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`	CONFIG>X}?Procedure "" terminated due to above error
&{ L,o
&}@+Imj:2B+l ,^x+rput a piece of hardware back on-lineexit this programcanned proceduretypes out this textdisconnect a piece of hardware?Ambiguous Argument - "?Unknown Argument - "?Illegal CPU?Missing Argument?Junk after end of command - "?Command Error - "/
"".,u+mmand - "?Unknown Command - "
`?Cannot nest procedures
&*+put 1026/1042 back together10AM split of 1026/1042BUGADD CPU1@ADD MEMORY 512K TO 1024K@REMOVE CPU1@REMOVE MEMORY 512K TO 1024K@DO SPLIT@Commands are:Arguments are:
	`6GC*GC*GC* GC*0GC*@GC*PPAcontroller idCPU numberaddr TO addri<?Keyword "TO" Missing
TPU owning Controller is down?You really DON'T want to remove the last one
&W+?No running CPUs will be left!"@bBXT+^
&]+%Bypassing lots of checking
&c,+bDETACH CPUATTACH CPU?No System Sleep support in the monitor
&l+SEND ALL Expect an interruption of service.4+SEND ALL System resumed 
L1L +C
"5L/+. $+J,^x+?H4B@+Z5"n1D,~ $+`6z`b ,~ 	b+
l+"%Detaching Jobs: 4P	t
T$T3UN+)+5% Following Jobs will lose devices:
&+ has ``+E+T N+DB
 Following Packs MUST be dismounted:
&+ on 6$ATTACH 0B+[ "!+YDETACH `h	!$+qpQ$+qQ$+qx