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TOPS20 Change Order Number 5.1675

Written by: KOVALCIN		14-Jan-82 16:39:57

Edit checked: NO			   Document: NO
  TCO Tested: NO		Maintenance Release: NO
Hardware-related: NO

Program: ARMAIL

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ARMAIL is a library but picks up macrel.  ORION uses ARMAIL to battle with
archiving.  Unfortunatly ORION also picks up GLXLIB and there are conflicts
between GLXLIB and ARMAIL.


ARMAIL gets macrel because it uses R and RSKP and STKVAR etc.  Choice is
to either edit all of the GALAXY components or ARMAIL.  I picked ARMAIL.


Remove REQUIRE MACREL.  Change STKVARs to static storage (25 words or so).
Add dummy R and RSKP routines.  Being nice guy, also updated copyright to

[End of TCO 5.1675]