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The MONTAB.MEM file on this Autopatch tape is the TOPS-10 V7.04
Monitor Tables Descriptions.  The Monitor Tables document contains
updated TOPS-10 monitor and DECnet-10 data block and symbolic references that
are useful in debugging crashes and understanding monitor and
DECnet-10 code.  The ANF-10 tables were not updated to reflect
TOPS-10 V7.04 and are not included in this file.  Change bars have
been inserted to reflect the new V7.04 information.

The ASCII text file is useful for terminal display and may be accessible 
from a text editor.  However the file contains form-feed characters 
and underscoring that process differently under different types of 
applications.  Because of its volume and characteristics, the file is 
more useful in printed form.

The MONTAB.MEM file requires 1105 disk blocks.  It has been paged to
58 lines per page, a convenient length for most standard printers.
It uses nearly 300 standard-size printer pages, however, and is
best printed in duplex mode so that the printer uses both sides of the