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0}9 @xDM2+gg	 TTY:TTY:
BLISS REQUIRE file name (default = .REQ)? .REQ
Name of structure? Struc ture name not found. .BLIMODULE  %BLISS36( (ENTRY(	D"8A8B8B8C8C8D8D8F8G
	 )) ) = BEGINLIBRARY 'BLI:XPORT';REQUIRE '';%BLISS32( PSECT OWN=$CODE$; )GLOBA L ROUTINE (control_block) :  NOVALUE = BEGINEnd of 	D"8G8I8K8K8M8U8V8W8X	 $XPO_DUMP_FIELD( FIELD_NAME=, TYPE=, VALUE=.BLOCK[.control_block,, VALUE=BLOCK[. %control_block,] );END;  END  ELUDOM .BLI display module generated 	D"8Z8[8\ 8]#8^&8_'8_'8`)P?"y p	D"o$ho$c^v*K:u^c;WHxt;yu:akw:akx+[ky	"D"z p p p p
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4  zX@! G@"  `>,>R,>Q,>Q,Z4@; @x,  {X@  *P=`>,>P,>Q,>Q,	D"+[ku&,#W&,#W&,#W&,#:ak,fN+{A4fN+{A9fP 
;	 U" ?>~aB+P RX@;  |Q@;! G@?  `?,>S,>Q,>S,>~aB	*A"TH+9Z4@J @x,  }X@  `>,>P,>Q,>Q,>~`B+Q>}	*UTP+<,>T,>R,>R,>Q,>T,  `?,>S,>Q,>Q,>~`B+Y <@	"@"PY,,>U,>R,>aB+T!  @t@@uZ0`  X@z  Q@z 	 "T"a @z@@x  z,>,>U,>Q,>T,  tX@X  Q@X! G@\  `C,>V*j,>Q,>Q, <D,	D"fN+z?fN+{AFfP 
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"lX@_  `C,>V,>Q,>Q,  X@_  `C,>V,>Q,>Q, <G,	(U
"uX@_  `C,>V,>Q,>Q,  X@_  `C,>V,>Q,>Q, <I,	(U
 }X@_  `C,>V,>Q,>Q,  	X@_  `C,>V,>Q,>Q,  `?*@,>S,>Q,>Q,	D"fP 
\}fN+{WfN+{W	 P(Q*>~aB+* @0@+ <K,,>V,>U,>,>Q,>Q,>Q,>T,	 UT>|`B+*,>U,>W,>W, B  c@+) <M,@@ @x,>X,>Q	((U,>T,  2@+@@x,>X+@@x,>Y,>X,>Q,>T, <O,@@	"P(U! @x,>X,>Q,>T,>}  uX@_  `C,>V,>Q,>Q,>|>~+* *  X@_  `C,>V,>Q,>Q,	D"fN+zfP 
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.  X@_  `C,>V,>Q,>Q,  `C,>V,>Q,>Q,,>YZX,>	(*6,>Z <,X@%  `>,>R,>Q,>Q,>f>,^,^,~$$"(?$?HD"fN+{W-fN+{W1fN+yO4fP 
\7fN+{W;H4r?~@AH`~@0(C$\XH~@HEHH~@P>EH~@XFHH~@`>FH~@hGhH@~@xHHX~@HHP~@ IhHp~@ JHH~@  JH~@( KpH ~@8 LH`~@@ L`H0~@P MHp~@X NH@~@` NH~@h OpHp~@x PHp~@(PfN+zQH`~@((S:@fN+zHSeVa(TH~@P*(@UtWwxu
ofP ys"y	 	 =$FIELDFIELD[$ (]SUB_BLOCK	D"eVa(x8iz8j{8j{8k|8k}8l}8l~8m~ DESCRIPTORSTRING"D  pz pz p{ p| p| p} p}	D"8m8n1sQ1sQ1sQ1sQ1sQ1sQ1sQ" p~ p p	 ",>,>> |R`[dv $dw  D XDxZ`x@,>w "~	" 
,>,>S "},>,>Q,>Q,>S,>|0B+N,>y "~,>,>T "},>	*@( ,>Q,>Q,>S,>|0B+N,>Q "~,>,>T,>z,>Q,>S,>}`B	*(+	,>Q "~,>,>U,>z,>Q,>S,>}`B+	 | XD[dQ	"
T# $dQ  D,>U "~,>,>V,>Q,>Q,>Q,>S,>|0B+N,>y A(, "~,>,>V "},>,>Q,>Q,>S,	D"1sQ1sQ1sQK}TfP 

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)	 P T0>|0B+N,>y "~,>,>W "},>,>Q,>Q,>S,>|0B+N }	  *9Z/"XBp "bR "bR ` Bp,>Q,>,>W,>z,>Q,>S,	 Q*"A>}`B+M,>Q,>,>X,>z,>Q,>S,>}`B+M,>Q,>,>X,>z	*J,>Q,>S,>}aB+N 8+N 8 >~,^,^,~$$6$$$p"
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