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NMU$MEMORYRESET	Df9N78fuw7fu)fuQx	fu})fu}]fu^=`cUtc^}fS
2\pIZ(	 A ,>,> 8!";@+"+#	b/+  <,>,.8>>h"2",	('+$!"? +*++	b/+ ,^,^,~@NMU$MEMORY_INITIALIZEMemor 0y block too large to initializeOperating system refused memory request	D"=7:c^}fS!fuw:$c^}fS(8B-8B/8C3fH`r%H	  7,>,>O ~.$ "  
h&h(2f+> +@."1b+:	*A@58A,>\+L ( (.d/"3b+I	b+G d.b( B(7@ 	* PH+K d.b( B( 5\M,>\,>+Zx[ "BBp "BBp "BBp	 P(Q!";@+S+T	b/+ $8.8,>,>,!"? +X+Y	b/+   Y>,^,^,~$p/3NMU$MEMORY_GET	D"g\)7IZ(,=I7fHLc^}fSQfu@NVc^}fSW8C]IZ(\	 P^!";@+`+a	b/+ ,>,!$? +d+e	d/+ >,~MEMOR	 gY_GETSize of Memory Block Requested is too largeMemory request failed,>	 @"o,>,>,>@O }.$ "  
h&h(2f+w +y.""Tx1b+s58z,>5+'!";@	D"<r[^c^}fS_c^}fSc8Df8Dh8ElbP_IZ(f;ao	*"{+|+}	b/+  = $".",>, >4V +.<	"D
,>},7 $".",>,  >3t+" T 

4D" . $BDp$3d4 $GDp /$d[ $BDX$4d3 $	" BDXb52x+"[h/"$".",>,>,+ "5h/"$"	(.",>,>, 45h/4+
!"? +$+%	b/+  "GBX	*&5V),>6,>@+1 } XBXXDX .."QBX.6 @@	"@
.."=D. 6 D ,^,^,^,^,~XpX$Xgl*U*U* 7NMU$MEMORY_RELEASE	D"c^}fS{fuw7fuw7fu@Nfu@Nc^}fS"fH'bP_)8E7	 P9!";@+;+<	b/+ ,>,>,!"? +?+@	b/+ >,~	 AMEMORY_RELEASE%(22L)A Error detected while releasing %D. units of memoryError dete	 Jcted while releasing %D. units of memory%22S Block begins at %O; header starts a Rt %OBlock begins at %O; header starts at %O	D"IZ(6=779c^}fS9c^}fS>8FA8FC8GI8GN8HS	 W%22S Header shows %D. unitsHeader shows %D. units%22S Allocation flag is %O (1=	 _allocated, 0=available)Allocation flag is %O (1=allocated, 0=available)%22S Heade	 hr shows units were allocated by task at %OHeader shows units were allocated by tas	 pk at %O%22S Header shows limit word:  %O / %OHeader shows limit word:  %O / %O y%22S Limit word should contain:  %O	D"8HW8IZ8I\8Jb8Jg8Kl8Kq8Lu8Ly	 }Limit word should contain:  %OMemory database inconsistencyAvailable storage li	 st corrupted,>,>,>,>>	 t/<40T+^p2Bt+  P^p..8[p2B+[p 63D+t  Bx "cB	D8M}8M8NemWQ_eV'xf`3}eV':sIZ(A;a	*
D+  Bw t Bx "x,>,>,>,> "u+ t B "x,>,>	*,>,> "},>,,>,  B| .8 Xt "t .6 "cB	( &+) \X "|,>,>,>+, \X "|,>,>,>,> "r,>,,>	"(.,  Bx .8 "cB+7^` Bx "x,>,>,>,> "v+;  7^` Bw "x,>,>,> ,> "u,>,,>,  Bs "cB	D"`cUtf`3}eV'x `cUt%f`3}-eV':s.`cUt1f`3};eV':s<	("(?+C Tt "s,>,>,> ,> "r+G Ts "s,>,>,>!,> "q,>	"@
G,,>,  Bo .8 "cB+QZ` Bo "o,>,>,>!,>	"*P "m+UZ` Bn "o,>,>,>",> "l,>,,>,  Bk "	"PXcB+^[` Bh  DX "k,>,>,>"+b[` Bh  DX "k,>*@"a,>,>#,> "f,>,,>,  Bg "cB	D"`cUt>f`3}GeV':sH`cUtKf`3}UeV':sV`cUtXf`3}ceV':sd	*(P
g+l 6 Bg "g,>,>,>#,> "e+p 6 Bf "g,>,>,>$,>	 o "d,>,,>,,>$,>j+ "BBp,>, !";@+x	(
x+y	b/+ 4X"h/"$".",>,>,>`B+,>%,	 P@!"? ++	b/+ >+3|+    "BBp"4b	*@ 	"b4"h/"."b[ \x, +y8[h/8$8.8,> ,>,!"? 	D"`cUtff`3}peV':sqfHrc^}fSwfu)}fHc^}fSfu@N	*++	b/+ >~>w,^,^,^,^,~p$`p`A	"*U*dBHNRVY\aflqux|	**
$BUDDYADDRESS"55B-&5h/& .2"(+4$65D3	*(-+4&5h/&  /$6h/$2D+4$71D@,~ 5$$D"c^}fSemWQ@8U%IZ(%8