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	@]P (Distributed Job Manager not running) ^8x p@,i	(f+Address errorWrong number of argumentsIllegal job numberIllegal functio	 nn numberIllegal flag setNo such node nameNo such channelNode is in diff	 werent areaArgument block format errorAllocation failureBad channel number	 Bad format type in process blockConnect block format errorInterrupt data too l	 ongIllegal flow control modeIllegal functionJob quota exhaustedLink quota	  exhaustedNo connect data to readPercentage input out of boundsNo privile	 ges to perform functionSegment size too bigUnknown node nameUnexpected stat	 !e: unspecifiedFunction called in wrong stateConnect block length errorProce	 *ss block length errorString block length errorUnexpected state: disconnect s	 2entUnexpected state: disconnect confirmedUnexpected state: no confidenceUnexp	 ;ected state: no linkUnexpected state: no communicationUnexpected state: no reso	 CurcesRejected by objectDisconnected by object (when running)No resources	 LUnrecognized node nameRemote node shut downUnrecognized objectInvalid object 	 Tname formatObject too busyAbort by managementAbort by objectInvalid no	 ]de name formatLocal node shut downAccess control rejectionNo response from obj	 eectNode unreachableNo linkDisconnect completeImage field too longUnspe	  ncified reject reasonBad combo of NS.EOM & NS.WAI flagsP`	 v X0 0hw0P#UUO function wo rd: ,,$	"b"]bCR/"KMNBEYP^
2DRe	?Re	FRdO	u2J	`CPu2Cu2GpRdY8?Rd^i3Rd_RdhI/Rdi'7Rdi)	D RdzQogzjBMhGBQHe~
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