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 0~iR{H	UijUkU	fU]U.@U.  U:#U;BU<@	U<7U<sUIUZ(Ub Us_U~fyU~gwU~geW	U~gk'U~gkwU~i
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>wWP7&	W>W{W>Y/W>cGW>fW>fW>isW>kW>rW>w@	W?zW?>W?!MW?#OW?5W?6TW?6|W?=@W?=D	W?=FW?A'W?BW?COW?H.	W?JW?JW?JW?PwW?QW?V+( 	 If'0~ic[H @f,	
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 y*  7@:x,~"	*U*U*$&(*3,S,?,C,P,l+,C, ,$,W,),D	*U*U*,R,r,
,^5@,S,?,P,b,l+,C, ,$,W,),D	*U*U*,{,,
,r,^5A,P,b,l+!, ,P,$,W,),r,^	*U*U*"5D,?,R,
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	*U+uK,GGN|GOg:$ k$#k&'a4+^Z1UFD interlock is busy for @A; 	 0(}please waitpx7$
6$9xW`	"b@X`Hx[+@  ,kError on @J; @Kfile damag	 eclosed after a crashtape read error restoring filehard data read error	 "hard data write errorsoftware detected checksum error(	b	b	.C!4[([@$!-m1No UFD created on @Ap@#h1&02	((6$3hf,i2@A file errors exist8qc A8$$,8zCould not perfo	 
U0rm UFD compression on @D.UFD`0 , 
3,3][ZStructure@Amo	9unted\K7StructureR@AHdismounted^)RecomputingdiskQusage^@A@I@D@I	A-m9No UFD exists on structure @A\vStructure @A added to the system search list	 J^,vStructure @A removed from the system search list\VStructure @A added to the	 R search list of job @F^*VStructure @A removed from the search list of job @F	 [^}4Waiting for UFD interlock for structure @D,<zCan't set UFD interlock for @D	 cCan't clear UFD interlock for @D?-}XOver quota by @H blocks	 l-rDirectory I/O error @B for @J-JxLOOKUP error (@E) for @J)PMHMZ	 tinfinity In: Out: Used:Illegal device "@A"Improper structure n	 }ame "@A"Directory I/O error @BCan't access directoryLOOKUP error (@E) for @D.	 UFDRENAME error (@E) for @D.UFDCan't read search list for job @FIllegal functio	 n code (@G)ENTER error (@E) for @D.UFDCan't change search listCan't reset ori	 ginal search list after structure status change failedCan't change structure status 	 for @DStructure @A not dismountedUFD interlock for @A is busy too longUFD i 'nterlock for @A cannot be clearedProgrammer number generation failed	D")e])ec)ff)fl)
x[	D N[-DDN[-EIN[-ERN[*'Cu?	`R^&;R^&gaR^'3	8R^'5j`	 ^2B7R^._O
_%mOR`[[aiVB,aijaj[RajK	D l&V	`(alEdn,Agi!tWgi&	`RFxSRVb_^>vd^U"q	@"^oKHHL:	`6K}%OK{.NK{BMLZ~LZ)`
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	QWg@	UQq.7:UV`IMV`~X	`W*<Yi(TYYZ	D"ZB*&Ckt/;/f
l2B	D";rT>[j04m1Dm1Hm1Im1}C_x0n68%(a.'	D"nKBT<nKPe,nKPe.aqx+nKOr;cLqQ3LqQ;tMqR&L	qR)" UijUkU	fU]U.@U.  U:#U;B	U<@U<7U<sUIUZ(Ub Us_U~fyU~gw	"U~geWU~gk'U~gkw~i;%+~i;%0~i;&2U~kU~rjSU~rt	U~s,_U~sGU~xdUPsU@Uj+U
.b	D j.gAhI,{nrF6[V*76@V*79PFu4PG	G/O&	D"/Wo"(J&x.O1;P9O(Pqo$2siO32sk*WP"l	WP',sWP7&WP7{b<2WEf'WEfFjWGEVPi	W	#MW	)g	W	IW	PW	UmWm<WnWn5WnsW~{W&	WkWSW,7W,j'W<99W<?WW<C|W<EW<Qf	W<dMW<dbW<urW<{MW=xW=+W=TW=3W=7		W=kW="(W=0-W=00W=<_WD,WD,\WD-UWD.	WD.WD8WE WEkWESWEoWE"WTW%?	W&uW[kWS}MWTTWT#gWL@WLMWLQsWL[	WM	MWMgWMTWMWM%@	WM%D	WM%F
	W>cGW>fIf'W>isW>kW>rW>w@W?zW?>	W?!MW?#OW?5W?6TW?6|W?=@W?=DW?=FW?A'W?JW?JW?PwW?QW?V+H@!|!H@[|H@!|((2