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0 @xDM2+gg	 	linesNone UpperLowernocontrol-Tcontrol-Tgeneralexactwpscase insen sitive	D"8A8B8B8C8C8D8D8E8E	 	diacritical insensitive begin  end unboundedbounded ignore: ""Unknown VT52	D"8F	8F
8G8H8I8I8J	 VT100Hardcopy, scroll, noscroll, edit, noeditV1.0(34)    COPYRIGHT (C)  DIGITAL,1985 EQUIPMENT CORPORATION  1983,1985numbers	D"8J8K8K8L8L8M8M8N8U	  nonumbersverifynoverifytruncatenotruncatekeypadnokeypadnowrapChang )e    Line      	D"8V 8V!8W"8W#8X$8X%8Y&8Y'8Z( *quietnoquietnotabtab size ; tab level repeatnorepeatfnfnofnf	D"8Z*8[+8[,8\,8\-8]/8]08^18^1	 2summarynosummarynodelimiter delimiter nowps wps Help file name : autor :epeatnoautorepeat	D"82838`48`58a68a78b88i:8j; <Input  file: **Creating new file**Output file: **Readonly**	D 8j<8k>8k@8lBcQT@c]yeMP0cpenJhc	cQ*`
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