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To:  DECSYSTEM-20 Sites

From:  Dan Murphy

Subj:  FRIDAY - Performance Analysis Tool

Date:  30 August 1978

FRIDAY is a performance analysis program  similar  to  WATCH
but  providing  more  detailed job-specific information.  We
expect that it will help us to better understand and analyze
customer  job  loads  so  as  to  tune  the  system for most
satisfactory performance.  The program is being included  on
the  Release  3A  tapes  as  an unsupported and undocumented
program.   We  would  like  to  have  any  interested  sites
field-test  the  program  and to forward the output to us so
that we may evaluate the effectiveness of the data.

We do not expect customer sites to try to analyze the output
at  this  time;   hence we are not providing a comprehensive
expanation of the report.  Such a document  would  be  quite
large  and may become obsolete as we evolve the program.  We
do expect to provide  such  documentation  as  part  of  the
complete analysis package at the completion of this project.

FRIDAY is identical to WATCH in its  operation  except  that
the  job under which it runs must be an enabled WHEEL.  This
is required because FRIDAY uses the  SNOOP  JSYS  to  gather
additional information.

The following is a typical startup dialog:


FRIDAY 3A(1), /H for help.
Output to file: FRIDAY.LOG.1 !New file!
Print monitor statistics? Y
Print job summary ? Y

Time period (MM:SS): 1

There will be a pause of several seconds (longer under load)
after  the  time  period is entered and before the following
message  is  printed.   Note  that  (as  with   WATCH)   the
information  is appended to the specified output file.  Type
^C and RESET to terminate running of the program.

During the field test of this product, we would like you  to
do the following:

1. Run FRIDAY during periods that you consider normal  loads
        with  normal response times.  Use a 1 minute period,
                                                      Page 2

        and record data for 15-30 minutes.

2. Run FRIDAY   during   periods   when    performance    is
        unsatisfactory,  again  with  1 minute intervals for
        15-30 minutes.

3. Print the log files and forward the output to us with any
        pertinent  comments.   Note  that  FRIDAY  generates
        132-column wide output.

        Mail the results to:

        Peter Hurley    
        Digital Equipment Corporation   
        MR 1-2 / E37    
        200 Forest Street       
        Marlborough, Massachusetts 01752        

Thank you for your cooperation.