J+I1 "Ln,?J,>0D+JE "Lq,?J+JF "L",?J,^4b?X/"2b-5,~."+?W $XD,L "LZ,?J+I17Lr "KP+J7Lr "K?+J :J_ "Ly+JU :J] "L+JU :J] "M+JU :J^ "M
,> "M,?J,^,?J 1B+M1BO@,d $ ",TQ"A`,> +J7M M+KG7M M+KG,M ,,T    ,R) 2k$"/..,>+?W,~,M ,,T    ,R) 2k$"/..,>+?W,~,M,> ,,T    ,R) 2k$"/..,>7+M,^7P +?W   ,,T 2k$"/..,>+?W,~,M,    ,R) ,,T"R.2r- -/.R 2k$"/..,>7,~7R+?W" -/0,R+J{ :K& "K
+K :K& "K,> "M,?J,^,?J D,S +J.Kd~K.Kd~KMDDate and Time:
Only messages with date-times prior to the specified
date and time will be used.Date and Time:
Only messages with date-times greater than or equal to the
specified date and time will be used.7M M ,S+KG7",R+K,0V1V+K+,K-QV,RXV,R,~d8+K+7 ,R+M"lx,4M#[,R.",4M&Z,R1B+K5.$,4M*,$,~,>0B+K9,^,~,^ 6+?W 6+?W7M- $+K>7M. $ M.+KB7M- $+KA7M/ $ M/ "X2b-5+KO,>-8R,^+@+K:9KB!&Z "X2b-5+KO,>,>-8R,^!*cJ +M0,^+@+K:9KH56?XZ,S,~56KRZ-5+K: "X="K:,~,) Tp Vp,>-8RX,^ Dp!"cB,Py p7P	+K\ 
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,^,~ ,R0B)+M7M9+?. ,R.L#3H+?W2B+L,~,) p ,e Bp . Bp4BL."( ,R.0"=+L
 B,R+` p B.4BL."( ,R/ D,R p B,ep+`No current mail filemessages@HL!HH:$HInvalid message numbercurrentnewalllast%IY.:`HL,`L,`@A@All@Answered@Before@Current@Deleted@F@First@Flagged@From@Inverse@Keyword@L@Larger@Last@N@New@Next@Old@Related-to@Same@Since@Smaller@Sorted@Subject@To@Unanswered@Undeleted@Unflagged@Date-timeas last sequence@HLWNo previous sequence existsthan@HL^character count (HL`characters@HLcby@HLfIhHLV? Vp Bp+JKGK=K@1 HLmmessage@HLpK?K;`string to find in "From" field,
  &LsHLtLwstring to find in "To" field,
  &LsHLzL}string to find anywhere in message,
  &LsHMMstring to find in "Subject" field,
string@HM+?.,Jx,Jl,Jf,J`,>,>,a:~,^,^>,~,^,~Date and Time@HM$2d 3d No messages match this specificationM,~,>;` M# >; M&p`>; L,p`bD cD *,>,Py,^*+KMSHORTAGE OF MEMORY IN FEQMIDM3,~H,>-8L,^+L
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,(z4@RE(BQ"A` B-;  ~,
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2b-6 -620.2b-,R,~Q3[L%Can't read help file  because: >; R5 R80R9  ,4R:+MSCan't read help file -- insufficient memoryRA,~Can't read help fileRF0B+RI@B ~,q+MS%Can't open message file >; RM,O~,?y,4RP ",Aw+MhCan't open message fileUse the command GET STD:MAIL.TXT to expunge messagesCannot expunge deleted messages - another reader existsR^,~Cannot expunge deleted messages - mail is arrivingRe,.|,~Can't open file for write, so cannot expungeRl,.|,Nj,~Can't get pages for expungingRs,~ Expunging deleted messages HHH)- OK>; R{`.Can't update message file during expunge All messages deleted, deleting file.
@-Cannot delete message file3
>-0,~'Can't releasenmessagedfileRappend1interlock`3	YouRhave2no-ENQ-DEQtquotaa--useeyourFsystem)administrator1BS,~%,Nr+e,~3	rsCannot-releasellockuoncmessagenfile -aerrorcodeR%1Oe ('filespec@(HS"S#d8,~,	,	?Can't opentofor writeEbecause:1>;vS( S)0R9i-2E,4S,@@-1-1+>{YCl-1,>{+O?Can't openuLPT foreoutputRbecause:)>;rS60R9,;O0ptS=pS=T@@@-1,~$Ho,R.SD2T,K-+O5?Cannottwrite messagecbecause:i>; SG0R9?sSkippingrmessages:E>;`dSNCan'tydetermineyexistence%of2new-mailSS,^-8,^x+OJrw%aThereiareenotmessagesVin >;sSY.	R%2m7@-,4S\O@-(BGSs+@O@2m,~Can'tilockEmessage2fileINX[M@ice4B?X,O~RV,~S8-Qp-Can'ttopenlfile,RnoHfree1channelsSl,~*,Q|%,~%FilegoperationEfailed:33>; Ss%File%operationafailed:ilunknowntFILOP.error%>;eSyPQH-ERDTB% (36) - EXE file directory too bigERENC% (37) - Network capacity exceededERTNA% (40) - Task not availableERUNN% (41) - Unknown network node specifiedERSIU% (42) - SFD is in use (rename)ERNDR% (43) - File has an NDR blockERJCH% (44) - Job count too high (A.T. read count overflow)}@-
File has bad format - First message is preceded by junkLast message has invalid length field, truncating.Any new messages will cause file damage.DELETE or MOVE last message to correct this problem.File has bad format - no messages found.File has bad format - cannot find start of last message.,>,>,>,>,>,}a:},^,^,^,^,^>,~

 X RX+Q<$0Can't update message bits -- another reader existsUB,>,~File has bad format - Cannot find message flagsUI+Qc@.Can't read message file to update bits?QfT@`$0 &@ F}.$+QY -6.&&&A&?7@ &@.}"Q+Q\Can't update message bitsCan't update message bits because:  insufficient memory@-Second open on message file failed,O~Ui,~Can't abort second opening of message file:, Character Pointer Out of Range UuGCUy[N5,>,>,>,>,~a:},^,^,^,^>,~ USETI Out of Bounds Vk>V[N5 Error Reading File VKJ6V[N5 $ D2l@@2l,~,>,>,>,>,~a:},^,^,^,^>,~Internal error - SIZFIL failed at SETSFL Bad Message Index - Beyond EOF VE7FV5,)(: Z
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":([>(+Y][+XYb`Yc`Yd~[`~[aYm`~[2@X@p0`Ys~Zi YtaYw	"X                                 !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^`ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ{|}~ ,;[]()<>@\:",YN@@,g@@,hd8P,~Yr6A,i+W37@,j,~+W3H:Mayn't use multiple sets of angle or square bracketsZ+XUnable to parse addressZ+X4FV40F+VM+VL -$ Bp+V^Comma required in PPNZ+X8
"Z ,W%+Vh] Close square bracket required in PPNZ"+XBad octal value seen in PPNH2RSYSTEMH HHZ:p"" Unterminated comment in addressZ/+XClose angle bracket seen without open angle before itZ3+XNo closing angle bracket seen in addressZ:+XQuoted string after an "@"Z?+X`H+ZBFl+WOaHFd &+WO *:YyToo many atsignsZK+XMissing terminator after quote or open parenthesisBad address syntax: %1SNo addresses foundAddress contained only "@" (no local part or nodename)Address contained "@" but no nodename was foundInternal errorAddress contained "@" and nodename but no local part.Unknown nodename "%1S"\"p"Zj+XNo such user as "%1S"Comma or CR expected D,j+X5Out of memoryAliases and Address lists are illegal in angle bracketsZu+?.H0F+X\+XZ@HUnexpected QUEUE. error return@@ $~ Dp@@,g+YK6@,jm8e8eX+YDO@,gl8+YDBuffer overflow,(<>[]) \,s <,l*<,s"[f,[!<,l*<,~[[[,[Z,>;,~,[ZQ"A`,>;,~ `b+?`b+>,~,?y,> `d7[f ",>;aD+[%,[, ",>; ad@+[(\"[g,>;,4[h ",Aw"[k+[*+?.[k,^r,~,[ZQ.A`4B?X0B+[5@0"0b+[3$0.0h+[01" +[5,[+[-,>;+[-[C[I?[L[5[5[5[[[5[][5[T[P[`[M[Q[5[5[a[F[c[5[5[5[5[54P[D7@,lO,4[o,~4P[G7@,lO,4[r,~4P[J7@,lO,4[u,~7[x & @,l " D,t,?,~ &Z,r9[N ,t1D,~ "9,>;,~Ov,R @,l "X2b-5+K-,>-8R,^cD9[V 6,K(+[U &Z@,l+[N @,lO,
),4[x,~[{,~,>6N@,l,[-,^,~ " @,l,4[,~6$because: >;0[h.Unimplemented error macro invoked>;`>;rp`>;r`>;`ARPANET doesn't exist on TOPS10 systems>;P`COPYRIGHT (C) DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORPORATION 1982,1983,1984..(c(B B *f2n+&A:2s@:2{@?s3rHjC'HjE   --------
H2h[Lhost name 8 jH	`,.%`X+0A
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,~ o= o>&*.,l.o>5Jc',~Type in the four digits from the POSTMASTER
message Repair (RPR) file
 "oA,?J "jM,?J6@-=+cQ7B3+c87Dh+c8.oB2B+cQoC,~,)0 "oG,?J@@p@@p,h@@(% oH*"(,!"LS B(&,?|+nup,	4@oK Bp $,
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,R),>/. 2k$". bno,^ 2C@
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1L+eB9eG ,pG+e? ,pH+e? X,R),> 2k$"/.. bno,^@d,AE4@pQ,~ ,pS,eV+eU,AE4@eU,~ X,~@7PX,~ X/0.2,R) 2k$"/..,>,~:x&oU 0$0&&/0.. 2k$$/,~,)` -@ Bpd8@ ,8p0D1D+fE1D+eeQ.A` Np1D+f1D+et1D+e}0D1D+f1D+f1D+ey1D+fl1D +fZ1D+fVDp+ei "0:-l": BH@B .8 $+fEd8@ "0l"$0D1D+pT+evDp0D+e}+esDp0D+fO,~0D+f+esax@,f Dp@Dax@+f	,f+f@4&f7\Q$A` &+f7\\$pV,5BpW &+f77H,~ & F Npl8@4FlAF+fBpX p,>;,4p\,~,0aX+p^ p,Bw+fZ aB+p_@fp+?W,4pbpe\"pi,?= "pm7@,2+f'jM|Z$}XD|Q$pp*$ $} ,2 F $|XB*,?J 1F,~0F+f.\",Bwa+f.,4pt+fZ `B+fY abxab7.$Q$A` p,>  "jM,?JO+?WZQ "-@,>^4@f@:ZLH .8 p0D+fD? -+p|:!& FHp Dp+f; .00rC1RK+f;!"cBH+f;=f; p1D+fOZ
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2{,4qb $qn+h: qX B-B ,oV`X ,qoZ-= *C,
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hP "+@-B?"-+qz.*0J1J,~.: (`d+h^+hZ4Bhm1B+hi1B +hp+@-B9he+@-B:+@-B"0B9hj+hedx@,~aX+hm 2r`X  2{,> $m|,hy,^l8,h{ 2W`B`X +hv 2rd8l8@4Bhm+@-B9hwQ$A`4B?X+@-B9hy`X`X,~,q|, D ,Bw+rZ aD+i`xaD 7+i7Br+i D2W  abxab7.$Q$A`,~ qX B-B7@.+i $lfdx,h: $r,h: : .,_W $lf,h:`X,~ $lfdx,h:7B.,~R
X*@Z( aD@+i"[(Q$A`@,1 &6B+@-B,hy6B+@-B $lG,hyZ( A$,i# $lf,h:*ji,~i&i(i*i/i'i, +_W +h: ,4r	,~ ,4r
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X*Z( `D,a{*jj,~,i_,?w+j,?w,i^,i?,i6,i+;0 "rP,?J .2B,V,~Z@1F~O .2B,j`x+j
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j5Fj!"bB0+rQ6@p+j,j-+j)@@p 0`b:p`b>p,j-7@p+j)5Pj$rS`x QP-=ax XP-=1,@5Pj,~!"cB0,j=1L@+j1 "0Q"0*"G0PK1PCg<4P?X 7`b=
rV1L@,~\0ab,~ 7ab,~ "7Q"0*"G/00PK1PC@,~ -@X0Q$A`,&ad@+rZ  -@[6@,\,~Mail expunge interlockMail append interlock@.?MAILMSm) m)(jK\Jl8,>jN ^+\U -z0B+^p6`2m,Ml+^pMS Create-init>>\"jT,?=+\UMS>]
y+\a@^l@BBoard0,@Delete@^5@Directory@^@Ex@Exit^j@Expunge@`r@File@cn@Headers@Help0@Print@d@Read@`}@Send@a9@Set0q@Summarize@System-messages06@Undelete@^-@Answer@b%@B0,@Blank0W@Check@e@Copy@c}@Create-init-file0e@D@Daytime3@Define`^@Echo0F@Flag@^@Forward@d@Get^]@H0@List@Mark@^1@Move@c~@N@Next@^e@Push3@Quit0K@R@Redistribute@dl@Rep@RepaircyAddress-listsAliasesDefaultsHeader-itemsInternal-informationVersionExperience-levelAuto-expungeAuto-fillBrief-address-list-displayClosing-textConcise-modeDefaultDirectory-lookup-confirmationForce-directory-lookupHeaders-on-printer-outputHeaders-personal-name-onlyInclude-me-in-repliesNoOnly-headers-shownPersonal-nameReply-addressReply-toSummary-on-printer-outputSummary-personal-name-onlySuppressed-headersText-scroll-regionType-initial-summaryVideo-modeCc-listProtectionReply-to-allReply-to-sender-onlyConnected-directoryLogged-in-directoryAny-exitExit-command-onlyNeverAddress-listAliasOptionalPredefinedRequiredOutgoing-messagesDraftLast-messageMessageNo messages match this specificationl<,~l<,OD,~d8,OD,~ Flagged:  Unflagged:  Unmarked:  Undeleted:  Marked:  Deleted: :-9>-9,^>>-9>-8:-8MS internal error:  SEQUE2lP+^[MS internal error:  LCNT and NXTSEQ don't agreemessages from file@HlYP(%[M@@@Hl:No current mail filel,~,OD+g< Currently at end, message %M.
and update message file@Hlg,?j,e+^m6`2m,Ml+^v,.,.@@.+^wname of alias` Hlo lq*`lrHlsname of address list` Hlu lw`lyHlsname@Hl{Illegal character in Alias namel| ,>B,~to be@HmCan't redefine or delete definition of SYSTEMm ,>B,~No address specifiedm,~Can't add synonym to tablem,~Can't get memory1F $,~5F_*,~Can't parse address list, insufficient memorym,~ ",);4@_D p D+_8 ,_Q@+?W,hy "+@-B   B9_e,hyO@~   B9_e "+@-B9_a
     $m*,h: :+_Yname of header item` Hm- m/`m0HlsHl8 B.+_qtype@Hm4jM^`+list@Hm8Keyword header-item cannot be predefinedNo keywords specified  "2,)rm>,~ "m8,?J .`Dm9 "2,); . D "1 B ,>,`,^[4Dm@,>M+` .Z ,` . .XB ,~Couldn't add header-item to tablemP,~Header-item "%1S" does not exist\.mT .,>B,~No room 6D,_Q+` 6B,2+` 6B,>B+`
Enter keywords, separated by commas
`(Hma:Can't add keyword  to table because: >; mg mi0mk,>ZQ"A`,4ml,~`msaddressdatedate-and-timekeywordtext-stringtime@m{`m}
Time in hours, or hh:mm for hours and minutes
( Hmn`nCan't add header-item, insufficient memory m2n	,~^^^Hk+in file@HnP(%-w6@,>{@@-w@@-w,~deleted messages@HnMS skim>:` nMS read>:` n,I+a$Hl<+a() >: n%p` n&,OD+aread mode@Hn+message in sequence@Hn-to previous message in sequence@Hn0There are no messages prior to this one in this sequencen5,~message -- going directly to send level@Hn<,j+a<,aK+a>MS send>>message without saving in outgoing mail file@HnDsend mode@HnI$0l_d8,~field@HnMtext]^HnO]WHnOall][HnTfor this message@HnVReturn-receipt-requested-toReturn-receipt-requested-to: header-item@Hn_No header-items definedHeader-item is predefined, use "define" command to changeH2B^	HnHP(% Inserted: Hdraft^HnoP(%No file specifiedns,~H3 Reply message number  to: b. nvp` ny@Hn\]_HnT "n+aasender-only]_Ho@
Reply-to: ,^+bONo FROM or REPLY address in message - trying SENDERCannot tell who message is fromH-CReferences: Your message of  $o+brMessage from  of 
              of >:p`
In-reply-to:   RE: Re: Can't set subject, insufficient memoryo!,~undeliverable mail in .RPR file@Ho& (~c*Number must be between 0 and 9999o,,~+ 2ZNo such dead letterCould not open dead letter1Bo10Bo3,~Dead letter is emptyo9 p,q,~[M
and enter send level@Ho?HThere is no previous message draftfrom file@HoFP(%Can't read draftoIp+>{Can't read draft file -- insufficient memoryoL+cKError reading draft0BoR+cK<
To: Can't find To field in draftoW+c`
Subject: Can't set subject, insufficient storageo\+cj

 Filed: O#ob Delete this message from current message file?  Delete from current message file the message(s) just filed? ^<lKHHnoyesm~m~orHoqorHoq Copied: O#ow Moved: Ooy  Into file: P(%No output file specifiedo},~into file@HpP(%o},~ Listed: ,^ -1 $,
y+don line-printer@Hp- - - - - - - Begin message from: (Unknown) "p,<+d6- - - - - - - End forwarded message
o\+dNfor new messages@Hp,^,~areis There %2S %1D additional message%P:
 Currently at message %M.
 Message %M is deleted.
 Message %M has return receipt requested, but not yet sent.bp%,~ Sender of message  has requested return receipt.>; p,p p. Send it ? ,>-8RX,^+e2 This is a RETURN RECEIPT for your message.Could not send return receipt
Message-ID: @p@,~
Return-receipt-requested-to: File has bad format - message %1D has no receive date X
Date:"$dZD+e{SYSTEM,f+f@%sNohsuchtuser:-ignored`p Enter new host name or CR to ignore.
Host: -1,,HSTHLPxw~ x@x@xa Hpjpk ~\6% Invalid host name: .>; pq0 ptToo many terminators in named address listpx@@-+f=Message has bad format:  unterminated named address list $D$p+ei
Name of the part of this message you want displayed,everything0g&HqHq,:,~Everything +2,9/+ ,~Badly-formed keyword table at .RTYP3Header-item "%1S" not found in message ~q+g0 Message  ( chars), received >; qp qp` q>;pGR,~No addresses specifiedq*,~No TO, only CCq-,~Q$`/$+g_Processing mail...Message filed in >; q3` lHNo more messages will be saved-w,>{@@-wq9+gi- OK>; q?!$fD-
+gi -w,> ,4q5,>,$,^6@->>->,E
+q=,4q@+giHS!$+g{Erasing the text of a REDISTRIBUTEed message is not allowed.qL,~,>;hHThere are no header items definedB-|Subject: 
Resent-cc: Message-ID: i.` q["MS+GLXLIB"  at i. q_P/ q`P2V qap-} ptp-} ptp-~ ptp-~ qa`>

Resent-to: Q$A`,hy "+@-B:-+h[Q$A`,hyO@+h[Bad named address list nesting found at MOVTO7qu@@-+h`,>,a:,^>,~Can't translate host name %1S q ,~Host name table messed upReply-to: i.r`i.p`i.P`Adding text to a REDISTRIBUTEed message is not allowed.r,~`
Type a single line terminated with a <CR> which summarizes
the subject of the message you are sending.
.rHro\,~cc: Z.",)r+iF@@-B+iKZ.",)r+iU@@-@+iZTo: Z
,j=@@H/2+il H`d+r.:!"+il0RCXR-=,~Name table fullr5,~,iy+il%% Duplicate address list purged - %2S
Internal error at .TO8, 1r>+imInternal error at .TO8, 2rB+imInternal error at .TO8, 3rF+im% Duplicate name purged - >; rJ0user@HrP7@p+j+j$Unterminated named address-list,j-+j5Can't find %1S in name tableX0rW,~