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TOPS-20 Max System, TOPS-20 Monitor 7(21017)
BUGHLT and BUGCHK names and descriptions
"*" indicates that the BUG is not normally dumpable

 ABKSKD	[HLT] Address break from scheduler context
 AGSETX	[HLT] AGESET - XB needs checking
 APRAPE	[HLT] Address parity error
 APRNX1	[HLT] NXM detected by APR
 APRNX2	[HLT] NXM detected by APR
 ARCASS	[CHK] ARCF - File directory and mapped directory do not match
 ARSTXX	[HLT] ARRST - FDB disappeared for destination file
*ASAASG	[CHK] DSKASA - Assigning already assigned disk address
 ASGBAD	[CHK] DSKASA - Assigning bad disk address
*ASGBPG	[CHK] INIBTB - Failed to assign bad page(s)
 ASGFR0	[HLT] ASGFRE - Illegal to assign 0 free space
 ASGREP	[CHK] Illegal priority given to ASGRES
 ASGREQ	[CHK] Illegal pool number given to ASGRES
 ASGSW2	[HLT] SWPOMG - Cannot assign reserved drum address
 ASGSWB	[CHK] SWPINI - Cannot assign bad address
 ASOFNF	[HLT] DELFIL - ASGOFN gave fail return for long file XB
 ASTJFN	[HLT] GETFDB - Called for JFN with output stars
*BADBAK	[CHK] FILIN2 - Backup copy of ROOT DIRECTORY is not good
*BADBAT	[CHK] BAT blocks unreadable
 BADDAC	[HLT] INSACT - Null account string seen
 BADFEV	[HLT] CHKPDB - Wrong or bad front-end version
*BADIDX	[CHK] IDXINI - Partially unsuccessful index table rebuild
 BADPTR	[HLT] Bad section pointer - SECMAP
 BADREC	[HLT] FILINI - Reconstruction of ROOT-DIRECTORY failed
 BADTAB	[CHK] VERACT - Spurious hash table encountered
 BADTTY	[HLT] Transfer to nonexistent TTY code
 BADTYP	[HLT] Bad label field desc
 BADXT1	[HLT] Index table missing and can not be created
*BADXT2	[CHK] Index table missing and was created
 BADXTB	[HLT] FILIN2 - Could not initialize index table
 BKUPDF	[HLT] BKUPD - Bad CST1 entry or inconsistent CST
 BLKF1	[CHK] BYTINA - BLKF set before calling service routine
 BLKF2	[CHK] BYTOUA - BLKF set before call to service routine
 BLKF3	[CHK] CLZDO - BLKF set before call to service routine
 BLKF4	[CHK] .GDSTS - BLKF set before call to device routine
 BLKF5	[CHK] .MTOPR - BLKF set before call to device routine
 BLKF6	[CHK] .SDSTS - BLKF set before call to device routine
*BREAKI	[INF] Password guess threshold exceeded
 BTBCR1	[HLT] FILINI - No bit table file and unable to create one
 BTBCRT	[HLT] FILINI - Could not initialize bit table for public structure
*CCBROT	[INF] CPYBAK - Can't copy backup root-directory
 CDILVT	[HLT] Illegal device function code
 CFANAE	[HLT] CFSSRV - No allocation entry
 CFAOFM	[HLT] CFSSRV - OFN mismatch in cached token
 CFBAFN	[HLT] CFSSRV - Bad function to CFSDAU
 CFCCLZ	[CHK] CFSSRV - Can't close CFS connection
*CFCCML	[INF] CFSSRV - Cluster cease message lost
*CFCDCF	[INF] CFSSRV - Cluster dump connect attempt failed
 CFCLDP	[HLT] CFSSRV - Forced cluster dump
*CFCONN	[INF] CFSSRV - CFS connection
 CFCTNF	[HLT] CFSSRV - Could not find cached token while uncaching
 CFDDSN	[CHK] CFSSRV - Duplicate DSN detected
 CFDGON	[HLT] CFMDSN - DSN token has disappeared
*CFDISC	[INF] CFSSRV - CFS disconnect
 CFDLSF	[INF] CFSSRV - Failed to get dump listener
 CFEQHF	[HLT] ENQ token not found
 CFEQSF	[HLT] CFSSRV - Could not convert OFN to JFN
 CFGARD	[HLT] CFSSRV - Vote packet address is bad
 CFKBNS	[HLT] CFSSRV - Keep bit not set
 CFNLTK	[HLT] CFSSRV - Null disk address given to CFSAWT
 CFRECN	[HLT] CFSSRV - Illegal reconnect
 CFSBNO	[HLT] CFSSRV - Broadcast of unknown OFN
 CFSBTP	[HLT] CFSSRV - Bad token packet
 CFSICN	[HLT] CFSSRV - Illegal configuration
 CFSIGT	[HLT] CFSSRV - Illegal return from CFSGET
 CFSILJ	[CHK] CFSSRV - Illegal Local Job Number
 CFSION	[HLT] CFSSRV - Invalid OFN number
 CFSMPB	[HLT] CFSSRV - CFSMAP returned in-use entry
 CFSNAF	[HLT] Allocation entry not found
 CFSNOT	[HLT] CFSSRV - OFN token table and hash table disagree
 CFSOAC	[HLT] CFSSRV - Invalid access to cached OFN
 CFSRNM	[HLT] CFRDSN - Could not rename DSN entry
 CFSSEZ	[HLT] CFSSRV - Section 0
 CFSSUF	[HLT] CFSSUG - Could not find entry to upgrade
 CFSTCM	[HLT] CFSSRV - Access token cached but not marked
 CFSTND	[HLT] CFSSRV - Access token not deleted
 CFSTUC	[HLT] CFSSRV - Unexpected error encountered during structure operation
 CFSUCM	[HLT] CFSSRV - Uncaching mismatch
 CFSUCN	[HLT] CFSSRV - Uncaching non-cached token
 CFSVFL	[HLT] CFSSRV - Structure verify failed
 CFWTNF	[HLT] CFSSRV - Cached OFN not found when freed
 CFZCNT	[HLT] CFSSRV - Zero HSHCNT before decrement
*CGROFN	[INF] CHKBAK - Can't get root-directory OFN
 CHKRNR	[HLT] CHKR fork not run for too long
 CINACF	[CHK] Accept failed
 CINBSC	[CHK] Unexpected SCA callback
 CINFRB	[CHK] Failed to recycle buffer
 CINLER	[CHK] Local port # equal to remote
 CINLIE	[CHK] Listen failed
 CINNIC	[CHK] Received illegal packet format
 CINRRL	[INF] Remote rejected our protocol version
*CINRWP	[INF] Remote supplied wrong protocol version
 CINUCB	[CHK] Unexpected SCA callback
 CINUDR	[CHK] Unexpected datagram receive
 CINUEC	[CHK] Unexpected connect response
 CINWNB	[CHK] Wrong number of buffers
*CIPDFQ	[INF] PHYKLP - Datagram free queue empty
 CIPMFQ	[INF] PHYKLP - Message free queue empty
 CKPLEN	[CHK] USGINI - Illegal checkpoint entry length
 CLABIU	[CHK] CLUDGR - All buffers in use
 CLFNSB	[HLT] No SCA buffers for request
 CLNOLA	[CHK] CLUINI - SCA set online failed
 CLNOLS	[HLT] CLULSN - CLUDGR listener not created
 CLORBF	[INF] Orphaned buffer received by CLUDGR
 CLOUTB	[HLT] System out of SCA buffers
 CLUACF	[CHK] CLUDGR - Accept connect failed
*CLUCON	[INF] CLUDGR - Connection completed
 CLUFNC	[HLT] CLSFRK - Could not create CLUDGR fork
 CLULES	[CHK] No CLUDGR connection established with remote node
*CLUNFE	[CHK] CLUDGR - No free entry in table
 CLUNKR	[CHK] CLUDGR - Unknown callback, returning
 CLUNSB	[HLT] No SCA buffers for response
 CLUOSB	[HLT] CLUDGR fork could not get an SCA buffer
 CLUSCM	[HLT] CLUDGR fork send unconditionally failed
 CLUWTF	[HLT] CLUDGR - Wrong type of format for connection
 CLZABF	[CHK] CLZFFW - Service routine blocked on an abort close
 CNTOUT	[INF] Read of performance counter timed out
 COMBNN	[CHK] Bad local node number
 COMCID	[CHK] Couldn't initalize DECNET
 COMDNP	[CHK] DNGPOS called with bad MS
 COMFWZ	[CHK] Tried to free words at zero
 COMIEL	[CHK] Illegal end of list pointer
 COMMMS	[HLT] Bad pointer passed to memory manager
 COMMTS	[CHK] New message block too short
 COMMZP	[CHK] DNMINI was passed a zero pointer
 COMODP	[CHK] DNGOPS called with bad MS
 COMSTB	[CHK] Smear request too big
 CPTMAP	[CHK] SETCPT - CPTPG already mapped
*CRDBAK	[CHK] CRDIR3 - Could not make backup copy of ROOT-DIRECTORY
*CRDBK1	[CHK] CRDIR4 - Could not make backup copy of ROOT-DIRECTORY
 CRDNOM	[CHK] CRDIR - Failed to make MAIL.TXT file
 CRDOLD	[CHK] CRGDGB - Old format CRDIR is illegal
 CRDSDF	[CHK] CRDIR1 - SETDIR failed on new directory
*CRSPAG	[CHK] VERACT - Account data block crosses a page boundary
 CSHSCF	[CHK] Unable to flush cached pages to disk
 CST2I1	[HLT] Page table core pointer and CST2 fail to correspond
 CST2I2	[HLT] MVPT - CST2 inconsistent
 CST2I3	[HLT] Page table core pointer and CST2 fail to correspond
 CTDCHB	[HLT] CTERM hibernate routine called
 CTDEPF	[INF] CTERM host enter passive failed
 CTDFRK	[CHK] Cannot create CTERM fork
 CTDFSA	[CHK] Can't get free space for CTERM
 CTDILS	[CHK] CTERM link is in an unexpected state
 CTDPRR	[INF] CTERM protocol error
*CTYSTK	[CHK] FE reload requested because CTY is stuck
 DDMINT	[CHK] Unexpected interrupt in DDMP process
 DDMPNR	[HLT] DDMP fork not run for too long
 DDXFRK	[HLT] Cannot create CHKR fork
 DEABAD	[CHK] DSKDEA - Deassigning bad disk address
*DEAUNA	[CHK] DEDSK - Deassigning unassigned disk address
*DELBDD	[INF] DELDIR - Bad directory deleted
 DEVUCF	[CHK] DEVAV - Unexpected CHKDES failure
 DGUTPG	[HLT] DIAG - Locked page list page locked at DIAG unlock
 DGZTPA	[HLT] DIAG - Locked page list page was zero
*DIRACT	[CHK] ACTBAD - Illegal format for directory account block in directory
*DIRB2L	[CHK] RLDFB2 - Directory free block too large in directory
*DIRB2S	[CHK] RLDFB1 - Directory free block too small in directory
*DIRBAD	[CHK] SETDI4 - Smashed directory number
*DIRBAF	[CHK] RLDFB5 - Block already on directory free list in directory
*DIRBCB	[CHK] RLDFB3 - Directory free block crosses page boundary in directory
*DIRBLK	[CHK] BLKSCN - Illegal block type in directory
 DIRDNL	[CHK] CFSSRV - Directory not locked
*DIREXT	[CHK] EXTBAD - Illegal format for directory extension block in directory
*DIRFDB	[CHK] Illegal format for FDB in directory
*DIRFRE	[CHK] FREBAD - Illegal format for directory free block in directory
*DIRIFB	[CHK] RLDFB4 - Illegal block type on directory free list in directory
 DIRNAM	[CHK] NAMBAD - Illegal format for directory name block in directory
*DIRPG0	[CHK] DR0CHK - Illegal format for directory page 0 in directory
*DIRPG1	[CHK] DRHCHK - Directory header block is bad in directory
*DIRRHB	[CHK] RLDFB6 - Attempting to return a header block in directory
 DIRRNA	[CHK] Remote node alias list inconsistency
*DIRSY1	[CHK] DELDL8 - Directory symbol table fouled up for directory
*DIRSY2	[CHK] MDDNAM - Symbol table fouled up in directory
*DIRSY3	[CHK] LOOKUP - Symbol search fouled up in directory
*DIRSY4	[CHK] NAMCM4 - Directory symbol table fouled up in directory
*DIRSY5	[CHK] SYMBAD - Illegal format for directory symbol table in directory
*DIRSY6	[CHK] RBLDST - Prematurely ran out of room in symbol table in directory
*DIRULK	[CHK] ULKMD2 - Attempt to unlock illegally formatted directory
*DIRUNS	[CHK] UNSBAD - Illegal format for directory user name block in directory
 DLDEF	[INF] Logical name define failed for FE CTY
 DLLBPA	[HLT] Illegal Portal supplied by PHYKNI
 DMPIOM	[CHK] DSKDM - I/O disk dump mode I/O called from monitor
*DN20ST	[INF] DTESRV - DN20 stopped
 DNDCGE	[CHK] Couldn't get emergency buffer for DLL
 DNDCGV	[INF] Couldn't get memory for event arg block
 DNDCIZ	[CHK] Callback ID is zero
 DNDEMF	[CHK] Enable Ethernet multicast address failed
 DNDNCE	[CHK] Error from NISRV when closing portal
 DNDNNF	[CHK] Network management failed
 DNDNOF	[CHK] Attempt to open an ethernet portal failed
 DNDRLF	[CHK] Read channel list failed
 DNDXMF	[CHK] Transmit message to Ethernet failed
*DRMFUL	[CHK] Drum completely full
 DRMIBT	[HLT] DRMASN - Bit table inconsistent
 DRMNFR	[HLT] DRMAM - Cannot find page when DRMFRE non-0
 DRXRNA	[CHK] DIRRNA - Illegal formatted remote alias block in directory
 DSKBRP	[HLT] DSKDEA - Pages on multiple cylinders
*DSKBT1	[CHK] DSK bit table fouled, cannot find free page on track with non-0 count
 DSKBT3	[CHK] DISK Bit table already locked at LCKBTB
 DST2SM	[HLT] SWPINI - DST too small
 DTEBWS	[INF] DTE MCB handshake incorrect
 DTECAR	[CHK] Carrier FNC with no line number
 DTECDM	[INF] DTESRV - TO-10 counts do not match
*DTECGB	[CHK] DTE MCB initialization timed out
 DTEDAT	[CHK] TAKTOD - Illegal format for time/date
 DTEDEV	[CHK] Illegal device
 DTEDIN	[INF] DTESRV - TO-10 in progress on doorbell
 DTEDME	[INF] DTESRV - Zero queue count
*DTEERR	[CHK] DTESRV - DTE device error
*DTEIDP	[CHK] Bad indirect packet
 DTEIFR	[CHK] DTESRV - Illegal FNC request
*DTEKPA	[INF] DTE keep alive fail
*DTELPI	[INF] DTECHK - DTE lost PI assignment
 DTEMCC	[CHK] DOFRGM - DN20 disagrees with count
 DTEODD	[CHK] TAKLC - Odd byte count for line characters
*DTEP2S	[CHK] TO10DN - Packet too small
 DTEPGF	[CHK] DTE transfer page fail
 DTEPNR	[INF] DTESRV - Incorrect indirect setup
*DTESUI	[INF] Front end requested reload or init
*DTETIP	[CHK] DTETDN - TO-10 done received with no transfer in progress
*DTETPR	[INF] DTE protocol terminated
 DTETTY	[CHK] Non-TTY device
 DTEUIF	[CHK] DTESRV - Unimplemented function from 11
 DVCHRX	[CHK] DVCHR1 - Unexpected CHKDES failure within .DVCHR
*DX2DIE	[CHK] PHYX2 - DX20 halted
*DX2DNF	[CHK] PHYX2 - Drive number not found in UDBs
*DX2FGS	[CHK] PHYX2 - Fail to get sense bytes
*DX2FUS	[CHK] PHYX2 - Fail to update sense bytes
*DX2HLT	[CHK] PHYX2 - DX20 halted
 DX2IDM	[CHK] PHYX2 - Illegal data mode at done interrupt
 DX2IDX	[CHK] PHYX2 - Illegal retry byte pointer index
 DX2IEC	[CHK] PHYX2 - Illegal error class code
 DX2IFS	[CHK] PHYX2 - Illegal function at start IO
 DX2IRF	[CHK] PHYX2 - Illegal function during retry
*DX2MCF	[CHK] PHYX2 - DX20 microcode check failure
*DX2N2S	[INF] PHYX2 - More TU70s than table space, excess ignored
 DX2NRT	[CHK] DX2ERR - IS.NRT set on successful retry
*DX2NUD	[CHK] PHYX2 - Channel done interrupt but no unit active
*DX2NUE	[CHK] PHYX2 - DX20 detected hardware problem
 DX2RFU	[CHK] PHYX2 - Error recovery confused
*DX2UNA	[CHK] PHYX2 - Attention interrupt and UDB not active
*DX2UPE	[CHK] PHYX2 - Fail to update sense bytes during initialization
 DXBASD	[CHK] PHYP2 - Asynchronous status from non-positioning drive
*DXBDIE	[CHK] PHYP2 - DX20B microcode halted
*DXBDMI	[CHK] PHYP2 - DX20B microcode is invalid
*DXBEUI	[CHK] PHYP2 - Error trying to initialize a unit
*DXBEWC	[CHK] PHYP2 - Error present when connecting to a unit
 DXBFEX	[HLT] PHYP2 - Illegal function starting IO
*DXBFGS	[CHK] PHYP2 - Failed to get sense bytes
*DXBFUS	[CHK] PHYP2 - Failed to update sense bytes
*DXBHLT	[INF] PHYP2 - DX20B controller halted
*DXBIEC	[CHK] PHYP2 - Unknown error code from DX20
 DXBIF2	[HLT] PHYP2 - Illegal function stacking IO
 DXBILF	[HLT] PHYP2 - Illegal function at Done interrupt
 DXBLTF	[HLT] PHYP2 - Latency optimization failure
 DXBMSR	[HLT] PHYP2 - Multiple sectors indicated in ECC recovery
*DXBNUD	[CHK] PHYP2 - No unit active for Done interrupt
 DXBTNF	[HLT] PHYP2 - Unit type not found in table
*DXBTTS	[CHK] PHYP2 - Tables too small for this many drives
*DXBUA1	[CHK] PHYP2 - Done interrupt and unit was not active
*DXBUNA	[CHK] PHYP2 - Attention interrupt and unit was not active
*DXBZEC	[CHK] PHYP2 - Zero ECC byte returned
 ENQLNL	[CHK] CFSSRV - ENQ Database Lock not locked
 EQBLNK	[HLT] ENQSRV - Bad list of SCA buffers
 EQLTOT	[HLT] ENQSRV - VRQA value of EBTOTT is too big
*EQNOTF	[CHK] ENQSRV - Rescheduling notification failed
 EQNOVW	[HLT] ENQSRV - NO bit set no vote required
 EQNVRB	[HLT] ENQ - Could not get buffer for VRB
 EQSTOT	[HLT] ENQSRV - VRQA value of EBTOTT is too small
 EXILGO	[CHK] EXECI - Interrupt during login or logout
 FATCDP	[HLT] Fatal cache directory parity error
 FATMER	[HLT] Fatal memory error
 FEBFOV	[CHK] FEHSD - Buffer overflow
 FEUSTS	[CHK] FESSTS - Unknown status
*FILBAK	[CHK] FILCRD - Could not create backup of ROOT-DIRECTORY
*FILBAT	[INF] DSKCLZ - File marked as possibly bad
*FILBOT	[CHK] Could not create BOOTSTRAP.BIN file
 FILBTB	[HLT] Unable to write bit table file
*FILCCD	[CHK] Could not create directory
*FILFEF	[CHK] Could not create front end file system
*FILHOM	[CHK] Unable to rewrite home blocks in WRTBTB
 FILIRD	[HLT] FILINW - Could not initialize the ROOT DIRECTORY
*FILJB1	[CHK] FILCRD - No room to create standard system directories
 FILRID	[HLT] FILINW - Index table already set up for root dir
*FIXBAD	[CHK] Could not re-write home blocks to point to FE file system
*FIXBDB	[CHK] Could not re-write home blocks to point to BOOTSTRAP.BIN
 FKCTNZ	[CHK] Fork lock nest count non-zero
 FKWSP1	[CHK] LOADBS - Unreasonable FKWSP
 FLKINT	[INF] FLOCK - Called while NOINT
 FLKNS	[CHK] FUNLK - Lock not set
 FLKTIM	[CHK] FLOCK - Fork lock timeout
 FORCED	[INF] DOB - Requested BUGINF with continuable dump
 FPTMXX	[HLT] FPTA - Process address in sched context
 FRKNDL	[CHK] HLTFRK - Fork not properly deleted
 FRKPTE	[HLT] BADCPG - Fatal error in fork PT page
 FRKSLF	[HLT] SUSFK - Given self as argument
 FSICFS	[HLT] Could not register PS with CFS
 FSPARB	[HLT] RELFSP - Bad block being released
 FSPBBS	[HLT] Bad blocksize
 FSPBLK	[HLT] Block damaged
 FSPBND	[HLT] RELFSP - Block out of range
 FSPBPC	[HLT] RELFSP - Bad pool count
 FSPBPN	[CHK] FSPREM - Bad pool number
 FSPOUT	[INF] Freespace pool exhausted
 FSPPRE	[HLT] RELFSP - Bad block being released
 FSPSCC	[HLT] RELFSP - Bad block being released
 FSPZER	[HLT] ASGFSP - Illegal to assign 0 FREE space
 GLFNF	[HLT] GLREM - Fork not found
 GTFDB2	[HLT] NEWLFP - GETFDB failure for open file
 GTFDB3	[HLT] DSKREN - GETFDB failure for open file
*HARDCE	[CHK] Hard cache errors--cache deselected
 HOMGON	[HLT] FRTHOB - Missing homeblock IORB
 HPSCHK	[CHK] SCHEDULER - Excessive time in high priority
 HSHERR	[CHK] VERACT - Hash value out of range
 HSYFRK	[HLT] HSYS - Job 0 CFORK failed
 IBCPYW	[HLT] COPY - Write pointer in index block
 IBOFNF	[HLT] FILINI - ASOFN failure for root directory IB
 IDXNOS	[HLT] FILINI - Could not assign free space for IDXTAB
 ILAGE	[HLT] Bad age field in CST0
 ILCHS1	[HLT] PHYSIO - Illegal channel status at SIO
 ILCHS2	[HLT] PHYSIO - Illegal channel state at STKIO
 ILCNSP	[HLT] PHYSIO - Illegal call to CONSPW
 ILCNST	[HLT] PHYSIO - Illegal call to CONSTW
 ILCST1	[HLT] Illegal address in CST1 entry, cannot restart
 ILDEST	[HLT] Illegal destination identifier to SETMPG or SETPT
 ILDRA1	[CHK] DASDRM - Illegal or unassigned drum address
 ILDRA2	[HLT] DRMIAD - Illegal drum address
 ILDSTF	[INF] Illegal Daylight Saving Time flag
 ILESCD	[HLT] Monitor section pointer not shared
 ILFPTE	[HLT] ILLFPT - Illegal section number referenced
 ILGDA1	[HLT] GDSTX - Bad address
 ILGDA2	[HLT] GDSTX - Bad address
 ILGOKM	[CHK] Illegal function for GETOKM call
*ILIBPT	[CHK] Bad pointer type in index block
 ILIRBL	[HLT] PHYSIO - IORB link not null at ONFPWQ
 ILJRFN	[CHK] JFKRFH - Bad JRFN, ignored
 ILLDMS	[HLT] BADDMS - Illegal DMS JSYS from monitor context
 ILLGO	[HLT] Invalid channel logout
 ILLMJS	[CHK] JSYS with E GTR 1000 executed in monitor
 ILLTAB	[CHK] TABLK2 - Table not in proper format
 ILLUUO	[HLT] KIBADU - Illegal UUO from monitor context
 ILMNRF	[HLT] Illegal reference to MON ADR SPACE
 ILOKSK	[HLT] OKSKED executed when not NOSKED
 ILPAG1	[HLT] SWPOT0 - Invalid page
 ILPAGN	[HLT] MRKMPG - Invalid page number
 ILPDAR	[HLT] PHYSIO - Illegal disk address in PAGEM request
 ILPID1	[CHK] CREPID - Attempt to create illegal PID
 ILPID2	[CHK] DELPID - Validated PID turned illegal
 ILPLK1	[HLT] MLKPG - Illegal arguments
 ILPPT1	[HLT] UPDOFN - Bad pointer in page table
 ILPPT3	[HLT] Bad pointer in page table
 ILPSEC	[HLT] Illegal section number
 ILRBLT	[HLT] PHYSIO - IORB link not null at ONF/STWQ
 ILSPTH	[HLT] SETPT - SPTH inconsistent with XB
 ILSPTI	[HLT] Illegal SPT index given to SETMXB
 ILSRC	[HLT] Illegal source identifier given to SETPT
 ILSWPA	[HLT] SWPIN - Illegal swap address
 ILTWQP	[HLT] PHYSIO - PWQ or TWQ tail pointer incorrect
 ILULK1	[HLT] MULKPG - Tried to unlock page not locked
 ILULK2	[HLT] Tried to unlock page not locked
 ILULK3	[HLT] MULKMP - Illegal monitor address
 ILULK4	[HLT] MULKCR - Illegal core page number
 ILUST1	[HLT] PHYSIO - Unit status inconsistent at SIO
 ILUST2	[CHK] PHYSIO - Unit status inconsistent at SPS
 ILUST3	[HLT] PHYSIO - SCHSEK - Impossible unit status
 ILUST4	[HLT] PHYSIO - Controller active at SPS
 ILUST5	[HLT] PHYSIO - Illegal channel or controller state at STKIO
 ILUST6	[HLT] PHYSIO - Illegal unit state at STKIO
 ILXBP	[HLT] SETPT - Bad pointer in XB
 IMPUUO	[HLT] Impossible MUUO
*INDCNT	[INF] DTESRV - Bad indirect count
 INVDFN	[CHK] DTEDSP - Bad function specified
 INVDTE	[HLT] DTEQ - Invalid DTE specified
 IOPGF	[HLT] IO page fail
 IPCFKH	[CHK] CHKPDD - Could not find local fork handle
 IPCFRK	[CHK] PIDINB - Cannot create forks for IPCF
 IPCJB0	[CHK] PIDINI - Not in context of job 0
 IPCMCN	[CHK] MESREC - Message count went negative
 IPCSOD	[CHK] GETMES - Sender's count overly decremented
 ITNOJC	[HLT] Instruction trap not in JSYS context
 JB0CSH	[CHK] Job 0 crash
 JB0INX	[CHK] Unexpected interrupt in job 0 during initialization
 JSBNIC	[HLT] SETPPG - JSB not in core
 JSTERR	[HLT] JSB stack error
 KLIOVF	[CHK] DTESRV - KLINIK data base too large
*KLIPAF	[CHK] Failed to read in CI20 microcode
 KLPBDS	[HLT] PHYKLP - Bad dispatch from PHYSIO
 KLPBOP	[CHK] PHYKLP - Bad op code on command queue
 KLPBPK	[HLT] PHYKLP - Bad packet
*KLPCBN	[INF] PHYKLP - CBUS not available
*KLPCBS	[INF] PHYKLP - CBUS parity error
*KLPCGN	[CHK] PHYKLP - Can't get CI node number
 KLPCLB	[INF] Close buffer function failed
*KLPCSR	[INF] PHYKLP - Grant CSR error
*KLPCVC	[INF] PHYKLP - Closed virtual circuit
*KLPDED	[CHK] PHYKLP - CI20 is dead, no longer trying to start it
 KLPDMP	[HLT] PHYKLP - Cluster dump requested
*KLPDPP	[INF] PHYKLP - Data path error
*KLPDRQ	[INF] PHYKLP - CI ucode dump requested
*KLPDUM	[INF] PHYKLP - CI20 ucode dump in progress
*KLPEBP	[INF] PHYKLP - EBUS parity error
*KLPEBQ	[INF] PHYKLP - EBUS parity error
 KLPELL	[INF] PHYKLP - Error Log Lost
*KLPELT	[INF] PHYKLP - Error Log Truncated
*KLPEPB	[CHK] PHYKLP - Error-logging packet is bad
*KLPERE	[INF] PHYKLP - EBUS request error
*KLPERQ	[INF] PHYKLP - Empty response queue
*KLPERR	[INF] PHYKLP - CI packet error
*KLPFST	[INF] PHYKLP - Self test failed
*KLPHNG	[INF] PHYKLP - CI20 is hung
 KLPHOG	[HLT] PHYKLP - Interlock value on queue is too large
*KLPIBN	[INF] PHYKLP - Invalid buffer name
*KLPILP	[INF] PHYKLP - Software response bit off in locally-generated packet
*KLPINP	[INF] PHYKLP - Internal port error
*KLPIPA	[CHK] PHYKLP - Invalid packet arrival
*KLPIRD	[CHK] PHYKLP - Invalid remotely-generated data request
*KLPIRP	[INF] PHYKLP - Software response bit on in remotely-generated packet
*KLPLBF	[CHK] PHYKLP - Loopback failed
*KLPLOA	[INF] PHYKLP - CI20 ucode loaded
*KLPMCE	[INF] Received an MCNF or an MDATREC with an error
*KLPMCR	[CHK] Received an MCNF or an MDATREC from KLIPA when not expecting it
 KLPMTY	[HLT] PHYKLP - Queue is empty
*KLPMVW	[CHK] CI20 microcode version wrong
*KLPNDE	[CHK] PHYKLP - Packet with bad node number
*KLPNDG	[INF] PHYKLP - No datagram buffer
 KLPNDM	[HLT] PHYKLP - CI20 ucode needs dumping
*KLPNEN	[CHK] PHYKLP - CI20 not enabled
*KLPNMG	[INF] PHYKLP - No message buffer
*KLPNOA	[CHK] PHYKLP - Remote port is not answering
 KLPNOD	[HLT] PHYKLP - Can't stock datagram free queue
 KLPNOM	[HLT] PHYKLP - Physical address doesn't match
 KLPNRL	[HLT] PHYKLP - CI20 ucode needs reloading
 KLPNSB	[HLT] PHYKLP - No system block at OPENVC
 KLPONC	[HLT] PHYKLP - Trying to open a VC which isn't closed
*KLPOPC	[CHK] PHYKLP - Packet with bad op-code
*KLPOVC	[INF] PHYKLP - Opened virtual circuit
 KLPPCB	[HLT] PHYKLP - PCB is corrupted
*KLPPIA	[INF] PHYKLP - CI20 has lost its PIA
*KLPPLS	[INF] PHYKLP - Packets lost
*KLPPPD	[CHK] PHYKLP - Packet with bad PPD byte
*KLPPPE	[INF] PHYKLP - PLI parity error
 KLPPRI	[HLT] PHYKLP - Invalid priority
*KLPRAE	[INF] PHYKLP - Spurious receive attention error
*KLPRRQ	[INF] PHYKLP - CI20 ucode reload requested
*KLPRSF	[INF] PHYKLP - CI restart failed
*KLPRSH	[INF] PHYKLP - Received shutdown message
*KLPSCE	[INF] PHYKLP - Spurious channel error
*KLPSCR	[CHK] PHYKLP - SET-CIRCUIT command received
*KLPSDM	[CHK] PHYKLP - CI20 ucode still dumping
*KLPSRL	[CHK] PHYKLP - CI20 ucode still reloading
*KLPSRM	[INF] PHYKLP - Cannot start remote node
*KLPSTP	[INF] PHYKLP - CI20 stopped
*KLPSTR	[INF] PHYKLP - CI20 started
*KLPSWC	[INF] PHYKLP - Short word count
*KLPSWO	[INF] PHYKLP - Received a START when VC was open
*KLPTAE	[INF] PHYKLP - Spurious transmit attention error
 KLPTIM	[CHK] PHYKLP - Timed out waiting for queue interlock
*KLPTMO	[INF] PHYKLP - Transmitter timeout
*KLPTPE	[INF] PHYKLP - Transmit buffer parity error
*KLPUCP	[INF] PHYKLP - Unplanned CRAM parity error
*KLPUMV	[CHK] Unexpected CI20 microcode version
 KLPUPC	[INF] PHYKLP - Undefined planned CRAM parity error
 KLPVIR	[CHK] PHYKLP - Virtual address in packet is wrong
*KLPWAB	[INF] PHYKLP - CI wire A has gone from good to bad
*KLPWAG	[INF] PHYKLP - CI wire A has gone from bad to good
*KLPWBB	[INF] PHYKLP - CI wire B has gone from good to bad
*KLPWBG	[INF] PHYKLP - CI wire B has gone from bad to good
*KLPWIR	[INF] PHYKLP - Excessive CI wire transitions
 KNIADE	[HLT] PHYKNI - Multicast address disable error
*KNIADR	[CHK] Monitor address does not match KLNI address
 KNIBFC	[HLT] PHYKNI - Illegal NI function code
 KNIBLV	[HLT] PHYKNI - Buffer length violation
*KNICAE	[INF] PHYKNI - CBUS available timeout
*KNICCF	[INF] PHYKNI - Carrier check failed
*KNICDF	[CHK] PHYKNI - Collision detect check failed
*KNICFF	[CHK] PHYKNI - Cannot reload the KLNI
 KNICFP	[HLT] Cannot find portal block during close.
*KNICPE	[INF] PHYKNI - CBUS parity error
*KNIDM1	[INF] KNIDMD continued
 KNIDMD	[INF] Portal not enabled for this multicast
*KNIDOV	[CHK] PHYKNI - NIA buffer overrun
*KNIDPE	[INF] PHYKNI - NIA20 data path error
*KNIEPE	[INF] PHYKNI - EBUS parity error
*KNIERE	[INF] PHYKNI - EBUS request timeout
 KNIERP	[HLT] Illegal error return from PHYKNI
*KNIFBE	[INF] PHYKNI - NIA20 free buffer list parity error
 KNIFQE	[INF] PHYKNI - Free Queue Error
*KNIFST	[INF] PHYKNI - Failed self test
*KNIFTL	[CHK] PHYKNI - Frame too long
 KNIFTS	[HLT] PHYKNI - Frame too short
*KNIGCE	[INF] PHYKNI - Grant CSR timeout
*KNIHED	[CHK] PHYKNI - Hard error detected
 KNIIAM	[CHK] PHYKNI - Illegal addressing mode
 KNIICA	[HLT] PHYKNI - Illegal channel block address
 KNIICF	[HLT] PHYKNI - Illegal read counters function
 KNIIEC	[HLT] PHYKNI - Illegal port error code
 KNIIFD	[CHK] PHYKNI - Illegal function from DLL
*KNIINF	[CHK] PHYKNI - KLNI initialization timed out
*KNIIPE	[INF] PHYKNI - Internal port error
 KNIIPF	[HLT] PHYKNI - Illegal channel dispatch
 KNIIPT	[HLT] PHYKNI - Illegal protocol type on close
 KNIIRC	[HLT] Illegal status on close
 KNINBS	[HLT] PHYKNI - Non-BSD datagram sent
 KNINIB	[HLT] PHYKNI - No control buffer at interrupt level
*KNIPER	[CHK] PHYKNI - CRAM parity error
*KNIPIE	[INF] PHYKNI - PLI parity error
 KNIQUE	[CHK] PHYKNI - Queue empty on entry
*KNIRFD	[INF] PHYKNI - Remote failure to defer
*KNIRIT	[CHK] PHYKNI - Response queue interlock timed out
*KNISCE	[INF] PHYKNI - Spurious channel error
*KNISTA	[INF] PHYKNI - NIA20 spurious transmit attention
*KNISWC	[INF] PHYKNI - Channel short word count
*KNIUBE	[INF] PHYKNI - NIA20 used buffer list parity error
 KNIUOP	[HLT] PHYKNI - Unknown response
*KNIUPE	[INF] PHYKNI - NIA20 unknown planned CRAM parity error
 KNIVAR	[CHK] Monitor variables do not match KLNI variables
*KNIVER	[CHK] Bad KLNI microcode version
*KNIXPE	[INF] PHYKNI - NIA20 transmit buffer parity error
 KPALVH	[HLT] Keep alive ceased
 LAPRBF	[CHK] Specify Receive Buffer Failure
 LATICB	[CHK] LATCBR called from NISRV with illegal callback function code
 LATIMT	[CHK] LAT Illegal Message Type
 LATINE	[CHK] LATINI failed to initialize
 LATIPR	[CHK] LAT Invalid PR block
 LATIST	[INF] LAT Illegal Slot Type
 LATNSC	[INF] LAT Host node stopped circuit
*LGSBBT	[CHK] FNDLGS - Bit table is no good on Login Structure
*LGSBRD	[CHK] FNDLGS - Root-Directory is no good on Login Structure
*LGSCCB	[CHK] FNDLGS - Couldn't create a backup Root-Directory for Login Structure
*LGSCMR	[CHK] FNDLGS - Couldn't map in the Root-Directory for Login Structure
*LGSDNA	[CHK] CHKUDB - Disk unit is unavailable for use as Login Structure
*LGSHBM	[CHK] FNDLGS - Login Structure contains unit mismatches
*LGSMSU	[CHK] FNDLGS - Login Structure is missing a physical unit
*LGSMTF	[CHK] FNDLGS - Failed to mount the Login Structure in the cluster
*LGSMUN	[CHK] FNDLGS - Login Structure contains multiple units
*LGSMXB	[CHK] FNDLGS - Login Structure bit table is too large for monitor buffer
*LGSNBT	[CHK] FNDLGS - Couldn't get OFN for the bit table on Login Structure
*LGSNIT	[CHK] FNDLGS - Couldn't get OFN for INDEX-TABLE.BIN on Login Structure
 LGSNPS	[HLT] FNDLGS - Failed to redefine "PS:"	logical name
*LGSNRD	[CHK] FNDLGS - Couldn't get OFN for the Root-Directory on the Login Structure
*LGSWLK	[CHK] FNDLGS - Login Structure has a write-locked unit
 LLIBWK	[CHK] SCTNSF call from sched w/o lock
 LLIDIR	[CHK] Duplicate Interrupt Message Received
 LLIFNS	[CHK] SCTL passed bad NSPpid
 LLIFZM	[CHK] Tried to free zero msg
 LLIHTG	[HLT] INIHSH cant get a hash table
 LLIHTS	[HLT] NSPHTS not set up
 LLIIFC	[CHK] Illegal flow control type
 LLIORC	[CHK] ORC should never be negative
 LLIPIM	[CHK] PROCXQ found illegal message type
 LLIQIN	[CHK] Queued interrupt message illegal
 LLIS2S	[CHK] Illegal flow control at PRCRQS
 LLITNE	[CHK] Unknown event at NSPEVT
 LLMCIF	[CHK] LLMOP Read Channel Info Failed
*LLMIL1	[INF] LLMOP Received Invalid Loopback Message
*LLMILF	[INF] LLMOP Invalid Loopback Function Code
*LLMIR1	[INF] LLMOP Received Invalid Remote Console Message
*LLMLXF	[INF] LLMOP Loopback Transmit Failed
*LLMMCF	[CHK] LLMOP Declare Multicast Address Failed
 LLMOPF	[CHK] LLMOP Open Portal Failed
 LLMRQC	[CHK] LLMOP RB Queue Corrupted
*LLMRRF	[INF] LLMOP Response Transmit Failed
*LLMRXF	[CHK] LLMOP Resource Failure
 LLMSB2	[CHK] LLMOP Specify Receive Buffer Failure
*LLMSCA	[INF] LLMOP Ethernet Channel Address Change - CHAN,ADDR1,ADDR2
*LLMSTC	[INF] LLMOP data link state change
 LLPSIF	[CHK] LLPUTQ - Couldn't get free space to put an entry on the LLMOP PSI queue
*LNGDIR	[CHK] Long directory file in directory
 LNGLNG	[HLT] NEWLFP - File going long is already long
 LNMILI	[CHK] LNMLUK - Illegal value of logical name table index
 LOKINT	[CHK] Lock being locked while OKINT
 LOKODR	[HLT] Lock requested out of order
 LOKWRG	[HLT] Wrong fork is releasing lock
 LPRIXC	[HLT] LLMOP Invalid Xmit Complete
*LPRLXF	[INF] LLMOP Loop Request Transmit Failed
 LPSIFC	[CHK] LLMOP LPSCBR called with invalid function code
 LUUMN0	[HLT] LUUO in monitor context
 LUUMON	[HLT] .LBCHK: Illegal LUUO from monitor context
 MACBTO	[INF] DIAG - Close buffer timed out
 MAP41F	[HLT] MAPF41 failed to skip
 MAPBT1	[HLT] OFN for bit table is zero
 MAPCLF	[CHK] Failed to clear maps when killing job
 MDDJFN	[HLT] GETFDB - Called for non-MDD device
 MNTLNG	[HLT] MNTBTB - Bit table is a long file
 MONBKB	[CHK] Cannot set monitor error interrupt
 MONNEJ	[CHK] Nested JSYS without ERJMP
 MONPDL	[HLT] Stack fault in monitor
*MOPIFC	[INF] LLMOP Received an invalid MOP message
 MPEUTP	[HLT] PFCDPE-Unknown trap on test reference
 MPIDXO	[CHK] MAPIDX - No OFN for Index Table File
*MSCAOL	[CHK] PHYMSC - Online node event while node already online
*MSCAVA	[INF] PHYMSC - Available message received
 MSCBAD	[HLT] PHYMSC - Bad dispatch from PHYSIO
 MSCBCN	[CHK] PHYMSC - Command reference number bad
 MSCBHE	[HLT] PHYMSC - BHD error bit set
 MSCBID	[HLT] PHYMSC - bad connect ID from SCAMPI
*MSCBPK	[CHK] PHYMSC - QOR bad packet
*MSCCDF	[INF] PHYMSC - Connect to disk failure
 MSCCRN	[INF] PHYMSC - Connect did not complete in reasonable timeout
 MSCCTF	[INF] PHYMSC - Connect to tape failure
 MSCCTO	[INF] PHYMSC - Request HSC disconnect - command timeout
*MSCCWM	[INF] PHYMSC - Controller not in 576 MODE
 MSCDIS	[INF] PHYMSC - Request HSC disconnect
*MSCDSR	[INF] PHYMSC - Disconnect request by remote node
*MSCDWM	[INF] PHYMSC - Disk not in 576 MODE
 MSCIDG	[CHK] PHYMSC - Connect ID gone
 MSCILD	[HLT] PHYMSC - Illegal dispatch from SCAMPI
 MSCILF	[CHK] PHYMSC - Illegal function at start IO
 MSCIVC	[CHK] PHYMSC - Illegal command
 MSCMID	[CHK] PHYMSC - Missing connect ID
*MSCN2S	[INF] PHYMSC - More drives than table space, excess ignored
 MSCNRA	[CHK] PHYMSC - Node response available when not requested
*MSCNUF	[INF] PHYMSC - Get next unit failed
 MSCNXF	[INF] PHYMSC - Get next unit failed
*MSCOLE	[INF] PHYMSC - Online failed
*MSCOLF	[INF] PHYMSC - Available online failed
*MSCORO	[INF] PHYMSC - Offline return to online when we were told avail
 MSCPEI	[CHK] PHYMSC - Packet end code incorrect
*MSCPTG	[INF] PHYMSC - port went away
 MSCQRC	[CHK] PHYMSC - QOR list clobbered
*MSCREJ	[INF] PHYMSC - Node connection reject
*MSCRLD	[INF] PHYMSC - HSC control reload initiated
 MSCRLF	[CHK] PHYMSC - Start or reset failed
 MSCSCF	[INF] PHYMSC - SETCCH failed to set characteristics
 MSCSCW	[CHK] PHYMSC - Send found wrong connect state
 MSCSDF	[CHK] PHYMSC - Send failure
 MSCSIF	[CHK] PHYMSC - Start IO failed
 MSCSUF	[INF] PHYMSC - Set density failed
*MSCTMU	[INF] PHYMSC - Too many units for KDB
*MSCUKD	[INF] PHYMSC - Unknown disk type
 MSSBCM	[INF] BADCMD - MSCP server bad command
 MSSCAC	[CHK] MSCP server can't accept connection
*MSSCGL	[INF] MSCP server can't get listener
 MSSCID	[HLT] Illegal connect ID index
*MSSCTO	[INF] PHYMVR - Command timeout
 MSSDNQ	[HLT] DMADON - DMA done queue entry not found
 MSSER0	[CHK] IORB done error and error bits 0
 MSSLNM	[HLT] MSCP server listner does not match
 MSSNWO	[HLT] OK2SND - OK to send when not waiting
*MSSREJ	[INF] MSCP server rejecting connection
 MSSSBD	[INF] Send failed
 MSSSCA	[HLT] MSCP SERVER - Server detected SCA error
*MSSSHT	[INF] MSCP server shutdown node
 MSSSTA	[HLT] MSCP SERVER - Illegal state
 MSSTML	[HLT] LISTEN - MSCP server too many listners
 MSSUMP	[CHK] Unmap buffer failed
 MTANOA	[CHK] IRBDN2 - IRBDON called for an active IORB
 MTANOI	[CHK] GETUBF - No queued IORB's for input
 MTANOQ	[CHK] IRBDN1 - IRBDON called for non-queued up IORB
 MTAORN	[CHK] MTDIR0 - Magtape IORB overrun
 MTARIN	[HLT] MTAINT - Interrupt received for nonactive IORB
 MTMSG	[INF] Failed to send MT message to "TAPE" controller
 NEGJRT	[CHK] UCLOCK: Negative JOBRT detected
 NIDUNF	[HLT] Unknown Callback code from Port Driver.
 NIJECL	[HLT] Error closing portal
 NIJIPB	[HLT] Illegal Portal Block
 NIJPMU	[HLT] Portal List messed up
 NISEC6	[CHK] Not in section 6
 NMXTBG	[CHK] NMXTIM table obsolete
 NOACB	[HLT] MENTR - No more AC blocks
 NOADXB	[HLT] RELOFN - No disk address for XB
*NOALCM	[CHK] ALCMES - Cannot send message to allocator
 NOARCS	[INF] ARCMSG - PID for QUASAR is not valid
*NOBAT1	[CHK] Failed to write primary BAT BLOCK
*NOBAT2	[CHK] Failed to write secondary BAT BLOCK
*NOBTB	[CHK] FILINI - Unable to open bit table file
*NOCHKR	[CHK] CHKR fork blocked
 NOCTY	[HLT] Unable to allocate data for CTY
*NODDMP	[CHK] DDMP fork blocked
 NODIR1	[CHK] SPLMES - DIRST failed on existing directory name
*NODMPF	[CHK] Could not find CI-20 microcode dump program
 NODTEN	[CHK] DTESRV - NO DTE buffers available in critical case
 NOEQFK	[HLT] Creation or starting of ENQ fork failed
 NOFEFS	[HLT] FILINI - Unable to get size of front end file system
 NOFNDU	[HLT] FNDUNT - Cannot find device for JFN
 NOFSEC	[HLT] ASGVAS failure at startup
 NOLEN	[HLT] UPDLEN - No length info for OFN
*NOLODF	[CHK] Could not find CI-20 microcode load program
*NOOFN	[INF] ASOF4 - Attempt to create new OFN failed - no more OFNs available
 NOPGT0	[HLT] OPNLNG - No page table 0 in long file.
 NOPID	[CHK] PIDKFL - PID disappeared
 NORSXF	[HLT] Failed to get space for master DTE
 NOSEB2	[HLT] PGMPE-No SYSERR buffer available
*NOSERF	[CHK] Cannot GTJFN error report file
 NOSLNM	[CHK] SLNINI - Cannot create system logical name
*NOSPLM	[CHK] RELJFN - Could not send spool message to QUASAR
 NOUTF1	[CHK] SPLOPN - NOUT of directory number failed
 NOUTF2	[CHK] SPLMES - NOUT of generation number failed
 NPWQPD	[CHK] PHYSIO - Null PWQ at position done
 NRFTCL	[CHK] PHYSIO - No requests found for cylinder seeked
 NSKDIS	[HLT] Dismiss while nosked or with non-res test address
 NTBSUP	[CHK] Buffer supplied
 NTBTSM	[CHK] Buffer too small
 NTMBCF	[CHK] Bad coded field on output
 NTMBCL	[CHK] Bad counter byte length
 NTMBDL	[CHK] Bad multiple byte length
 NTMBFP	[CHK] Bad format type encountered
 NTMCBL	[CHK] Bad Counter Block length
 NTMCNO	[HLT] Circuit name overrun
 NTMDVI	[CHK] NMXDSP value illegal
 NTMEFO	[CHK] Event function out of range
 NTMEOR	[CHK] Entity type out of range
 NTMFOR	[CHK] Format out of range
 NTMFUR	[CHK] Function code out of range
 NTMICF	[CHK] Non-counter function in PRSCOU
 NTMILN	[CHK] Illegal number size
 NTMINT	[CHK] Invalid numeric type
 NTMKOR	[CHK] Controller out of range in Circuit-id
 NTMLTR	[CHK] Line type is out of range
 NTMNEC	[CHK] No error code with error return
 NTMNTR	[CHK] Node type is out of range
 NTMORE	[CHK] Unrecognized entity type
 NTMSOR	[CHK] Selection criteria is out of range
 NTMSQF	[CHK] Signal queue full
 NTNBFS	[CHK] No buffer supplied
 NTNBUF	[CHK] No buffer supplied
 NVTILS	[CHK] NRT link in unexpected state
 NVTINP	[CHK] NRT Input to DECnet failed
 NVTNHB	[CHK] NRTHBR should never be called
 NVTOUT	[CHK] NRT output to DECnet failed
 NVTPCL	[CHK] Partial Configuration Msg Loss
 NVTSAB	[HLT] No memory for NRT's SAB
 NVTSJB	[HLT] No memory for NRT's SJB
 NVTWWC	[CHK] Wrong Channel on Connect Wait Wake
 NVTWWN	[CHK] No NRTCWN Connect Wait Wake
 NWJTBE	[CHK] No free JTB blocks
 OCSPTH	[HLT] ASOFN - SPTH values disagree
 OFFONX	[HLT] ARRST - File marked offline has index blk ptr
*OFFSTR	[CHK] UDBCHK - Structure has been marked offline
 OFJFBD	[HLT] OFNJFN - OFNJFN found bad data
 OFNBDB	[HLT] OFN bad data base
 OFNBLC	[HLT] OFN has bad lock count
*ONSTR	[CHK] UDBCHK - Structure has been marked online
 OPOPAC	[HLT] MRETN - Tried to over-pop AC stack
 OVFLOW	[HLT] ASOFN - Allocation table overflow
*OVRDTA	[INF] PHYSIO - Overdue transfer aborted
*P2RAE1	[CHK] PHYH2 - RH20 register access error reading register
*P2RAE2	[CHK] PHYH2 - Register access error writing register
*P2RAE3	[CHK] PHYH2 - Register access error on done or ATN interrupt
 PAGLCK	[HLT] DESPT - Page locked
 PAGNIC	[HLT] GETCPP - Page not in core
 PCIN0	[CHK] PAGEM - PC has gone into section 0
*PDBSTA	[CHK] PHYSIO - Inconsistent state of UDB status bits
 PGNDEL	[HLT] REMFPB - Page not completely deleted
 PGRIXM	[HLT] PGRINI - Boot overlaps resident tables
 PGUNDX	[HLT] PGUNTD - In nested trap
*PH2DNA	[INF] PHYH2 - Done interrupt and channel not active
*PH2IHM	[CHK] PHYH2 - Illegal hardware mode - word mode assumed
 PH2IUA	[HLT] Wrong and inactive unit interrupted
*PH2PIM	[CHK] PHYH2 - RH20 lost PI assignment
 PH2PIX	[CHK] PHYH2 - RH20 returned from the twilight zone
 PH2WUI	[HLT] Wrong unit interrupted
*PHYCPI	[INF] CI path ignored for Massbus disk
*PHYDCD	[INF] PHYSIO - Don't-care disk on do-care drive
*PHYDCR	[INF] PHYSIO - Disk being treated as DON'T-CARE
*PHYDCU	[INF] PHYSIO - Do-care disk on don't-care drive
 PHYICA	[HLT] PHYINI - Illegal argument to core alloc
 PHYICE	[INF] PHYINI - Failed to assign resident STG
 PHYLTF	[HLT] PHYSIO - SCHLTM - Unexpected LATOPT failure
 PHYNIR	[CHK] PHYSIO - Null interrupt routine at operation done
*PHYNOS	[CHK] PHYSIO - No serial number for disk drive
 PHYNUN	[HLT] PHYSIO no unit number
 PI0ERR	[HLT] Unvectored interrupt on channel 0
*PI1ERR	[CHK] Unexpected unvectored interrupt on channel 1
*PI2ERR	[CHK] Unexpected unvectored interrupt on channel 2
*PI4ERR	[CHK] Unexpected unvectored interrupt on channel 4
 PIDFLF	[CHK] CREPID - Free PID list fouled up
 PIDOD1	[CHK] MUTCHO - PID count overly decremented
 PIDOD2	[CHK] DELPID - Overly decremented pid count
 PIITRP	[HLT] Instruction trap while PI in progress or in scheduler
 PINIC1	[HLT] MAPIPG - Page table not in core
 PIRACE	[HLT] MAPIPG - Called with PI on
 PISKED	[HLT] Entered scheduler with PI in progress
 PITRAP	[HLT] Pager trap while PI in progress
 PLKMOD	[HLT] Page lock overly decremented
 PLKRPQ	[HLT] Locked page being put on replaceable queue
 PM2SIO	[CHK] PHYM2 - Illegal function at start IO
 PMVWMC	[HLT] Wrong UCODE - PMOVE/M instructions not present
 PPGOFN	[HLT] SPHYPT - Destination is OFN
 PRONX2	[HLT] NXM detected by processor
 PSBNIC	[HLT] SETPPG - PSB not in core
 PSISTK	[HLT] PSI Storage stack overflow
 PTAIC	[HLT] SWPIN - PT page already in core
 PTDEL	[HLT] DESPT - PT not deleted
 PTMPE	[HLT] Page table parity error
 PTNIC1	[HLT] SWPIN - Page table not in core
 PTNON0	[HLT] SETPT0 - Previous contents NON-0
 PTOVRN	[HLT] UPDPGS - Count too large
*PTPTE1	[CHK] Page table parity error
 PVTRP	[HLT] Proprietary violation trap
 PWRFL	[HLT] Fatal power failure
*PWRRES	[CHK] Power restart
 PYILUN	[HLT] PHYSIO - Illegal unit number
 RCS3XF	[INF] LLMOP Transmit Failed
 RCSIFC	[CHK] LLMOP RCSCBR called with invalid function code
*RCSPIS	[INF] LLMOP Ethernet Periodic Identify-Self
 RCVNOE	[CHK] RCVOK - No entry found in queue
*RCVTMR	[CHK] RCVOK TIMEOUT - Ignoring access control job
 RELBAD	[HLT] RELFRE - Bad block being released
 RELFRM	[HLT] Illegal to deassign 0 free space
 RELINC	[HLT] RELFSP - Bad block being released
 RELRNG	[CHK] RELFRE - Block out of range
 RESBAD	[CHK] RELRES - Illegal address passed to RELRES
 RESBAZ	[HLT] RELRES - Free block returned more than once
 RESBND	[CHK] RELRES - Releasing space beyond end of resident free pool
 RESCHK	[HLT] RELRES - Resident free space was overwritten
*REVLEV	[INF] TM78 Microcode is outdated
 RFILPF	[CHK] Refill error page fail
 RH2ICF	[HLT] PHYRH2 - Invalid channel function
 RH2NXC	[HLT] Interrupt from non-existant RH20
 ROUATL	[CHK] A routing message contains a start ID greater than we can handle
 ROUAWS	[CHK] Adjacency block in queue when state is unused
 ROUBCD	[CHK] Bad Checksum detected when building routing msg
 ROUBMB	[CHK] Bad message block pointer
 ROUBMT	[CHK] Bad message type received from the DLL
 ROUBSN	[CHK] Bad source node in message from NSP
 ROUBSZ	[CHK] Router circuit block size was zero on a running circuit
 ROUBTF	[INF] Bad Test message format
 ROUBTM	[INF] Bad Hello or Test message
*ROUCGV	[INF] Couldn't get memory for event arg block
 ROUEHB	[CHK] No Message Block for Event data
 ROUEHM	[CHK] No Message Block for Event data
 ROUIFS	[CHK] Router got through the forward routine without picking a route
 ROUILS	[CHK] Illegal Circuit Specified in NSP msg
 ROUNAV	[CHK] An adjacency has no routing vector
 ROUNLN	[CHK] Trying to return msg to non-local NSP
 ROUNSO	[CHK] NSP sent out of range packet
 ROURCE	[INF] Bad NI Router list message format
 ROURFN	[INF] Routing message received from non-routing node
 ROURML	[CHK] Stored routing message format error in RTRBAV
 ROUUER	[CHK] Unexpected end of routing message
 ROUUET	[CHK] Unknown event type in RTNEVT
 ROUUOC	[CHK] Unable to obtain count of nodes in Phase IV message
 ROUXNZ	[CHK] R2NCAL called with MB=0
 ROUZXT	[CHK] Tried to free msg with MB=0
 RP4FEX	[HLT] PHYP4 - Illegal function
 RP4IF2	[HLT] PHYP4 - Illegal function at STKIO
 RP4IFC	[HLT] PHYP4 - Illegal function at CNV
 RP4ILF	[HLT] PHYP4 - Illegal function on interrupt
 RP4LTF	[HLT] PHYP4 - Failed to find TWQ entry at RP4LTM
 RP4PNF	[HLT] PHYP4 - Disk physical parameters not found
 RP4SSC	[CHK] PHYP4 - Stuck sector counter
 RP4UNF	[HLT] PHYP4 - Unit type not found
 RPGERR	[HLT] BADCPG - Fatal error in resident page
 RSMFAI	[HLT] RESSMM - Failed to assign swap mon page
*SBSERF	[INF] SBSERR - Could not get error block
 SBXSE0	[HLT] SYSERR called from SEC 0 with ext blk
 SCABAL	[CHK] SCA - Connection block already linked
 SCABMT	[CHK] SCA - Bad message type from remote node
 SCABSF	[CHK] SCA - Buffer section full
 SCACCD	[CHK] SCA - Can't cancel datagram buffer
 SCACCI	[HLT] SCA - Cannot complete initialization
 SCACFO	[HLT] SCA - SC.CON received failure from SC.OUT
 SCACGD	[CHK] SCA - Can't get datagram buffer when reaping
 SCACGM	[CHK] SCA - Can't get message buffer when reaping
 SCACLB	[HLT] SCA - Incoming connect_request on closed v.c.
 SCACRB	[CHK] SCA - Can't reclaim buffers
 SCACSC	[CHK] SCA - Can't send credit request
 SCADCF	[CHK] SCA - Datagram buffer creation failure
 SCAEBD	[HLT] SCA - Error handling buffer deferral request
 SCAFN2	[HLT] SCA - Can't complete deferred call to SC.DIS
 SCAFN3	[HLT] SCA - Can't complete deferred call to SC.DRQ
 SCALFO	[HLT] SCA - SC.LIS received failure from SC.OUT
 SCAMCF	[CHK] SCA - Message buffer creation failure
 SCAMCR	[CHK] SCA - Message buffer count was incorrect
 SCANBL	[HLT] SCA - No buffer for online list
 SCANLF	[CHK] SCA - Notice table full
 SCANMB	[CHK] SCA - Can't return SCS control message buffer
 SCANOC	[CHK] SCA - Received packet and connection block doesn't exist
 SCANPT	[HLT] SCA - No page for CID table
 SCANSB	[HLT] SCA - System block has gone away
 SCANSC	[CHK] SCA - Negative system count
 SCAOBI	[CHK] SCA - Online before initialization done
 SCAODI	[HLT] SCA - Overly decremented CI interlock
 SCAOF2	[CHK] SCA - Offline twice for a node
 SCAPER	[CHK] SCA - Protocol error
 SCARTO	[CHK] SCA - Reap timed out
 SCASBN	[INF] SCA - Block state already non-zero
 SCASCQ	[HLT] SCA - Can't get connection management buffers
*SCATMO	[INF] SCA - SCA timed out remote node
 SCAUXR	[CHK] SCA - Unexpected response
 SCBROK	[CHK] SC.BRK called while OKINT
 SCDUUO	[HLT] UUO in scheduler
 SCLCBN	[INF] Phase-II buffering not implemented
 SCLNZE	[CHK] Passing zero error code to SCMUUO
 SCLSPF	[CHK] SLB self pointers messed up in FNDSLB
 SCLTFJ	[CHK] Freeing SJB with SLB entries existing
 SCLTFS	[CHK] Tried to free wrong SLB
*SCLVAS	[CHK] SCLINK - Couldn't get memory
 SCPT01	[HLT] SCNPT - Entry is not an immediate pointer
 SCPT02	[HLT] SCNPT - Page was not deleted
 SCSA2M	[HLT] SCSJSY - Attempt to map second PSB
 SCSABF	[CHK] SCSJSY - Connection abort failure on fork delete
*SCSACF	[INF] SCSJSY - Can't get resident space from ASGRES
 SCSBDE	[CHK] SCSJSY - Bad entry type found
 SCSCDC	[CHK] SCSJSY - Cannot delete connect block from fork queue
 SCSFR1	[CHK] SCSJSY - SCS% fork removing entries that do not belong to it
 SCSNOI	[CHK] SCSJSY - SCS% cannot receive node online/offline interrupts
 SCSPBF	[CHK] SCSJSY - PSI block build failure
 SCSUBL	[INF] SCSJSY - User buffer lost during error recovery
 SCTBWK	[CHK] SCTNSF call from sched without lock
 SEBINT	[CHK] Unexpected interrupt in SYSERR process
 SEBISS	[CHK] SEBCPY - Insufficient string storage in block
 SEBUDT	[CHK] SEBCPY - Unknown data type
 SECEX1	[HLT] SETMPG - Attempt to map non-ex section
*SERFOF	[CHK] Cannot OPENF error report file
 SERFRK	[HLT] SERINI - Cannot create SYSERR fork
 SHRNO0	[HLT] DESPT - Share count non-zero
 SHROFD	[HLT] DWNSHR - OFN share count underflow
 SHROFN	[HLT] UPSHR - OFN share count overflow
 SKDCL1	[HLT] Call to scheduler when already in scheduler
 SKDFKS	[HLT] Illegal scheduler action while fork context setup
 SKDMPE	[HLT] MPE in scheduler or PI context
 SKDPF1	[HLT] Page fail in scheduler context
 SKDTRP	[HLT] Instruction trap while in scheduler
 SMGFUL	[CHK] Can't swap multiple pages (drum is full)
 SNPIC	[CHK] SNPFN3 - Instruction being replaced has changed
 SNPLKF	[CHK] SNPFN0 - Cannot lock down page into MONITOR
 SNPODB	[CHK] SNPF4C - Count of inserted break points overly decremented
 SNPUNL	[CHK] SNPF5A - Cannot unlock SNOOP page
 SPGNLK	[HLT] SPHYPG - Page not locked
*SPRZR1	[INF] SEBCHK - SPRCNT went to zero
*SPRZRO	[INF] SETSPR - SPRCNT was set to zero
 SPSCHF	[HLT] SPSCH - Destination is file
 SPTFL1	[HLT] SPT completely full
 SPTFL2	[HLT] SPT completely full
 SPTPIC	[HLT] SWPIN - SPT page already in core
 SPTSHR	[HLT] UPSHR - SPT share count overflow
*SPWRFL	[CHK] Spurious power fail indication
 SRQBAD	[CHK] SCDRQ - Bad call to SCDRQ7
 STRBAD	[HLT] ASOFN - Illegal structure number
 STRNIL	[CHK] UDBCHK - Illegal structure number in offline UDB
*STROFF	[CHK] OFN on mounted structure but STRTAB entry is zero
 STRTER	[HLT] Fatal error while processing previous startup error
 STZERO	[HLT] FILINI - STRTAB entry for PS is 0
 SUMNR2	[CHK] WSMGR - SUMNR incorrect
 SWOFCT	[CHK] OFN share count zero but OFN not cached
*SWPASF	[CHK] CHKBAT - Failed to assign bad swapping address
*SWPDIR	[CHK] Swap error in directory page
*SWPIBE	[CHK] Swap error in index block
*SWPJSB	[CHK] Swap error in JSB page
 SWPMNE	[HLT] Swap error in swappable monitor
*SWPPSB	[CHK] Swap error in PSB page
*SWPPT	[CHK] Swap error in unknown PT
*SWPPTP	[CHK] Swap error in unknown PT page
*SWPSTL	[CHK] Swap space too low at startup
*SWPUPT	[CHK] Swap error in UPT, or PSB
 SWPXXX	[HLT] Unrecoverable swap error for critical page
 SYENCD	[INF] SYSERR - Missing code for error type
 SYSERF	[CHK] LOGSST - No SYSERR storage for restart entry
 TCSOFN	[HLT] Transfer of cached OFN page
*TM2CCI	[CHK] PHYM2 - TM02 SSC or SLA won't clear
*TM2HER	[CHK] TM2ERR - IS.HER set on successful retry
 TM2IDM	[CHK] PHYM2 - Illegal data mode at Done interrupt
 TM2IDX	[INF] PHYM2 - Illegal retry byte pointer
 TM2IF2	[CHK] PHYM2 - Illegal function on command done
 TM2IRF	[INF] PHYM2 - Illegal function during retry
*TM2N2S	[INF] PHYM2 - More drives than table space, excess ignored
*TM2NUD	[CHK] PHYM2 - Channel Done interrupt but no unit active
 TM2RFU	[CHK] PHYM2 - Error recovery confused
 TM2UNA	[INF] PHYM2 - Done interrupt and UDB not active
*TM8AEI	[INF] PHYM78 - Asynchronous error interrupt (TM78 hardware problem)
*TM8AFU	[CHK] PHYM78 - Active found up with no active units
*TM8FKR	[CHK] PHYM78 - TM78 failed kontroller reset
 TM8ISI	[CHK] PHYM78 - Illegal function at start IO
*TM8N2S	[INF] PHYM78 - More drives than table space, excess ignored
*TM8NUD	[CHK] PHYM78 - Channel Done interrupt but no unit active
*TM8REW	[INF] PHYM78 - Spurious rewind started interrupt
*TM8SNS	[CHK] PHYM78 - Can't sense drive status
 TRPSIE	[CHK] TRAPSI - No monitor for trapped fork
 TTBAD1	[HLT] Bad device designator for terminal at ATACH2
 TTDAS1	[HLT] HLTJB - Unable to deassign controlling terminal
*TTFSMS	[INF] Failed to send system message
 TTICN0	[HLT] GTTCI - No buffer pointer but count non-zero
 TTILEC	[CHK] TTSND - Unrecognized escape code
 TTNAC1	[CHK] Line not active at PTYOPN
 TTNAC3	[HLT] CTY not active at FSIPBO
 TTNAC4	[HLT] CTY not active at FSIPBI
 TTNAC5	[HLT] CTY not active at FSIINI
 TTNAC7	[CHK] Deallocating inactive line
 TTNAC8	[HLT] Cannot assign terminal at DEVINI
 TTONOB	[HLT] GTOCHR - No buffer but count non-zero
 TTQADX	[CHK] TTYSRV - Unknown function requested
 TTULKB	[CHK] Bad TTY unlock in ULKTT
*TTYBBO	[CHK] TTYSRV - Big buffer overflow
*TTYNTB	[CHK] Ran out of TTY buffers
*TTYSTP	[INF] Line has been shut off because of excessive input rate
 TWQNUL	[HLT] PHYSIO - PWQ OR TWQ was null at a seek or transfer completion
 UCHMOD	[HLT] OFN is modified while uncaching
 UCLOFN	[CHK] DSKREN - Attempt to uncache locked OFN
 UCXBNC	[HLT] Uncaching OFN not in core
 ULKBAD	[CHK] Unlocking TTY when count is zero
 ULKINT	[CHK] Lock being unlocked while OKINT
 ULKSTZ	[CHK] Overly decremented structure lock
 UNBFNF	[CHK] Fork not found
 UNFWSS	[HLT] Unit not found creating SDB for structure
 UNPGF1	[HLT] MEMPAR - Parity error during mem scan
 UNPGF2	[HLT] Unknown page failure type
 UNPIRX	[CHK] UNPIR - No PSI in progress
 UNXMPE	[HLT] PFCDPE - Unexpected parity error trap
 UPDCSH	[HLT] UPDOF0 - Update of cached OFN
*USGHOL	[INF] Lost page(s) in usage file
 UXXCKP	[HLT] Couldn't create checkpoint file
*UXXCL1	[CHK] Unable to create new usage file
*UXXCL2	[CHK] Unable to open new usage file
*UXXCL3	[CHK] Unable to close usage file
 UXXCRE	[HLT] Cannot create usage file
*UXXFIT	[INF] Checkpoint file not in correct format for this system, rebuilding
 UXXILL	[HLT] USGMES - Illegal function code
 UXXMAP	[HLT] USGMAP - Call to JFNOFN failed
 UXXOPN	[HLT] Unable to open usage file
*UXXWER	[CHK] Write error in usage file
 WRTBT4	[CHK] ASOFN on bit table file failed
 WRTLNG	[HLT] WRTBTB - Bit table is a long file
 WSSPNA	[HLT] WSSFKP - Fork special page bad age
 WSSPNC	[HLT] WSSFKP - Fork special page not in core
 XBLTAL	[HLT] XBLTA asked to copy too much
*XBWERR	[CHK] UPDOFN - Disk write error on XB
 XSCORE	[HLT] CST too small for physical core present
 XTRAPT	[HLT] NEWLFT - Extra page table in long file