Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - bb-bt99s-bb - 10,7/sysdpy/sysdpa.exe
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+ @`= G*"%# >*> G@O@p+"=+=+"?U"*B?l H	b@@ B6Z`0bpcmd H	b IXBPB I,(bG".$ D{"ZD|@@i J,`bO@i J," " B4 " B?	`\",`bl4,P >,4B` B5 B,6`nK6 +X`T " Br <, "0b " Br	b+]m4@@@rZ5,6@l4@,@7@&`t@@+c "$ B? "$ B.@@%at`T@7ll4 K BE L*"y,""t B,,\,,\fLO@m,?7@m+ml4,I6 :+od4itat +u,.6N@  M,J`t,at+ O,@f@@:@@;d4,1Z :`Z :P e\@`t,g:;18$+zat+ <,J::18
+y+@l!*z0 O1Z+O`Z :PeZ@*j5*zZ&&$*0H8,0F0,} <h,J9
,,\dt+at+: >,{,175 7jz *'l*
	j,Q *'`T@+ 5,17+ aT+
 + `t+f`tat; +k+dd0*00j=7/*!"p[90D(1D,++*b#0*0j+*/**
t$*.jt:t+0*l4 +d4 7$9+/,@@t@@t5,@@nXD?+7@%
$6@%;x,~6@% *,~@p
(0<0|,~$0.0wh95EhLXIgPgXq0r8HX`\xZ^Y([p]@p@0	!@ 	!@P@h@@\@_@P<@ !@`
`@P@7bt "`T/".Bn+P7bt ""`T.".Bn7 n@@n@@pZ?0"0b,~ B,7@ (/n/"7 .Bn7 n@@n,~L@p,~L@s,~h,~h,~h5h@,~6Bt t$4&"2 Bs7@h6@l,~,>Z%0B11B " XB%,^+%,`tdt(	`"
9	j *`j+o6@
&n	`.KJOB
.	bd4,P+`h,~ *ht+{	j+ \","S Bu "7@u	b+ ""t B>7Bz "t Bz,~d4	j(+8 "7@u	b+  z Bz,~h4,~l4,~ t0p 0$0t1p 07@t@ Pz Pz,~`t,~ S*" T*" T	b6+El4,~@ INXThggLY>8 :,!@b;@@: $,`Z :A:?1Z94B*,!=b*,!:;18$+ :,! :,!@b;::18
+,~?'+#Z',~MYou do not have either PEEK or SPY privileges.
,.G0)  .,J5MThis monitor does not support network statistics.
,.G0)  6,J5MThis monitor does not support Systems Communications Architecture.
,.G0)  ?,J5MThis monitor does not have any CI-20 interfaces.
,.G0)  G,J5M? Can't create/append log file DSK:SYSDPY.LOG[-]
This display will be automatically replaced by the normal display.
Type any command to effect immediate replacement.
,],I,6: n Bo7@{+a {+w "!$@
+v  @ U!&F+[ " (.".b(3b+l	b+d (!X&@F7+i D{&//"$"l$A` 4\t\=br <\ {+w  y,V,]+\,~n+	Advance screen by "n" or approximately one screen-full
n-	Retreat screen by "n" or approximately one screen-full
A	Toggle Auto roll of all jobs
C	List DECNET link status
E	List Ethernet status
F	List file system statistics
H	List this text
I	List incremental statistics (where applicable)
J	List only jobs (in multiple columns)
K	List CI network status
L	Log screens into file DSK:SYSDPY.LOG[-] (Close on ^Z)
M	List virtual memory data
N	List normal (some of everything) status
O	Toggle suppression of [OPR] jobs in "N" & "M" display
Q	List the system queues
R	Refresh entire screen immediately
S	Toggle System or expanded job statistics in "N" display
T	Topology for network display
V	Toggle cpu and core priority
Z	List LAT server statistics
nW	Set wait time to "n" decimal seconds
\	Display network statistics
n!	Toggle non-idle jobs; "n" specifies runtime threshold = n/100 seconds
#	Toggle PTY number or controlling job number
%	Toggle runtime or percentage of cpu
^	Toggle skipping system statistics in "N" display
*	List DECNET node status
^A	Toggle alarm (flashing) mode (if applicable)
^C	Terminate SYSDPY execution
^R	Toggle reverse video updating (if applicable)
^Z	Terminate SYSDPY execution
<ESC>	Freeze screen as is (any subsequent command will thaw)
SPACE	Update screen display immediately
ml,IO@md@,8@@+ j*"0`T+,(/$.B$at $ B$ j," ( B),"
X*lt+`T,  k,J`T+  m,J,c  n`T,J  r,J  taTaT1,J,I 
:+`l:,ZJm,\Z6@l30nl4,7`T,2aT+!(e3BPm4`t+&,{,w.e3BP+w3B9+y,,w7B&+-4"-Z	b&+-2B'++!"=+-	b@@+-b`,f${&$$& C(BA{!0D;+K!0cQj+f!"@`L!"
`+f0DJ 1D`+Q0DJ +T |,[!0DJ +e+f1DJ  |1D` },V+e0D+@+X$}4DeeDm
.$)B+e0D]`+e$~1D!"Z`1D!"\@1D!"[1D!"[@0D1D!"Y@1D!"U@1D!"Y1D!"Y  0cQj+f!"\`+e:/:0:0`t+k,Bal+k <,x7Ag+x,57@+~4"q,> 
6Ee+s <  d`d+w+v <,x+x e <3DO <'3DP <'3DO <,x,^,5 7`d@|2P <+,` aat baT+ $ D~,!,P1,jaT+
,w aat c,,w bat c,,w h,F6Ci,F,Id4*j
,N`T,~+tab,~SE$(F)D5F2$h2$q,~/h.,Q$x.&F,~,>"(S`XgZ,60B(*d!,^7 :x,~O@2,> d`d.P*,^,~6)d+$(3H1+$2H13H2:x,~[4b0!2cSn.GSn.A0.P-,~ s/a7 ,~6@sl47@a6@b,~l4,~ f/b5"; f@Ab@Ac@Ac.Cb Ba gd"`/c.Cc Ba hd"`/c.Cc Bb,~@0,54bHZ*
ab+F2+G[f/*Q R0ab2Q R0 P0.P[[4bS/(6An+R..gZ;n@.A0.A2,~ m.",4BY`b(D(DRd",~ m.",4B^7 (D(DRd",~,>@al+e0..P- "07!f "9@,>,5 ,^+q,>Z
 da|+p0*/( n.(*
1\.P-1B9@+p "07!f "9@,^!0B,B,^6@,x+w,A,,I`T@+t,  ,J $,j,I ,"+ B/" B , B ,0BgO @0B1BO@  `t,J  ,J  6`,J  6@,J,IO@:
.B(,B@`  `b@  `b  `b   @(4@,J+H .,/(.B(at ( B~,w .,/(.B( B .,/(
at (
,,,w .,/(.B(at (,,,w at (,,,w ~,j,w .,/(.B(at (,7,,w .,/(.B(at (,7,7@+?,w .,/(.B(at (,7,7@+H,w .,/(.B(at (,7, .,&1"@ B(6,I+	,6  ,JO@:
6@(+L (,v .,/(#.B(#at (#,8,,w .,/($.B($at ($,8,,w  .,/().B()at (),8,,w  .,/(*.B(*at (*,8,,w !.,/(/.B(/at (/&"@,8,,w !.,/(0.B(0at (0&"@,8,,I+L,6  " @O@:
6@(+r %.,5"r &.,4Brab~+rSB6@,J@@ (,B 
&,+r,6  ' @O@:
6@(+ %.,5" &.,4Bab~+SB6@,J@@ (,B 
*,++$.,S"0.X"(,%5I)z)z#((`t#((atB+b(5@bb)&0f.$ ,w,*l5I0;0<0[0\0{0|000;0<0[0\,6 ,,4B1  ,,J/{.B{at {,5  -,J .,/|.B|at |,5  / 0, ,&,I,66@+\ 0,4B\  1,J@f,7J+>.",,>.",.,^.",. ."+6,>,>,
@.",02 P~ .",/p  3,&  4 ~,& <,x, <,x,I,6 4,4Bp  5,J/}.B}at },5  -,J 6,/~.B~at ~,5  6,J 7,/~.B~at ~,5  4,J 8,/.Bat ,5,I,6  8,J 9,/.Bat ,5  -,J :,/.Bat ,5 :,_B~ ;,".~   ;,&  4 ~,& <,x, <,x,I <,4B  =,J/.Bat $",5 >,   -,&  >,J ?,/.Bat $",5 <,x @,/.Bat $",5,I @, B* B A, B* A, [(C{// B,/ B,4B#/ C," "V.+% C,/ D+  D(Q|,& *3B*2B1+-  4 (Q|3B*,J2B*,&  D /,&  E /,&  4 0,&  4 0,&,I  F .,&  4 .2P.,&  G ./..-,&  4 <, ,&  H,J - *(C|$02&,,I I	p@(P,>  I,& J	p@_`"`$0H,>  4,& <,x,^~,^,! <,x,IO
J,4BQ	K1"	L#p,*",  M6P,% M,  N,  N7P6@,%  46P,% O,  O6P,% P,  P6P,% Q,4Bc  QZ,%  4[,& J,A"  R6P,(0*,I  R ,,& +/,4Pk  K,& S,5Bm (/"   4,& (/03p+r  4,&  S ,,&,I6":0b	+	,6@@? *  T,J=jw,I * ?	b+	4B	 B? BA W	d+	,v D,{,w B,{<Jy,w+z0J,I6":0b	+	 ,6 * J :,"+	 ab+	[ " , `B`b +	 #,  " ,[1V
,v04PY,{,w < `D,x <$`D,x=j	,Im
,w " ,+		0J,I,~,I  [,_,6-,\,h+	(,>  ],j,d,^,~@@?@@` `*"h ?	b+ 4B	X B? BA,k W	b+	X  a,j D,m,n B,m,d G BA W	b+	* BA,r G60L6@@1 B@`,k  W,j6@@7b G,k  b,j B7@@,m,n O,s P,s P,s Q,s Q/R/S,s R/S/T,s,d`T@+	Rd4RAd"4B	M!&x7 ,
(B*f	K!&w[
#d4*f	Ndt,d6BK3B@+	V G7@@ P@+	3@@@6BO+	3+	*,d,h+	^,>  c,J,c  ,j,d,^,~@@@!(x7B `+	s BA,k W	b+   W,j6@@7b G,k  b,j R,s S,s S,s T,s6@@+	o F T`T(B B~/b,u,d6BK3B@+	s G7@@ P@+	`@@@*h	_ ?,4B
 ,d  f,j[,s  gdH,j  hdH,j  hdH,j  iZdp7 l,&,d,~  
7A,~,r,r,r,jl4,~l4,> =/;1 ,p  jmt,j,^,r,j5ml4,> =/;1 	,p  jmt,j,^,r,j7 l5,~RHBOFLHWPSWPSAFPRFNNAAWL2PTxklhmpnopq q`rXsPthu(v8v0wHx@y@
 z,aB++  {,_,6:  },J 0, 0,  ~,J , 0,  ,J , 0,{,I,."	0A@@"@@"  ,J!*| (
,J ,."(!"X"0,/(.B(at7( .P"aJ"P#, ,."(!"X"0,/(.B(at7( .P"aJ"P#,{,I*j
<,.#$	0B  ,J!*|X* (,J #,."(!"X"0,/(
 .P#, $,."(!"X"0,/(.B(at7( .P#,{,I*j
P,."*0:  $,J ",  %,J " $&4&,>,{ <,x,^$02&,{  &,J,I  ',J +,*+"`!*(X*@p#`#Q"(X"0,/0.B0at 0$"2&#X00 <10,x,{,w  <10,x,{ <,x4B
~,w."( <,x=b
p,.#$*0?  ,,J ",  %,J " $&4&,>,{ <,x,^$02&,{  &,J,I  ',J -,*+"`!*(X*@p#`#Q"(X"0,/0.B0at 0$"2&#X00 <10,x,{,w  <10,x,{ <,x4B,w."( <,x=b,I.,*j,~  -,_,6: /,"15B',.G0)  0,J+Mat@@+$,>!$x X	b+.d"`D."w B2*d) "XB5,^b27pn+2,R+>=p0,IO@m7`u+5,.G06+6,.G01  ?,J7 :,~,R+D"3,,B <,x03,  ,J,w@74`0056@,F2F4+?/" Bu,w"54BH.v.v,A" 0,,w066@,{,w06,07,07,08,08,09,{,I+7$24DE 20f  & "(	 , Bw*F$9U8888(80888@8H8P8X8`8h8x88 I,aB+3@@$ I*"$d ,"+J"
S` L$@Z(B.L,6@: LlM X$ "$	bE7M $ B0$*lf4P=  N,_  O,J!,x,wZ,*lq,I 
$7 0$+
  R7@i  R,JZ6@i,{  R,J!&x,w SlS B$ZF$ 8$	xEg $dbm" l"dBm!lZ$3X0$ T[,xZ,x*fz,I*lt 
$ &
$&0SX"# B$% T B$&!"uX"$%6 0$	b9O@0$*l
,6E  U,J 
$7 0$+
' &
$&0  R6@i,JZ6@i,{,w $+`t/$j,,w $+`t/$j $&4 B~,:,w $+`t/$j,,w $+`t/$j,:,w $*`t/$i,w,,w  ],J0^1P+_,,I*l
$7 0$+
> &
$&0  R6@i,JZ6@i,{,w $'`t/$f,,w $(`t/$g,,w $(`t/$g,,w $)`t/$h,,w $)`t/$h,,w $*`t/$i,,I*l
$d47 0$+
Q &
Q  hmt,J  R6@i,JZ6@i,{,>!,y 8$%.0
S0.8?:`t/ 0
? i*"%#,~$HH$HH$HH$H	H	$H	H	$H
jklnoqrsuwy{|  ~,,6Q,
,J00,{,w8 `
,w,w 0`t/(#,,w 0`t/(#&, 0 P(# 0 P(#&8
,w,w 0`t/(#,,w 0`t/(#&, 0 P(# 0 P(#&8
},^ ,I  ,J,I ,
,w,w^0, ,J0,{ ,
,w 0`t/(#,,w 0`t/(#&,,w 0`t/(#5, 0 P(# 0 P(#& 0 P(#58
f,~  X"* 8 :","+5
S:"j"+5"* 8
S:"t"+5"*"8S:"~"+5$,>Q8B,>x,w <,x>`+

hZ,J,^al++"@# #$%  &,,6S  ',J0#D1#E@@#F 8#D	xH,~[#E&8"S`X&#T,I0#D2#E\8 X#F 8#D	xH+ Z#I <0X <,x  ,J <,x  #M,J  3,J3#D4#E\8 X#F 8#D	xH+  
5,w 0,*l.&*f,~,{,IO@m  6,_,I,6:,\ n Bo 7,-7Di+7,&+;!0m P< 8*0~,8+;,3+;2Dj+' &~[Z1P"+2  Q A` o2Pn+2 0\+2``+.,V?`~+4.+* ~`p+',]+,~,> 8, Bi,^6Di+#  95J,.G0:  <,J,,w,,.G0N  ?,J,.G
0N D X 8	xC,~ 
n4lE n 4X] X" E X" 8"	xC+]8E`T@4X]`T+G ",B,w0I7 ",,w0J,,w0J,,w0F6@+K,w " &"4BM , <,x ,,w7@" +O  " ,J,I:=,G,~,~,.G0:  P,J,,w,,.G0I  T,J,.G
0I7Ln@@S` L"# Z P"" 0""	pC77@"#,~aT+nZ"$1B=`+h_
"#7 +[ ,{7@"'+s  ],J "',,w7B"#+^,B,wZ"#,,wS"$,w,B,w["&4P{,,wZ"&4P},,w["$A0,,wZ"$A0,,wZ"%,,w["& `$,J,wZ"& `$,J,I+h@1p @1P  _1P=  `1Pd  `1P  a5@J,w5{abbccddeeffgghhiibjjkk`llmmnnooppqqrrsstH]HtHuHvZ 0 w	`21@:x,~Zl2 0 w	`21@:x,~,),~ x Pj@@j@@k Bk x	p1,~+-,),~ 0 Pj@@j@@k Bk x	p1,~+$ 0 Pj@@j Dk Bk x	p11+$0P1P1,~ 0	p
+; J, $ab $ D6 y,Q"ZB7 B8 y,Q"ZB7 B8 C, B#,( B$@@# ",(+N+N R#	b
 B9O@& z,"z0B+S`t@+W@@& 9	b&+W:&!"=	b+O@ B' A,6@ BP\",\$	dm$3DPab7l4 D9 >, B: =,6@ BO {, BO {, BP A,6@ BQ |,7@ "	 Bv |,Z`,d"pRBv!$z@ "
Q,4Bu BC }Q&~1B
vZF11B	;ZF2*fq*dm;,$B54B~$`bd$D4`b+l4@ab+~h@,[Bh.hZBq~8, Bi 9, B3"D(ZB(ZB.(ZB)ZB Z( D3 }"R4B
&~	`	`"(S`7D#+[. +!X$	d+(*!`t  * @A`d$4D( ", C` ", C`at +( #.",`B+(QC`*h 
9 `2B3B:l4 $R5D2$Q"(!`Z X*S , B.
*d/*h+nQ`@@."*#$,~g6@aT,~"580x98,>,`<,^98CDIFHOPSwY\Z[IZ5J d"~, 5{,^,^+[5{: &0Z3p+M <,x+JZ5P{,~Z5{ d"~,: C`,~ :sP&,>,{ <,x,^5{ <5x <5x <5x <5x,.G0),+`,.G0),,w,,w,(/$.B$at $ B$  `t,J,&5I|0\e4mt+j,~ ; : F; H: <1D +q1d ?:;: <
+t@f; <+t0f0+ $"$."7&".E,J.,0F0+,~ , .  <,J < ,J <5J
:Z,~, <5J <,J,~2"72"72"82"8+SnSX2 "	b!@,~at@+abA"3br7
	b"g,~ <5x,(+!+! H,~,9@,~,(,~59 H+$,(,~5;HH+$at@5$616,~Z5.6 \Z4\E2|r+$[7  9<6<p+28\5<1<H,~av 2.2\:x+$l6@r22(+$7 r+.r+3	b,~+$ .		b,~	d,~	f,~	h,~+$ 
 4\E.<,x`vp+B,~ .<,x`vp+F,~  a``Q A`4\E,x+K <+x <+x <5x <5x P,&!"p ~,'   , <5xa``Q A`4\E0\+[:m6@p,\> o+W7`o,x+W70:+$107`n1>x/0
50$.pn50$@@n+$ <(aT <%5x`T+i!..A0,{5wQX"!,A
XB}@@}[j4Rp,| "q+8  }@    }@}` }2`5w,> 0P&0HQP} $02,^&0HXP},~,^ 
,B,|"+8}` }@X%|| |@`,~1ps+&020p15{,{ <5x1p1+&02 <@,x <,x &0 <@5x <,x <1p,x5{ $02&~(R22~.05& $02&~(R22~.0,~$"'&~&"2 ,,O 58J&,w,J+{,B+{8J),w,J58J+,w,J+b 4 X~5. $0&~(R22~8&0,>,&,^ <,x5{7~ $&4*&5{7~ $&4*&,~$02&~(R22~8&02,>, <,x,^5,>,> ..,"+H.xQX"..,">:,^,^,~,> "P**x@@q@@m@@m@@l,~,>:,^o,>;,^p,~6@p+U o4"E/p.bn5"E@@n,~@@n n6@q Bn,~6 l,~,> l4B[@@l,,^+$,>@@l7 :+`:l m2<nO@l+c6@p6@q+cO@q m \n,^,~,W+g,I,N:m:m5\,^l,>l:l,~,W,~5J,W,~5B,W,~5{,W,~5w,d,r,r,r,W,~5w,W,~5,W,~5Q,B7 <at7 :,~A<?1\+
1\+7 ;+1\+%,A:1\ <h`\ :p2\l@|:;2x=O@;,~at,~,>,
,,w,w,w,w,^5x <,x6 ;+
,<aX;+=,X>,~,:$8$.;&8.hE:,~::3x;,~:-5ZO@:,~.<8,.Z;*<.<0x$++X=7>:>(X=,`n3x<+8,AX:dt,~$8$.>&8.hE,>xA<?,x6X;+",^+Ia;: >:>/`n,>!<,x; x+(,^,~:<,<"<<<(< x X<8+ X< X;:,. X=8, X:8- X;8. X= X>+$ xx.55aT+:,.G0
	`!$N@fb+",~,U+S6@%+^&"P7P+f,{ <",x&$ 0B,1B,{,M 5$"2&43"+r& ,,M&$8 ,,M&&2 5&"8 ,,M&$2 ,,O 5A0,>(P~,z,^A05z7 . <50},x#`&08QRx6@,}[x.<0|.<+x *57 57 57 5 5 .ZB'&08.2QRx*b4P
 ,>[x4P .,{,NZx .,{,^,~+{,{+w  ,J,w $ &   ,,J*f`B=,~ 8,&" 0 , &" I &   0 ,&,w 8,+j  ,J $5j :,"79,~5 04"E (p- 2>d(D)BOn("`l 0(3b+4//"l)B5D1(2b.0(H,~@Hhhp`xPX	8(@(he;>=gR[8I&I[RM}g2uOQC(qI,YSOE
#" "

$6$E$$E$E$EP=~`'`h$hx L(
@PXFS` Type H for HelpH$E <|+A*&*t	j
,~<!X"0ggL? LOOKUP error () for help file HLP:SYSDPY.HLPZ1P+v  U,)  W+w? Insufficient memory for reading help file text!
  ^+w? I/O error reading HLP:SYSDPY.HLP
  e+wU8,Job  Who  Where What  #     Virtual          Physical       PGR   State Runtime     Reads   Writes    Userw?/  w,B+&wN-I^ y,B+&*|i_%I^%S>Mkz4ij,w+x$*UlUm*%m$k*lUl UP:` "6@i "+{x0 (+)	ID	OV	LS	 UPTIME	CTX	UUO	DBL	CSH GC+p	(Not Running)p	(Not Scheduling)	(Suspended (???))	(Detached)	(Removed)(Px800hh!	DSKI	DSKO	SWPI	SWPO	MTAI	MTAO
HPX``h	CH0	CH1	CH2	CH3	CH4	CH5	CH6	CH7
@@	PI0	PI1	PI2	PI3	PI4	PI5	PI6	PI7
@NX0ANF In:	Out:`0	Cor:0<DCN In:@<$D	Blk:/0AETH In:8A	Dgm:@AHATTY In:@H	Cnk:IPCF S: 	W/P:`h@`P8PMem: Shr: JRN:Use: Swp: ASR:0FRU:hKSYS:+KSYS:-HDE: (STP: MPE:`RIB:POK:SCH:Job:@ Det:Struc  Mnt  Free    xADev   By How	Det	  Y,J+	Disk Status forUnit or F/S	Free	BR	BW	DR	DW	MR	MW\a Mnt:8qc@)	Swap Unit	SR	SW	PR	PW	Used(Swap errors:  CHK DEV DAT   Lost:    Errors:HDEV:HDAT:SDEV:SDAT:RETRIES:SER:RER:CER:PHUNG:THUNG:NTHUNG:SHUNG:LBN:1CONI:2CONI:1DATAI:2DATAI:ANF Statistics forNTCOR=	NTMAX=	0NTBAD=	0Unnumbered CTL	XMIT'ed	RECV'ed
80 0Numbered CTL	XMIT'ed	RECV'ed
0	 1 CONNECT	2 DISCONNECT	3 NEIGHBORS	4 REQ CONFIG	5 CONFIG	6 DATA REQUEST	7 STATION CTL	@0(0XMIT'ed=Average=/sec 2**N	0%   20%  40%  60%  80%  99%
H06$RECV'ed=00ANF Topology for(The T command can only be executed if:
1.The requester has SPY or PEEK privileges.
2. And the monitor was built for network support =603
,]+!,~aP`,waP|,w,9N C $ "6@i "+d 
CI Status of
Open Paths:
CI Node CPU    6
Packet counts:
	     XMT	 Avg/sec	     RCV	 Avg/sec	Discarded	    Node
      $,ALL  ^,J+
	   A ACK	   A NAK	   A NRS	   B ACK	   B NAK	   B NRS

DX$d  CRC:  MVR PAR:  CBUS PAR:  REG PLIPE:  DATA PLIPE:  CHN:  EBUS PAR:  SPR CHN:  CBUS AVL TMO:  SPR RCV ATTN:  SPR XMT ATTN:  XMT BFR PAR:  XMT TMO:Ethernet Status ofh0Chan/Kont	State	  E-Net Address		  DgmXmt     DgmRcvETH-F"*Protocol	State	Kont	   User	  DgmXmt	  DgmRcv    FQESystem  
,J+0 Ctx $0HPXhpxDNA/MOPRmtConDECnetLATDiag'sCustomerSCALoopbackANF-10-???--Inf--Prm--Unk-???NIUNAOfflineOnlineLAT Status onServer      Received     Xmitted  Re-Xmitted   Seq error     Ill msg    Ill slot
#GP#GQueues for ~+? Queues cannot be listed
  DECnet Node Status for System Node	 Delay	Hops	Cost	Links	Address	   Circuit F"F"$D"8F4X]8F4X]+MH"$$"H"0F4PU,+U     M,J+Y  ],J+]  DECnet Link Status for System Job	 Node	Chn	State	  XMIT	  RCVD	DOBJ	SOBJ	Seg	XFLOW	RFLOW@NRTSER  Z,J+p_  --  ],J+uDTRPSTMAIL **ANYFALURDATSCTSTCVOSINRM70G80G90GTPSRDAT2THT2RSTCV2TLKRTLNICEMTPHNCTNRTCTHLBMERCVVPMUFTSPHONDDMFX25GUETPVMAIX29SCALX25ASNAGSNARCTRM None Seg  Msg @ jP%X%P0(`XH0C~8S?Need More Core
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