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     This is the first TOPS Software Update tape for TOPS-10 V7.04 and
     unbundled supported products.

     TSU  supports  updates  for  COBOL-20  V12C,   DECnet-10   V7.04,
     FORTRAN-10  V11, IBMCOM-10 ET V4, IBMCOM-10 HASP V1, SORT-10 V4D,
     and bundled TOPS-10 V7.04 components including GALAXY and ANF.

     We recommend that you start with the product  distribution  tapes
     rather  than  the  previous  Autopatch  areas.  There are control
     files in the first saveset to assist in setting up product areas.

     The TSU update process does not rebuild products  at  your  site.
     If  you  need  to rebuild a product then you need to use standard
     building procedures.  These are documented  in  the  installation
     guides  for  the specific products.  Note that standard pre-built
     components are delivered on the TSU tape.

     All files for unbundled products are encrypted on the  TSU  tape.
     Even  though  the files have normal names, they will not function
     properly until they have been decrypted.  The TSUALL  and  TSUNEW
     control  files  will  decrypt  automatically using the new APUTIL
     tool.  This tool uses file lists which are supplied  on  the  TSU
     tape.   The  manual use of APUTIL, if needed, is described in the
     TSU.MEM file.  You may also use the DCRYPT tool which is supplied
     on  the  TSU tape to decrypt a file.  The required KEY files were
     shipped on the latest product distribution  tapes  or  have  been
     recently shipped separately to maintenance customers of record.


         Encrypted files have  an  encryption  bit  which  is  not
         handled  properly  by PIP.  Any use of PIP or the monitor
         commands COPY or RENAME will 'lose' the  setting  of  the
         encryption  bit.   The  DECRYPT  function  of APUTIL will
         bypass any file which does not have  the  encryption  bit
         set  on.   If the encryption bit has been modified before
         decryption has taken place you must either use the DCRYPT
         utility manually on the file or restore the file from the
         TSU tape.

     The TSU tape has  three  major  sections,  as  described  in  the
     TSU.MEM  file.  The second section, NEW, contains files which are
     new for this TSU tape.  The first TSU tape contains some files in
     the  NEW section for products which have no new edits.  This is a
     result of the new internal process we are using to gather product
     updates.   The  files  have  not been previously delivered but do
     represent the latest maintained state of the product.

     All files in the NEW section also appear in the  UPDATE  section.
     For  this  first TSU tape users should create directories for the
     desired products and use  the  LODxxx.CTL  files  to  do  initial
     loading  from  distribution  tapes.   The TSUALL.CTL file is then
     used to restore files from the UPDATE section of the  TSU  tapes.
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     For  subsequent  TSU tapes the TSUNEW.CTL file is used to restore
     files from the NEW section of the TSU tapes.   Read  the  TSU.MEM
     file for details.

     If you want to get a directory of  the  TSU  tape  set  you  must
     specify  the  blocking  factor  to be 32.  You may either specify
     BLOCK 32  to  BACKUP  and  issue  a  PRINT  command  or  use  the
     /MVOLUME/BLOCK:32 switches with DIRECT.

     DAEMON which has run with earlier  versions  of  7.04  should  be
     renamed to SYS:DAE704.EXE.  DAEMON version 24 should be placed on
     SYS as DAEMON.EXE.  If there is a chance  that  an  earlier  7.04
     monitor  may  occasionally  be run, the new DAEMON should also be
     copied to SYS with the name DAE705.EXE.  This will allow for  the
     proper  synchronization of DAEMONs with the monitor regardless of
     which version of 7.04 is run.

     %CNDAE is a  GETTAB  which  allows  DAEMON  to  synchronize  with
     monitor  versions.  It is intended for use only by DAEMON.  Other
     programs such as ACTLIB, LOGIN, REACT, and WHO  have  incorrectly
     used  this  GETTAB  to  return the monitor version where another,
     more appropriate GETTAB, %CNDVN,  should  have  been  used.   The
     Digital  programs  have been changed to use %CNDVN.  Sites should
     make similar changes to any user-written programs which may  have
     used %CNDAE.


         If you are running a KS monitor with MCO 14174  you  must
         apply  a  patch  to  your  monitor before you can use the
         provided TSU tape loading procedures.

         To determine what your monitor file is you can type

         .R MONITR

         The last line of the display identifies the location  and
         name  of  your  monitor  image.   We  will  call this the
         <monitor-filespec>.  A DIR  command  on  this  file  will
         provide  the  edit  level.   If the edit level is greater
         than 33535 you must apply a  patch.   Do  not  apply  the
         patch otherwise.  Again, this is for the KS monitor only.

         To apply the patch, restore the MTAP.DDT  file  from  the
         first  saveset  of  this  tape  and  type  the  following

         .GET <monitor-filespec>
         File: MTAP
         .SAVE <monitor-filespec>

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         Reboot the system with the patched monitor  image  before
         proceeding  with  the  TSU process.  The monitor that you
         will build with the TSU updated files  already  has  this
         problem corrected.