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?p@`@?x+Ilm4kx+m4+xIh+O2|  2@@0 *8J 8 X:!8I X; 8 X> 8H X?  XD	`   8XX* iSHhE+
b@,"+52,,+d !!8Lu X;2X?!8{ X<  XC,0,3
:+r7> X(R`<b<+y+Q:B!:)6PZ@@@@@@A E,A+mm l ,S``,~a`+;,+3
>+s BdX(R`@D@++E?`I+CH,~``+FD+B
d@+H,3+Kds@+C,4-:h!inputerror,^Z0BC1BE,^\T,08.8,  :R,0
c`zp+T,~h +[e  l  +[e l +[Dfd^l]_
_D\(0p , +,0,0``\T+-:h
?Illegal Switch
? Command syntax error
Type /H for help
m d  :,0d`7; ?,%-:h: not available
Z<4X| :,0Z<,+0-:h
? Directory full

? Enter error l ,4Z@4X :	,0Z@,,0+E :,0+E not found
lookup+error  :,08.8 :
? Table overflow - CORE UUO failed
trying to expand to 
 :/Q:A`4XF,#+1* :3+0 ::,0 ?,% 8,# @,% 8,#R@+%
? File @@K *6j D 4G 6@Q@@@*6Hl ,O:0 FP e @@I,A`fx+C4FCZF[F1X+C,A  $	1X+W0X1X+``@+O1X+b1X+Q1X +q,B+C+O,B+d&@Z `3Z0+V,O FP +O F`+Oa` +Ol @,B+C,],F+YZ85\Yd @+Od&@7 %85Xa3:+^'8 ,~,B+C F,B+**,]0J1J+k0J+b ,,|a`+b+.,F+
Z84X3L8+!8@GX8P8,M+	+m,B+C F0,B+C F1,B+C F1 1,F+O 
1.l8 0,]4Bk,>,B+,^+y,OZHPGLP 
,F+ 88 
[(Z(3F=F5XQL(,~l&,O FP T`,O@@P,OSLP,O NP,~l&@l&`\l&,O FP T`,O LP,OZHP`f@PHP,O NPa`+b+!8`\GX8 L8XH8a`+b+ ,GL8``,|a`+b+@l +,A,A``+<[
0J93F++*A&p4F1F+(1F+&1F+0Fp1F+'+B.,A=j'+,A``@+ < 
+e,A,A ",?,A ``+<"2,A``@+. *+f ",?,A.``@+>l ,A <"=,A,],F+;Z84X;m&l&@+*.=b7d +B,?+B,A6J,A=j@=b?,~<"F=$D,A  $,A(<:x,~ ,>&,^ 88I6N8K7J8,~d*@3J+E2j,~ZZ85NI,~.40tH+(,~ 606 +7PXK9Q+U7P@9Q 
d 4L!:GZ0 0,l+T,`f@, 
0aJ,`J,aj,, ,|,^04Tg, 0`z,,d,|7 ,,+g,[
04JT (l`,dT,,|[
+h`@+E 0`Z`f@+{`@,~a@+s`f+E,~a@+uaf+E,~a@+x^04:E,~a@+Eaz`Z,~+E`@+E,~ Pd8@&8QZx4X,}[x4XF1x.80x.81X 81X 81X 8+!(@f\:| ZC :0 8;@C,.8ahp+l:`az 8,+Q:A`4XF,+ 88.,,,,,, : + 8+;9$!". 8, 8+ 8+ 8+ 8&+ 8*+ 8)+ 8'+	    ,"$a`,~ 8, :,,`@ :1`@ :3`@ :5`@ :8`@ :;`@ :>,+Flags	Symbol	 Octal Value	Defined in  Referenced in		(all symbols)
(errors only)
(relocatable symbols only)
(fixed symbols only)
(never referenced symbols only)
(multiply specified only)
,m, !&z[X2X*fD X+`@ [xl d 
 *`@+`@+  $0"00b=+P/"0"0b-+S0b0" +e1B+1B+
!&y[^2X*fU[x^+lntn\n|GlGlnTndn\n	T	+CThtkd~\ql|t|\|l}T}d}\}|}l}+dh`xpB+Mde@l@+.8+md l@+.8 D`+Ll`@+H`@++,xSF`0B+,xXF`0"> "
1B+M1"0h`lpB+*x,>,>,>,>,>,>,>azQ:A`Z   *+01O2|  H 	0KPH@0NHH p,>,>,>,>( QDx@,>,>,>,>7?!&>9Z(
+8!$@f@e$+/0D	1D
` +9?$x+/` `B+A"
&M /N,^ZB([	b+ ,^,^,^,~Q3%&&8:"".Bx+2%HLRIOE I/O error reading help file%HLRNHF No .HLP file on SYS:; I'm sorry, I can't help you