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`PX@IBCREF>Command line parsing error. Use "?" and ESCape for assistance.,>,>,>@|@@@_,}aB+g@@> +h " B>  B:@@9  B?@@9  B:  B;  B; "A B< "A B=  B=@@< "M B>,U!"cB9+w,>,< " B_> "bB_+c"1B <"1B 8"1B 6,>T,>,>,>,>,
>},^,^,^,~___XYZ )\WNIFNo input file7@8+ "M@@QX.$."*$!" BM@@8,~,>,>,>,@@9>~,~
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~5J '+1J7( (  "  )0J,~ "  @@9,~NIFNo input file6@T+5 "bB>+0< " B_,~ "cB)+4,>,>7,>7,>~@@9,~O	+ ,~)),>> " .< T4BG BUZ DT U.",>,>S,>S,>S,>T,6X T B} U Bp "},>,>S,>S,>S,>T,6X>{+: "T BU@@) " B_@@8 "M@@QX.$."*$!" BMO	+  " B9>,^,~87@,>,>,>,> ^93B	+ 9 . "9 2  [TMZTL"0B+o M"4Bj"!$(D 5"j!"GBM "9 2 !"bB9+k \L 9 BV L+~Zp5\` "cB>+,>	,@@9>+W"0B+w "cB>+ 9 BV `[ D9Z4DW,>S+ L$4Dy0D+} Z XF[QF  F 9 DV[ D9Z4DW,>,>V,>,>~+W,^,^,^,^,~D9*p6$p@96$\9CNAConfirm not allowed at this point.CSE]
!"cB+,>,>,>+,>,>,>?, "- " U$@+ +  >~,~	
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 ,>,>F,>,>,>F,>,>G,7>~4B/,>G,>,>S,2  Xx,>, >5X-@@8>~+D >~+/ F!" B@@x,>H ",>,>S,>S,>S,>H,5\aB+7 } DU U."R` $dF $d@@XX| $QD| \}@@x $|,>,>,>S,>I,C? U U BUXB ? B8>{>,^,^,~$$?A87DW>,>G,>,>S,2,>,>,XB} "QB}  B}@@x "},>,>,>S,>Y,C? "M@@QX.$."*$!"GBM>z,~DW " B)"m0B+`$n[aD7n o+@GB_,~5Bd"n[aB7o p+@BD_,~0B,~!" bB9+h  B9,~ "M@@QX.$."*$!"GBM,~((B((D(,>,>,>,>,>,>,>,>@|@v@r@n@j@f@ ^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~,>,>> "cBV+@bV g
*4J4x"@   &"/0f &O+
O2B	+ " g
 * 4J4x "+ " +  g
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.*3j+@>,^,^,~_g "3 (,$,$,$,$,$ @zH*,a>}<+'yv  @T@p81 284X6x8;@=>GJSVH _"_6BCREF
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0,z@\.4 *\Q*	@b (b B{ "\ .2 "\." B{ ."XB@ "FQB@!"GB` " {GB "b
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BCREFG,>,>,>,>>,|"3"5\`B} .6R`X,"b,"b@@XX\|."QB| "`Q"Q` B}@@x@"|,>,>,>,>,C?.< "`Q"A`|,,3$>XBP T> "cB
 "cB`+ "cB`+,>+,>+ "cB`+
 "cB`+,>+,>,>,#m>Z` B@>w ">,^,^,^,^,~$`$$X6$X$$6$87DW p
 $bcref1.tmpbcref2.tmp@b ( 
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g"}>},~@$Z+ZbA+Z."&"."XB~+B~:XB,".B~,~$6,> X~."1b2+Z,f,,*r>},^,~$87 p> *Q*	 "  (bA+  ",>,5 
!"Bt@@u,>@`"t,>,>1,>1,>1,>y,5\aB+r5D@,">x"},>,"B>aB+Lx}$x0D+."Bx-"q,>,>z,>1,>y,2;.8a@"o\.64\4	."@@~B~oVO@@@x,>z,H>aB+3@.[plD+4Zp+*5\K!"zBx@@y,>{X"x,>,>1,>1,>1,>y,5\`Bv."R`W$dx<$dy@@@@~VB@@x,>z,C?6@@+F"QBp-\A-\@+I-A[.$QDpX\\A.[poD>|>~+!"Bq@@r,>{R"q,>,>z,>1,>1,>y,5\aB+TosDnd    BindRoutMap     Literal Own     Forward ForwRoutRoutine Plit    Uplit   RoutFormLabel   StructurMacro   StruFormMacrFormComptimeBuiltin Macro   Field   FieldsetLinkage GlobReg ExtReg  DefaStruUndeclarUnbound Unknown KeyWMacrKeyWFormPredecl NotDecl Enable  ,>,>,> "cBe+;  Ba 
ebd+ $dd,>,>e,>f,% >~aV+a ^  ` *Q*@  "/$D="E ` $ cD+J "+b *Q*` /" BB     
bd+Qb."&"."B`B.*Q*@^Z//$+]/&F="\ ."&". B`  B^ ,^,^,^,~@$a87 ^3"`+q,3aB,~ 
,>,>,>"XB*r@@t:ti " Bi j@@j+i,k Bi Bj, \i Xj Vi i Bj>~,^,^,^,~$
jbd+  Jj "$.Bi,~BCREF V1.2Page SymbolModule  Type  Defined  Referenced ...,,>a,& "
 a (
jbd+  Jj "
.Bi,>b,& " b ( 
jbd+  Jj ".Bi,>c,& " c ( 
jbd+  Jj ".Bi,>t,5,, "cBu+` " d ( 
jbd+  Jj ".Bi, 
jbd+Jj " e ( 
jbd+  Jj ".Bi "Bj:i " e ( 
jbd+  Jj ".Bi "Bj:i " e ( 
jbd+QJj".Bi,>>~,~&A2<     (continued),>,>,> i j i " Bi@@j k Bi Bj 
jb!+JjZ"bB}+x "cB~+ ? 
jb!+Jj "cB~+ g " u ( 
jbd+Jj".Bi "Bj:i g0B1B+
jbd+  Jj ".Bi+ "cBh+,>h,H+,>h,5> "Bj:i " # ( 
jbd+Jj".Bi,\iXjViiBj,^,^,^,~@ef,> ? 
jb!+Jj+3Zp p 
jb!+Jj,^,~ Bh,>  u ( 
jbd+  Jj ".Bi "Bj:i g0B1B+I1B+I0B+N " V ( 
jbd+Jj".Bi+S"cBh+Q,>h,H+R,>h,5>".B^[p,^,~$pp9,>,>,5"	a\@+v4"{1"+i+{+l+m+n+o+p "+p "+p "+p "0+p "1a\ +s $ Dj:i+Bj:i $Dj+4"{1"+x+{+~+++++,>
,9n>~+ "+ "4+ "6+ "3+ "2+ ":Bj:i "Bj:i:^>,^,^,~$$`-@
,>,>,>>gt3"s+"cB+,>,>,h>@@g@@f@@fi/j/"XB "QB/idBx2"XB2 "Bj i i/"d." Bi i /.j/" Bj+( i2",~ "Bj:i+2,> &fj 
 < &"#." B &" BOb 7J7=<8 +C ( HOd ="@ "bj Bj ".Bi,^,~Lib " W ( 
jbd+  Jj ".Bi &"#.$ j`D &" B&"#.$ jD "bj Bj ".Bi,~G &"# .$ j `D &" B&"# .& F "cB+d5Dd $ D "b Bj ".Bi,~   ,>,>7<~. ."&"2 &"
P 4xr,>,>,W "Bj:i &"
P >+w "  ( 
jbd+Jj".Bi&",&",,>,>e,W"Bj:i&",>,>e,W"Bj:i &"#." jB j` Bj:i>~,^,^,~L\f	LIBRARY FILE SUMMARY,>,>7@@+, "cB
 . (
jbd+  Jj "
.Bi,, @4X, .<,>.,&[`,>,>,W,>/,&Zp pZp 
jbd+JjiZp.Bi,Z`>~+,^,^,~		A,MODULESUMMARYIdentCompiled ,>,>,>,> >4Bm $cD
jbd+  Jj "	.Bi,, >O+k ?.Z.&Z.<Z.8Z Z 
jbd+JjiZ. Bi 
jbd+  Jj ".BiZp pZp 
jbd+JjiZp. Bi 
jbd+  Jj ".BiZ` `Z` 
jbd+JjiZ`.Bi,>.636+H,^,^,^,^,~/12	KEY TO REFERENCE TYPE FLAGS	    .	Fetch	    =	Store	    c	Routine call	    a	Address use	    @	Indirect use	    e	External, external routine, or external literal declaration	    f	Forward or forward routine declaration	    h	Condition handler enabling	    m	Map declaration	    u	Undeclare declaration "cB
jbd+  Jj ".Bi,, " O ( 
jbd+  Jj ".Bi, " O ( 
jbd+  Jj ".Bi, "	 P (	 
jbd+  Jj "	.Bi, "	 P (	 
jbd+  Jj "	.Bi, "	 Q (	 
jbd+  Jj "	.Bi, "! Q (! 
jbd+  Jj "!.Bi, " R ( 
jbd+  Jj ".Bi, " R ( 
jbd+  Jj ".Bi, " S ( 
jbd+  Jj ".Bi, " S ( 
jbd+Jj".Bi+psuvxz|	 PERFORMANCE STATISTICS	Page faults:       	CPU time:     	Elapsed time:  "cB
 z (
jbd+  Jj "
.Bi,,, "
 z (
jbd+  Jj "
.Bi,>D,5, " { ( 
jbd+  Jj ".Bi,>D,g, " { ( 
jbd+Jj".Bi,>E,g,>~,~SVXY,>,>,>>"cBdd Bx,>e,>Z,(
!"B~@@~,>["},>,>[,>e,>e,>Z,5\aB+{;Dii7Bj!"B{@@{,>["z,>,>[,>e,>e,>Z,5\aB+Wx9Dk!"0Bx@@x,>\"w,>,>[,>e,>e,>Z,5\aB+#udD``BZ,,]@@u,,3,,[\BtiBt "t,>,>],>e,>e,>Z,6X \ Bq k Br "q,>,>],>e,>e,>Z,6X ] Bo ` Bo "o,>,>],>e,>e,>Z,6X>l,^,^,^,~

 '(!"#$%&)*+,-./01 pu O!&H,~A "cB+@@ "= DD " BD FE,~ "= 
 "/JD/BD/FE,~,>,>,>,>,>,>,>,>>@Z`x >/ X@x ? "x.[Z/2   . &"  .Z :." Bx .Z.6ZX XZ@ x 
8bS+19+ .Z.6Z@ x 8ZX 
XbS+7=12t+? .Z . 
QJQH.4/3t++//2$+H24+G.2"x.QTXX+L2<+K.2"x.Q\X@3<+$2RT+">w,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~ >!" B@@x,>> ",>,>T,>p,>p,>q,5\aB+] } D?!" B|@@},>> "|,>,>T,>p,>p,>q,5\aB+d z D? > >+j ?.XF ?.XFQDZ=$f, >+o ?.[ ?.QB="l>y,~87bcref3.tmpbcref4.tmp "
 !$GD $d B@@x,>,(
  $XD!$GD $d B@@x,>,(
  $XD!$GD $d B@@x,>,(
>|,~$87,G !$GD $d,>,>,>E,*/ !$GD $d B@@x,>E,*/ !$GD $d B@@x,>E,*/ !$GD $d B@@x,>E,*/   D B   D B !$GD $d B@@x,>E,(
 !$GD $d B@@x,>E,(
 !$GD!$GD $d B@@x,>E,(
 !$GD!$GD $d B@@x,>E,(
>{,~87   !      !     $XD $d,>,>,>Q,*r  $XD $d B@@x,>Q,*r>~,~87,>,>,>,t`B7  .6 .8 XV $d,>,>,>s,*r "bs \@@x,>s,%>aB+b "b`1B+c>~+m>~ "b`0B+W "b`1B+S2\+k,>+k,>,">`B+n@+q   D B ",^,^,^,~$p87,>,>,>,>>  &f`  <|  /6 `   /& 
b + *+	@
5J@@x@@ ` "xQ"!@ $/&F=$
*f$Q$!@m$/&F=$?x..[[3b++2J!+"+@>,^,^,^,^,~,`,>,>,> ~ .8 .6 XX $d,>,>,><,*r "bs \@@x,><,%>aB+1 "bX1B+2>~@+:>~ "bX1B+& XX $d,>,>,><,*r>~ ",^,^,^,~87 !$GD $d,>,>,>`,*/ !$GD $d B@@x,>`,*/ !$GD $d B@@x,>`,*/ !$GD $d B@@x,>`,*/  $d B@@x,>`,,]  $d B@@x,>`,,]  $d B@@x,>`,,] "bB{+  $d B@@x,>`,,]>>{,~87,>,>,> 6 "cB
0X+f+ $d,>,>,>,%>~aB+  $d1B+5X   B \,>,=> ~  D "+,>,">`B+,>,=>,>,>,#m>+   B \+f.8,R`B+h,>,=,>,>,#m>~@,^,^,^,~87- pq pr pE pFBCREF  $,3D-+% .,~$-1$+'1d+( .,~Z D9[ D:[ D: /,~l6$0+Y]<,>,>,>,>,>,>,>> y .0@  c@<+L,>,"aB+; y4D< \x,`B+<>+. z @8, 6@@< ."6@9+E   @= [.43 .+K@@=@@L[ . "Q"`  :b >+f K /K  b@=+\4FX $wQ$` 
Kj6  b3+  6  "wQ"`  b+[ "wQ"`  :b +f4Fd $wQ$	 4 
Kj  b3+  8=  .+f 43 .  b@=+ " .2 L$".9."R` $d4 $d-@@ /$XD $QD ` DH,>6 $,>,>,>6,>7,C?7@w+y Xx,>L w,>:L2B9+>} " B=,> "wQ"`,>,>."&" . /5@@@K++432 +
7b3+  @K TK++ .+ "GQ"`,>,>, 5@@@K+  .42 +    
6b3+  @K TK>|++  b >|+i z,>, 4\ Xx,p"50B+", L " B<> 8+. /5@%@@K++452 +, $_Q$	   
7b3+  @K TK> /+. .>+>,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~$`@I=$$$`$X=DW=DBCREFL>!" B@@x,>Z ",>,>Z,>Z,>Z,>[,5\`B } "bY !_QB !^XD D!^>|,~$87:! "@2"!+a,>b,>Z,#m,>c,9n>~,~ !@@!,~a@
 !Z!4Bg!$BDZ+d>!,~>!"5B@@x,>{+",>,>Z,>Z,>Z,>|,5\,`D } $dy !XD!$GD !dz {fz {f{ !XF B! !^XB B!^>|,~6$$$<:87,>,>,>,>,>,>,> |Z$$ .96.!$(DX@5$ " !$|(DX@5$ " @tZ@4\".0B+
0V+"/ 2(D 5",>,>3+
0V+&"/0B+&[` $@bD+%$/1D+xZ5B"+x0V	+."/0B+.[` $@bD+,$/1D+xZ5B)+x0V+1"/5B1"03B!+50V+"/0B+"02B!+,>,>4+
!"cB`+:!"bB`+=!"bB`+=Z`5X7+"/0B+M!"@(BX5"[` $@bD+C$/1D+DZ5B@ `d0Z`."XB` !_XB`v/!"BB`r1 !] !]. X:!]5V*+^"/0B+b!"(BX5"[` $@bD+T$/1D+UZ5BQ `d0Z`."XB` !_XB`v/!"BB`r1 !] !]. X:!]0V+*,>,>Z, 4BDZ`/"XB`+)0V+i"/5B[` $@bD+h$/1D+xZ5Be+x0V+q"/0B+[` $@bD+o$/1D+xZ5Bl+x0V+"/0B+[` $@bD+w$/1D+xZ5Bt `d0Z`."XB` !_XB`v/!"BB`r1 !] !]. X:!]+*5V"/4B0B++0V+"/1B+0B++0V+"/1B+0B+,>,>Z, !] !]. X:!]+),>,>,h @5T $Z@+ZPXBpaD+ + ." \v. !] !]. \:!]".! (@ 5"" \x,>4, 4B@Zp/ X@p>".! (@ 5") \x,>Z, 4B@Zp/ X@p>>,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~$$$$p$$`$$`H:`#
L= A@~,>,>,>,>,>,> |ZX$" .9@ZH4\=".1B 4X!$(DP@5$@ " ,>Z,>,h @5XE $ZH+FZ`XBpaD+H +I ." \t.!"GBp"YXBp !] !]. \:!]aP+T \x,>Y, 4BDZp/"XBp>>,^,^,^,^,^,^,~$$X6$X",> Z$" .9Zp4B_$.1D+d,>Z,>Z,h $d. pXDXBp> $bD8+i .$ 4Di&l3F!_+k,>,>Z,>,^,~H,>,>,>,> 
} !][(. /48 "bB8+`X@+u`X + P .& 4B$02D!_+<aX@+aX +} .6+~ .6 &" . + &" . &" "(BbB++ "BB <aX@+aX +
 .6+&" . + &" . &" d (h,>P",>,>,^,^,^,^,~$(<,>> }Zp."XBp!" B@@x,>4 ",>,>Z,>Z,>Z,>0,5\`B }[p5B'QDp+(ZpXDXDp "b0 !bl {bY !^XD D!^>} >,^,~6$87,>,>> } !][./" Zp!" B@@x,>3 ",>,>Z,>Z,>Z,>B,5\`B }Q\ pQBXX !XB D!>|,^,^,~87> ![[Z2&+KZ(R5HK(R4HK 4BHZ/&XFZ B! S B Dx ",>,>S,>S,>Z,>T,6X>|,~H@87,>>!" B@@x,>Z ",>,>Z,>Z,>Z,>m,5\`B } "bl !QBp .$R` "bm "b0@@ {&.XF| &QF| "Q"` B}@@x "|,>,>,>Z,>n,C? !^X\ \!^>z,^,~$p$$87DW,>>!" B@@x,>Z ",>,>Z,>Z,>Z,> ,5\`B } "bl !QBp .$R` "bm "b0@@ {&.XF| &QF| "Q"` B}@@x "|,>,>,>Z,> 	,C?6@<+  \<+  !^X\ \!^>z,^,~87DW>!" B@@x,>Z ",>,>Z,>Z,>Z,> ,5\`B } "bY !QB !^XD D!^>|,~87,> " 6<" 51"+ + 5+ !+ #+ 5+ %+ &+ (+ 5+ (+ )+ ++ ,+ .+ /+ 0+ 2+ 3 !$.. B!+ 5,>,N+ 4,>,[+ 4,>,c+ 4,>,|+ 4,>,5+ 4,>,Z+ 4,>,l+ 4,>,1+ 4,B+ 5,>,T+ 4,>,n+ 4,>, 	>,^,~$p>!" B@@x 9$",> ",>,>Z,>Z,>Z,> L,5\aB+ ? } D9!" B|@@},>: "|,>,>Z,>Z,>Z,> L,5\aB+ G z D!]@@!@@!] : B!R`; "; B!^@@<>y,~87,>,>,> 9+ c < $( .9Z`@
(m0H+ V 
@Z4D b!(cH+ XZ4H Y@Z4F bR`!(cH+ ]Z4H ]@ZXD  5F Z4J aXD(+ bXD``\R``=" O,^,^,^,~,>,>,>>Z; " .84\ rZp"!1B7! ! B \` ",>,>S,>S,>Z,>!,6X >}+ i 9+ y $".9.",>,>S,>S,>Z,>!,6X>}=< s 9$"XB "QB 9 B` ",>,>S,>S,>Z,>!,6X :XB} "QB} !] B` "},>,>S,>S,>Z,>!,6X <4\!"l1B+!
0B+! .",>,>S,>S,>Z,>!,6X>}Zp ! Bz \` "z,>,>S,>S,>Z,>!,6X >}+!>{ !>,^,^,^,~6$p@@87@<@@!{ 94D!i 95H!c !j,~ +!h $$ .Z4D!h !j,~="!d !k,~i<@ !{."2b9+!u 95F!o !j,~ !{ $" .Z5B!v:!{ ."3b9+!p !z,~  !{$$. D:!{ !j,~P 5B!~@@" "	,~Z D" "5B" "
,~$"	1D+"@@" "
,~,"!$cD+"Z5D"Z+!~Z",~6$e@i< "5B"
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,~"!$cD+"Z4D"",~6$P4B"$"*1D+"E@@"=K"+,~UB"=[ D"=@"=5B"# "+,~$"*1D+"&@@"= ",,~ "=$"*5D")Z+"! ",,~6$He@i< "=5B"/ "<,~$"*0D+"7  "= D & "=aF+";Z D"=4D";("<1H+"8@@"= ",,~ "=$"*4D"3@+"3 ",,~6$P < B"J5B"@7"A "A,~@< "J5B"D "I,~6@<+"F "I,~  BZ D"J "A,~Pi??BCREFAAA Message text file doesn't align with VMS message file) BCREFNORMAL normal successful completion, BCREFMBEGIN begin processing of module "%S"- BCREFLBEGIN begin processing of library "%S" BCREFBMERGE begin merge phase" BCREFBLISTING begin listing phase<%BCREFMERRORS errors found during compilation of module "%S"A%BCREFMWARNINGS warnings issued during compilation of module "%S"A%BCREFLERRORS errors found during pre-compilation of library "%S"F%BCREFLWARNINGS warnings issued during pre-compilation of library "%S"%BCREFERROR error %BCREFLOGIC internal logic error&%BCREFEMPTY no data in input file "%S"?BCREFFATAL fatal error)?BCREFBADMERGE fatal error while merging) BCREFNORMAL normal successful completion& BCREFEMPTY structure contains no data3 BCREFELUDOM end of data for current module reached. BCREFUNENCLOSED event has no enclosing symbol%BCREFWARNING warning%BCREFENDWALK end of walk%BCREFERROR error6%BCREFINVALIDFORMAT data file "%S" has invalid formatR%BCREFREGENERATE data file "%S" must be regenerated using current compiler release %BCREFLOGIC internal logic error8%BCREFBINPUT actual parameter to this routine is invalid:%BCREFBTABLES consistency check on GCREF tables has failed?BCREFFATAL fatal error#%BCREFZZZ End of BCREF message file"J"P"U"Y"^"b"e"l"s"z#####
 &d#l B( & :5H#e,~#_TTY:> "cB%+#u@@% "%XB$g!"GB$k "b$,>$,>$,>$,(
>~+~A"|&",>$,>#Q,>},$XB$WXB~,"QB~$+B~0"~XB$n,"b$,>$,>$,>$,*r>|,~$$k$f87$%,>,>,>,>,>,>>3{+Bx@{,@+$1X+$@,~ pz$% pA$X p#l>,>y "z,> ",>,>x,#c ~9%
 "y.  wD=f%
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+%1$+%1d?+%0D1D+% (/ ~H.".$  ~D.".*3j+%,^,^,~

,>,>,>,>,>,>,>>vZ`'@x.2&.0^`1@+%)(@+%L@@@&@H!|b@`+%-!m+'d!b@`+%0  !e+'d  b@`+%3Z`5`%3   M+%L  c@`+%6 '0@+%>  c@`+%9 '0@+%>  b@`+%<  c@`+%@ '1@+%@   M @H   %+%X,>x,Ga`B+%C>+%h Z4B%J  b@`+%G  c@`+%J>   E @H   m+%X1b+%M>   E @H   1+%X v .  @}!  }c@+%S   }c@+'ZZP @} (1@+%Y>  @ @H   q @@+'qZP!  }c@+%o Z4`%oR`P  P,>(ZP,>,>,>(,>(,C?aB+%f,>(,>(  P,>,>(,>(,@>}`B+%i>}   E+%{ P4%k+%o>} "4%m  ,>v,>+'<>} v  c@X+&?! c@X+&?>ZX5@%| . ,>(,>,>(,>(,>(,>(,5\>}`B+%|  ! @H+':X XR`XZXl<`  @)g (  B~ D`F+& "!M BH+'q v "pZ/ZX.XBX!"cB+&,>~,>,>/"b0D
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  BXZX."(XBX <(+%~ vZ
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D}1D+&=0Dv "cBX+'!"bBX+'>R`X "cBX+&I,>,-;>1B+&P0B+'q+&I:X X v!"bBp+&T,> "|,>,-w>0B+&SZp5B&Q>+'Z!"GBp+&x0B+'q }1V+&x5V&W "3Bp+&xZp5b&Y4V&JZp3"+&uR`| "b( "b(@@|Zp."(,> "{,>,>(,>(,>(,>(,5\>}aB+&e | D aB+'Zp pZp 
b(+   pXB| "b( "b( p B| "|,>,>(,>(,>(,>(,6X>}aB+'
  BpZp."(XBpV vZ.$XD+&J vZ
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