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TOPS20 Change Order Number 4.2168

Written by: ZIMA		17-Jan-79 22:50:10

Edit checked: NO			   Document: YES
  TCO Tested: NO		Maintenance Release: NO
Hardware-related: NO

Program: actsym

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Related SPR's: 	 12717

     User defined USAGE entries don't work--not even the example
give in ACTSYM.MAC.

     BUG in USAGE JSYS code (tco 4.2164) and insufficiently
foolproof macro definitions in ACTSYM.  Each entry must be exactly
two words long in the argument list, but the macros expand to
only one word for the USUSP. macro.

     FIX the macro definition for the USAGE. macro in ACTSYM to
insure that both words are generated in all cases.