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SOUP.DOC -- Changes from V2B to V3
October 1971

Copyright (C) 1971,1973,1977
Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard, Mass.

This software is furnished under a license for use only  on  a  single
computer system and may be copied only with the inclusion of the above
copyright notice.  This software, or any other copies thereof, may not
be provided or otherwise made available to any other person except for
use on such system and to one  who  agrees  to  these  license  terms.
Title  to  and  ownership of the software shall at all times remain in

The information in this software is subject to change  without  notice
and  should  not  be  construed  as  a commitment by Digital Equipment

DEC assumes no responsibility  for  the  use  or  reliability  of  its
software on equipment which is not supplied by DEC.
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SOUP.DOC -- Changes from V2B to V3
October 1971


This release adds a new  switch  in  FED  (to  produce  a  SRCCOM-like
listing  of  the  changes made during an update), and corrects several
old bugs.  Also the version number and JOBDAT symbols are  changed  so
as to conform to the system standard.

This version of SOUP (CAM, FED, and COMP10)  supersedes  all  previous
versions and runs on all monitors.

SOUP is documented in Software Notebook 6.


2.1  FED /X Switch

If a list file device is specified in the FED command string, and  the
/X switch is included, a listing is made for each file updated showing
the changes made in this update.  Both the lines deleted and the lines
added  are  shown  and  clearly  marked.   Line  and  page numbers are

Example:  .R FED

If the list file device is specified but /X is  not  included  in  the
command  string,  FED continues to produce a listing of the entire new
file as it did in earlier versions.

2.2  Defaults

The default device name "DSK:" is now assumed except where to omit  it
would  imply a null field in the command string.  Thus, if a file-name
or proj-prog number is given, "DSK:" may be omitted.

Example:  .R CAM

The default list-file extension is now ".LST" instead of inserting "L"
for one of the letters of the extension.

2.3  Line-Sequence-Numbers

LINE-SEQUENCE-NUMBERS as produced by several editors and by  PIP  with
/S  are  correctly  passed  by CAM, FED and COMP10.  Also, if present,
these numbers are used in the listings produced by FED instead of  the
SOUP-generated numbers.
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2.4  Type-Ahead

You may now type ahead to CAM, FED and COMP10.


Identical entries in two correction files should  not  be  a  conflict
when merging.

/P switch ignored by CAM on first command string fetched from  command

Does not detect torn paper tape.

FED does not handle insertion header from CDR:  because  it  does  not
ignore trailing blanks.

Some error messages do not have question marks preceding them.

CAM  in  multi-file  mode   does   not   properly   handle   different
file-structures.  E.G., if DSKA:  is specifed CAM uses DSK:.




Version number in new format and JOBDAT symbols changed.

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