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,S@P [D:P \[FMP 	[/L@ oyO		
	TLC pA,-1
	TLCN A,-1p9
.N8Q xe
tP e
ui:P e
vMP e
v\yP g8$H:P g8$\YP g8$kP g8%	P g8%\sP  g8&=P g8&MP g:$\Y `yNq
	X 000,TaTXIEC,<SNDSRV cona8fused!  Unknown eaXrror code>
	XX00ax1,TTXCAP,<WHEEL obr OPERATOR capabib8lities required>
	X 002,TTXUNK,<Ubxnknown function ccode>
	X 003,TTXDc8ET,<User has detacXched jobs only, ucxse MAIL>
	X 004,dTTXNLG,<User is nd8ot logged in, usedX MAIL>
	X 005,TTdxXUIR,<Unable to iedentify requestine8g job>
	X 006,TTeXXLNG,<Message tooex long to send>
	fX 007,TTXREF,<Usef8r refusing messagfXes>
	X 010,TTXIMfxP,<Function not yget implemented>
g8	X 011,TTXTIM,<UngXable to send messgxage, server timedh out>
	X 012,TTXh8NSU,<No such userhX>
	X 013,TTXUSM,hx<Unable to send miessage>
	X 014,Ti8TXNST,<No such teiXrminal>
	X 015,TixTXFIL,<Message sejnt, but could notj8 append to sends jXfile>
	X 016,TTXjxNBD,<Nobody loggekd in>
	X 017,TTXk8ACT,<Receiving tekXrminal is not in kxuse>
	XX020,TTXNlLI,<Must be loggel8d in to do that>
	X 021,TTXBAT,<Clxan't send to a bamtch job>
	X 022,m8TTXIPC,<Failure imXn local send>
	Xmx 023,TTXNET,<Failnure in net send>
DinQnetsend>hZQ  h>9Q h.99Q @iSDzP iSD(:P iSD88P iSDI:P iSDj6P iSE1P iSE8P iSEP 	iSEKSP iSEhRP iSEi:P 	iSEkP iSEkP iSElzP iSElzP iSF)3P iSFJ6P iSFZ9P iSF[UP iSF\vP p nYNw
S@P 2DQ xJDP'N$kP N&
2P N&HqP >}{woP