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 INS 18/39	;17C1
	;Special entry [crock] for the DDP to release posted buffer(s).
	;This should be a call-back entry (e.g., DI.INE), but is just coded
	;inline for minimal impact on other driver types.  The call mimics
	;an entry via DDIPPI. . . .
	;	T1/  Ignored
	;	T2/  Data link block address
	;	T3/  MB address

	DDIINE::SAVEAC <DL,LN>		; Save the usual ACs
		SKIPN DL,T2		; Must have the data link block address
		 PUSHJ P,NTDSTP##	; Otherwise something confused
		LOAD LN,DLLNB,(DL)	; Get associated LN block
		DECR LNNBP,(LN)		; Decrement count of outstanding buffers
					;  (count should be 0 now)
		MOVE T1,T3		; Position MB address in T1
		CALLRET DNFMSG		; Pitch useless message buffer

 SUM 167877